Guest Post: The Tipping Point has Arrived

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Submitted by Mike Krieger of KAM LP

The Tipping Point has Arrived

Our age is retrospective.  It builds the sepulchres of the fathers.  It writes biographies, histories, and criticism.  The foregoing generations beheld God and nature face to face; we, through their eyes.  Why should not we also enjoy an original relation to the universe?  Why should not we have the a poetry and philosophy of insight and not of tradition, and a religion by revelation to us, and not the history of theirs?  Embosomed for a season in nature, whose floods of life stream around and through us, and invite us, by the powers they supply, to action proportioned to nature, why should we grope among the dry bones of the past, or put the living generation into masquerade out of its faded wardrobe?  The sun shines today also.  There is more wool and flax in the fields.  There are new lands, new men, new thoughts.  Let us demand out own works and laws and worship.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature

I believe we have finally breached the tipping point in the socio-political landscape of the United States of America.  There will be no going back from here.  Everyone on all levels of society including the elites must make a choice.  Will you stand for real reform and an end of the feudalistic rule of the oligarchs and their paid-off puppets that line the streets of Washington D.C., or will you keep your mouth shut and play the old and dying game in the context of a completely different cultural environment? 

While many will disagree with what I am about to say, I believe the oligarchs and the Federal Reserve have already lost. 

This will not be clear to the vast majority at this time because the powerful institutions that dominate and rob us will continue to fight for survival but the wind is already blowing in a different direction and cannot be reversed.  The smart elites are starting to see this and are hedging their bets.  The dumb or stubborn ones may want to start looking at countries with non-extradition treaties or start blowing the whistle on someone above them and fast.  The window of opportunity to make the choice is closely quickly.  “I was just following orders” will not cut it when the dollar collapses and Disneyland shuts down.  There have not been any major arrests and people have seemingly gotten away with all their frauds and crimes.  This too will change and 2011 will represent a change in trend in this regard.  We have entered the terminal phase of this ponzi scheme economy and those responsible for its creation and its continued support at the expense of the vast majority of the populace will see their foul deeds rise to the surface. 

Earlier this year I wrote two piece that I think are worth re-reading and I have attached links to them.  The first was “A Time to Speak Out” and the second was the “The Elites Have Lost the Right to Rule”  When I wrote these articles many of the themes addressed were completely out of the mainstream, yet in an amazingly brief period of time many of the frustrations I voiced are now popping up everywhere I look.  It’s strange and rewarding to see the topics I and countless others have been discussing on the “fringe” break into the light of day.  Now that these concepts are out there is no stopping the avalanche that is about to hit the oligarchs smack in the face.  As Gandhi said “An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.”

This brings me to discuss what I think is one of the most important letters from an elite I have seen in 2010.  I am referring to Bill Gross’ most recent piece.  Now when I say he is an “elite” I am not saying he is part of some vast conspiracy to turn us further into serfs.  What I mean is he is one of the most fabulously wealthy people in America.  He also happens to have made his fortune in the financial services industry and runs the country’s largest bond fund.  This is a person that has every reason and incentive to play nice with the other elites and their corrupt institutions at the top of which lies the Federal Reserve banking cartel.  What he did in his latest letter was far from “playing ball.”  Here are some of the notable quotes and the entire letter can be found here

“Was it relevant in 2004 that John Kerry was or was not an admirable “swift boat” commander? Will the absence of a mosque within several hundred yards of Ground Zero solve our deficit crisis? Is Christine O’Donnell really a witch? Did Meg Whitman employ an illegal maid? Who cares! We are being conned, folks; Democrats and Republicans alike.”

“Perhaps, as a vocal contingent suggests, our paper-based foundation of wealth deserves to be buried, making a fresh start from admittedly lower levels. The Fed, on Wednesday, however, will decide that it is better to keep the patient on life support with an adrenaline injection and a following morphine drip than to risk its demise and ultimate rebirth in another form.”

“Check writing in the trillions is not a bondholder’s friend; it is in fact inflationary, and, if truth be told, somewhat of a Ponzi scheme. Public debt, actually, has always had a Ponzi-like characteristic.”

“The Fed, in effect, is telling the markets not to worry about our fiscal deficits, it will be the buyer of first and perhaps last resort. There is no need – as with Charles Ponzi – to find an increasing amount of future gullibles, they will just write the check themselves. I ask you: Has there ever been a Ponzi scheme so brazen? There has not.”

