Guest Post: This Too Shall Pass. So Will This, This, This, This, And This Too

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From Simon Black of Sovereign Man

This too shall pass. So will this, this, this, this, and this too

Take a moment and conduct a mini thought experiment. Imagine that you're from the future many hundreds of years from now, researching what life was like in the early 21st century. You pull up an archive of newspaper headlines from the year 2011 and read the following:

"US Congress To Vote On Declaration Of World War 3 -- An Endless War With No Borders, No Clear Enemies"

"Blackwater hired by the crown prince of Abu Dhabi to put together a secret force of foreign troops"

"10 killed in US drone attacks in northern Pakistan"

"US Officials Warn Terrorism Threat Remains Post-bin Laden"

"TSA Pat Down of Suspicious Baby Is No Big Deal"

"Treasury taps federal pensions as Uncle Sam hits debt ceiling"

"Fed chief Ben Bernanke says he's not worried about inflation"

"Global Food Prices Hit New All Time High After 8 Consecutive Months Of Gains"

"Over-50s suffer a lifestyle crash: Millions less comfortable than a year ago"

"UK And US Data Shows Stagflation Threat Deepening"

"Greek riot police, protesters clash over austerity "

"IMF: Greece needs more austerity measures"

"IMF Chief no stranger to sexual assault allegations"

"Portugal on brink of bankruptcy"

"Contagion fears high as Italy drawn into crisis"

"Italian PM Berlusconi Faces Prostitution Trial in Italy"

To an observer who is not part of our time, it must all look like a really bad joke, like it just couldn't possibly be true.  In the same way, we look back upon history and wonder with skepticism and incredulity how our long-lost ancestors have possibly allowed the Inquisition, the Dark Ages, genocide and slavery to occur.

We fancy ourselves so advanced and enlightened... but my guess is that history will view us in the same way that we see those unfortunate brutes of medieval times: misguided, misled, and totally self-deluded. 

We might not be burning each other at the stake anymore, or waging war for king and conquest, but the metaphoric comparisons run truly deep. Moreover, our story today is a similar one: there is a very small group of people in power whose decisions affect the lives of billions of people. Those of us not in the elite ruling class allow it to happen.

Their choices drive up food prices, increase war and destruction, bankrupt entire economies, reduce standards of living, degrade social stability, and force everyday people into conditions that look more and more like a police state.

Simultaneously, this elite group uses its position to shower itself with privileges and benefits at everyone else's expense: hard-core sex parties, handing out free money to their friends, not paying their taxes, hiring private armies to protect them from their own people, etc.

It's positively disgusting... and I have to imagine that historians of the future will scratch their heads and wonder how we allowed ourselves to be duped into such a system.

Our leaders tell us that these troubles will pass... to sit down, shut up, be patient, and put our faith and confidence in their abilities to right the ship once again. Sounds great... but there's just one problem. Nobody's buying it anymore.

We're in the beginning of a period where people are finally starting to wake up and smell the fraud... and even though the establishment is furiously rearranging the deck chairs and trying desperately to maintain the status quo, the great market singularity is beginning to take hold: that which is unsustainable will not be sustained.

Glance at those headlines one more time. This system is corrupt, perverse, and wholly unsustainable. It will reset. Reasonable, sentient human beings cannot live under such a yoke in the long run.

It's difficult to say how it will happen, when it will finish, or what it will look like at the end, but rest assured, it's already happening, and it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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jm's picture

manmokushoujou, inu

WaterWings's picture

So now you're a filthy troll?

jm's picture

I'm just clean tired of all the despair, dude.

All the fear is exhausting.  There is a world of opportunity out there just waiting for people tired of being sheep.

Kitler's picture

Only if they wish to become slaves.

(My slaves preferably, and I prefer them to be sexy!)

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

Why do you bother to log in to ZH? Turn on the cartoon channel.

jm's picture

It used to be that nothing was sacred on the Zero Hedge Channel. 

Now the prevailing view is that only those that abandon all hope can enter. It is better to use this site as a way to get information and dissenting views from all sides.

If it all goes up in flames, or totalitarianism, or zombie nation, or whatever, then none of these kinds of posts do anything to make the situation less likely.  They instead condition people for failure and hopelessness. 

Sedaeng's picture

"condition people for failure"? How about [warning] people of the "inevitable".  [Warning] people to "prepare" for a different future. Where I do agree that all of this is exhausting I believe it is necessary to keep the sense of urgency flowing until the day this all comes to fruitation. Rose colored glasses can be distributed 'after' its all said and done.

jm's picture

Give me a break.  I actually went to the trouble of reading this shit closely this time.  It is rant, nothing more and nothing less.

BTW-- nothing is inevitable and only a fool thinks that way.

