Guest Post: Take This Job And Shove It

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Man, I remember that $1.82 an hour.  Thought I was making big bucks at the time.

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That would be $50.65 priced in 90% silver.

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Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
I will work for genuine coin of the realm...

"No funny stuff!"
None of that queer metal from the US mint... Never know what's in those Banana Republic coins...

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If we are going with the Johnny Paycheck theme ... Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform should definately check out JP's best work (yuk yuk) ... Song and Dance Man ... my fav JP tune of all time.



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Tyler, I wish you'd focus on the employment-population ratio more often.

It's a simple statistic to understand, less susceptible to manipulation and fuziness....and it's been bobbing around a 30-year low for more than a year:

The drop in the same ratio for men is....well, it's unprecedented:




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The reality is that jobs can't be created in the US as long as the USD is the world's reserve currency -- people/businesses in other countries will desperately underbid us for those jobs. On the other hand the USD's reserve status allows us to consume outrageous amounts of energy and commodities in exchange for our currency from other countries and this advantage is so overwhelming, job loss is considered a small sacrifice to be made -- of course the job loss falls heavily on the lower rungs. The cost of providing long term welfare is considered just cost of maintaining this current state but the toll on individuals in terms of loss of skills/dignity is not being factored into the equation.

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NC Employment Security commission announced on their website Friday, NC no longer qualifies for the Federal extentions for unemployement payments and all extended payments stop on April 16.    See annoucement in red:

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That's horrifying.  And it results from numbers so fudged they were literally pulled out of someone's ass.

There's going to be a lot of pissed off, desperate, nothing left to lose, people in North Carolina pretty soon.

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Yep, and in my unemployment office in North Carolina, there's a chart listing supplemental or alternative resources, and food stamps is right on it. I've never gotten to the point yet, but the staff at the unemployment offices will refer people to welfare, public assistance, and food stamps when the UI runs out. It's great to be inside the Beltway or a blog creator, but the staff at the unemployment office are the people in the trenches.

I've said before, ALL Congressional Republicans need to be out looking for jobs. Show us exactly where the Bush tax cuts have created jobs. Take Rupert, Rush, Sarah, Glennda Beck, the ACORN pimp and prostitute, and go look. Don't forget to visit and fim at the unemployment offices. Otherwise, Republicans need to be called liars, to their face, voted out of office, and kept out of office.

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Bush is so 3 years ago...

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HC is just a bitter clinger.  We're going to be hearing "it's all Bush's fault" for at least another 2-years - 6 if Barry gets another term.

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I haven't seen a major increase in employment in NC. The shops and old manufacturing buildings in my neighborhood are still empty and look like bombed out buildings in Iraq at worse. Maybe this will get the people in NC off their ass, and out in the streets protesting, but I doubt it, Dancing with the Stars is on. 

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It is an old adage that you slide a lot further on bullshit than you can on gravel.

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HaHa--Been around a long time but never heard that one. Thanks.       Milestones

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Financial Wealth Distribution, 2007 chart above.

When it is worse than the old 80/20 rule (top 20% own 80% of the assets, but the rule applies to an amazing variety of other situations as well), there may be trouble.  Here the the bottom 80% own only 7%...

Trouble ahead, trouble behind.

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O/T, but Nikkei is down 1.1% now...  I have not checked US futures.  

A big drop in the US equities market would help that pie chart look a little bit better balanced as well.

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The manipulation of data in order to spin the economic situation in this country in the best light possible has become so blatant that only the most ignorant could possibly believe it.

Yep.  But there are a lot of ignorant Americans these days.  And why should they care, anyway?  They're getting their food stamps and other forms of socialist support, shouldered by the productive among us. 

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You do not know what you are talking about you arrogant son of a bitch.  You are not in any way supporting me and I am a statistic:  self-employed, banging on every door I can and still finding only one-third of the work I had three years ago.  Listen to companies tell me time and again: We like the work you do for us but we are struggling to keep our full time folk busy and so are not contracting any work out at all.  I do not ask for or recieve food stamps and am not eligible for unemployment.  Right now I take any job I can to keep afloat until this damn economy turns around.  So back off Mr Puff Jowl. 

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You sell toaster-oven pizzas door-to-door? I don't get what you do?

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I think I do know what I'm talking about, but what I'm talking about isn't people in your position.

I'm referring to the people who have no interest, and never have had an interest, in getting an education or a job and becoming productive, regardless of what's going on with the economy.  In other words, the people with a welfare state mentality, who are perfectly content to let their fellow citizens carry them through life through an endless series of social programs.  That's different from short-term assistance to people who are temporarily unemployed, which I support. 

