Guest Post: Those Who Break The Law Must Be Punished Accordingly…

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Submitted by Simon Black of The Sovereign Man

Those who break the law must be punished accordingly…

One of the things that’s really great about Panama is how open the
country is to foreigners.  All nationalities are welcome in Panama, and
if you spend any time on the ground, you’ll quickly find people from
six continents and dozens of countries.

Panama is an example of how I see governments moving in the future–
like Singapore, Chile, Hong Kong, and may others, Panama is the kind of
place that seeks to attract foreigners, to compete for them by
providing a number of incentives. Panama does this most pointedly with
its retirement ‘pensionado’ program, but there are a number of other
such programs. In fact, the country’s immigration law has so many
different categories, it’s possible for just about everyone to find a
way to move here.

In other places, immigration is unfortunately a four letter word. The
borderless Schengen area in Europe is on the verge of disintegration as
a number of countries in the region begin to put up border checkpoints
to restrict the free movement of people (and capital).

In the United States, the government has been eager to show that it’s
not slacking on the illegal immigration issue. The result has been an
increase in the size and scope of its persecution against “undocumented
workers” as well as the businesses which hire them. I can just
imagine the conversations within the hallowed halls of government:
“those who break the law must be punished accordingly…”


Untitled Those who break the law must be punished accordingly...

Help! Robbery in progress! (source: Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic)


But this begs the question: what kind of laws—and hence what kind of nation—are we talking about?

Whenever the only defense of a policy is “it’s the law”, it’s
worthwhile considering whether that policy is, in fact, ethical. After
all, it was perfectly legal for one human being to own another for much
of history. Legality certainly is not the same as morality, and
politicians have a bad tendency to conflate the two.

One of the chief arguments against free immigration is that old song
about “stealing jobs.” It amazes me that some people still believe this.

When you patrol borders and restrict the flow of people who are happy
to work hard for less money, this is really no different than wage and
price controls. Anyone with even the most basic understanding of
economics can realize that such practices build inefficiencies into the
system– companies who pay more for labor pass these costs on to
consumers, low skill workers have less competition (hence incentive) to
learn new skills and move up the labor food chain.

Most of all, in the undocumented labor world, the government isn’t
able to take its fair share of the pie. Among undocumented workers,
there are no tax withholdings, no payroll deductions, no retirement
plans to regulate, no medical plans to enforce. I suspect this is the
true reason behind the politicians’ “stealing jobs” argument.

Another argument against free immigration is that foreigners
‘unfairly’ receive benefits. But the problem herein lies in the
existence of public benefits in the first place. Does a German do
backflips in the street when s/he pays taxes so that another German can
have free healthcare? Do Canadians enjoy subsidizing education for other
Canadians? Do Americans swell with pride when they pay their taxes,
hoping that the money goes to pay some other American’s mortgage?

This is utter nonsense, and the degree to which one can voice the
“immigrants unfairly receive benefits” argument is directly proportional
to the level of socialist redistribution in a country… again, not
exactly ideal for economic growth.

Then there’s the argument linking immigration and crime. Frankly this
is strictly a criminal matter, not an immigration one. Saying that
immigrants are more prone to crime makes about as much sense as saying
any particular group—young, poor black males…older, white Wall Street
types…people with surnames ending in vowels—is more prone to crime.

The nearly 300 illegal immigrants in Porstvile, Iowa, sent to federal
prison in 2008 didn’t rob or rape or kill anybody.  They didn’t despoil
anyone’s property. Their only crime was working in an arbitrary
geopolitical designation without having begged and waited for the proper
political sanctions.  The family owners of the business as well as
their accountant now face 80 years in federal prison. They are guilty of
no violence, only of having hired people that a centralized agency
didn’t approve of beforehand.

Countries, states, and provinces that persecute business and people
in this manner are the kind you want to avoid.  A nation that tries to
criminalize more and more aspects  of people’s lives—what they put in
their own bodies, where they can live, whom they can hire—is a nation
that will see economic decline to go along with decaying liberty and the
increasing number of  lives destroyed by the enforcement of unjust


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redpill's picture

That's all fine and dandy, but Panama was under the boot of Manuel Noriega 25 years ago, and there's nothing to say it couldn't happen there again or anywhere else for that matter.

Simon was pitching the idea of a sustainable community of expats in Panama until the Panamanian government decided to be a US lapdog and cough up everyone's financial records.  Now he's moved on to Chile.  Most people don't want to move to a different country every six months.

You can make a passioned argument about not treating illegal immigrants like criminals, but when people in Southern California can't get in to the emergency room because it's packed full of illiegal immigrants coming in for routine medical issues, someone needs to take a reality check.  As long as we're going to always treat people who walk in the emergency room door (and I think we always will), or various other social services, you have to have some restriction on the flood of people coming across the border.


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Peru was looking pretty good until yesterday.

zaknick's picture

You're in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Inca nation rises again and will expel the perfidious Albion.


Bananamerican's picture

"an increase in the size and scope of (u.s. governement's) persecution against “undocumented workers"...

will the Tyler Durden that wrote this kindly suck my all American Weiner?

is this the same globalist shill Durden who occasionally lauds China Inc. for its "manufacturing prowess"?

China Inc. makes shit products with slaves.

Mexicans are imbecilic peasants with a penchant for violence attempting to flee the dysfunctional Narco State of their own cultural creation. Though they make ideal drones and their food IS delicious, they've created little of cultural value over the centuries, seem indifferent to education (outside of "latino studies"), while exhibiting an inexplicable sense of racial superiority, they incentivize decadence in my country and just generally SUCK.If YOU want to convert your garage for their benefit i suppose that's up to you but i urge you to cease inflicting this globalist narco corrida on the readership of ZH

jeff montanye's picture

i disagree that the mexican narco state is their own cultural creation.  imo the u.s. harrison narcotics act of 1914, et. al. is the creator.  

and for a lovely lesson in current u.s. corporate police state misuse of the "justice" system check out out ttp://

mr_T's picture

Blah...blah...blah... We spend more on one week of.pomo.. wake up white people..

Bananamerican's picture

Hey, I KNOW it takes 2 to tango...Our myriad National problems will NOT be solved however by importing millions (more) peasants. Peasants who attempt to ameliorate their pathetic status with ego boosting tales of ethnic grandeur and a "dumb and dumber" version of manifesto destino latino. In 200 years Mexicans seem to have achieved Ciudad Juarez and frankly I don't want the fuckers in here....I (obviously) don't admire them.

It may be a racial thing with them but it's a Culture thing with me....

if they were BETTER than us I'd still want them to wait in line but I'd feel a LOT better about living next door to them.

As it is i see them as pathogens invading an open wound....


chumbawamba's picture

You're about as ugly and ignorant as they come.

There's a word for people like you.  And that word is nigger.

Go fuck yourself, you nigger.

If you really wanted to solve the problem you'd stick a bomb up your ass and go see how laws are made in this country.  Then when the next sorry asshole steps up to the lecturn to beg forgiveness for their latest foible, you could fart.

But you won't do that, because you'd rather just flap your vagina lips and queef out silly diatribes against symptoms of the idiocy that you allow to happen by allowing yourself to be distracted with programmed side issues.

Your infantile diatribes are a prayer to God that this country will descend into a lawless tyranny.  Bless you, because your prayers are being answered.

I am Chumbawamba.

Bananamerican's picture

an(other) incoherent response from you Chumber...

but then, you haven't done anything for me since "Tubthumping" ya old...quiff, and even that was mediocre

AchtungAffen's picture

Perú looks a lot better today than it would have with fucking Fujimori's daughter...

Hive Raid's picture

When all factors are considered, Illegal Aliens Cost Americans $113 Billion Annually:


"[Robert Putnam's] five-year study shows that immigration and ethnic diversity have a devastating influence on the social capital, fabric of associations, trust, and neighborliness that create and sustain communities." :


The Hispanic drive to wage genocide Americans, and "reconquer Aztlan":


What possible benefit could Americans possibly gain from this invasion of our homeland? Absolutely none. It is destroying our country and our people. Why does it go on...

After decades of efforts, Jewish coalitions finally succeeded in passing the 1965 immigration act. Their goal: racial dilution of White America, to provide an ethnic environment more favorable to Jews. Just four decades later, this ongoing Jewish effort [aided by their monopoly control of mainstream media, university history and social science departments, and banking] has resulted in the ethnic cleansing of White America to the tune of 40+%. :


The related documentation regarding the Jewish orchestration of this genocide of European peoples, in probably the most important book in the last 100 years (Culture of Critique, by professor Kevin MacDonald):


Facts are facts.


It's no coincidence that Simon Black is a Jew. His arguments are obviously absurd, but they provide sufficient talking points for those who advocate the ethnic cleansing of Europeans to continue making noise. What's more disturbing is that "Tyler Durden" apparently advocates the same policies.


What say you, Tyler? Do you support the extinction of White people via mass invasion? Yes or no? Get in the ring.


Bananamerican's picture

I second that invitation...

There are several folks writing as Tyler Durden at ZH, yes??

I loathe this globalist one...

Harlequin001's picture

Normally you have to look far and wide to find this kind of real top quality horseshit...

Baptiste Say's picture

It can only be a genocide is the likes of yourself can't resist knocking up a few $5/hour maids.

Live_Free's picture

El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan has nothing to do with genocide you tool.


"We are free and sovereign to determine those tasks which are justly called for by
our house, our land, the sweat of our brows, and by our hearts. Aztlan belongs to
those who plant the seeds, water the fields, and gather the crops and not to the
foreign Europeans."

JW n FL's picture

in Simons defense...


"but Panama was under the boot of Manuel Noriega 25 years ago"


we are now under Obama's Boot! but he is a panzy, liberal, tree hugger??? that has extended the Patriot Acts Powers well beyond what even the Conservative Bush 2 dreamed of!


1) House and Senate Renew PATRIOT Act With No Modifications
National Security Letters Increasingly Used on Americans
Proposed Senate Bill Would Add Civil Liberties Protections
Senators Raise Concerns on DOJ's Interpretation of PATRIOT

1) House and Senate Renew PATRIOT Act With No Modifications

On May 26, the House and Senate renewed three controversial provisions of law related to the USA PATRIOT Act that were set to expire the next day.  The renewal was passed in the form of an amendment to an unrelated bill, S. 990, that itself temporarily extended authorities of the Small Business Administration.  Despite efforts by individual Senators to introduce modifications to the Act's intelligence authorities, the final bill simply renewed the expiring provisions until June 1, 2015 without changes.


redpill's picture

Believe me I'm no fan of where we've wound up.  But we're not to the point of Noriega's Panama (yet), and I've yet to be sufficiently convinced that I should pick up my family and move half way across the world somewhere (Chile is a lot farther than Panama obviously) when the same shit could come down the pike there at any time and with even less of a constitutional precedent to stop it.  At some point you have to stand and fight, I think I'd rather fight for America than somewhere I barely know and have only lived for a few months.


JW n FL's picture

May I recomend... putting the family some place safe.. and then standing up.


That way the things that are really important are safe while you and I re-enact scenes from the Movie Rambo #1!


Yeah! Baby!! or maybe you would prefer Red Dawn? either way!

JW n FL's picture

Off Topic.. Kind of?


New item in your series of interest:

Working Paper No. 11/130: Risky Bank Lending and Optimal Capital Adequacy Regulation Author/Editor: Benes, Jaromir ; Kumhof, Michael Summary: We study the welfare properties of a New Keynesian monetary economy with an essential role for risky bank lending. Banks lend funds deposited by households to a financial accelerator sector, and face penalties for maintaining insufficient net worth. The loan contract specifies an unconditional lending rate, which implies that banks can make loan losses. Their main response is to raise lending rates to rebuild net worth. Prudential rules that adjust minimum capital adequacy requirements in response to loan losses significantly increase welfare. But the gains from eliminating limited liability and moral hazard would be an order of magnitude larger.

Keiser Report: Regime Change in Greece Now! (E152) Talking about the best Countries to live in the World!

Talking about Greece and or other Countries that are getting Crushed by the Organized Bankers! plus he gives a ZeroHedge Shout Out!! Max is GREAT! Tyler's Brother from another Mother!

merehuman's picture

I am a german immigrant, came here on august 28 , 1963. Lost green card while awol from army. I have not filed change of address many times. i have at one point bought a shotgun and wrote that i was a citizen. Please find me and deport me.All my attempts to leave the country have been slow, difficult and may yet take another year or 2. Money for airfare is no problem, its the beaurecrazy thats holding things up. meanwhile i am homeless and have yet to apply for any aid as i am too stubborn and believe in selfsufficiency. I am and onemealperdaynow on the utube. i would like to go because the usa government is criminal in nature, run by jews and the sooner you kick me out the sooner i will quit alerting your public to your misdeeds. i have nothing left to lose  except my dog. And by the way.....screw you NSA

ps so right, when nothing left to lose people lose it, my time is coming soon..

shall i say how i really feel? lol


chumbawamba's picture

Be meaningful.

I am Chumbawamba.

zaknick's picture

Noriega was on the banksters' CIA payroll since '67. He killed Torrijos with that bomb on his plane. By 1989 he was a liability. He was publicly accusing Bush of drug trafficking with plenty of proof.

Cthonic's picture

For most Americans, the lawfully available 'four flags' ex-pat door mostly shut back in the late 90's.  Sovereign man was either late to the party or hasn't kept track of how far down the boot has come since then.  Very few (maybe 2% of society) have the combination of age, means, and people skills to just pick up and leave their families, friendships, businesses, and citizenship behind for a successful life in another land.  More and more jurisdictions will be strong-armed by the OECD to sign tax treaties and anti-money laundering information sharing agreements that tend to nullify any advantages of merely residing overseas. At least here you can still work to demand that your government become accountable to the People again.  Elsewhere you will be eyed as merely a temporary, and possibly inconvenient, guest.

zuuuueri's picture


if everyone paid his own way, it would cease to matter where he was from. it's only the deadbeats who will bitch and whine if they had to carry their own weight (and this includes the bureacrats pushing paper in the whole machine that gets invented to control access to the free ride and shake down anyone still productive enough to support it)



chubbar's picture

Are you really serious? Arguing that illegal immigration is just a case of bureacratic insensitivity or misunderstanding? That there are no negative ramifications from this unofficial policy?

Hey pal, there are 16 MILLION+ more ILLEGAL immigrants here since Reagan amnestied several million back in the 80's. When is enough, enough?  Press one if you want to hear the rest of this rant in English? Got the extent of the problem yet?

They (illegals) are changing the values/culture and voting patterns of OUR country (even though they aren't supposed to vote).

Go ahead and move down into a neighborhood where MS-13 is the predominant legal authority and see how well your idea that these folks are just misunderstood applies? Why is my tax money being spent policing these useless gangsters?

I have nothing against hispanic descent citizens, they mix in well in small numbers. Their culture is predicated on working hard and they have strong family values as a general rule. However, go into a neighborhood where the predominant population is of a foreign origin (whether that is of hispanic or any other culture) and you will find that assimilation has basically been arrested. You will also find you are unwelcome by the vast majority of folks residing there when you walk down the street (at least that has been the feeling I got). That is what happens when you allow uncontrolled immigration.

People are comfortable with their own culture and way of life, period. Yes, they can and do assimilate, but not when they all gather in large numbers relative to the existing population. Illegal immigrants are not encouraged to assimilate because of bilingual education being offered, press one to speak with a spanish operator, etc. In other words, this is a planned bifurcation of our society.

I don't feel that I need to apologize or give up the culture I grew up in as a white european descent male (yeah, I know I'm bad because I'm personally responsible for the repression of the whole world outside of the U.S.) because a bunch of dogooders have decided that everyone in the world is entitled to come here and suck up our tax resources/jobs. I have as much right to feel comfortable and have a culture that reflects my values and those of my children, without apology, as any other culture/race. I'm the one who pays the taxes, not the freeloaders looking for a cheaper lunch.

I'm not a racist. I just want to preserve and protect the culture I grew up in and give her the best opportunities in life possible. Just like the immigrants band together in like communities because they want to preserve their culture and traditions. You don't see hispanics trying to live in primarily black communities, why? Perhaps because they don't want to get their ass shot by the crips/bloods or perhaps because they don't share their culture/traditions? It isn't because they hate blacks. Humans are tribal. You may not think so now but wait until this society fails and see how people band together (in general terms).

I refuse to feel badly because I want illegal immigration enforced/controlled so that we don't end up with a bifurcated society where my children are endangered because of the cultural differences or are targeted because of skin color. It's bad enough that the fucking morons running this country think it's OK to molest travelers and conduct no-knock warrant services.

This is to say nothing of the resources that illegals steal from other poor citizens like emergency care, food stamps, etc.

We don't need ANY MORE immigrants in this country, legal OR illegal. We don't have the jobs for them and they sure as hell don't add anything to the lives of the citizens already residing here. If you think this is racist or not politically correct, tough shit. 

The fact of the matter is that there are 6+ billion people in this world and if we average out lifestyles then we are ALL living in shacks. No different than if we smoothed out all the land in the world we'd all be underwater. We aren't going to be raising the lifestyles of immigrants as much as we are lowering ours. Fuck that noise, let them stay where they are and let's preserve what we can of the lifestyle we still have left here in the US while we can.

HowardBeale's picture

Illegal immigration exists for one simple reason--always been the case: Most politicians are property owners; more people equals property development and increased property values. end of story.

swamp's picture

The article is just more liberal nonsense, illegal is illegal, no nation can be one without borders and control of them, and by the way, a little footnote, it's against our CONSTITUTION.

trav7777's picture

He doesn't take into account the massive amounts of services sucked up and crimes committed by this demographic.

Sure, it would be nice if everyone was the same and everyone could move everywhere, but this shit just ain't the way it is.  People are here because all the free cheese is a better life than back home.  Maybe they should change the way back home is instead of trying to turn here into there.

merehuman's picture

i have used no free government services since i was in my 20ts, then only foodstamps for 2 months. german work ethic is very strong in me and were my arm not cut up by a crazed druggie i would not have asked for help. been hungry and homeless much, never asked for help, am 60 now and again homeless, aint asken for a damn thing except to be deported.

we are not all the same...its a good thing.

Cathartes Aura's picture

"back home" most likely has a bunch of wealthy ex-pats who "downsized" to get the most bang from their bucks, and hire the "locals" to clean their homes, pools, yards, etc.

seriously, what's the difference?  shit's more "global" than anyone wants to admit.

StychoKiller's picture

Welfare state or open borders -- pick one, you can't have both!

Baptiste Say's picture

Again the concerns you have with SoCal emergency rooms is not so much a problem of "illegals" as it is a problem of the "everyone has a right to healthcare" mentality that allows the USA's most failed state to control and provide hospitals to all.

Spitzer's picture

Sorry, had to do this.....

Dennis Gartman just said that gold miners will not follow the gold price for the foreseeable future.

I know they have been going the opposite for a while but this is Gartman, he is always perfectly wrong on anything gold.

NotApplicable's picture

Perhaps he realizes that as the finacial world implodes, all miners will be nationalized by desperate regimes looking for wealth to extract in order to fuel the Ponzi yet another day?

zaknick's picture

In Ecuador the gov has frozen development on many international mining companies like Kinross. They have created a new national mining company. Last month they dinamited about a hundred excavators which were ilegally extracting placer gold. They are training artesanal and small miners, are requiring them to sell their gold to the central bank (not independent or BIS bankster) and are regulating gold dealers.

It's here, baby!

Cthonic's picture

Wow, appreciate your posting.

Spitzer's picture

This is not some new development. These third world governments, even some of the socialist ones, have learned this lesson before. They know that as soon as they are hard on the mining industry, the industry dissapears.

