Guest Post: Security In A Free Society

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The next in a continuing series (most recently: The Governance of a Free Society).
Submitted by Free Radical

Security in a Free Society

The Real choice isn’t between liberty and security;
it is between our security and the state’s.
– Llewellyn Rockwell, The Real Meaning of Security

While the state pretends to protect its people from external threats, it is in fact the perpetrator thereof, the more so the larger the state is. Which is to say, the state does not provide security. Rather, it creates the need for security on a scale that would not otherwise exist, assuring that the more it spends, the more liberties must be sacrificed on the altar of “national defense.”  Why else would the American people, for example, find themselves in something approaching lockdown status, despite the fact that their government constitutes nearly half of all military spending worldwide?

The answer, of course, is that the finally “successful” attack on the World Trade Center was simply blowback – i.e., the all but inevitable response of those victimized by the U.S. Government’s decades-long military intervention in the Middle East. And not surprisingly, as a consequence of this “unprovoked” attack, the U.S. Government has vastly expanded its intelligence apparatus, seeking nothing less than Total Information Awareness (since renamed, following an “adverse media reaction to the program’s implications for public surveillance”), while making “preemptive” war a key component of its foreign policy, the rationale for which was laid out in the former administration’s National Security Strategy of the United States of America, which remains in full effect under the present administration.
Yet such is the twisted logic of the state that the solution to the endless warring between and among them is to have but one state:

Thomas Hobbes, and countless political philosophers and economists after him, argued that in the state of nature, men would constantly be at each others’ throats. Homo homini lupus est [Man is a wolf to man]. Put in modern jargon, in the state of nature a permanent “underproduction” of security would prevail. Each individual, left to his own devices and provisions, would spend “too little” on his own defense, resulting in permanent interpersonal warfare. The solution to this presumably intolerable situation, according to Hobbes and his followers, is the establishment of a state. …

… Once it is assumed that in order to institute peaceful cooperation between [individual] A and [individual] B it is necessary to have a state S, a twofold conclusion follows. If more than one state exists, S1, S2, S3, then, just as there can be presumably no peace among A and B with S, so can there be no peace between S1, S2, and S3 as long as they remain in a state of nature (anarchy) with regard to each other.  Consequently, in order to achieve universal peace, political centralization, unification, and ultimately the establishment of a single world government, are necessary. i

While a single world government has long been and is now the fervent hope of both neoliberals (socialists) and neoconservatives (fascists), it should be clear to all who have followed this continuing series that a world government – a world state – would be the worst possible eventuality for humanity. True, it would theoretically bring an end to the state of nature that exists among the world’s nearly 200 constituent states and thus put an end to war between them. But given the nature of the state, this would, in practical terms, amount to a Final Solution for human freedom and thus for humanity itself. For in the bureaucratization of all human affairs, a world state would complete the process of political parasitism that has ever and always sucked the life out of the human enterprise.

So rather than succumb to the belief, however deeply entrenched, that the state provides security for anyone other than itself, let us confront the fact that what the state provides is a one-sided affair that is entirely at odds with its people’s security. After all, “no one in his right mind would agree to a contract that allowed one’s alleged protector to determine unilaterally – without one’s consent – and irrevocably – without the possibility of exit – how much to charge for protection.” ii Yet as this is precisely what the state imposes on its subjects, it should come as no surprise that the cost of security, as noted above, increases in inverse proportion to the security actually provided.

And while it is certainly true that without a state, “stronger agents will be tempted to use force against the weak and impose government on them,”iii  it is also true that such agents will be tempted to do so with a state.  They always have, and, as long as long as material scarcity is a fact of human existence, they always will.  There will always be those, that is, who, whenever possible, will choose the political means – theft – over the economic means – work – so why encourage them with the provision of a territorial monopoly on the use of force and thus the institutionalization of the political means?  Why capitulate in advance to the “stronger agents,” in other words, when it is not at all a given that (1) one or another of these agents will succeed in imposing a government on “the weak” or (2) that “the weak” will stand for it if they do?  Once a given society is empowered, say, with genuinely contractual protections of life, liberty, and property, who can say with any assurance that “stronger agents” will prevail against its members?  What about such a society’s own strength?

For again, with the whole world watching, predatory groups will have to stand trial in the court of public opinion. And being found guilty – i.e., being openly devoid of any moral authority for their actions – they will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to impose their will on others, at least for long. Thus, as the devolutionary process challenged the moral authority of smaller and smaller states, constrained in direct proportion to their increasing “feebleness,” society will turn elsewhere for security.

