Guest Post: Towards A 21st Century Peasant Rising

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Submitted by Jacob Dreizin

A French poet once wrote that the devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.  Funny that we can say the same thing about today’s American elite.  Somehow, it is not polite, not PC to even acknowledge them as a class—much less to speak of them.  We have a democracy, after all.  We are all equal.  Everyone has a vote.  And if mere voting is not enough for you, you can shell out ten grand for a closed-door meeting with your fifteen-term career Congressman, like any other respectable person would do.  Surely, there are no grounds for complaint.
Well, sorry but democracy means choice.  In America, today, there is no real choice.  The financial and corporate elites are funding both sides equally, and so they always come out ahead, no matter who is in charge.  Otherwise, how is it that former Goldman Sachs Co-Chairman Robert Rubin was Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, and then former Goldman Sachs Chairman Henry Paulson was Bush’s Treasury Secretary?  (And let’s not forget Goldman alumn Larry Gensler at Obama’s CFTC).  Is this what you call a two party system?
This is the same Goldman Sachs that uses millions of clueless 401k contributors as liquidity props to support its machine trading programs that buy and sell the same stock hundreds of times per second.  For you simple voters out there, this means that your mutual funds stagnate while Goldman rakes in tens of millions of your dollars each and every working hour—while generally ending each day with almost the same portfolio as it started with in the morning.
How’s that for an unfair advantage over the little guy?  Where is the government in this outrage?  But really, who cares about high-frequency trading when we mortals have more important things to worry about, like Guantanamo, same-sex marriage, abortion, misuse of the word “teabagging”, having a “conversation about race”, and posing as an intellectual by parroting the latest Tom Friedman or Paul Krugman column?
Something else to consider:  How is it that we were force-fed a highly-unpopular health care “reform” package that aims to pull down costs without allowing for cheaper drug imports or malpractice payout limits—which, as every Canadian, European, and Japanese bureaucrat knows, are the only proven methods for holding down medical costs?  Does the answer have something to do with both parties being in the pocket of the seven-figure ambulance chasers and the ten-figure drug, err, pharmaceutical kingpins?
But again, why sweat this stuff when it is more fun to argue about Obama’s missing birth certificate and the political implications of the Avatar movie?
How is it that we have a politico-economic system in which the government’s explicitly stated goal is to entice people to take out loans for houses and cars they don’t even need?  150 million cars on the road and we must keep buying new ones?  Millions of vacant housing units and we need to build new ones?  Homes so full of Chinese junk that half of it goes into off-site storage, and we need to shop more?  For whose benefit?
Ever heard of debt-slavery?  How about feudalism?  In terms of social organization, we are regressing to the Middle Ages.  But don’t worry—just as in feudal times, someone will come out ahead, even further than they are already.  Of course, we cannot talk about who that someone is.  That would be impolitic.  We are all equal, right?  Only kooks and conspiracy theorists complain about something called “the elite”, accusing this class of deliberately snatching an ever-larger share of the blanket and deliberately sticking it to everyone else in systematic, organized fashion via the political process—even as our elected officials throw us a few crumbs to secure the popular vote and keep the masses from depressing the bottom line via looting and rioting.
Now you see why I laugh when people ask who I voted for.  Am I supposed to vote for the guy who remembers his lines better, or the one I’d rather share a beer with?  How about a party that actually cares about what I care about?
A party that will coerce the banks to pay higher-than-laughable interest on our savings accounts, just like we have to pay interest on our loans?
A party that understands that pushing underwater homeowners to renegotiate payments on principal they cannot afford—and will never pay off—serves no one’s interest but the banks’?
A party that will discourage the Federal Reserve from blowing bubbles on the stock market, so young 401k contributors can get some real dividends on their future shareholdings?
A party that believes in sound money without any “inflation targets”?
A party that will renounce its claim on our income when we live abroad, instead of treating us like Dred Scott, slaves no matter where we are located?
When that party is constituted, I will vote for it.  Until then, this serf has jumped the plantation and taken to the hills.  No debt slavery for me.  From now on, don’t expect me to “consume” anything I can’t eat or blow my nose with.  No late fees or sales tax receipts from this corner.  I am taking all legal means to starve the elite and the government that works for it.
You can join me, or you can continue to live as cattle, or chattel if you prefer.  Your choice.  See you around.

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"Well, sorry but democracy means choice. In America, today, there is no real choice."

Amen brother. Any idiot that thinks there is a significant difference between republicans and democrats is, well... an idiot.