Ok, so what is Bill Gross up to you ask?  I will give you my two cents.  This guy is not as fabulously wealthy as he is for being a dope (although this cannot be said for a lot of people in this industry that are merely financial engineers that would become extinct overnight without 0% interest rates but that’s another story).  Bill Gross sees the writing on the wall.  He see the winds of change and is hedging his bets.  He is throwing out a carrot to those that criticize the completely corrupt and ponzi scheme economy and financial system we have today which benefits only those that speculate on the taxpayers dime.  We could end this fake and destructive economy by ending the Fed in its current form (at the very least everything they do must be transparent) and restoring the rule of law.  He attacks the false left/right paradigm and rightly points out that both the Democrat and Republican establishment have sold out the people to line their own pockets.  In the second quote he actually explores the notion that “our paper-based foundation of wealth deserves to be buried.”  Then finally he points out what many others have but almost no one is the mainstream ever admits.  The U.S. government is running a giant ponzi scheme with regard to its debt.  Hmmm do you want to own gold or treasuries?

Truth be told, what Bill Gross did in this letter is to create the ultimate hedge for himself.  He didn’t say these things earlier when they were just as true as they are today and certainly must have been clear to someone of his intelligence.  He said it now.  He said it now because he can see the writing on the wall.  The important thing is not that he ultimately defends what the Fed is doing (which he unfortunately does) but that he felt the need to hedge himself and distance himself from the system.  As he writes in the final paragraph, “We haven’t been around for 35+ years and not figured out a way to avoid the November axe. We are a survivor and our clients are not going to be Turkeys on a platter.”  Indeed, the axe is going to fall on the oligarchs and if you don’t want to be a turkey on a platter you had better choose sides and fast.   As the great Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in his 1836 essay Nature, “There are new lands, new men, new thoughts.  Let us demand out own works and laws and worship.”  Well said sir, well said.   

All the best,


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Rahm's picture

Crap meet fan. Fan meet crap.  Enjoy the marriage.

Mako's picture

"While many will disagree with what I am about to say, I believe the oligarchs and the Federal Reserve have already lost. "

The Federal Reserve has no power to destroy the Truth.  The lemmings are running from what they always run from, the Truth.  The system will collapse and then liquidate, there is no avoiding this once the choice was made.

The war is never won, the equation always wins the war even though it may lose many battles along the way.  

"The U.S. government is running a giant ponzi scheme with regard to its debt.  Hmmm do you want to own gold or treasuries?"

The US government is not running anything, it's all the lemmings that have been begging for this, lemmings have been running these schemes for 1000s of years.

"...and, unfortunately, your planet is one of those scheduled for demolition. The process will take slightly less than two of your Earth minutes. Thank you.....

There's no point in acting all surprisedabout it. The plans and demolition orders have been on display at your local planning office in Alpha Centauri for fifty of your Earth years, so you've had plenty of time to lodge formal complaints." -JELTZ in P.A.

CH1's picture

Can't believed you got junked!

And you really should read this book:

DukkButt's picture

The lemmings always hate being told they have ANY responsibility for their own plight.

Spirit Of Truth's picture

Yep, as this would necessitate that people actually recognize they are responsible for thinking for themselves and thinking far less about themselves, a wholly unacceptable solution.  Those running the show fear independent thought of "We The People" most of all and are relying on everyone's acquiescence in being looted and, someday soon, slaughtered.

Dr. Acula's picture

Yeah, I'll junk anyone who posts platitudes like "the equation always wins". Don't even get me started on the "charging interest depends on infinite growth" claptrap.


Marla And Me's picture

Interest alone would take a much longer time, but interest+fractional reserve banking=fail.  Pretty simple really.

Blankman's picture

"Apathetic bloody planet, I've no sympathy at all"

Lost My Shorts's picture

Actually, this guy is a fool, and I wonder sometimes why ZH publishes fluff like this.  Wishfull thinking, perhaps.  All the elites need to do is say the word "terrorist" and the American people will lick their boots.  Nothing has tipped.

Bill Gross is just preparing the ground for the cancelling of social security, medicare, and all the other benefits of ordinary people.  The elites have been bailed out, made whole and then some, and oops, the money ran out.  We can't afford anything for you.  Sorry.  That is the next act of the play.  Prosecutions of bankers ??-- really, get a clue.