For the past several decades we have spent an increasing percentage of our tax dollars on embedded entitlement programs which created a growing, permanently dependent class.  All so clueless politicians of both parties would have goodies to hand out so they could get re-elected. It's the greatest single reason the federal government is on the verge of defaulting on its debts, which will affect us all.  

I'm sorry for your situation. I do know what it's like; I've been unemployed a number of times and understand the frustration and the need to pay bills, which is why I support short-term assistance. The country can - and should - offer short-term assistance, but we can no longer afford a permanent entitlement system. 

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Spoken like a true Blind Capitalist!  Capitalism creates a class structure by its very nature....and is wholely dependent on this class structure for its very existance - especially the  working classes - to run the machinery of the capitalist economy, be it manufacturing or service based.  Lower and working class wages also fund the growth of a healthy capitalist economy, as most of these wages (hopefully increasing wages ) are spent directly on the products and services provided by capitalist endeavors.   When potential workers can't find work, they are forced to join the lower "dependent" class. You seem to want to argue that most of the individuals that currently find themselves in the dependent class are there by choice.....a very convenient argument for a Blind Capitalist!  I, on the other hand, would argue that most individuals who are currently in the dependent class have been put there by Blind Capitalists like yourself.

As a by-product of any society, there will be a very small percentage of that society that will strategically try to live off the charity (or victimization) of there fellow citizens.  Studies have prooven that a society of rats will also structure themselves this way, so it seems to be an innate tendency of society itself.  There is also a significant percentage of the dependent class who are there through no fault of their own, for reasons of mental and/or physical infirmity. We know how to deal with those that choose victimization as their self-sustaining M.O., but what to do with those that prefer an unproductive lifestyle - given that it seems to be a natural state of any society.  Do we decide to cloth, feed, and shelter these individuals - or do we turn them out into the street to suffer and die? We can easily see how you would approach this evil by-product of a Blind Capitalist mentality.  You see, the reason there are no longer any jobs (and will be no jobs) is that Blind Capitalists like yourself have determined that they can increase their profits and personal wealth by sending our society's jobs overseas to cheap labour pools.  This strategy epitomizes the tragic short-term thinking of Blind Capitalism.  By shifting the country's wages overseas, you have shifted the country's working class wealth overseas - a strategy that can only lead to the collapse of the country in question.  The reason that you and your ilk are "blind" is because you don't see this as a problem and are completely blind to the nature of society.  As long as a Blind Capitalist sees increasing profits and personal wealth gains, they believe everything is going well.....unfortunatly nothing could be further from the truth.  Wealth disperity is the very stuff from which revolutions are born - history has taught us this fact time and again - and we can watch it happening before our very eyes in MENA today. On its present course, America will have no choice but to become a Police State in order to control its population once full-blown austerity arrives in the next few years.

To correct a very sad conclusion you try to draw - the single greatest reason the federal government is on the verge of defaulting on its debts is.....we are feeling the economic effects of Blind Capitalism.  I often struggle with the concept of whether Capitalism as a system is inherently evil.....I don't think it is.....but Blind Capitalism is undoutedly so.  Bill Gates has been promoting the concept of "Responsible Capitalism", which I would refer to as "Charity", but I fear this is too little too late for our present financial system. Charity has always had the potential to save us - and Greed the potential to destroy us.....unfortunatly we have always chosen Greed. 

T.E.I.N. everyone!   

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well said.. 

Thank you for a much valuable opinion.

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We can no longer afford to have "Government".


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I bet most Americans can't wait to collect their $133/month in Food Stamps: Jamie Dimon must be green with envy. I bet he is shouldering the whole SNAP program himself. Considering that JP Morgan administers the program and charges the government $5 billion, I wonder how much fees they collect form running other entitlements programs. I wonder how many billionaires will US add in 2011 from running the giant procurement scam called the Pentagon.


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As Rockefeller would say " one billionaire more" . Hey only 1 million people need to be fleeced to make a billionaire . Over and over . I don't follow the lying sack of .hit data we get from the poltiburo. Uses up valuable time/energy by being angry and fed up .

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Here in Nevada we have unemployment between 16-21 percent and the highest foreclosure rate in the nation 6 months in a row. We are Number 1. Yes.


Great recovery Obama.

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It makes little difference if your earnings go up if what those dollars buy is less and less.

Many, including some of my friends, do not understand that we are heading downhill at a pretty fair clip.

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It's even worse when your earning stagnate or go down as the criminals debase the currency at a 8% per anum clip.  How long 'til we pull an Egypt on the bastards? 

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If only our leaders were afflicted with what Jim Carey had in Liar Liar.