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Democracy isn't what makes the US special. After all, a 51% majority can always vote to piss in the cornflakes of the other 49%. Things like property rights, enforceable contracts, due process, a bill of rights etc. are what made America America.  And you'd much rather live in a monarchy that has these things than in a democracy that doesn't.

All societies are plutocracies and even in the Soviet Union the politburo member's wives got to wear the nice fur coats and buy the better foodstuffs.  If anything the majority of the American socio-economic "elite" (the top some-single digit %) have aligned with the bottom 20% or so to put the squeeze on the working, producing middle.

So I'm not sure "peasant rising" is the right term here, especially when anyone can now sign up (in the language of their choice) for a laundry list of entitlements and goodies the moment they mambo over the border.


BobPaulson's picture

As long as they keep you mad at, and blaming the poor, or  gays, or immigrants or jews, they're safe.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I understand your point. Not arguing but rather expanding.

"Democracy isn't what makes the US special."

I'm tired of using the words of the control system, regardless of the reasons. We are not nor have we ever lived in a Democracy. This word is bandied about to provide us with the comforting illusion that we have some type of say in what our "leaders" do or don't do.

We live in a Representative Republic, meaning at best we vote to elect people who then do as they think we would want them to do. In realty, even this isn't the case. I don't trust the elections and I most certainly don't trust those elected.

Mercury's picture

Correct.  The system was originally set up to minimize the amount of faith you'd have to put it the representative you sent to Washington. Instead, a set of explicit, inalianable rights limited/prevented what the government could do to you.  Within living memory you'd hear little kids yell "I know my rights!" when accosted on the playground for misbehavior.  That's how ingrained that was in our culture.  Don't hear stuff like that much anymore and just mentioning the Bill of Rights increases the chances of your being branded a right-wing nut job.  The president himself has long been on the record for his advocacy of a "Second Bill of Rights" to replace or supersede the original.

nedwardkelly's picture

"meaning at best we vote to elect people who then do as they think we would want them to do"

Exactly. AT BEST. More accurately we vote to elect people who'll say they'll do what we want them to do, then they go and do whatever will raise the most funds for their reelection bid.


baserunr's picture

Of course there are 2 parties!


And Sachs.

strike for return to reality's picture

Come on guys, very few ZH readers can claim to be peasants.  The world has probably a billion or more people who have to worry about securing their next meal.  When is the last time that was a problem for you?

ZH readers are among the politically dispossed in countries such as the US.  More than 99% of Americans are politically dispossed.

It is the dispossesion of the reasonably well off (as in ZH readers) that should concern the tiny minority that has screwed 99+% of humanity.  Fidel Castro was never a peasant.  Neither were Thomas Jefferson, Sam Adams, George Washington...

There will be reform or there will be collapse.  I prefer reform. 

After reflection, I decided that reform could only come from widespread awareness of reality.  (The alchololic in denial is not cured.)  Hence my involvement in trying to raise awareness.  As an example

Unfortunately, I have found that most people are so deep in denial that reform is not likely.

merehuman's picture

It took me a while to believe utube vids about chemtrails. Today i became an activist with passion.  I was looking at Blacklistednews on the web. Article there about us getting sprayed with barrium and aluminum to keep the planet cooler. Good for who? Whos paying for this and who is behind it and how can we make them stop?

If we allow them to spray us like we are plants or chickens getting debugged, then we deserve it!

What effect is the spraying having on our health? It is not helping crops grow because crops, all plants need sun and they are getting less sun.

It explains my poor tomatoe crop last year when i kept complaining that we didnt have enough sunshine. Think this will affect the food production economy? Bees arent liking it either, they need the sun to navigate.

I understand the pesticides are included in this. Frogs with 5 legs and misssing insect are some of the result.

Is the government actively attempting to kill us economically and phisically?

What the hell is the end game? Dont the assholes in charge have children too?

What are they thinking?!?

defender's picture

Merehuman, I would be interested in seeing some of the links for the aluminum in chemtrails.  Unfortunately, it would be physically impossible to lower the temperature using aluminum, or aluminum oxide.  The amount of heat that is produced to get it into the air will always be greater than the amount of light reflected.  Both of these tend to absorb moisture, clump and then fall out of the air.  Also, it is very difficult to switch a plane over so that it can make chemtrails, especially with a solid.  Please check out contrails to see what is really going on. 

This isn't an attack, as I no longer trust Uncle Sugar either, I just can't see a way that would decrease the temperature without also covering everything in white goo.

Ripped Chunk's picture

Yum! Nothing like a good Barium glaze before you head out to the market for some genetically engineered produce that is hammered with pesticides.

