Guest Post: The Shoeshine Boy

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"And regarding the Fed, what does a monkey with a hammer do?  That's right. It hurts itself."

FOFOA is priceless

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There is no component of monetary transaction so necessary as morality.  That one agent may completely exchange with another completely, without subtlety, innuendo, winnowing attainder, or smallest reservation.  That both meet make durable comparison and equal trade and part, without any further engagement is the quintessential act of perfect trade.

But small men cannot allow such perfect exactitude.  They must find ways to control not only the unit of account, but also must monitor and exact tax upon each and every capability of man that makes a switch that furthers his material comfort.  Small men must control the most perfect commodity used which SHOULD hold indefinitely the summations of his exchange.  And then they corrupt and make fast half-life degradation of it.  Next, they learn the careful ability of holding their fellow (but infinitely duller) neighbors in annual servitude.  This they do by both condemning their fellow by the law if he does not offer up tribute to the state yearly of whatever paltry gains he may make by sweat and blood, also they do so by by issuing (without the citizen's EVERY consent) new bonds of differing duration which claims upon his futurative labour.  This shall be torn from his economic body whether he is ready or no.

The men who seem most readily able for such a mercenary performance are those who are supposed to espouse the highest of high ideal.  These are the men of high state, supposed of purest motives, without personal thought, whose every purpose and, indeed, devotion should be to the betterment of their fellow men.

To bad that this is a lie.

They seek office for vanity and riches.  They suborn the idyllic laws to obtain that which is not inherently within them.

They promise far beyond their capacity to deliver.  Their promises, built upon broken backs of the yeomen who (ignorant of their treacherous barter) believe in the gilded guiding lights of a constitution or bill of rights, are subtracted from those who virtuously act to better their lives and those under their husbandry.  The malefactors, by their subterfuge, are enriched (but never satisfied) while the good find their stores raided, their ample labour made suddenly unsatisfactory for durable existence.

Those whose existence is pretenced upon stewarding the storehouses of all, and whose earliest nursings were in the mother's milk of Judeo-Christianity, lately seem to spurn the simplest of black law.  THOU SHALT NOT STEAL.  Thou shalt not debase.  Thou shalt not sneak, nor take without equal exchange.  Thou shalt not make uneasy, the populace who depend upon you to safeguard their stores.  Thou shalt not deprive they neighbor of his substance.  Thou shalt not try to mask the insolvency which long arrogance against the laws of GOD and man have brought you to.  Thou shalt not seek to place the want of idleness upon thy industrious neighbor.  Thou shalt not seek to obtain abundance in excess of the possible.

This nation and many of its inhabitants have unwittingly imbibed from a fouled fountain.  That fountain is the same as Sodom and Gomorrah.  Its art and downfall was in taking riches not earned by setting foottraps and snares for the unaware wayfarer.  Making and innocent sin and defile himself against the law in order that the snaresetter may strip him of his goods--and possibly set him wounded in an infrequented road.  This is their art.  This is their means of attaining a marketbasket.  THIS IS AN ABOMINATION TO HE WHO PUT THEM UPON THIS TINY BLUE STONE.

This is the policy and urgent work that the central bankers about the world enact.


Put the balance sheet right.  Liquidate that which must be.  Let the chips fall where they may.

Usury has always been proscribed in all holy literature.  Kick against the pricks as they try, they cannot remake the old laws.

Bankruptcy must be declared.  The wound must be endured.  The healing begins only when the fullness has been suffered.

Otherwise it is maelstrom, limbo, zombification, a world of never movement.

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Alexandre, that was fantastic!

Live long, prosper and post often.

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I just read this. It is AWESOME! 

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I just read this. It is AWESOME! 

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Hmmm....I suspect that brilliant crime boss, Joe Kennedy, who flunked out of high school but somehow managed to scam an academic scholarship to Harvard, and was at that time -- prior to his entrance as a trader on The Street -- the youngest bank president in US history, might have been a bit more conversant with the true financial picture.

The Prohibition, lasting from 1920 to 1933, and financed nationally by the same group which would later finance and promote its repeal (after they'd reaped their financial rewards, of course!), was an excellent criminal monopoly on alcohol distribution within the USA.

