Guest Post: Too Big To Fail Or Too Stupid To Stop - Screw Banks/Not People

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It won't stop until people stop taking paper for oil.

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banks would be stupid not to stop

and politicians would have to be honest to stop the banks

too corrupt to stop = most politicians



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Thus once again confirming that neocon zionists are complete fucking idiots.

Nobody takes paper for oil.  They take gold.  Arabs aren't stupid.  But zionist neocons are.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Other than appealing to the anti-Israel lobby, how did such a brain dead fuck like you gain so many fan boys?

You are a fucking moron.

Birds of a feather...bitch.

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Oh, wow, nice comeback.  Did you get help with that one?

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Yeah, your sister suggested the birds part.

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Saudis actually sell dollars and are buying water as they are running out. They need 25 or more desal plants in the next few years alone or they are dead in the water "pun intended."

The US of A can turn a blind eye to Iran and there will be no more Saudi Arabia. With the left over dollars, they are buying treasuries.

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Yes, right after she finished dominating and humiliating you.  Just as you like it.

Yeah, that's right, it doesn't all stay in that little room with your diaper on, bitch. 

I am Chumbwamba.

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You are a pathetic individual who espouses bigotry and hate while hiding behind the walls of anonymity.  If you truly believed what you espouse and had any inner strength and character you would not need to engage others with infantile behavior and derogatory comments. 

BTW, chumbawumba is what comes out of my ass when I'm sick...

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Hey, I'm on a budget, she only charges $40/hr and she takes it in the ass. You'd hit it too, if you weren't so creepy, she'd vomit from the thought.

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i used to think you were just another troll, and i generally ignore anti-semitic trash that tries to play itself off as anti-zionist.


next thing assholes like you will start blaming the jews for wall street's problems and lead a crusade against them just because a few of the big names do happen to be jewish. this is precisely why the jews created israel, and had a friend in america to do so. because once upon a time sixty years ago, this country actually fought against fascists.

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I totally agree that the anti-jewish rant does not help the discussion, but I have always had to wonder about the wisdom of setting up a Jewish state on such a small plot of land surrounded by hostile neighbors.

If the U.S. continues to rot, who will become Israel's benefactor?  Just a question.

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Mr. Neutron.

Why would anyone think Israel is as stupid as the US?

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It won't stop until people stop taking paper for oil.

It will stop when the flow of Oil drops by 20% over the next 10 years.



The Count's picture

You did not realize that we will start a war with any country that stops using Dollars for oil?

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At a conference recently, I heard a well respected researcher suggest that oil is becoming like new interest rates - especiallly in the ZIRP manipulated world.

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So when does the US invade China & the USSR?

I forgot- they are already at war with the US dollar.

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

The oil will not stop fracking flowing, only potable water will...

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Its all over bar the shouting. Doesnt really matter what the politicians do. Let them kick cans or otherwise, the end result is the same (and as much as i would like to think it will be better seeing the banks eat their losses , it probably wont be)  

All paths lead to zero.   Enjoy.

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Get the clips loaded.  The fun starts soon.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Never store a fully loaded mag, it weakens the spring.


I always put 28 in my 30rd mags.

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Dark Harbor

Where has she gone

with her lamp held high

beckoning outcasts who would live free or die?


There, in the east!

What? She stands as if caged...

her eyes remain steady yet her heart's disengaged


Once revered by the nation

(those who would not be ruled)

but her people grew weaker and now they are fooled


“Liberty!” they greet her

for they seem well acquainted

but she views them as strangers, with her wisdom untainted


While yet in her youth

the year nineteen thirteen

she was tied to an altar by hands so unclean


As freedoms were stolen

from that day to this

her children sat idle and did not resist


Now forced into shadows

for one hundred years

she stands in the harbor imprisoned by fears


She waits for the hour

for her torch reignited

by the courage of people from a nation united


When truth is revealed

from the flame in her eyes

those who once chained her will see their demise


And the elegant lady

once more we'll defend

and her principled nation will rise once again


© TorchFire 2011


illyia's picture

Very nice.

Put it to music.

chumbawamba's picture

As one poet to another, that was brilliant.

I am Chumbawamba.

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

Em, A, Em, A, A7, D SOLO Em ...... 

TorchFire's picture

I authorize your continued efforts and eagerly await the mp3 or youtube link! ;)

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the gods of finance are not pleased.

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I don't think there is any stupidity involved. This is a pure corruption and fraud. Unfortunately Bernanke becomes the weapon for some criminals. And there is no accountability for Bernanke who is a big liar and spin master.

aheady's picture

Agree. All by design.

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I don't think there is any stupidity involved. This is a pure corruption and fraud.

Indeed, this is not about stupidity it is pure and simple evil -- sociopaths doing what they do taken to an ultimate extreme.  I imagine that after all the simple folk of the world have been ground for their last bit of marrow, the owners of the millstones will return to the old medieval ways and start fighting amongst themselves for the scraps that remain. Unfortunately, by then few of us will still be around to enjoy the irony.

I don't know, perhaps I am just in a foul mood from the over saturation of recent bad news.  After all, tomorrow is another day.

The Count's picture


Who else in the forum has come to the conclusion that almost all our problems like immigration, sovereign debt, trade imbalance can ultimately be traced back to our ponzi scheme financial system and the guys who run it, the int. investment banks?





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Yeah, what he said.

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Nomi, it's incompetent because its designed to be this way.  The fact that so much is premised upon the insane concept of riskless risk, and the power of its purveyors speaks volumes about the current state of affairs.

Miles Kendig's picture

Good to see yaz!!  Lots going on, that's fo sho

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Ah but if we screw banks, not people, how can the banksters justify the 10 digit salaries and as many islands as they have girlfriends?

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I can do that.

The crisis in Greece will be ceasing,

on Friday through ECB greasing

the market will cheer,

celebrating with beer,

at the greek citizen's absolute fleecing.


Hugh G Rection's picture

Stalking through the chambers of the Federal Reserve

Ready to deal out what the swine deserve


A fully loaded betamag inside his M4

55 grains of justice cut banksters to the floor


Alas a bearded villain appears in the hall

Blood soaked marble results in his fall.


A quick burst to the waistline rips open his guts

A single shot to the forehead and its goodnight to the putz

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So, once Greece is kicked down the road with more bailouts, who is next up on the agenda immediately after? Are we back on Spain then? Italy? Ireland? Portugal back in the lead?  How in the world do you keep bailing out entire countries like the ECB has, and their currency not tank into the toilet, just to keep US stocks propped up?  This has to be the largest ponzi scheme ever run on the world.

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Actually, it's Germany bailing EU....still doing penance for WWII and the Jew-thing. It'll stop when enough people in Germany have had enough guilt. In America, when silver crosses 70, and the dollar drops below 70. Then, it - and all else - will stop like a down elevator hitting the basement.

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Interspersed with bouts of 'Yentervention' by the BoJ, 'Springtime' in Arabia, Fiat Floods in the U.S., & periods of Chinese Debt Shuffling...