As for Kinross. The Russian soverign wealth fund has money in Kinross and so does Paulson and Co. Kinross has had a horrible run the last few quaters but in the long run, I am comfortable with fellow shareholders as John Paulson and Vladmir Putin.

lawrence1's picture

I believe, too, that Corea who, by the way, has an MA in Economics from a US University, has talked about a gold standard at some point.  When I visited Ecuador last year and asked everyone I met what they thought of their president, the great majority regarded him overall in a positive way.  I gathered he has done things for most sectors of the economy, from the poor to the elites who own large agri businesses.  A rare concept, a government which represents most segments of society.  In the US there is a knee-jerk reaction to  even moderate socialists like Corea because most Americans dont know shit and dont care to know shit about anything outside their fascist corporate kleptocracy. Would appreciate references to any recent news about Ecuador.

Spitzer's picture

In some ways, as you explain it, I agree 100%. Not only nationalised but allot of miners have lots of financing with the banks. That is why FOFOA only goes physical.

But there is always the chance that miners will be the next grand bull market bubble before any of that^ happens.

And this is Gartman speaking.


GeneMarchbanks's picture

So you're saying buy GDXJ? Already did.


What's with people talkin' about gold these days?

Monedas's picture

95% of the worlds crude production is govmint owned and the remaining 5% might as well be for taxes and regulations ! PM miners have a leverage appeal that is over priced in and the stock holder's suck hind tit ! All mines will be nationalized or windfall taxed and regulated to death in the future except for fringe exploratory areas in remote areas ! Stock holder's will suck hind tit as always due to government and corporate management shenanagins ! All I am saying is buy physical ! There could be some spectacular trading if the metals suddenly took off....but in the long run they won't let the stock holders win too much ! Sorry to be so pessimistic ! Hoarding will have it's challenges too ! I'm starting to think more and more like a survivalist ! It will buy you some time and you have a chance to go down fighting ! Monedas 2011 When they come for ya....make 'em pay !

Ancona's picture

Illegal aliens are criminals. Period. If your first act is to break our immigration laws, why should you be given one ounce of defference?

NotApplicable's picture

Because laws are merely the decree of a small minority of persons (many long dead), and have no moral bearing on anything, being nothing but the force of mob-rule?

If your first act is to aggress upon an otherwise peaceful person, why should your laws be given one ounce of deference? Immigration (or migration, really) is best handled by private property rights, and voluntary cooperation. As for public property, it is all stolen land, and thus there are no rights to recognize. All in all, a voluntary (non-statist) system makes the topic of immigration a moot point.

Have you ever stood on a border and thought about the absurdity of the concept that you can't take another step onto land identical to the land you're on, except for it's political jurisdiction?

People are meant to be free. Anything short of that is a form of enslavement.

redpill's picture

If the government didn't exercise force and steal wealth from the legal citizens to support services for illegal ones, open borders really wouldn't be an issue.

But we aren't allowed to have that sort of free exchange, we are always encumbered by government force, so as long as that remains the case, this antagonism will always remain.

bigdawg's picture

Amen Not Applicable & redpill.  The only reason why people in the US really give a fuck about "illegal immigration" is because our government's welfare system that began in the '30's.  If you didn't have to pay for the immigrants, I imagine you wouldn't care if they were here or not.

BTW, Not Applicable, your analogy about the absurdity of the difference between standing on one side of a border vs. the other is spot on. 

Unfortunately, those in govt. who would like to expand our welfare system, also come to the same conclusion.  As long as we have these types of programs, we will have this type of problem.  Only a free market would work.

redpill's picture

And you'll note worldwide, the countries that do have substantial social safety nets and yet manage to remain fiscally sound are typically ones that have either 1) very strict immigration law, or 2) are geographically removed from sources of illegal immigration.


Barb Dwire's picture

Really? Canada is probably one of the more financially sound countries and they have quite liberal immigration laws, as well as accepting one of the higher per capita number of refugees. In fact they are aggressively encouraging immigration.