RockyRacoon's picture

The loss of the U. S. status as a super power is inevitable.

So, there.

topcallingtroll's picture

Everybody also dies eventually, but those little factoids have little practical value for the present.

Ckashan's picture

Ha we don't even own our own lives but yet we are the owners of our houses, cars, bank accounts, ownership society, and o yea  our genetic material that we inherit and claim as ours. All possessions stay within that genetic sequence never to be perturbed upon because the 'Law'.  Law mandates it so even in the face of pressure from the natural world that threatens to alter that construct the only decision path then is to allow for the death of those factors that threaten the status quo.  As a consequence we don't rise out of the reptilian brain we have except for the people own the institutions.  An alternative would require different organs within the human to be used, i.e. higher brain.  I am no radical and am promoting nothing here but this is the foundation of the master manipulators and merely is a description of the human organization in the physical world. The basis for elitist primacy. 


TIMMAYYY's picture

not if they throw us all into war....all that monies they have been spending on military force will be of great benefit?


Prepare for the worse tyler we trust....had to say it. are we questioning whether there is a sensationalist market out there...then yes...this is benefiting off that. however, give people a chance....some of the most insightful information I have ever recieved came from this page. And its nice to find people having a laugh about the whole doom and gloom thing. Puts you in the correct mindset when approaching all this shit.

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This is a good post.  However, I think we need to recognize that in many ways those who govern us truly are REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT. The selfish pigs at the top are a reflection of the selfish pigs throughout society.  It's all about me, myself and I.....right?!

The most ridiculous example of this is what I've been trying to point out for more than 20 years.  The "Old Enemy", i.e., Russia, China and the totalitarian powers of the East, never went away.  The "Evil Empire" of yesteryear simply transformed into what this world felt more comfortable with because this served their strategic interests to mislead the West, instill a false sense of security, get us to lower our guard and open the way for a surprise world war.

Since this war, i.e., a nuclear third world war, means an utter end to Western Civilization as we know it, there is no more important issue for us to pay attention to and deal with as decisively as possible.  Yet, instead, everyone just cooperates in their own demise with blissful ignorance.  It's f-n disgusting, but this is all that happens around me no matter how compelling the evidence and arguments presented:

Why is this so?  Because EVERYONE, from top to bottom, is selfish and foolish beyond all reason.  The governing elite are as such, but this is but a reflection of the people they mislead who want to be misled in the first place.

TIMMAYYY's picture

humans are the only animal that is aware of its own mortality...its all about the I

The German Chairman's picture

Why is this so?  Because EVERYONE, from top to bottom, is selfish and foolish beyond all reason.  The governing elite are as such, but this is but a reflection of the people they mislead who want to be misled in the first place.

I am on the same path as you SoT. The worse the situation gets, the more denial WE DEMAND from our leaders. Why? Because we cannot bear the truth - the whole truth is far too frightening, even for the ZH audience, including myself. It feels so strange, like in a theater where you are the author, the actor, the stage engineer, the director and the audience at the same time, and what is played is a tragedy, and you cannot walk out of the theater, because there is no outside.

Kyron95131's picture

i would suggest a fool can right the mechanisms that have been in place for over 40 years that have lead us to where we are by simply being "a positive thinker".

there's plenty of opportunities for indoctrinated whores though, i will give you that.

Kayman's picture


You cannot see the forest for the trees.

1. The pump up of paper assets are courtesy of the Bernank.

2. Interest on debt must be paid from someone's earnings.

3. The Fed balance sheet, the Federal deficit, and the Federal Debt are increasing at multiples far exceeding growth in the economy.

Rant seems to have a hold on you, also.

 "nothing is inevitable and only a fool thinks that way"

Death, taxes.  Only a fool would make that statement.

topcallingtroll's picture

Yeah it used to be more fun and lighthearted and tolerant during the days of anonymous posting.

But there were still some impressive flame wars.  They would go on for dozens of posts at times!

jm's picture

Yup.  I still remember a pissing contest I had with SWRichmond. 


FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

Looks like someone has had an awakening... just a couple of billion more people needed now.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

"Reasonable, sentient human beings cannot live under such a yoke in the long run."

The only reasonable, sentient human beings I have found are in the enclaves of this website and even then we are at each other's throats over subtle nuances of this, that, or the other.

Guess my pops was right in the end, "It is better to reserve your energy to save you and your family from a Katrina-like storm, rather than trying to save all of New Orleans."

It hurts to turn my back on my neighbors and co-workers, but trying to shake people out of their self-inflicted denial is like trying to see pitcures of Osama Bin Laden dead.  It just ain't gonna happen.  Much pain will have to be suffered and even then the mases will cry to mommy government's bosom.