My tomatoes were terrible last year. Cloudy summer and cold too.

delacroix's picture

I've read, the chemtrails, also have a biological component. maybe the solids, are a binder, or accellerant to the effect. It's obviously taken into the lungs. maybe anti-biotic resistant TB, will explode on the scene. maybe the chemtrails, just make us more susceptible, to known, and accepted pathogens.

tip e. canoe's picture

speaking of aluminum, helpful hint for tomatoes:
mulch with sheets of tinfoil so the sun will also hit the underside of the plants
(bonus: you can shape it so it diverts much of the rain away, in case you get too much)

tinfoil -- it's not just good for making hats...

merehuman's picture is the site of the article. Samples have been taken. I suppose i will have to take my own samples.

The lack of trust is far reaching! There are many utube accounts of chemtrails . In some cases citizens took samples and did find barium amongst other things.  Its interesting to me that many americans take little to no interest in their own survival. USS Liberty was attacked by Israel in the 6 day war, napalm, torpedos and then machine gunning our boys in the life boats. Johnson told our air support to turn back and not help our navy. Our flag was clearly visible.

it was all covered up. Not commonly known. Nor is it known that the folks running our country are either Jewish, a goldmanite or on the CFR or all 3. Too many of them hold dual passports. I am SOOO friggen dissappointed.


House Atreides's picture

I think you'll find it isn't barium or aluminium being sprayed from the planes. It's tin foil.

Come on. Seriously.

Sure the "democracy" we have is handicapped at best. But we are still (relatively) rich, free and alive all at the same time. And things can change. There is always hope.

As for the bees I wouldn't be surprised if it was something to do with human activity - execessive pesticide use, pesticide resistant fungi / parasite etc, general environmental degradation (lower plant biodiversity etc). But chemtrails ? I mean look at the more plausible explanations first.

delacroix's picture

bio engineered crops, that produce their own insecticide. crops, with roundup resistance. GMO is a pandora's box. you fuck with nature, she fucks back long time joe

Miles Kendig's picture

To stand or submit.  After all, the elites are leading us not to the cleaners, but to the showers.  WAKE UP!

B9K9's picture

Either option is fully hedged by the power elite. When they designed the credit-money system, they knew full well the historical fail point was around 50 years (jubilee).

This time around (ie since WWII - 65 years) there was a temporary extension as billions of Asians seemingly volunteered for (or were forced into) slavery. This had the effect of momentarily elevating productivity in excess of the compounding principal+interest charges accruing on the money-lender's books.

But after a little delay of around 10-15 years, we're ready to get on with the final act. That's why I smile to myself in quiet amusement when I see various posters ominously warn of coming social upheaval.

No shit Sherlock; you don't think they know this? Shit, they'll probably be disappointed in how pathetic we've become if we don't strike back in traditional fashion. This tragi-comedic farce has been recycled over and over again for millennia. It has the same exact ending every fucking time.

While most of our best & brightest knock themselves out pursuing professional careers such as medicine, law & science, a chosen few are pulled aside and taught the real secrets to success. It's so mind-fuckingly mundane & simple it's a wonder the power elite don't go stark-raving mad from boredom.

WaterWings's picture

I like this harder edge you've got lately. Hanging out with Chumba?

Lucky dog.

B9K9's picture

No, just preparing with more alacrity. Like I've said many times before, there were 3 possible ways out:

* discover a massive new source of energy equivalent the current ratio of petroleum $USD:BTU;

* realize 10-100x gains in food production via GM crops that require minimal petro-chemical fertilizers/herbicides/pesticides;

* revolutionize mfg production processes that affect 10-100x productivity gains.

I was simply hedging to see if any one of these miracles would save our collective bacon. After all, it's the entire point of pretend & extend, no? No one believes you can grow an economy by piling on more debt - it's all just an extension. Since no white knight is going to appear, it's given the power elite enough time to prepare their bunkers.


JW n FL's picture


There can be no positive movement (in anyones economy) without causing an increase in oil price... thusly... until the world can stabilize the costs of maintaining a global economy... we all can not move forward... tree hugging aside... this is  much larger problem than anyone here or on CNN will openly discuss or admit too...


Kudos to you Brother, KUDOS!

BobPaulson's picture

Devil's advocate here - I know I will be jumped upon but.

If we assume the current trajectory of the planet is necessarily to a Malthusian wall hitting moment and the economic rules we have decided to live by require infinite growth, perhaps the egomaniacs who are attempting to run the place and control all variables actually think they're doing good, seeing that some sort of overarching control will be needed when third world starvation turns the entire globe into one great big refugee camp.