Turd Ferguson's picture

I couldn't disagree with you more.

Kreiger eloquently describes the problem. He sees it and, more importantly, says it. Even six months ago, missives such as this would have been dismissed as fringe and kookiness. The world is just beginning to realize and admit that he (we) are right. This is happening. Like birth pangs, these changes are happening faster and faster. Be alert. Alert anyone who will listen. You will be proven correct in the end.

The end of the Great Keynesian Experiment is upon us. Prepare accordingly.

Secunda's picture

  Right on Turd! The Political angst is mounting. At first it's been the Tea Party. The mainline parties are going to try to co-opt them like the GOP did with the TPers until, eventually, like a flood, the waters are going to crest the containment efforts and a critical mass of the electorate will move toward a different way of Political economy. Bring on the next Andrew Jackson. 'Back to the Future'!

GoinFawr's picture

Uh, I really liked Andrew Jackson's 'specie', but I could do without his taking 'trophies' off the dead bodies of first nations' women and children he slaughtered/had slaughtered.

Unless of course you think 'Manifest Destiny' is going to head an entirely different direction altogether: banksterville. Then I suppose I could understand how your ire could get a little out of control against parties that are actually guilty...

"Well I ain't no movie star. But I can get behind anything."-Gordon Downie

PeterSchump's picture

The Tea Partiers are all kooks.  Don't you watch the Daily Show?


TheMonetaryRed's picture

The end of the Great Keynesian Experiment is upon us.


The most brazen batch of Two Santa Claus Theory RepubliKeynesians ever is about to take charge. 

They'll cut taxes (relative to the law now) by hundreds of billions, cut spending by nothing and raise the debt ceiling two trillion dollars their first Congress. Absolutely guaranteed, a stone, cold, mortal lock and I am all-in against anybody who wants to take the under. 

The chances of an Austrian School budget are ZERO because it would mean higher taxes AND a double dip. 

You think people haven't woken up?

You're right.

Make sure to hit the snooze button on Tuesday.

Turd Ferguson's picture

Look, Red, I wasn't born yesterday. I'm not talking about political changes. Our politicians (both parties) will clearly cling to power as long as possible.

What the politicians don't realize is that economic events are going to overwhelm them. They have no control over what is coming. Massive, unserviceable debt and the accompanying money supply boom are creating conditions which are exponentially increasing the speed of the demise of Keynesianism. The simple-minded politicians of both parties will be stunned by the pace of collapse.


TheMonetaryRed's picture

Okay, T, I'll accept that. But are we then talking public debt repudiation?

What's your position on public debt repudiation?


Al Gorerhythm's picture

Happening every day, right before our cataract covered eyes. 

TheMonetaryRed's picture

Well, monetization is not repudiation. Monetization is the sovereign's right within contract. 


New_Meat's picture


"Well, monetization is not repudiation."

Ya, you can probably get away with that.  But it is putting the powder into the cartridge and putting the bullet on.

Then some "initiating event" will lead to the (hyper?)inflation that will be equal to repudiation.

Ben thinks he can slurp all of that in, and maybe ben can cancel all of those ones and zeros in time.

But too terrifying to enjoy the popcorn this time around.

- Ned

ElvisDog's picture

Read a little Roman history. The proposal of debt repudiation got Catalina killed. I don't think it would be that much different in this modern age.

A Nanny Moose's picture

"Our politicians will clearly cling to power as long as possible."


The fuse is getting shorter, but explosions are rarely without collateral damage.

TheMonetaryRed's picture

Junkers, be men about it and put your money where your mouse is. 

Will the TPers raise the debt ceiling by $2 trillion in their first Congress or won't they. 

If they don't you win. 

If they do they're King Bullshit and you've been duped.

Ludwig Von Mises said:


In the heyday of liberalism some Western nations really retired parts of their long-term debt by honest reimbursement.”


I'm saying the TPers are crypto-collectivists and they will raise the debt ceiling by $2 trillion. Who's taking the under?  

Turd Ferguson's picture

Red: There's no question that the debt ceiling will be raised again, regardless of who is in the majority. Its a fait accompli. The only question is the extent to which "tea party" reps will be co-opted by the beltway crowd. I suspect it will happen very quickly.

For me, the fun election will be in 2012. 

