Guest Post: US Household Net Worth Plunges

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Submitted by Michael Suede of Fascist Soup

US Household Net Worth Plunges

Since the beginning of the greatest depression, US household net worth has plunged nearly 11 trillion dollars.  All the while we continue to experience price inflation and expanded government spending.

In a normal economy that isn’t run by a bunch of criminals, we should expect to see price deflation as malinvestment is wiped out.  Since our money is based on debt, as debt is reduced though defaults and write-downs, the monetary base should contract, thereby leading to price deflation.

Of course, this is not what we are actually experiencing at the present moment since the criminal central bankers and politicians have decided to prevent the liquidation of malinvestment through a nearly endless series of bailouts, guarantees, and deficit spending.

Contrary to what the criminal Keynesians would have you believe, price deflation is a good thing.  It does not lead to economic collapse.  In a normal non-criminal monetary system, deflation will sink the paper money stock back down to the “real” money stock, which is a 1 to 1 ratio of paper issuance to the gold stock (or at least closer to this point).

There is some debate about how far the money stock would sink to in our current system of fraud and theft, but I personally think it would shrink until everything that can be considered waste is liquidated from the economy.  At the most, it would shrink back down to the existing money stock we had prior to the abolition of the gold system back in the 1960s since this is the existing stock of money that is not based on debt  (I highly doubt it would shrink this far though.)  It should be noted that it takes very little fiat money to have a functioning economy since prices will adjust back down meet the amount of currency in circulation.  As money becomes more scarce, prices will fall until a market balance is achieved between the demand for money and its supply.  Once all the bad investments are liquidated, the economy will once again begin experiencing a normal demand for credit and lending can resume in a much more sane fashion.

In a non-criminal currency (ie. gold), inflation is caused by banks lending out more money than they have in gold reserves or by an increase in the gold stock.  Business cycles are directly related to this fraudulent activity of excessive lending since the act of lending more paper money than the banks actually have in gold reserves artificially reduces interest rates, which leads to “booms” in the cycle.

These “booms” are when the malinvestment takes place due to excessively “cheap” money (credit) being available.  Since money is cheap, investors are willing to take more risk than they otherwise would.  The cheap cost of borrowing also sends a signal to investors that there is more capital goods available for future production than actually exists.  Producers see the cheap rates and assume people have lots of savings available to spend on future consumption so industry reorganizes itself into the production of long term goods.  Only later is it revealed that consumers are broke and the existing capital stock of goods that producers were relying on to finish their projects does not actually exist.

The “bust” is the market trying to correct this excessive lending and return itself to a proper ratio of gold to dollars.  The “proper” ratio can be considered a point where all bad debts (malinvestments) have been cleared through defaults and write-downs.

In a totally unregulated system of gold back currency, the normal behavior of the economy is to experience constant DEFLATION.  As the economy grows and becomes more productive, the value of the currency will INCREASE over time.  A piece of gold will buy more and more goods as productivity increases.  We should see constantly DECREASING prices, just as we see in the consumer electronics industry, due to technological innovation, competition, and increased efficiency.

The fact that we have not seen price deflation as household net worth has plumeted by nearly eleven trillion speaks volumes about the amount of fraud being conducted by the banks and criminal politicians.  A reduction in a nominal net worth of 11 trillion dollars is only a big deal if it is NOT accompanied by deflation.  Since we don’t have deflation – it’s a big deal.

Eventually, the market WILL win this fight.  It is only a matter of time.  The central bank and government will either wipe out the currency through the printing press, or they will allow the necessary deflation to occur and the debts to be cleared.  If they wipe out the currency through the printing press, people will once again be forced to return to real money – gold.

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I doubt they will really "cut back"  I'm still betting on "Printgate" 2010-2012

Implicit simplicit's picture

Whats the old saying' "Watch what politicians do, not what they say"; often very diferent

Xedus129's picture

Yeah, just like the "Contract with America" circa 1994

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Care to elaborate on that statement, Genius?   Let me help you out with a simple Wiki link you may want to read before you respond:


No junk from me by the way.

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Ah but junked nonetheless.

Not by me either by the way, which ensures I shall too be junked.

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Try to stay on topic, Turd. 

I just love calling someone "Turd" and it's ok!

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LOL. I always want to call him Mr. Ferguson. I read his posts but don't respond to them much.

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the ONLY part of CWA worth a fucking red cent was term limits; wiki me that

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You mean Contract on America.

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Obama hated his mother because she could not live up to the purity of the Koran.

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Has anyone ever called you an imbecile?  Just wondering.