Where?  To its only alternative, the market. How?  Mostly likely via the insurance industry. For “even now insurance agencies protect private property owners upon payment of a premium against a multitude of natural and social disasters, from floods and hurricanes to theft and fraud.” iv All are forms of security, after all, so why should “defense” be any different, especially since insurance companies are very large, far-flung affairs that are

… in command of the resources – physical and human – necessary to accomplish the task of dealing with the dangers, actual or imagined, of the real world. Indeed, insurers operate on a national or even international scale, and they own substantial property holdings dispersed over wide territories and beyond the borders of single states and thus have a manifest self-interest in effective protection. Furthermore, all insurance companies are connected through a complex network of contractual agreements on mutual assistance and arbitration as well as a system of international reinsurance agencies representing a combined economic power that dwarfs most if not all contemporary governments, and they have acquired this position because of their reputation as effective, reliable, and honest businesses. v

And again, with the collapse of the “monster” vi states, the monstrous threat that they present to the world will decline proportionately, reducing security insurance to something more in line with the mundane tasks to which everyone is already accustomed, the reason being that “defense” insurance will have the same market-based advantages of other insurance:

First off, competition among insurers for paying clients will bring about a tendency toward a continuous fall in the price of protection (per insured value), thus rendering protection more affordable. Second, insurers will have to indemnify their clients in the case of actual damage; hence they must operate efficiently… Third, and most importantly, because the relationship between insurers and their clients is voluntary, insurers must accept private property as an ultimate “given” and private property rights as immutable law. … Moreover, out of the steady cooperation between different insurers in mutual interagency arbitration proceedings, a tendency toward the unification of the law – of a truly universal or “international” law – will emerge. vii

Security, then, will ultimately be a purely individual affair, no matter if “group” insurance is the manner in which it is provided. Either way, the decision will be individual, and the benefit will be individual, with no state dictating the price of that benefit while failing to provide it. 

In the meantime, the reduced threat to the American states from the collapse of their central government will allow them to make a generally peaceful transition to independence. After all, the violence that is being directed at America today, even though it often targets civilians, has but one objective and that is to topple the American government. That is to say, what al-Qaida and others want to happen to the United States is the same thing that Americans wanted to happen to the former Soviet Union. And it is as ludicrous to think that al-Qaida would attack America after its central government had collapsed as it would have been to think that the U.S. would have attacked the Soviet Union after its government had collapsed. 

Thus are we left to contemplate what is really afoot as the interregnum of the state finally draws to a close, which we address in my next submission: “The End of History.”



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Atomizer's picture

2011 record breaking rain within the US regions. Government will spin as it did during the harsh winter weather conditions. Late planting will effect corn for fuel based hybrids.

Let me Google that for you..

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.

It won't be long until the spinmeisters find a pasty. This time, a group of villains are collectively working in concert. Let's see the names we can cross off.. Bin Laden, Taliban, Saddam Hussein, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Nigerian delta rebels, Somali pirates, and the list of make believe characters goes on.

The next highly organised group calls themselves BRIC(Brazil, Russia, India And China). This unbridled group plans to disengage from the US dollar as a world reserve currency. So how will this be spun as the next scary straw-man and your liberation mission?

My question for Bernank, how is it that your still walking around & not in prison. Your side kick Timmay will also be implicated.

tempo's picture

Politically its a losing position to want to cut spending when nearly everyone is receiving Government benefits and deficits is so large. Its easy for the Dems to propose raising taxes on the rich since it will never happern. So the insanity will continue. I am sure the super rich already have their armed compounds built in another country that is holding their billions in gold. They will return after hundred million people have died so they rebuild their homeland.

mynhair's picture

Quit cashing your Goobermint checks, and go off grid, asshat.

johnnynaps's picture

Screw that! My unenjoyment is how I level this intolerable playing field along with starving this unConstitutional Beast.

WaterWings's picture

Here's a new way to enjoy the weather.

Hugh G Rection's picture

9-11. was not blowback. I assume the majority of the ZH community would agree with me that it was a false flag, staged event. The same global elites that have been fleecing the citizens of this country since 1913 decided we needed a Pearl Harbor type event to justify preemptive invasions into sovereign countries. The Taliban wouldn't let them build a pipeline, so they knock some buildings down kill a few thousand and blame the brown boogie man. They now capitalize on the fear they create to rob what's left of our liberty.

topcallingtroll's picture

Never assume conspiracy when simple incompetency would also suffice.

RockyRacoon's picture

So, you're opting for the Occam's Razor scenario?

Arkadaba's picture

I am. Some wanted to put in a pipeline and they weren't that afraid of saying so - some resistance - invasion. 

Edit: Not sure if 9-11 was staged or not but there should be a real investigation.

FeralSerf's picture

Never assume simple incompetency when there are other very real (and more likely) possibilities.