I bet a lot of the system gamers have convinced themselves they are doing great acts of good to prepare for the transition from infinite growth to zero-sum arithmetic.

Miles Kendig's picture

The kicker is that those who continue to believe that a corner can be built that lasts fail to appreciate that the only thing financial corners do is lead their creators own eventual destruction.  In essence the elites are leading themselves to the showers while they think they are only leading us to the showers.  This time it's different..  Ya, sure....

B9K9's picture

Has anyone noticed the number of engineers (both bloggers such as Denninger/Mish & various commenters) who have stumbled upon the utterly vapid & mundane truth about the nature of how our money-credit system works? (Not me; I'm a bean counter.) It's the same exact reaction every time:

Engineer: Wait, you're telling me you simply issue a loan then create a deposit account with fraudulent, counterfeit tickets?

Banker: Yep.

Engineer: Then, you go out and find a funding source to back-fill your reserve requirements (if they even exist)?

Banker: Yep.

Engineer: And even reserve requirements are also based on fraudulent, counterfeit tickets (FRNs) conjured out of air by fiat in exchange for even more debt?

Banke: Yep.

Engineer: So, there's no theoretical limit to the amount of loans you can make?

Banker: Yep.

Engineer: In effect, your profitability is merely a function of the market's willingness to incur debt?

Banker: Yep.

Engineer: So, you buy up all media channels to glamorize debt-leveraged consumption, purchase some politicians to enact tax advantaged treatment of debt (eg mortgage interest deduction), and once you get the massive herd of lemmings stampeding to your door begging for debt, you just sit back and process as many loans as possible?

Banker: Yep.

Engineers: But according to basic exponential math, debtors debt slave can never fully satisfy the compounding principal+interest charges accruing on your books?

Banker: Yep.

Engineer: So eventually your loans go bad as they default & you are forced into BK?

Banker: NO! Remember the "people's representatives" we purchased? They bail us out while making the taxpayers good for the losses.

Engineer: But that's evil. Why wouldn't you be interested in providing something useful to society, like trying to discover a cure for cancer, or develop exciting new composite materials that promise to revolutionize flight?

Banker: Because I'm a shallow, boring, pathological criminal, that's why.

Miles Kendig's picture

Banker: Because the only truth worth knowing is that my greed is good so long as you are willing to pay often to satisfy me....

LeBalance's picture

Banker: Because I am running this amusement ride (at least to the level that you can see); I have a manual and a long term set of milestones.  It is very boring so we get thrown a war/famine/goldtidal-wave/orgy every once in a while to keep us interested.

Neo: You mean that its just work.  You mean that all Depleted Uranium, H1N1, AIDS, etc has to be choreographed to appear and affect public consciousness with split second timing?

Banker: Yes the scheduling and keeping the show going on time is where we spend most of our man hours.  All that propaganda: making sure talking heads and movies are saying the right things so they can seem prescient when the real thing happens later.  It is a very big job to provide the show we do and so....we do like our perks.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Predictive programming in all its glory.

Al Huxley's picture

'Because I'm a shallow, boring, pathological criminal, that's why.'


What a great comment!  +100

cougar_w's picture

OK, I buy your premise. Most here would. But you might be fighting the last war.

Because I don't see how anyone is getting out alive this time around. What happened to the Romans in 470AD is coming down the tracks to take everyone out all at once. We'll be back to inventing paper and discovering that the Earth actually goes around the sun.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Does that mean I have to give up my iPod and American Idol? :>)

cougar_w's picture

Hardly. You can use the iPod as barter and carve your own idol (to the pagan diety of your choice) from marble.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

American Idol. It's what's for dinner.

As soon as I saw the word "carve" I thought you might be advocating cannibalism. Then I finished the sentence and realized you wanted me to be my own Michelangelo.

Cool! I wonder how many bushels of wheat I could get for a marble statue of my pagan idol, American Idol Kelly Clarkson?

BTW I had to google Clarkson to find out she was a winner, since I've never seen the show and don't follow modern pop "culture", if that's what we now call our collective madness. My daughter is amazed I could still be living in a cave, the proof being I don't watch "Idol". I thought I raised her better.

Hulk's picture

Ah, but how did you know the name Clarkson in the first place???

Thats what worries me!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


I googled "American Idol winners" and found a list. I had heard the name several times before and once I saw it at the top of the list, I realized I knew who she was from some news story or another. Since "culture" and news are the same thing today, that's not surprising.

merehuman's picture

Awake. 1913, fed, all of it. sorry about our luck. Now what do we do, how do we fight this?

Normal channels of election and waiting and hoping is crap. We are out of time, money and patience.