TheMonetaryRed's picture

Then aren't we at a place where right and left are coming together?

I'm sure a lot of people on this blog don't have any idea how freaked out every Progressive I know is about the debt. 

When Santa Claus #2 came along (AKA President Reagan) a lot of us freaked out because we were already doubting the wisdom of Santa Claus #1 (Keynes). 

Turd Ferguson's picture

"Then aren't we at a place where right and left are coming together?"

Sort of. It depends on what replaces the current system. Traditional "left" policies often involve redistribution of resources through a central spigot (government). Traditional "right" policies borrow resources from elsewhere and allocate them, not to the have-nots but the haves, in an attempt to "trickle up" wealth.

All of it is BS. All of it is built upon faulty, Keynesian assumptions. In the end, the only way we Americans survive with freedoms intact is if we get away from all the nonsense and labels and rebuild this country, economically and politically, from the ground up. 

gmrpeabody's picture

I'm all for it, Turd.

But, I just don't have  a clue.

1fortheroad's picture

This group of people seem have one.



What have “We” done- What a group of Americans have done then is simple!  We have restored “The Republic of the united States of America”.  The vehicle used to accomplish this task were Americans who stood up.  The fuel was left for us over 220 years ago in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution for the united States of America, the Bill of Rights, Amendments, 11, 12, and the original 13th.

A plan supported by many Americans in all 50 republic “states” was implemented.  That plan created a provisional structure where Americans can peaceably assemble and re-inhabit the de Jure seats of government as intended by our founding fathers. 

What can “We” offer – We, being the people who stood up, through the construct of the “Restored Republic” offer to all Americans true liberty, freedom, and justice for all.  All that is required is your say so.

What will it do? – When all Americans that are not happy with the path our nation is clearly headed down, join those that have already signed onto “The Republic of the united States of America”, our future can and will be transformed back to a de Jure form of governance as originally intended.  The specific benefits shall be described in forthcoming press releases.


Some more info, online radio show.

Gene Parmesan's picture

Religious fanaticism is the last thing we need right now.

Nostradumbass's picture



F*** religious involvement in any government! I have had my fillof do-gooders doing horrible things!

Dear God, deliver me from those who want to "save" me!



TheMonetaryRed's picture

Well, I respect that opinion, although I would argue that traditional right policies borrow from the haves and then give back to the haves. The trends in wealth concentration show that clearly.

If you're talking collapse, you're talking massive debt repudiation or default and that actually leaves the "lender of last resort" as the dominant lender in the economy - Fed or no Fed. 

So, you've got that to deal with.  


Yophat's picture

Imagine what would happen if all credit ended tomorrow.....what's the cash price for a house?  a car?

Now imagine the power a bank would have if that bank were the only one offering new the picture?

Now imagine if that bank was the government....a roll up of the big 4 via QE#2, QE#3, etc....just like GM (government motors) the picture?

Now who has the power?  Who's going to fight against them?

The US is a nation of schmucks!  The sole power of government was usurped in the 50's with Eisenhower.

The coordination of timing with the Tavistock Institute unleashing the Beatles and the countercultural revolution of the 60's that matches up with the increased drug use (opium/heroin & cocaine imported by US government as documented by James "Bo" Gritz, Alfred McCoy, and myriad others).....much of this accomplished by the so called clandestine (alphabet soup) agencies in both the US & UK.

So in terms of a corporation with an agenda.....a marketing arm, a production/distribution arm, and a finance arm. All of this initiated, carried out, and protected under the auspices of government and with taxpayer dollars. I'd reckon to say that this provides substantial evidence that the (insert your term) had obtained sole management of the government. The assassination of JFK and the following cover up is just icing on the cake.

Not to mention the slew of evidence that includes events like the USS Liberty bombing, Gulf of Tonkin, and others that demonstrate that not only were they covered up but that this was known to a wide range of government officials ranging from military to senate representatives. Although these incidents are nothing new in the course of American history they do point to a wide range of knowledge and acceptance by people that forces had complete control of the government at that point.

For example -

Mansfield was referring to the proposed release of a committee staff investigation that raised doubts over whether the Tonkin incident ever took place.

The committee decided in the end to effectively conceal the truth, with Senator Church noting that if the committee came up with proof that an attack never occurred, “we have a case that will discredit the military in the United States, and discredit and quite possibly destroy the president.”

