Guest Post: The Stealth Coup D'Etat: U.S.A. 2008-2010

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Very interesting interview. Thanks for posting.

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"Don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining."

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Another CHS  post.  

Good Job

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Where does the militarization of the domestic US, mostly during 2000-2008, fit into this critique? 

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The militarization started when the US entered WWII.  It continued with the Korean War, then the Cold War, then Vietnam, then Gulf War I...  Make no mistake, the takeover was firmly under way when George Bush Sr came in as VP.

The US needed a period of fear and patriotism, after the Tech Crash, which had the ability to get people asking all kinds of questions about the capital markets and large financial players.   "You're with us, or you're against us" is not exactly debate masterclass.

PsychoNews has a series on the Oligarchy going now, we are outing them one psycho at a time:

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Appreciate the information and the site reference. Thanks HR.

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The USSA Coup D'Etat is still very 'In Your Face'...

"Another Useful Crisis" 

A secret "Shadow government" under the highly classified...

"Continuity of Operations Plan" was installed on September 11, 2001.

Both "the war on terrorism" as well as the domestic war on freedom are consistent, from the point of view of Nazi/Fascist military planners, with the logic of Operation Northwoods.  

Civilian casualties are used as "a war pretext incident", to galvanize public support for a military intervention.  

Mentioned time and again by DHS Secretary Tom Ridge, a  "second 9/11 attack" is contemplated;  Al Qaeda, we are told, is preparing

 "...a large-scale attack in the United States in an effort to disrupt our democratic process."

What we are not told is that Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA and that Al Qaeda remains a US sponsored "intelligence asset.

"The assumptions and rhetoric behind Homeland Security are nothing new. They echo an earlier statements by David Rockefeller to the United Nations Business Council in 1994:

"We are on the verge of global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."

Similarly, in the words Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book, The Grand Chessboard:.

 "…it may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus [in America] on foreign policy issues, except in the circumstances of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat."

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"Continuity of Operations Plan" was installed on September 11, 2001.

... er ... not at all.  Been underway in the U.S. since like 1789 or earlier.  Got really serious starting in 1945 when the Manhattan Project scientists examined Japan and other test results.  Feynman in a blue funk when he goes home and envisions a bomb going off in NYC.

Greenbriar, Camp David, Cheyanne Mountain, State of the Union speech with one cabinet member in a "secret location."  You get the idea.

- Ned


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A good article and a good post, however none of this is new, I certainly appreciate the value of open discussion on these delicate topics. Northwoods was just a primer, and it was put into action in Vietnam(Tonkin Incident). Government action in the periphery of the Pentagon on 9/11 combined with the glaring discrepancy between damage to the building and cross-section of alleged impacting aircraft is a more recent example.

The article makes a good point on the futility of armed resistance against a better equipped opponent with vast stores of food and fuel. It would simply be a matter of time, as their supply lines would not be as vulnerable as they are in Af/Pak, and even there the disruption was barely consequential. The military already has plans to deploy on US soil against large scale civil disruption, just look up Operation Garden Plot.

Nevertheless, I remain optimistic on the success of large scale civil disruption; please note this is not necessarily violent, in fact greater success could be achieved without violence, as the resources required to imprison are vastly greater than those to kill. Our forces are stretched thin as it is, deployment of contingent reserves would further weaken them, presenting a highly tempting opportunity to a foreign entity. You can(and should) always bet on human greed, thus it is more reasonable to expect the elites to give up half of what they have to 300 million versus everything they have to 1+ billion. The elites may be multi-national, but they are not global; they will succumb to pressure which reduces or threatens their ability to make further gains at the global level.

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Maintaining the petrodollar extortion racket requires control over resources.

The military provides that control in the Mideast and elsewhere.

That would be explanation enough, but there is more.

Militarism provides additional opportunities for Shock Doctrine profiteering, and allows dissent to be stifled by fostering jingoism and enacting “war emergency” legislation.

Stifling dissent becomes increasingly necessary as the domestic economy is sacrificed to “globalism“, employment to outsourcing, health and safety to “free trade” deregulation, Constitutional protections to endless wars, and the domestic government itself becomes subordinate to international corporations.

Barely noticed behind the flag-waving, the military also undergoes a transformation itself, no longer being a national institution protecting its citizens,...  but instead becoming a global enterprise serving the members of a global crime syndicate.

In fact the globalised military not only serves that syndicate, but shares major goals of resource domination and expansion,

if not to maximize profit, then to maximize the parallel goal of maximizing “full-spectrum” military security.