Eagle1's picture

Dr. R


I think you are right. It seems to be the nature of the human species to ignore what does not fit with one's perceptions. I am very careful with whom I bring up the subject(s) having to do with what is really going on in the financial world, the society at large, preparations for what is most likely coming in the not too distant future etc. I usually do not initiate conversations on these matters and only carefully probe to see where the other person is coming from after they bring up the subject or ask what I think. The problem, I think, is that there is no one left alive that has truely lived through a catastrophic event and we no longer teach any real history in schools. Few have read about the horrors of Stalingrad, the 1918 flu epedemic much less the plague of the 1400's that decimated Europe and led to the downfall of the feudal system. Oh well, it is what it is.

kridkrid's picture

how do you carefully probe?  You know what I hate... I hate the trail that has been blazed by Y2K people, 2012 prophesy people, etc.  Hell, even the truthers, which I consider myself to be a part of, do a disservice to the very real and mathematical reality that we face.

Random_Robert's picture

Fully agree with you both-

Even the people who agree on the most probable outcome, still disagree (often vehemently) about how nasty or smooth things could/will get.

Some of Simon Black's recent newsletters have drifted a little too far into the fringe, but I think he knocked this one out of the park.

It is a great challenge for people to have to look at circumstances with complete immunity from their own partiality in order to prperly evaluate the reality of what is actually going on.



doggings's picture

yep, fully agree with all 3 of you. 

the stuff I worry about is real, and actually definitely crimes in progress, the real way-outs dont make it easy to talk realistically with people, they either believe none of it because of the loons, or are themselves way too far out there.  

RockyRacoon's picture

One can sympathize with Ron Paul...   Upon trying to describe this situation to someone who has finally climbed off the sofa, turned off American Idol, and barely read some economic news is a gargantuan process.   I find myself so unable to transfer enough data in a cogent manner that I'm sure I look like Ron Paul on one of those talking heads shows.   Being inarticulate is not the issue; it is like trying to describe how a mechanical pencil works to a chimp.

"First, you mine some graphite....  What's that you say, 'What is mining'?"

akak's picture

You aren't even going to get as far as "mining?".

"Koko banana want now now!  Give now give big banana Koko!"

ebworthen's picture

Banana?  Someone say banana?

Free water bottles and t-shirts at Chase Bank with a new credit card.

chumbawamba's picture

"...even then we are at each other's throats over subtle nuances of this, that, or the other."

Actually, those people agitating are paid by the people that Simon writes about here in order to keep up divided and fooled.  Oldest trick in the book...and it still works.  Every time.

Don't look for magic solutions.  No magic required.  Just withdraw your consent to this madness.  If you aren't saying "NO" then you're screaming "YES!!!".

I am Chumbawamba.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Chumba, my muse.  You mother fucker you. Withdrawal of consent has been grand.  A little while back I was fighting my city council over an income tax they pushed on us without the vote of the people -

Longstory short, they rejected the petition on technical grounds, so I decided to say fuck it and just not pay.  No need to get their permission to do so.  People still call me on a regular basis asking me, "What are you going to do about getting this off the books?"  My answer is always the same, "Look.  I am no longer going to fight council or any government entity on their grounds any more.  I am not going to pay one red cent to them and I will drag my feet along the way.  I am not sure why everyone wants me to get the council's books to give me permission to do so.  I have all of the paperwork you need though and if you want to expend the energy I can point you in the right direction."  Silence is what I get.

Still waiting forthe arrest warrant from the mayor. In the meantime, I will slow down in front of the mayor's house everytime I pass by and give him the one finger salute.  I will still refer to him as Captain Douche...I'm sorry Mayor Douche everytime I see him face-to-face.

knowless's picture

Excuse me good sir, but I'm quite certain that you intended "highest domestice terrorist threat to the citizenry", did you not? or haven't you been following the news as of late?

Hephasteus's picture

Fuck you shill.

You're not going to lump people into a group so you can destroy them.

Fuck your FBI and fuck your CIA.

FaithEqualsZero's picture

Head, redeem your paychecks in "lawful money pursuant to title 12 section 411". Read that section of code over and over again and let it sink in.

For more see:

Random_Robert's picture

yup, divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book.

Here is documented evidence of Chumbawumba's assertion that Internet trolling is now serving the agenda of the "few" to keep the "many" under their thumb:

richard in norway's picture

i    get your point entirely, the truth for most people is that only american idol can save us


from boredom


by the way is your name on porpose, dr dickhead, or is a real name in which case your childhood must have been hell. a boy named sue had it easy

Dr. Richard Head's picture

No, my "legal" name is more benign.  I am really just a dick head. At least that is what those around me call me when I tell them about the fantasy known as the US. I feel I have earned my PhD in DIck Headery actually.

StychoKiller's picture

867-5309, ask for More Benign (AKA Dick Head)! :>D