Guest Post: US Government Seizes Pension Funds, Invades Pakistan

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power without competence

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+1. And look at the blond haired adoring dweeb behind him.

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Is Obama holding up a urine sample there?

See??? Look!!! This PROVES I was born in Hawaii!

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I think he has his hands in his pants...

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it more looks like the priest of da vinci code....I told you obama was in the big cult. which i assume will just be a group of dudes sitting around....dreaming of the architect whilst wanking over a biscuit someone will be eating in end...


the queen is visiting the land of ireland now...i guess the elite are carving up the place after ravaging it like a group of...twats...

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as my internet {comcast} is quite frustrating today.... i am sure when the time comes the internet will be taken from us  and repalced with certain "approved" content

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Who do you think encouraged Microsoft to buy Skype (at any price)?

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All is currently filtered anyway.

Only UK and China filter the internet content more than the USA. 

Have no fear, USA will reach #1 shortly.

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I wish people would stop all the nonsense over the internet kill mechanism and think it through. The internet is a major source of revenue, not only for major corporations, but millions of small businesses, banks, and the government itself.

The government can't shut down the internet, though they are dying to tax the living shit out of it.

Currently, there are fortunes being made on the internet and the .gov haven't yet figured out how to capture all that cash, but they are working on it. It was created by government, and there's no turning back from it now, no matter how unruly it becomes.

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You are not looking at the big picture. They need to save the Post Office where they can monitor all communications. This is too difficult to do on the Internet.

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Umm. Not to burst your bubble or anything but it is easier today to monitor everything than it was back in the days of snail mail, copper wire, and tape drives. Everything is recorded and stored. Disk space is cheap. Server space is cheap. CPU cycles are cheap.


Here is just one example:

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Why does fedgov need revenue, when they can just steal from other places until congress cries "Uncle!", and raises the debt ceiling?

As for the rest of entities you note, their failure is a political mandate to "Save Them!"

When choosing between power and revenue, power will win every time, as winning power increases opportunities to extract further revenue from whatever other sources are left, until they too are bankrupt.

Basically, government is a downward spiral of destructionism created to ensure a need for more government. To believe that anyone within it cares about others' revenue streams (sans the crony "capitalists" who are already part of the governing system) is a laughable concept.

While the net is very decentralized, and impossible to control, it relies upon very centralized core routers already under government control. While individuals could work around this by making a shared mesh network of all of our wifi routers (avoiding public networks completely), I'm sure this will be deemed terrorist activity.

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It would very VERY easy to shut down the internet.

They strong-arm the primary service providers. That's all there is to it. 99% of mainstream internet activity would go dead.

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Your last paragraph is so true.  It's left me with a rather deep, uncomfortable, and disconcerting feeling.

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That's EXACTLY why they WANT to have "kill-power" over the internet.

It's the newest and only bastion of something resembling freedom.

They'll both have power to kill it, and tax it. By getting control over it, and deciding whether it lives or dies, the power to tax it comes easier than ever.


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If stupidity was gravity, what would Sheila Jackson-Lee be?

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A very dense, racist idiot?

I'm not going for the set-up.

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A singularity. See, you can finesse the setup.

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I thought about going with quantum singularity, but I thought it might sound to Trek-ish.

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It's a thought experiment.. not my fault that infinitely dense objects are devoid of light.

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Sheila Jackson-Levity?

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Paging Dr. Reinhardt..  Paging Dr. Hans Reinhardt..

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A short indian from Hollywood.

(Red Dwarf Star)

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They stole our money to hand over to failed companies like AIG, Citibank, and GM.. Why are we surprised when they steal our money again?


Personally I fear for our retirement accounts.  There's like what over $10 trillion in there?

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yeah but they can't exactly liquidate those accounts, now can they?

Borrow against them and hand them over to bankers, probably

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I guess the ChairSatan could buy them for freshly inked bills.

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And the difference is.........?

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The gubmint could nationalize the pension funds and use the money to prop up Social Security which is basically what Argentina did a few years back.

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You are darn right to be fearful of losing your retirement account.  Average Americans have no jobs, income or savings.  The USG can't get the money through the tax system.  The only unprotected pool of money is retirement accounts.  Say goodbye to the Roth and IRA.  They could just pass a law removing tax protection for any IRA unless it is in treasuries.  Simple as that. 

Everytime this happens, the first thing a bankrupt country does is attack pensions and retirement savings (Argentia).

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Same happened in Sweden aswell.

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Don't cry for me, Argentina...

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Our leaders have no shame. No shame at all.

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God save us if they do.  It's the only thing holding the country together right now.

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You mean YOUR leaders.

Shameless? Well, that's what you get when you try to choose mine.

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.gov strikes again!

Can I just go back to sleep, and one of you just wake me up when our national nightmare is over?  Appreciate it, thanks.

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I am having a glass of red with my breakfast.  This may become the norm for awhile.

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Blood: It's not just for breakfast anymore.

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First thing this morning, I finished off the drink that was half gone when I passed out last night.  It seemed like a waste to not keep right on going from there.

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I'm a light drinker. As soon as it gets light I start drinking.

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Ahh, the spirit of fello ZHers. God (or whatever deity or non-deity) bless alcohol.


Group hug.

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I've been tryin to lay off the jug & stick to beer, I find it damn near impossible. All the shenanigan's will drive a man to drink..

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I only drink beer when I have to drive.  Or am driving.  Or out of bourbon.  Or fishing.  Or it's hot out.

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I use to have a rule to never drink till the sun went down. Someone much wiser than myself once pointed out that the sun is always down somewhere.

AA is for quitters.

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And why wouldn't you?  After all...


You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning.



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the US Defense Department decided to send helicopters into western Pakistan in a search for more ghosts. Pakistani military fired on the choppers, and the choppers fired back.


Anybody got a link to this story?  I haven't heard of this til now.

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there's a link on drudge Ham.