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We should be more worried about the "privatization" of prisons.  This socialistic movement gives sociopathic corporations a vested interest in increasing the prison population.

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Privatizing prisons a "socialistic movement"?


Privatization is a "corporatist" movement, transferring social wealth and power to private corporations and those who head corporations.

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I know.  I was trying to speak the Tea Bagger language. =)

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Yes, excellent.

The current harvest is that of assets; of the home equity, savings, and retirement and pension funds of the working/middle class.

It is cloaked in such compassionate terms as "healthcare" and "reverse mortagage" and "AARP" and "Social Security" and "Medicare" and "Rule of Law".

All either a blatant lie, a devious deception, or a lie that some of the liers themselves believe in.

Collapsing the system by cashing out any savings and investments to pay down debt and going to cash and hard assets is the only way.

That...or gallon upon gallon of blood in the streets and gutters.


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Cashing out, gotcha.  Paying off debts to these people?  Not so sure about that part. 

I don't advocate spending more than you earn, but first things first, right?

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Mr Luttwak is a brilliant author and economist, ZH has taken one of his old writings out of contex. Perhaps someone on the ZH staff should seek his opinion on such matters?


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"ZH has taken one of his old writings out of contex"

I gather that literacy is not high on your CV?! To help you out, here is the first line of the above article:

"Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds"


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Lots of talent and brains pitted against one another.......and, the tough decison goes to the amobea........for whom to vote, or just fuck it all and live until death.

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I like how douche bags want to feel how the rest the of the country is doing by their last  their last trip to Vermont. We all hate Yanquis! We actually have guns here in  the hinter land, and we know how to aim them.

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"Insurrection, the classic vehicle of revolution, is obsolete. The security apparatus of the modern state, with its professional personnel, with its diversified means of transport and communications, and with its extensive sources of information, cannot be defeated by civilian agitation, however intense and prolonged."

“Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?”

i used to read luttwak when i was a neocon toady but he fell out of the good graces of norman podhoretz when his incessant calls for numerous and cheap weapons over against high tech and expensive weaponry was thoroughly refuted by gulf 1.

although i will cavil with the author on a couple of points, this essay is superb in many is absolutely true that a small cabal of plutocrats control the money and power - and in the delicious words of the author - are strip mining america into poverty...they are transnational citizens of the world whose goal is ever more control under a new world order - hitler's famous words of the third reich reiterated by the murderer bush-41. read tarpley about the nexus with britain on this matter.

yet the plutocrats have more than money at their disposal. indeed money buys security which is precisely in the hands of the cia - an unregulated, unelected, and unaccountable cabal of murderers who slew john kennedy in broad daylight because they could for sport. the cia is the 5th branch of government.

as fletcher prouty made clear, the cia took over the government by the end of the is at that point that they could appoint and dismiss presidents.....kennedy it murdered....nixon it exiled.

none of this is tin foil....and even it were it does not diminish its truth...the iron corset on america is the military industrial complex of which eisenhower is that unholy alliance anchored by the fed-cia - different sides of the same coin....the bush crime syndicate with the rockefellers, with the harrimans, bundys, soros',buffets, and whole slew of tyrannts control amerika and have done so for decades....

so of a truth the authors speaks of ersatz representations of the real thing....americans are deluded drunk with their own arrogance of democracy and impotence....they are but debt and consumer slaves to the great captains of lucre played like fools by their masters.

fuck the cia, fuck the fed, and fuck the plutocrats.

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You forgot the IRS.

Well, it's all the same I suppose. +1

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Nice piece. Not exactly news to the ZH crowd, but might be something to pass on to our unbelieving friends and family...oh wait, they'll have to read more than a paragraph....carry on.

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pass on to our unbelieving friends and family

and after reading such will say "shut up and get a job and earn a living like everyone else"....Duhhhh!

Actually thats their kind response.  If the gas stations close for some reason, the response will be, "you're mental and need to be put into an institution".

There's your family and friends fer ya.

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Let me guess, this conman Charles Hugh Smith sells survival gear, right?  And besides all the cheap talk he spews, he'll no doubt advise his Gold-Toten Austrian Theory Crackpots to buy chinese solar panels, am I right?

