Guest Post: Unforgiven - Part Five

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If someones figured out how to get an  Algo's panties in a bunch, like the last hour of yesterday. It wont be Zzzzzzzzz into the close as they will trigger it 180 degrees in the oposite direction...;)

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I believe he was commenting on the story, not the market. However, you have a very good point. We shall see.

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Just downloaded the e book so I can read it on the toliet while I do a short squeeze

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"The Boomer generation does not want to yield on their perceived entitlements."

"The Boomer generation"....The dumbest generation of all previous American generations!



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Total, panic-on short squeeze in the 5-yr. Treasury is what we're seeing into the close.  Is that you covering, Billy-Big-Mouth?

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"You just shot an unarmend man!"


"He shoulda armed himself."

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You could be a Pig / Cop if you would hand cuff him first then shoot him in the back and then say "He shoulda armed himself"! LULZ!!!


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Last post I am making on this.  We got BATMOBILE ROLLS ROYCE TANKS MOBILIZING FOLKS!  I'm thinking good time to be safe and get yer money out of the banks

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Date, time and location of picture?  Any news reports?

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I seen this 2 days ago. It was reported in Willowbrook, IL

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Ifs itz mies grammers iz beez sorriez.

I had observed this photo previously and it was reported to be taken in the area of Willowbrook, IL


Fixed ?

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HomeLand Security!


Which is Code for.. Security for Bankers and Pigs ONLY all other will be run over! LULZ!!

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Can I get one in black?

Oh, that's right...this is just another item in the list of things *they* allow themselves to have and *we* can't have.

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The dealer channels are stuffed with these beauties!

I ordered the one with reclining bucket seats, overhead cam, computerized parallel parking feature, and fiat paper on-board wiping tissue dispenser.

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He ain't yer grammar, ya moron.  He's a guy!


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Them schools ain't never learned me no good English.


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holy shit....."boyz and their toys". Police Rescue? Rescue what?

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Their ego.


Mother fuckers.

I am Chumbawamba.

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I E D the only way to play

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If one of their drivers happens to be an acquaintance, a neighbor, or in some cases...your brother, you can make sure his delicious bon voyage dessert, good luck celebratory drink, or nutritional supplement prior to assignment keeps him feeling well loved.

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Why bankers and legislators, of course.

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I can see them now surrounding and protecting the NY Fed building.

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It says "rescue" on the sides. It's ment to save people. Don't worry

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"He had it coming, didn't he?"

"We all have it coming, kid."

Read "When corporations rule the world" (leans a bit more into reality)

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The Civil War Fourth Turning resolution felt more like defeat, with the country exhausted, bitter and angry.


True, but South Carolina has finally gotten even in the end and sent the Yankees Bernanke, stealth nation destroyer extraordinaire.

He who laughs last...

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Who would have thought that South Carolina and Princeton University would contribute so much in financially destroying our nation.

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Yes, but at least Woodrow said he was sorry afterwards.

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"Yes, but at least Woodrow said he was sorry afterwards."

It's not afterwards.....yet.

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And let's not forget all the good work Prof. Wilson did at Versailles, 1919. WW = Hitler's midwife.

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Urban legend.  He was never sorry.

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Iam conservative and as pro military as you can get.

Been to Iraq Afghanistan, Kosovo,Panama and Grenada. I support any actions where a risk to the US or US foriegn policy exists.

Kosovo, Libya and recent Afghanistan do not meet the test. Nation building in Afghanistan where a single missile costs more than an entire village  to rebuild multiple times is not a military function.

Libya has no value the the US. all we are doing is paying for oil for Europe and they seldom help us at any meaningful financial level.

Iran will be our fight.

So am I am isolationist. No I just believe in picking a fight that we need to fight.

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"Iam conservative and as pro military as you can get."

My deepest condolences.
Live by the sword, die by the sword.

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and you think we can hug it out with the Bankerz? maybe sit and talk with them about how since the early 1970's they have added to their wealth will stripping the Working Class of America of EVERYHTING?


How do you think we should handle it? paint some signs? smoke a "J" with them and see if they can get into a better frame of mind?


What do you think will change the behavior of the Bankerz and Lobby Whorez and Pigs??

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I was talking more about the wars created by and profited in by the bankers you so despise.

Smoking a J with them might not be a bad idea.
Then leave them out in the middle of Saline Valley in the middle of August.

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Junked you for "bad form".  You should have left the "idiot" part out and allowed people to draw their own conclusion after considering your statement.

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Bad form junk well-deserved.
Hate to be put in my place, but no defense today.

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Violence begets more violence. Warefare is not the road to peace, peace is the road itself.

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for the last 30 - 40 years you baby boomers have had your way of talking just to talk..


what has talking gained the working people of America?




Fuck YOU! and YOUR BULLSHIT!! Roll Over and Play Dead while they fuck everyone in the ass some more! You are worse than the Bankerz you fucking Coward!

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And your way of talking is no different. It's just more platitudes promoting divide and conquer.

Here's a clue, as long as you attack working people of America, then you do nothing to help the working people of America yourself.

Problem is, you can't see that they are the same people.

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The "working people" of American are white trash morons who shop at Wal-mart buying the crap made from their future slave masters, the Chinese. It just seems, oh so appropriate.

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1. China has 1,200% Leverage per Yaun or Renminbi v. the U.S. Dollar which has 120% Leverage.


2. U.S. Dollars own all the senior debt in China.


3. It has never been nor will it ever be China.. China did not vote in Congress and the Senate to give tax breaks to people who ship jobs to the tune of 50,000 jobs a month from here in the U.S. to them in CHINA!!


4. China has not kept those Tax Breaks in place for the last decade!


5. America has Let the Lobby Whores FUCK our Country to Hell! We have a service economy and a bunch of Mexicans who work for $5 bucks an hour and thats it!

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>> Kosovo, Libya and recent Afghanistan do not meet the test.


It would appear your criteria for good war/bad war is what political party is in the whitehouse during the war.  Blindly partisan zealots such as yourself are as much of the problem in this country as politicians on the payroll of corporations. 

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Wow, just wow. 

Kosovo was pointless.  That was a regional/religious/ethnic dispute that had been brewing for years, but kept in check by the Iron fist of the CCCP.  Once the Union fell, chaos ensued and the genocidal tenancies were brought out into the open.  Let the UN handle that shit and take the lead.

Libya?  Why the hell are we bombing K-daffy again?  When did he assault us?  Don't give me this humanitarian bullshit otherwise we would have shelled Tehran during the demonstrations, not to mention Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia... you get the point.


Afghanistan?  Hell we have been there as long as the Russians were, and haven't accomplished a damn thing more than they did.  They aren't interested in helping us with terrorists, Pakistan is a shithole that harbors islamofacists, and we will NEVER defeat the enemy in Waziristan.  All we are doing is getting people shot up, and burning through money. 


It has not a damn thing to do with who is President, you leftist twit, it has to do with useless wars wasting money and American soldiers lives. 


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>> It has not a damn thing to do with who is President, you leftist twit, it has to do with useless wars wasting money and American soldiers lives.


Precisely (minus the personal attach and mislabeling of my political leanings)  No war since WWII has been justified by the US.  I do take offense to those who justify mideeds based on what party did the misdeeds.

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Iran will be our fight?

How unfortunate if zionists get us to do their dirty work for them.

I have no beef with iran. If we dont bother to do anything about a pakistan, india, or israel with nukes then it seems hyocritical to worry about iran.

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Pakistan already got 'em, and that hasn't been good for anyone last time I checked. Israel may have them. And India is not doing anything with theirs. Nobody has a beef with Iran. But they sure have a beef with everyone, including their own people. If you can't distinguish between the propensities and open bellicose assertions of Iran, and the actions of Israel, you won't be long in improving your education. Zionists, really.