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That would be no problem for them at all.  They'd simply tell their apologists exactly what is, exactly how they want to deceive and mislead everyone, and send them out to do so.  And that is, of course, already what they do.

Of course they would not speak to the public directly any more.

What would be more fun would be for this anti-disease to strike all presidential candidates during election time.  Now THAT would be fun.

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How about a practical application of this concept?  Move election day to the fourth of April rather than the fourth of November.  Ever wonder why tax day is as far from election day as they can get it?

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Who the hell needs a job?

When you can earn "vast fortunes" buying:






I mean really, aren't those unemployed daytraders making a killing now?

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We should all kick back and buy momos on margin. Happy days.

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How's your Amerikan empire workin out for ya, bitchez?!


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once again, another straight forward fact as to why higher and higher floors are being built beneath gold and silver.

What kind of county carries a 15% food stamp welfare rate??? On top of ALL the other welfare programs already in place!

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revolution, and blood in the streets.....................

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Yeah.  Against pompous stuffed shirt assholes like MrBetYourLife (His marvelous post is a little above yours).  I heard a line somewhere I cannot forget:  "The one thing I fear most in America is the is a big-bellied man wearing a polo shirt riding his golf cart with his cell phone glued to his ear":,

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No revolution, just a quiet descent into total police state.

Long prisons and correctional unions.

Res publica mortuus est, vivat imperium

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its a different world... im not a huge union guy ' i watched them in part slay and industry '


but yeah, we used to have massive union employment in this town maybe 20k dudes


wives, boats, trucks, beers, property.... good times with regular joes


well the industry is gone and we can all go to target to purchase a glass of wine... including the glasses


times are better when regular people can get good jobs, speak their mind, and run the world

nah's picture

its a different world... im not a huge union guy ' i watched them in part slay and industry '


but yeah, we used to have massive union employment in this town maybe 20k dudes


wives, boats, trucks, beers, property.... good times with regular joes


well the industry is gone and we can all go to target to purchase a glass of wine... including the glasses


times are better when regular people can get good jobs, speak their mind, and run the world

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I recall when Hershey Bars were .05 until they shrunk too much. Then they were reissued at .10, then .15 ouch.


It is far better to be a Temp to come and go when the job is completed as long your income net is more than your gas used for the round trip and lunch (If you did not bring it yourself) than it is to be a full time employee under the thumb of a cost cutting draconian bosses or boss intent on removing the break room, chairs to sit in (To keep you on your feet walmart style) and so on.

Because we are not working 40 hours, we are working the process to be approved for partial unemployment. If any is awarded, it will simply go into savings to be used as Debt reduction or as a fund to maintain required minimum hours per week no matter where the job itself is.  Because the benefit check far exceeds any reasonable income from both jobs. (Or three total.)


Finally but not last, paying off debt allows us to live well on very little. Riches is not the money. But the crops, firewood and trade with the neighbors among other things.

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Temporary work is a relationship based on the maximum distrust of the worker. It abstracts all the risk onto the worker, while giving them no real benefit. 



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McDonalds is hiring. Horray fast food! Good bye 20 - 40 dollar an hour job, hello paper hat, corporate uniform, and 7.50 an hour... sweet salvation for the desperate, and Change Obama wants you to believe in. 

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Here's how that works:

Instead of three to four 40-hour per week employees that have health insurance, 401k match, and McD pays unemployment.  McD can hire nine 20 hour per week employees that have no health insurance, no 401-k, and McD gets paid by states for helping to REDUCE unemployment.

It's a great racket.

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Plus they have a waiver from ObamaCare

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Yes. But the part time hiring does wonders in showing how our unemployment rate is decreasing.  So when the under-employed and under- paid masses get home at night and turn on the news they can listen to the talking heads praise the economic recovery..while they try and decide which bills it will be OK to pay just part of...and which bills can be set aside for another week.

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"The manipulation of data in order to spin the economic situation in this country in the best light possible has become so blatant that only the most ignorant could possibly believe it. The corporate mainstream media dutifully reports the propaganda, without ever critically assessing what is being distributed by the government."

Well there seems to be a whole shitload of "ignorant sheeple"

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I can see why people don't understand, or don't want to understand. There is a massive amount of verbiage to cover the true meaning of financial and economic terms. The average person relies on a pretty face on TV to explain concepts, and within the time constraints of the viewer's attention span and the bountiful commercial breaks. 

There is an aura in the media that nothing economicaly bad can happen in the long term. No economic event will have any long term relevance, and there will always be the Bald Bernank to bail out the country. Besides, most of us have phones or other tools capable of facilitating us to learn more about our economic climate, but there is just so much porn to watch and games to play.  If you have not seen this Huxley/Orwell comic, take a look: