Guest Post: Thoughts On The GC-IOER Collapse

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Yep, strange days indeed. There are no free markets anymore. We've all looked. 

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I do not think there has ever been free markets. it is just that now people have just woken up to this fact...i guess

I subscribe to the guy from australia and his FFT economic newsletter at  that guy has called many big events before they have happend, including the stock market crash in 2008 and the current financial collapse of the US. (currently happening) I found him from a friend last year, and he has some important work.

His oil calls are insane, and I have been making good money with them. He is well worth a look, if you want to keep two steps ahead of the sheeple out there.

I am worried about my financial future. Is anyone else nervous out there?

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GC is general collateral repo rate, IOER is apparently the interest rate on some particular Fed Funds. GC-IOER is the spread between the two.

What does it mean? Fucked if I know. I already asked last night & got nothing but a couple of obtuse responses. This article seems to be saying there is a short squeeze in Treasury bills but I could be wrong.

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Many thanks. Guessing IOER means interest rate on excess reserves ?

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The authors don't know either.

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So the short squeeze keeps interest rates low - at least temporarily - making the bubble bigger.  Can we play the same game?  Short RMBS and stop paying your mortgage. Enough people do that and you got a serious money making trade. 

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Yep, strange days indeed. There are no free markets anymore. We've all looked. 

It's all manipulation any more, right down to the last man, and the most despicable imaginable. One need look no further than Spain.


General Elections 2004: The Socialists were trailing badly in the polls, then we got a terrorist attack in Madrid days before the election that the Socialists blamed on the incumbent government’s involvement in Iraq, employing an agit prop strategy that mobilized the radical left and managed a narrow victory that allowed them to govern in minority, withdraw from Iraq, start the Alliance of Civilizations, and make friends with Hugo Chavez and the like.

General Elections 2008: The Socialists were trailing badly in the polls, and then we got another terrorist attack days before the election that was once again manipulated to gain minority control.

Municipal and Autonomous Elections 2011: The Socialists were trailing badly in the polls, then we got . . . well, it would be just too coincidental to get another terrorist attack, don’t you think?  So this time around we’ve got “botellón ideológico” encouraging the populace TO NOT vote (and we all know how that turned out in Venezuela, don’t we?).

The “Spanish Revolution” will disappear into thin air the day after the elections as though it never existed as the participants return to their comfortable free loader lives in their parent’s homes, and the socialist controlled mainstream press looks for another circus act to put on the air.

(If you take away a rather negative opinion of the Socialists from this, remember the first 3 paragraphs are simply the facts ma’am, and after next Monday we’ll be able to say that about the 4th too.)




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your socialists seem to be as socialist as socialist as China's communists, if they have had control over your countries fate and your FIRE industry ran amok, they aren't very good socialists, and I'm sure getting out of the Iraq war lead to your real esate bubble and 20 percent unemployment

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You could have just said.....

June 15th....which will be the day.

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Hardy and true but so few understand what is going on and how dynamic the markets should be. Even some ZHers have become complacent to this fact because of how long this giant dried up sponge has actually lasted... but no more. The Fed is the buyer of only resort. From this standpoint its already "Game Over" as TD posted yesterday. I am closely following this situation because interest rates across the board can and will literally explode. Look at Greece for a sample of whats to come in a few weeks. Hell we might have days remaining before the real SHTF...

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"The GC-IOER collapse is far more significant than many people realize."

Almost everything is more significant than we realize. Take for example, the common house fly. Nothing special right? But without them, most spiders in your house won't survive, and if the spiders don't survive, then they won't scare you, and if they don't scare you, then good horror movies won't be produced and discretionary spending will go down, and the system will collapse. Everything is connected: money, bitches, etc. Anyhow, here's what all this doom and gloom will get you today: SHORT STOPPED/SQUEEZED/HUGE LOSSES. My $.02.


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Sounds like someone got caught on the wrong side of the trade and is bitter. Boo hoo loser.

I focused one two things over the past two years and me is happy as Ellen Degenerate in Rosie O'Donnel's shower. 

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Look if the FED shorts Long to keep short term low.. come Saturday, InfiniTimmy and Ben-O-cide will be in Heaven! with Blank-check-man! for All doing God's Work here on Earth.. so No Worries!

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"we studied this in March 2010 and concluded this would be one of the prime factors keeping rates low after QE 1.0 ended.  Everyone in the world was convinced rates would move far higher, yet they never did"

Note the key word---AFTER QE ended.  Well, QE2 hasn't ended yet.  Does this mean that the BIG move---down---in  Treasury rates is yet to come?


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We also know that any decrease in demand for treasury shorts would negatively impact treasury auctions.

Looks to be the same way Kyle Bass was able to amass his short positions in RMBS

Regardless if this is live or memorex the fact remains that we're considering the potential.  There are all sorts of reasons the fed would want to squeeze this segment.

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Repo market is being primed for taking in the unwinding of the Fed balance sheet. Hence the cmpression. Already more than 30 market funds have been added to the system. The other majors (perhaps 200 total) will be added in the next 90 days or so.

There is of course madness in this logic. Spilling balance sheet assets into Money Market funds is one way to boost the NPL holdings of most pension accounts. Did you really think they would stuff longer dated paper into your IRA via the front door?



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One of the (unintended?) consequences of not marking to market accounting.

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"This type of negative collateral lending rate is currently on full display in the silver market, where forward rates have persisted at negative levels since April 21 (before that in February & March).  Silver forward rates are nothing more than another form of collateralized loan, very much akin to special collateral repo trades.  When forward rates are negative, the demand to cover short physical positions forces the moneylender to pay out interest because they need to cover more than they need to earn a positive rate."



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A repeat of 2008 MM issues would not serve the FED well.  The funds represent real liquidity and while making the short end of the curve unattractive may drive a greater percentage of cash into the long end of the Treasury curve or wherever the FED or Treasury happen to please on a given day , it will also increase demand for non-Treasury yield alternatives.  By making one element of the shadow banking system unattractive- other areas are made more attractive in addition to regulated alternatives.  So if it works, until it doesn't, do we get MMMF 2 to go with QE 3A repeat of 2008 MM issues would not serve the FED well.  The funds represent real liquidity and while making the short end of the curve unattractive may drive a greater percentage of cash into the long end of the Treasury curve, it will also increase demand for non-Treasury yield alternatives.  By making one element of the shadow banking system unattractive- other areas are made more attractive in addition to regulated alternatives.  So if it works, until it doesn't, do we get MMMF 2 to go with QE 3?  If so, the ESF might need to be enlarged this time. 

If these fools were so good and skilled at playing God with the economy there actually would be an economic boom in the US by now.

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this logic pre supposes that what is good for the economy is good for the Fed. Simply not true based on historical trends.

There a many calls on ZH for people to wake up. But the reasoning is never defined for the average person to make sense of. There is either esoteric micro economic analysis or total doom mongers and PM nutjobs.

The facts are clear. The history is clear.

The last remaining store of wealth in the USA is savings and pensions. Those monies need to be matched against the liablities being (or been) incurred.

The global picture is equally simple. Buy foreign made stuff you dont need and your kids dont work. Simple. Henry Ford new this. You cannot out price your market.

The current housing deals in Detroit will spread across the country. You can buy a nice big brick house in Detroit for $5000. The reason why is spreading to all general population areas of the USA. 

Edit: BTW I can buy a nice house here where I live for $5000 also. On the paradise island of Bali

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One hint we should never forget...

$.98. Lets see how many remember

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woah what a suprise evil bankers lying to us/manipulating data/buying time before SHTF and trying to keep normal people in the dark. and economists who try and use this kind of data to say the economy will be "okay"..smh. people say it the economy has cancer but it literally has brain cancer. we need to change how we see the world our whole mindset or were fucked. stop drinking so much flouride and it might be easier.

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Click below to watch YouTube's Harisebon7777777 short videos. He should be commended for his work on measuring the radiation levels in Tokyo. The device he uses costs about $1000, which I am sure he has paid out of his own pocket to provide us with the truth of what is really going on in Japan.

It is eerie to watch his videos. Typically, his hand is shown holding a geiger counter in some public place with people walking all around him as if there was nothing of importance going on; while all along, the geiger counter in his hand reveals what is really happening. Harisebon is documenting the slow irradiation of the Japanese archipelago. A visual unfolding of a tragedy.

While watching these videos. it is hard not to wonder how many of the folks one sees walking down the street will come down with cancer in 10, 20 or 30 years. In fact, the videographer's life itself is in peril. Poignant.

Go to Harisebon's YouTube channel and give him a shout-out. He deserves it.

Next, click below to read about the Orwellian steps taken by the Japanese government to hide from the foreign press (and its citizens) what is really going on in Fukushima:

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0.18 what? What's a dangerous level of radiation?

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That's almost safe if people weren't vacuum cleaners with the out with bad air in with the bad air. Out with the bad air in with the bad air.

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" . . . it has received zero attention outside of ZeroHedge "   ?


The good people at FT Alphaville have been covering this :

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Anyone know what the implications on repo haircuts are for securities that are on "special"?

I.e. since there is high demand for them that warrants a negative repo rate, does demand also push the haircut much lower or possibly negative, as well? (that is, you get more cash than what the security is worth)

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In general, treasuries don't get haircuts when they go special.  Their behavior is essentially like being hard to borrow and you get short squeezes.   What happens to stocks in this case?  Short squeeze.  When government securities are short supply, you get accretion. 

What I think is funny is that PIMCO buys up the 20Y to keep it special.  The fed turned the tables and bought up every sector of the yeild curve to keep it special.  Needless to say, I think this has more to do with Bill Gross than many realize.


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Thx for your input. Interesting development, for sure.

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The apply contains alot more traditional roles these batterie kinds of as compounding and dispensing drugs...

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Davis, nicknamed ‘the Manhattan Madam’, said her records showed he first called her in January 2006 to request a fresh-faced ‘all-American’ girl, and paid $2,500 (£1,500) in cash for two hours with her in a hotel room.

But the girl came back complaining that he had been aggressive and she did not want to see him again.


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you think "GC-IOER" means "got caught - in and out of an extended rectum"

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What ever happed to good old 'fed funds'.  IOER?  There is a large element on Wall Street that have relaized their compensation level is entirely dependent on developing new acronyms to obfuscate stuff everyone already knows.

IOER, I'll stick with fed funds tank you very much.

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This is how it started in '07 & '08 with action rate securities locking up with really adverse implications to the money market world.