Of course, once massive profits were realized from smuggling and bootlegging (while they were financing the Prohibition legislation, they had been buying up, or strongarming into selling, the majority of distilleries and hootches around America), those monies were most likely laundered through the stock exchange.

Old Joe knew the score, as he was reputed to have been the mastermind behind the master plan to begin with.

With the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, that major tax cut (quite similar to tax cuts on the super-rich today) which would have came about from the legitimate selling of alcohol, was rescinded.

That plan would serve as the template for a future plan, where trillions would be offshored to hedge funds, then those monies, leveraged from securitized financial instruments in a shell game and bait-and-switch strategy, would then be used to buy up America after its meltdown in 2007 -- 2009, and continuing deleveraging.

History does repeat itself, after all......

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plus I believe that ole Joe Kennedy was the first head of the SEC. when you combine this fact with the former head of the CIA (George Bush), you realize that these bureaucrats are creating some type of technological dictatorship.

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FDR really didn't like ol' Joe, appointed him to head the first SEC and when challenged by some of his blue-blood friends said "set a thief to catch a thief." e.g.

Horseneck beach in So. Mass. is as pretty as ever; great trans-shipment point for Joe's illegal hooch.

- Ned

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sorry about cutting in front. Just heard the 82 nd airborne on alert for domestic operations. Something imminent. Soldiers were told to have stuff ready. Having been in the army years ago i recall that once on alert a soldier must remain within company area. No weekend pass.

Hope i am wrong but this could be prep for bankholiday this weekend. I dont know, am researching  it now.

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Interested to hear more. Thanks merehuman.

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Drudge finally has the Credit Union story, nothing on this.  82nd used to have an alert battalion(+) all the time with companies on 4, 8, 12 hour go status.  Doubt if it is a brigade-sized alert.

- Ned

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Thanks slewburger, wll do. Am as concerned as you are.Perhaps its a nothingburger but in times like these...

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Guy got so many hits his view counter stopped updating... stuck on 302 same as this morning.

And either google or the uploader delisted the video from the public. Strange.

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Can someone please explain to me why this video has been removed from youtube? It was there last night.

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Hey Turd,

Several folks made copies...if this one doesn't work try searching "Homeland Mobilization" on youtube.

EDIT: Jesus I'm an idiot, Turd, my dyslexia read that as a request to explain what was contained...guess I'll leave it up for anyone else who might be interested...

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Thanks, Grif.

I admit to being gullible and this things got me a little concerned. Not going to let it ruin my Sunday but senses are heightened, to say the least. 

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smokenjoe is for real, straight up guy.

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That is fucked up SDRII. Interesting nonetheless.

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Smells like a cunt's trick or false flag in your common parlance. TPTB testing to see how far things quickly things go viral before the SHTF. You can't blame them they wouldn't want to be caught cold during the real event now would they? After all Twitter - you Tube etc, wasn't around during 9/11

Keep up the good work guys this site man. Quality.





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What in the fuck is going on?

That is some seriously weird stuff. The Turd isn't easily startled but I may not sleep too well tonight.

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Dammit i had a vision in my mind tonite that we are the last. In less than 20 years the remaining humans will struggle for scraps. Even the high and mighty are fucked now.The next thousand years humans alive and well ,will be a rarity.  Damn i hope i am wrong, but looking at all the vatious dilemmas hitting at once, wow. 3.1 in NH aint helpen. I feel like its all closing in and have been going for walks at 1 am to see the stars and feel the aliveness of the moment. If we are gonna go out, lets do it with a bang! Have fun, get and give hugs and do something nice for yourself.

Time in life was always short, lets have a little quality before we pass. I hope to raise my conciousness a little more before i go. I truly love you all as part of me is in you and vice versa.

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I feel your love. Damn. I need some ecstasy though would short cut the distance to travel no end

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Congrats Fofoa, you made it into one of Tyler's anchored posts.  You have hit the big time!

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And about time!  Very good posting this Tyler!  Thank you!

FOFOA is offering each of us the solution (physical gold).  He tells us an endgame that may very well happen exactly as he predicts.

I don't know about you guys, but if gold DOES get that high (with or without the dis-continuity), I will sell some either there or along the way.  First sale will fund a containerload of yummy Japanese and Korean bearings for our company in Peru.  Second sale will be to BUY ALL OUR COMPETITORS down there!