Is it worth it to go to DC and protest?  Looking to go in a few days, finishing my last job/house. Quitting the business after 30 years. No point, as there is no market.

I am asking cause i am in OR coast. Its a long drive, 2 grand in fuel and expenses and will cost me most of my silver. I feel i need to do something, cant just sit. What if we all just sit for it. Like we been doing!

Hate to leave my home unprotected.

velobabe's picture

mere don't waste your time or buy the frickin gas and pollute. d.c. isn't worth your presence. i had to move to boston to help with my sister's son for a while, and i couldn't wait to get the hell out of the east back to the west. sorry EC people it was the climate and environment.

your post about chemtrails is way more important. our health. we have to be self vigilant. our tomatoes had blight too! cause of all the damn rain the EC got last summer and not enough sun. their was a great article on tomatoes i think in mother jones really described the WHOLE mess we are in. it is all going to hell actually. please don't drive to the east. it is absolutely manic on the highways. i don't drive any more everybody is so distracted it is crazy. i live in boulder CO now and all these students have their eyes glued to a smartphone and run right into on the sidewalks. imagine them behind a wheel. i ride my bike everywhere even to play golf with my clubs on my back on a bike path. cars are lethal weapons. americans need to get fit and survive. a good tomato article.

tip e. canoe's picture

"the five big tomato processors paid farmers about $80 for a ton of tomatoes and earned about 50 cents for each pound of paste."

whoa, that's insane markup!  on that note, just saw 3 decent-sized 'organic' tomatoes being sold for $6.50 in manhattan yesterday. 

went home and bought 3 young heirloom plants off ebay for $6.  she even gave me some seeds for free.

velobabe's picture

what do you think of organic, mostly in the tomatoe world?

we don't buy organic grapes because we think they alter or compromise the grape with other stuff in order to receive the stamp.  we think adopting sustainable practices in the agricultural cultivating, could be better than going organic. yeah the rules are not set in stone and dictated by WHO? FDA, yeah we should trust their ass. NOPE. i think it could be a conspiracy to start changing our seeds and soil. from what i have learned (last 12 months) about everything else in this country now i really don't trust this organic thing. even though i have been buying organic fruits and vegetable when out of season. not sure that everything is a scam when produced by large corporations. 

Rick64's picture

No such thing as organic in a retail sense (grocery store) even organic farmers will tell you this. No pesticides at all equal very low yeilding crops.

tip e. canoe's picture

the only way you can for sure know it's organic is to know the person who grew it.  or grow it yourself.  

p.s. rick, there are ways to grow and prevent pests, companion planting, for instance (e.g. basil & mint with your tomatoes).  but in monoculture, you're absolutely right.

merehuman's picture

Hey good tip! thanks.  BTW slugs like beer. Place jar lids with a little beer ,it draws them in and drowns them. What a way to go! 

tip e. canoe's picture

slugs go out like kerouac.  sounds like a good way to handle predators of all kinds yes?  here's an idea: how about a sack of gold with depleted uranium inside in front of 85 broad? 

(note to NSA -- this is a joke, this is not a serious suggestion to engage in any criminal activity.  thanks for listening.)

companion planting bible:

Lndmvr's picture

Do the silent protest.  Learn what simplex nails are. At night , drive by the local police station, mayors house, tax assessor, maybe your local and state reps. Leave a hand full in case they have use for them. One day, head for DC.   It's deffinitly doing something.

dark pools of soros's picture

..selling more tires???   really?  what's next, poison their dog?

merehuman's picture

Nails are a good traffic stopper. Not reccomended for high speed areas tho.

Not like we want to hurt our own citizens. At slow speed, in the morning the entire city could be stopped! We can probably be arrested just for talking about this. Frankly, it doesnt matter since its all a prison now.


defender's picture

Mere, your Community needs you, and your family needs you.  If you went to washington, you would only be thought of as another bum to be ignored.  Stay at home, get involved in your comunity, and help those that are actually willing to listen.  No one in DC will even know you are there, but the people in your community will all benefit greatly from your zeal and compassion.

Props to you, for your willingness to take a stand, but please take care of your family - they are much more important.

delacroix's picture

DITTO merehuman, expend your resources wisely. washington DC trip would be a hollow gesture, kinda like a politician. observe the current structure of YOUR reality, and apply your energy in the most effective way. you can't save the world, hell you might not even be able to save yourself.reasonable expectations, are less likely to lead to disappointment. think it through. after DC and no benefit, does that make you a failure. the path to success, does not include washington DC . being in a position to help real people around you, will generate goodwill, and gratitude, for them, and you.  I hate waste. be your own best friend