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This bar-b-coup was sparked on 9/11

Grill that frog   s  l  o  w  


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Thats why I always hope a broad cancer drug is never discovered otherwise,

Prole: "Hello Doctor, how did my test results come back"

Evil Doctor: "I'm afraid to announce you have cancer, and that you will require this drug over here for the rest of your life"

Prole: "Thats strange, I seemed perfectly healthy until I walked into your office"

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I think if they sing "Gold Bless SCAMerika" in the middle of every sporting event like they do in baseball, this "country" will be just fine

"Gold Bless Scamerica, my scam sweet scam"

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If 50% of the middle class would simply cancel their cable TV, buy generic foods, and lock up their credit cards for 5 months, the system would collapse. There is no need for armed insurrection. Just free yourselves from your role as consumers and it is game over for the financial oligarchs.

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and it is game over for the financial oligarchs

Thats when you find out who really owns those 11 (or whatever #) aircraft carrier battle groups.  A little Shock'n'Awe in your own backyard might change your mind.  See, you Austrian clowns can't grasp this simple fact:  "They won't bugger off"

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You think the bastards described in the post would sit back and let you/us have access to what we need to survive (in food supply or anything else for that matter) quietly? If so, I think you either completely disagree with the post or are unwilling/able to comprehend it.


One excellent post, btw... i so wish this country (at least in most portions of the blogosphere) would discuss things in this manner. Outside of the two party cabal, one money box.

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Agreed sir. The greatest dichotomy at play is that our participation in their rigged game is their very lifeblood. The casino can't make any money if its empty.

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In order for a coup d'etat to succeed, it need only succeed [at first]...because the [new] government controls any investigation.

Recall the examples in your own lifetime.

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If users are tired of simulacrum maybe you could use burlesque or travesty, both of which describe our democracy pretty well.

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um Third world countries? The USA is a third world country. What like 40% living below poverty level and 43million on foodstamps. 27 million unemployed and climbing. At what point do we start to admit it? 

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Nice. Very nice.

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As CD purports, it is our 'denial' that we are ruled by. Might I add a disturbing little side note...

By now, anyone having read CD's withering diatribes should now have an understanding that we embrace our conditioning, and dive deeper into that conditioning to escape cognition at the unacceptable levels of our recognition. But pointedly, in denial we must necessarily know the truth. Denial requires knowledge of truth. That said, unfortunately, everyone of us here felt-up and embraced the ponzi, the fraudulent exchange of value. We loved the self-stroking as we catapulted our ego and scooped up purchasing power stolen from others.

This somewhat regrettable epiphany slammed me hard. You see, when I was 18 I escaped the tyranny of church, but I mistakenly threw out it's works in entirety, and spat upon the valuable principles that lay dormant. 

Does anyone remember that line by Senor Jesus (whether it was attributed to him, real, is irrelevant), 'give unto Caesar what is Caesars'. It wasn't just a clever retort, it was much more, a clear observation and recommendation; if you want to rule this world, be prepared to swim in ultimate rebellion. The one that blinds, the one that turns the everpresent possibility into the eternal repeating nightmare.

You see, giving to Caesar what is Caesars is not defeatist, it is the way of the world. Unless you are prepared to become just like Caesar, then you better sure as feces be giving, and I mean generously. This world has one master, and one way of staying the master. Now and forever. 

Here then, it time for us to embrace the fact that we are an asset. An asset of the corporation of the U.S., whose shareholders own other corporations as well. The board of this corporation is small, the creamed corn of the crop, almost God-like in their tentative glory. The chairman sits with a few hundred other chairmen from around the globe. And for most of us, whether we fancy ourselves Christians, Muslims, Hindu, or Pagan, their stinky God is our God. We just don't know it, and for those who do, don't speak of it in polite company. 

And sometimes an asset becomes no longer productive, and therefore becomes a liability. From the Grand CEO's POV, ask yourself, are you a useless eater? Or, are you an asset? How better can you serve the beast, your beast? Do you think your complaining absolves you from paying patronage? Do you think you haven't already sold the majority of the rights to your soul? You know you have. What? You say you haven't? Well squeeze me lemons! Now thats our lover named denial at work! Choice exists, but is relegated to the realms of the micro-world. You can choose to smile, to feel the sun on your skin, have empathy for others, make light act as a particle or a wave, or do none of the above. 

Whatever conclusion you come up with now, you may want to ask yourself, how is the corporation changing right now, and what do they want? You may think its going bankrupt, but you are wrong. Only a small component is changing, but you believe it is the crashing of an entire system. The entropy is perceived only in your head. It is only the medium of labor value transfer that is being debased for the sole purpose of a new and improved modification. So understand, if you're bent on being the pollution, the solution to pollution is dilution.

You were all born within the corporation, and profited from the corporation, and raped along the side of the corporation because it was your duty. We complain about Orwellian doublespeak, when in fact we've had our own set of internal-doublespeak since we organized our own handy personal system of denial. You did as your were told. That part of you knew the truth. 

Don't you fuckin' lie to yourself now! You're all lamenting, just like me, because there's a new steam-engine in town, and its either time to step into the liquidation chamber, make yourself more useful to your master, or pretend that your version of 'fighting back' will change anything more than the relative/tentative condition. Now don't misunderstand me, by all means fight back according to your level of delusion. I surely will. There are a  lot of competing Wills out here that are eager to make the new rules. The absolute condition is bondage while our feet touch the soil, whether you're master or servant, shareholder or temporary human resource. 

If you don't integrate the fact that you are at war with yourself as well as those with competing Wills, don't be surprised if your soul spirals out of control to places that are very hard to return from.

Otherwise, your choice is quite bleak... physical death, spiritual death, or both. 

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Wow, where to begin?

So I assume you're telling us to love our inner slave, to make peace with our place in the world because resistance is futile or even useless primarily because we are in denial? Strange that you would speak about spirituality while also talking about submission since in my view spirituality it the ultimate in freedom and self knowledge.

There is no doubt that I constantly return to the same refrain of knowing thyself. But here is where all similarity between us ends because I loudly proclaim that to know yourself is ultimately to free yourself.

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Correction greatly appreciated, CD!

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

Good call CD, I speak in whipsaw. I tell you that you can't escape your inner-slave. The mind does not accept negatives. 'Can't' is rejected. The message is 'street gestalt' to break the denial of the reader by acting as a bridge. It's a filthy, dirty job. The other voice is a purposeful weak hand of hope without active encouragement. Overt hope and reason without a slap in the face is what you provide CD...and a damn good job at that : )

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Like CD said, WOW. I am almost speechless, a rare occurence. You would be highly useful, I would imagine. Trusted, no doubt! Head eunuch of the harem? You were probably born with the mark of imperial conditioning on your forehead. Did you ever figure out why the ladies don't gravitate towards you? You don't exude that alpha male pheromone...A little early for verbal castrations, might color my interactions as the day wears on, so let your imagination run free and imagine other things I could have said to you. Trust me, I have thought of way worse than what you can possibily formulate.




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@ Hook Line and Sphincter

Kudos on the choice of byline. To plagiarize myself from another thread in response to another  user(name):

What an incredibly uplifting a message. Just out of curiosity, most days how DO you ever get the shoeshine off your tongue, though?

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screw you!  You bring out revulsion in me. To give up on equal justice, to be come a "willing" slave?! No way.

Hook line and SINK already! I do not posess the eloquence to rebut you adequately. FU is all i can think of at the moment reading your request to submit has not endeared me

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I have great respect for Charles Hugh Smith. He has been beating the drum of public awareness for years. He was, and remains, well in front of the curve. In addition, ZH and many other blogs and web sites continue to expose the Ponzi in all it's forms and permutations and they all deserve high praise regardless of whether you agree with their conclusions or not.

BUT unless and until there is a sustained and loud discussion about the psychology (and loss of spirituality) behind the consistent public submission to and acceptance of the Ponzi and of the mind control and propaganda techniques behind the control, we are all simply spinning our wheels in the mud.

To think that all it's going to take to end the Ponzi and the ongoing public overt/covert control is to awaken the population to their servitude is the ultimate in naive thinking and false hope promotion. We must understand why we do as we do just as much as we must understand what they do to control. Since these two dynamics are fused in the real world, they must be discussed as an interconnected entity in order to dismantle it. Otherwise we are simply chasing our tails and calling it progress. 

I have great hope we will prevail once we begin to recognize and publicly acknowledge all the aspects of our enslavement.

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I have great hope we will prevail once we begin to recognize and publicly acknowledge all the aspects of our enslavement.

Who's this "We" white man?

Always really enjoy reading your comments, but this time I think I have to basically concur with Hook Line & Sinker.

Don't you fuckin' lie to yourself now! You're all lamenting, just like me, because there's a new steam-engine in town, and its either time to step into the liquidation chamber, make yourself more useful to your master, or pretend that your version of 'fighting back' will change anything more than the relative/tentative condition.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Who's this "We" white man?

The "we" is you and I and they and them and us. On a planet where for the foreseeable future we can not leave en mass "we" are all affected by what's going on. You're welcome to embrace your enslavement. I still have a little more fight left in me.