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So you aspire to be a Ball-Bearing Wallmart? :-)

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No.  Even better, we want the franchise, the monopoly...!

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Until you're to big to fail I suppose.

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Holy crap.   My two 'must read every word' sites are comingling.  Worlds are colliding, cats and dogs living together, utter chaos.

I guess that's just life in the fast paced, wham-bam, live on the razors edge, laugh in the face of death world of currency collapse.

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It made me thing of this Dr. Hook classic, "On the cover of the Rolling Stone"

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Good post.... FOFOA is an intellectual giant.

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So Robo is the Shoeshine boy pumping AAPL? Or we just want him to run home and get his feckin' shine box? I'm confused.  <sarc>


Love FOFOA too... I don't mean this in a dirty way, but you're on my blogroll.

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I love FOFOA, both clean and dirrty

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Robo just brings to us the reality of Fed pumping.....

doesn't understand PM's ...

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Hi, I found it long to scroll through, let alone read it all.

Probably the best long term forecast for gold prices in € can be found here, all in German:

I suppose the same exact method can be used as regards the Dow, in inflation adjusted terms.  And if its done correctly will very likely come up with a similar time frame and results.  A $50k+ gold price fix will cause massive inflation, btw, just as a $42/oz. gold price fix(the price fix in 1971 before the gold window closed) will cause massive deflation.  In fact, I would venture to say that attempting to fix the gold price below its floating value in the 1990's is probably cornerstone to the world financial crisis. (consider how a short of gold position was at the heart of the LTCM disaster, and how all of the players from that crisis had taken their place on the world stage during the financial crisis.)

A gold monthly chart with all of the inflation-adjusted price fixes demonstrates perhaps that a price fix is probably a major mistake, and that a floating gold price, with all of the fraudulent aspects of the price fixing regime removed is probably the best way:$GOLD&p=M&b=5&g=0&id=p29560442230&a=182333562&listNum=2

Edit:  I was shining my shoes before coming across this post.  HOW THE HELL DID YOU FIND OUT?

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If you are too stupid to read,  why post.'s picture

He's not too stupid to read, he's too lazy to read. He's too stupid to not post.

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There are other points of view within the inflationist space that do not require a gold price of $50k/oz.+.

Americans are, as a rule, rude and lost in the wilderness.

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excuse me for being a rude American, FranzSix, but FUCK YOU until you bleed!

you admit to not reading the article but go on to reply to it and provide a link besides!

you don't have a personal interest in the link that you posted do you?

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people buying phys gold already have their middle fingers raised to the FED.

What makes you think they will respond to a "fiat" re-pricing of gold by same?

our currency isn't backed by gold anymore...they might as well re-price the used car market by fiat.....

"All 2001 model Honda Accords shall not sell for more than $400"

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They already do it with minimum wage, rent, electricity, water, public transit, medicine, and less directly through "antitrust" laws.

Do you really think the socialists don't want to extend the controls on everything else?  They are, at their core, control freaks.

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I humbly suggest that you are confusing cause and effect in terms of gold prices. The $42/oz price in 71 was not tenable, because of all of the deficit spending during the Vietnam War.  This was understood throughout the financial community at the time, but only de Gaulle had the gall/balls/cojones to call Nixon on it (for de Gaulle, it was a type of war by other means, as well, but to parse that would take a book).  Why it is not known as the De Gaulle call is beyond me (well, perhaps because it's also the most well known failed call in the 20th century).  

Equally, a $50k/oz price of gold will only reflect--well, not inflation at that point, but hyperinflation, which is a complete loss in the value of the relevant currency.  Should that happen, and I am very much afraid that it is likely, God help us all.

So this post is really speaking yet again to the high possibility of hyperinflation.  Seems to be a theme here.

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The first thing I thought of was Billy Batts telling Tommy to go home and get his f*ing shine box.

Hopefully Billy Batts is the modern banking system in this scenario.

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Quite interesting commentary, and prescient too. What about silver folks? A guy like me can't afford to run out and load up on gold, but I can afford thirty or forty oz. of silver every couple of months. When gold has it's blow-out, silver will follow, and finally be restored to it's true equilibrium level of 15 to 1 with gold.