He also noted that if the senators were to follow up on their skepticism over Tonkin, “The big forces in this country that have most of the influence and run most of the newspapers and are oriented toward the presidency will lose no opportunity to thoroughly discredit this committee.” ... lag-event/

An examination of other aspects that developed through the 50's and finessed during the 60's like Operation Mongoose, Operation Mockingbird, Operation MK ULTRA, Phoenix/Montauk Project, Operation AJAX, etc etc etc. Not to leave out Operation Paperclip that moved key Nazi assets to the US and implanted them into the American clandestine, technology, military, and space industries.

Looking back you can see the consolidation of power and development of these powerful tools (alphabet soup agencies) during WWII that then set the stage for the following 50 years. The OSS became the CIA....Allen Dulles appointed by Eisenhower in 1953. The KGB formed in 1954. Eisenhower's building up of the military industrial complex as documented in Body of Secrets by James Banford. CIA activities in North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam, Eastern/Western Europe, Central America, South America......that ranged from assassination programs to political coupes to propaganda. They established dictatorships, eliminated opponents, set up arch enemies (cold war - if you think it was real research the Kama River truck factory built by Ford in 1968 @ Gorky, which was renamed Nizhny Novgorod, through the efforts of William Casey & Henry Kissinger with 90% of the funds guaranteed or furnished by the U.S. taxpayer. "The [American] businessmen who built the Soviet Kama River truck plant should be shot as traitors." — Avraham Shifrin, former Soviet Defense Ministry official. It is truly extraordinary that a plant with known military potential could have been equipped from the United States in the middle of the Vietnamese War, a war in which the North Vietnamese received 80 percent of their supplies from the Soviet Union.), etc etc etc....all under Eisenhower (the most dramatic rise in promotions in American military history) who was the man behind Operation Keelhaul, Morgenthau Plan, extending WWII another 2 to 3 years, assassination of General Patton, revealed by Robert Welch, Count Nikolai Tolstoy, and myriad others (although the Vatican did make him a Knight of Malta....since he was personally responsible for killing at least 2 million people - the high range could very well be well past 10 million). And then on November 22, 1963 they (CIA - ZR/RIFLE program) killed the President of the United States in broad daylight in Dallas Texas.....and got away with it.

You can go back to multiple instances where they tried to take over earlier.....for example trying to get General Smedley Butler to help take over the White House in the 1930's but he blew the whistle and named several prominent Americans as part of the plot like John J. Raskob, board chairman of General Motors. Efforts during the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, etc....

William H. McIlhany, No Civil War At All: Eighty Years of Conspiracy to Destroy the United States, 1790-1870, serialized in Journal of Individualist Studies, Vol. 1, Nos. 1-2 (Winter, Fall, 1992)

Orville J. Victor, History of American Conspiracies: A Record of Treason, Insurrection, Rebellion, &c. in the United States of America, from 1760 to 1860 (New York: James D. Torrey, Publisher, 1863, reprinted, New York: Arno Press, 1969)

An Authentic Exposition of the "K.G.C.", "Knights of the Golden Circle;" or A History of Secession from 1834 to 1861 (Indianapolis, 1861).

Felix G. Stidger, ed., Treason History of the Order of Sons of Liberty, Formerly Circle of Honor, Succeeded by Knights of the Golden Circle, Afterward Order of American Knights. The Most Gigantic Treasonable Conspiracy The World Has Ever Known (Chicago: Published by the Author, 1903).

John Smith Dye, History of the Plots and Crimes of The Great Conspiracy to Overthrow Liberty in America (Freeport, New York: Books for Libraries Press, 1969).

John A. Logan, The Great Conspiracy: Its Origins and History (New York: A.R. Hart & Co., 1886), pp. 757-779.

Michael J. Schaack, Anarchy and Anarchists (Chicago: F.J. Schulte, 1889), in recent hardback reprint, an exhaustive history of the Chicago Haymarket Square bombing in 1886.

Colin Simpson, The Lusitania (Boston: Little Brown, 1972).

Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time by Carroll Quigley


But they finally nailed it under Eisenhower....and Robert Welch nailed it in "The Politician."

I do not think that this country is ready to be treated like Russia for a while.” Thus wrote Henry Ford in 1933–after President Roosevelt, through the National Recovery Act, tried to legally force all carmakers to fix prices for their cars and agree not to give customers any discounts. GM and Chrysler went along with FDR, but Ford refused to be regimented by the federal government. “There is a lot of the pioneer spirit here yet,” he said.