There is a conspiracy to discredit independent investigations as "conspiracy theory." The official story is a conspiracy theory (19 guys directed by a dialysis patient in a cave in Afghanistan outwitted the largest military/intelligence network in history)

Why does the ADL spend so much of its resources discrediting independent 9-11 investigations?  Do they think that there exists something that may reflect poorly on the Zionist community?

topcallingtroll's picture

It is pretty clear israeli intelligence knew about it beforehand. That alone is enough for me to say its time we quit being their bitch.

Anything else is less well evidenced.

Moe Howard's picture

That's a statement I can get behind.

Clay Hill's picture

Two points for correct analysis of "Dancing with Israelis" video.

downwiththebanks's picture

The laws of physics are not "less well evidenced".  Millions of tons of steel and concrete do not spontaneously pulverize themselves due to gravity, or something that happened a few hundred feet away, or fires - even really hot ones caused to kerosene.

The only basis for believing the government's alCIAda fairy tale is trust in the John Ashcroft.

Clay Hill's picture

Agreed, but it's a hard sell right now.

Let's be sure it gets included in the kiddies homework after that whole GFC / CivWar thingy.

rocker's picture

9-11 was turned into a scam to establish a war for profits to those who knew what we would do, IE: Halliburton and Blackwater etc.  Not to mention the whole Homeland Security Bullshit. Why do we have the CIA and FBI. Hello Stupid America.  And we were fighting for our freedom. No, we lost freedoms and more lives than taken on 9-11 . All of which Bambi had to put on the deficit as it was never on the books. Capital One Card compliments of the FED and China.  The elite Wall Street Banksters always said, "Thank You for your service".  What they meant is, Sorry, but we are getting rich and will not pay for any of it. Don't even think your going to tax us either. You earned it, we take it. 

Benjamin Franklin ...."Those who would trade in their freedom for their protection deserve neither".   Amen.

                                                        We Are Japan Now.   

Whats that smell's picture

I remember Veitnam, the war profiteers were talked about then, during the run up to Iraq no one said shit. Wilson was about the only one to speak out. I am not so smart but knew it was a scam from the git-go.

Excellent read here:

(do not read if you like GWBush)

SilverDOG's picture

Many said much before Iraq invasion.

Main stream media was silent.

Thus, so were the masses; of sheeple.

A continuation of silence by both parties listed above, until the awakening.


FeralSerf's picture

I'll agree that 9-11 was a false flag inside job, but 1913 wasn't the beginning.  It was an important event on the timeline.  Remember the Maine?  Manifest destiny?  A house divided cannot stand?

Bringin It's picture

Thank you Hugh G for your accurate summation.

Michael's picture

9/11 was a public private partnership between the CIA/Mossad and a mercenary Muslim gang they named Al-Qaeda(The Base in English). Al-Qaeda is just a subsidiary of the CIA/Mossad. Government assistance to the patsy Muslims was extensive.

I just thank God 3/4 of all US Federal security personnel will be laid off as the complete and total economic collapse of the USA gets underway.

Malachi Constant's picture

3/4 of all US Federal security personnel will be laid off

Sounds like something to look forward to, but there is always the other side. The Gub might be doing the value-producing folks a huge favor by keeping these pervert thugs employed.

Consider what all those thousands of prisoner-humiliating, peasant-torturing, kid-groping insecure sadists can do to a decent neighbourhood, when their paycheck is suddenly gone and they are kicked back into the street. Do they know how to change their mindset? Do they want to? The Kapp Putsch buildup is a relevant, IMO:

Germany was required to reduce its armed forces to a maximum of 100,000. [...] In March 1920 orders were issued for the disbandment of the Marinebrigade Ehrhardt. Its leaders were determined to resist dissolution (from Wikipedia)

onthesquare's picture

they could be turned into contractors. Bounty hunters roaming the country looking for and catching brown boogie men. Turning them over to the security spooks and collecting the bounty.

Don't forget building #7 and its contents all disappeared thanks to the smoke of 9/11.

snowball777's picture

Cool. Because they want to stay at your house for awhile.

Atomizer's picture

Lastly, Obama pledges that the US will be a major consumer of Brazilian oil.

Connect the dots.

I am Jobe's picture

Obama: Let’s fund clean energy by stripping giveaways to oil companies


Hope and Change. You keep the change and I will keep my Gatlin

johnnynaps's picture

Good. Now we can lower Brazil's unemployment rate from 6.2% to 3.4%!

snowball777's picture

Wanted: Oil Rigger

Must be able to breathe underwater.

mynhair's picture

What part of that pie represents Thousands Standing Around?

Id fight Gandhi's picture

When Americans start revolting here like they are in mena will the military fire on them and crush them?

Most people have no voice in the kleptocracy.

mynhair's picture

Yes, they will.  They will be sent in from different States.  Got RPGs?

topcallingtroll's picture

Easy to make myhair.

Five thousand dollars of machine tools is all you need.
Those damn pakistanis produce ak47's in backyard blacksmith shops. Start downloading all the designs and plans while you can.

JW n FL's picture,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=95a1aee4ff2e8c46


I would tell people to buy a machined reciever and forgo the stamped crap.. as it will force the price a little higher.. but anyone who has the know how to put together a parts kit already knows that..


What people need are cheap, accurate and reliable weapons.. and then they need to meet in groups..


That way the predator can take out as many at one time as possible.. video? --------------------------->


which leads us to flir defeating!

"The hardest target to detect is someone wearing black felt or wool covering with a zero energy signature loss. By energy signature I mean that no part of their body covering is warmer than the outside ambient temperature. Sensors are designed to work with heat differential & movement over a given distance.
On "Mythbusters" they showed the girl going threw a infrared sensor with a sheet held in front of her. She didn't trip the sensor."


The largest threat, "is the one that you can not see". You can have every fucking long gun made but if you are not prepared to meet the threat that is coming, you will sufffer a short learning curve. I am sure that the Bought and Paid for Duly Elected Lobby Whores are well aware of the fact that people are not ready here for what they are willing to Order the Millitary (who serves those Duly Elected Lobby Whores) to throw at "We the People".


Until the Masses get a fucking clue.. nothing will change.. start sharing the truth with people.. source and site it.. provide a link, so that people can make up thier own mind.. and the more aggravated you are the more crazy you sound..


Just food for thought for those that do want to effect some real and lasting change.


mynhair's picture

Word.  You must be in Naples.  Always behind the times.

JW n FL's picture FBI Don’t Need No Stinking Warrants! Personal / Civil Rights are a thing of the past!


Military Helicopter Exercise startles Miami residents (YouTube Video) BlackHawks flying downtown Miami at Night.


Michigan, Police have been downloading info from cell phones during stops since 2006!



U.S. Army Pys Ops Verse U.S. Congressmen & Senators,2817,2381845,00.asp Court Orders Twitter to Hand Over User Info in WikiLeaks Case



FOIA Litigation for Accountable Government "Unfortunately, the PATRIOT Act did not include sufficient checks to protect innocent Americans” Senator R. Durbin (IL)



Rigged Market Capitalism & Propaganda within the U.S. by the U.S. PLUS! PLUS!!  Do you Blog? Do you Chat? YOU! are a Home Grown Terrorist(s) Per Home Land Security! See Link(s) and Official Report(s). Senator Al Franken asks Apple why the IPhone Tracks its Users EVERY MOVE! Even while the Phone is OFF!


POLICE FATALLY SHOOT UNARMED MAN - Laying Face Down and Shot in The Back



the Police are Nazi's everywhere.. A nice Lady shot in the back and face, with rubber bullets.


Police (6 - 8 officers) Kick Child in the Face after trying to run him over with a car.

Malachi Constant's picture

William Grigg runs an excellent registry of power abuse incidents -

Also, there is an informative map of botched paramilitary raids at Cato -

Both resources beyond unbelievable.

Bringin It's picture

different States - like El Salvador?

espirit's picture

We're not quite done in Libya freeing those repressed rebels, and Syrian freedom fighters will soon need similar help from the U.N.  That's going to take alot of BennieBux.

sarc on/off - I forget which.

downwiththebanks's picture

By 'rebels', you mean the alCIAda who Uncle Sam has chosen to ally with in order to prevent China oil, right?

topcallingtroll's picture

Benjamin Franklin envisioned us as a nation providing trade and intercourse with all. He was all over that intercourse shit every time he had a chance.

GW warned us about entangling alliances and we are now in lockdown all for a tiny country in the middle east.

I dont see a lot of terrorists going after a neutral country such as Switzerland.

Now why are we trying to be the world's policeman again?

espirit's picture

Agreed, and why aren't we building Majik Market gas stations, 7-11's, and banks on every other corner if we own it?

downwiththebanks's picture

The 'terrorists' going 'after' Uncle Sam are make-believe.  The real terrorists are the ones who plan the Black Ops in order to launch wars that serve Big Capital.

mynhair's picture

Free Libya!

Sign title over to Iran.

mynhair's picture

Why has our Clueless Leader never forgotten a proclamation, in Arabic or whatever, for any Mooslim holiday?

topcallingtroll's picture

It is true.

He forgot easter but made proclamations for four muslim holidays.