Sean7k's picture

Unfortunately, you are asking the general public to one, educate itself and two, after careful analysis- select an action plan. 

The history of the destruction of the republic is available to all whom seek it. IMHO, the bigger question: what is to be done?

If the Constitution, as an instrument of law, was incapable of guaranteeing basic human freedoms, what will?

If all governmental structures result in tyranny, what is the choice before us?

I would suggest no government at all, with sovereignty vested in the individual. Coupled with the protection of private property and a sound money banking system. 

Now, try to sell that one to people whom are barely educated. 

The problem is ignorance, the education that has been provided and the weight of a history of ruling institutions. No amount of facts are going to overcome insecurities of the population. The ruling elites must screw up so badly or be shown to be such criminals, that people are forced to act. There is some hope there.

Nice piece. Could have thrown in Jekyll Island. More on the coup of 1933. Thanks.

Yophat's picture

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” - John Adams, first vice-president and second president (John R. Howe, Jr., The Changing Political Thought of John Adams, Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1966, p. 189.

walküre's picture

Whose idea was the treaty of Versailles? Who dreamed that up? Squeezing every last penny of productivity from Germany when Germany wasn't even to blame for WW1. The payments couldn't be serviced, hyper inflation ensued and out of "nowhere" rises a common man with a nationalist agenda. Guaranteed to create WW2 and end the Great Depression. Ford got contracts to build German war trucks near Berlin. The financing for the German war machine came from Wall Street as well. Where else? Neither the Brits, nor the French would have been that stupid.

Fast forward.. Iraq. The patsy Saddam Hussein got finished off just like A. Hitler when timing was opportune. Again, financing and credit issues were the catalyst.

Will anything change just because we have access to the internet and the Truth is that more obivous? It was pretty obvious in the last century and look where we are.

Nobody can beat them at their game. Not even China. The China of today is their creation. Their investments and credit have made China possible.

Until the day that money and credit ceases to exist, they will rule.

New_Meat's picture

the frogs-lost a generation of men, then set themselves up to lose another.

John Kerry learned the second lesson.

- Ned

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Things will change.  It is inevitable.  It begins with ordinary people emptying their bank accounts and purchasing silver and gold.  Take your wealth out of their system, and place your 'bet' against them. 

There is pain ahead, but we have to make sure it generates something positive, like losing a loved one or having a near-death experience (this time, as a nation).  It WILL wake a lot of people up when the price of bread is up 40%.  Right now, no offense, but women tend not to give much thought to the notion of fiat currency.

Discussing the Currency Wars, and identifying the Oligarchy one psycho at a time.

Yophat's picture

Wealth....measured in their dollars (FRNs)....better be first since there is by far not enough currency in circulation to service debt let alone pull out "wealth".

Can you pay taxes with gold/silver????  Do you really have wealth then????

Oh regional Indian's picture

Awesome overview Yophat. Your blog is super-dense though. 

Good reading. I feel validated when I read stuff like this.


Yophat's picture

Thank you!  Don't do much with the blog anymore....basically use it as a collection of RSS feeds for one source news analysis.  Occasionally I'll add another book to the list or a video in the video collection (latest two posts)....other than that....nadda.

Over 300+ reference books and 100+ hours of video though for the unlearned.

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

I think by 2012 we may already be @ War, I'm talkin the Civil kind... I for one do not wish to pay one fucking dollar of my hard earned fiat's, for some fat ass union member. I worked as a project manager on a few union jobs up north, all they did was bitch & moan & try to slow the job down which they did to point we had to pay liquidated damages.

Nostradumbass's picture

Yeah, unions suck. Let's go back to the good 'ol days when workers were basically slaves. Not saying that that unions haven't gotten a bit greedy in some or many cases, but just WHAT do you suggest we employ in the workplace to ensure that a viable middle class can continue? 

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

Mr. Dumbass if you care to look around the States which are heavily unionized, are the ones in the worst financial shape.... Guess whose who's going to get to bail them out..

Frankie Carbone's picture

How many folks do you suppose will be voting from the rooftops in 2012?

Dr. Acula's picture

"I'm saying the TPers are crypto-collectivists and they will raise the debt ceiling by $2 trillion."

Yeah, pretty much.