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WTF does this have to do with the article, not to mention the comments above?

I agree w/Rocky; we need a thumb up/down button.  Christmas season probably started already this year, how about it Tyler?

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Perhaps one day in the future (hopefully not too distant), Jesus will return and take away his chosen ones back to his holy kingdom. Hopefully Mohammed Buddha Shiva ad nauseam will follow suit or even precede the One Of Miraculous Birth. And then maybe Gaia can swallow up a load of Her followers in some great cataclysm. By this time the great contrived debate between the liberals and conservatives will finally quiet down. Then, and only then, will those of us with more than five functioning brain cells get some fucking peace and quiet and rational discourse!

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We definitely need a THUMBS UP button.

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<sardonic commentary/>


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The great and powerful Ba'al will smite thee for thy blasphemous statements! 

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What??  You mean my ever-increasing collection of Designed-in-California-but-made-in-a-sweat-shop-in-China gadgets doesn't count as net worth?

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Very funny and so sadly true. 

The Rock's picture

D'OH!  dupe...

Steve Dallas's picture

"...our current system of fraud and theft..." You know, the thing about these Malthusian economic collapse posts is that none ever seem to address the fact that the perpetrators of this grand con against us righteous regular folks will probably have ALL the gold when everything falls apart. So, basically, I'm anticipating a future life of toil in Bartertown run by Lloyd Blankfein (dressed like Tina Turner, ofc) with a Geithner-Bernanke version of Master-Blaster doing the strong arming.

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2 men enter, 1 man leaves!

hedgeless_horseman's picture

Pray it's not the lawyer that leaves.  I like small nosed sorority girls as much as the next guy, Steve, but fuck you all the same.

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If you're planning to work near Lloyd it is best to get a Swiss or Israeli passport. Just like the Saudis on 9/11 these criminals long ago had their exits planned.

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In a perfect world, one would be able to demonstrate to the likes of Blankenstein just exactly what "God's Work" looks like.  I like the mob-movie term "wet work".  Seriously.  Once the dots get connected, how long before some nut with some "skills" does something completely uncivilized?  

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Thanks MS. I like the title-Fascists Soup. It's alphabet fascists soup with letters like cds, siv, repo, bonds etc... Bankers and gov. have a special elitist taste gland that allows them to eat as much as they want, get sick, puke and shit, and then everyone else has to clean it up.

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 ...the existing money stock we had prior to the abolition of the gold system back in the the existing stock of money that is not based on debt


Not according to Milton Friedman, but okay. It's a theory, anyway.'s picture

now your woman is sitting in/on what?'s picture

yeah, velo dressed up in kathy's sheep clothing. how did this happen?

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I knew it was you  (velobabe) all along, no one can fake diction...its like a fingerprint...:)

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add an "at hotmail dot com" to my name and, just friends...always open to new friends

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Find a church you're comfortable with and attend their functions, such as singles groups...

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churches = made by man

spirituality = made by ???

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This sux.  Goobermint forced me into 1031s I can't get out of.

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Just wait till Inside Job premiers and shows the sheeple just wtf is going on!!!

mynhair's picture

Sheeple can't read the UE Welfare Report; that's what Erin is for, or LIESman.

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I haven't been to the movies in over two years, but I think I'd like to see that one.

boomer's picture

I wonder what is really going on?  The lovely folks who run this charade are either idiots or crooks.  When every Joe and Jane Sixpack in this country knows whats wrong how is it that this government doesn't.  They do, they have to, its just inconceivable that they don't, so with that said, what are they really trying to accomplish.  If they blow up the currency and the country along with it, aren't they shooting themselves in the foot.  They'll be destitute at best or blown away by the riots that are sure to commence.  They don't win if this scenario unfolds.  They will be hunted down and shot or hung.   So whats the game?  Their up to something that nobody has put their finger on yet.  One thing you can bet on is this is not all stupidity and there is something else cooking, and when its all said and done this ruling class will not have destroyed the world, just made it a  little bit more unbearable and enriched themselves immensely.

Kayman's picture

As I said above Lloyd and the boys already have the escape route bought and paid for. They ain't sticking around.  All the bonuses are going into gold and foreign assets while the USD still has some purchasing power.

Does anyone really think the IRS disclosed all Swiss (and other foreign) bank accounts ? Are you telling me that NOT ONE American politician had a bulging Swiss bank account?

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Pretty sure Lloyd can weather some local hyperinflation. I know how to live off the land like a

I prefer doing it part time.

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Well, "Joe and Jane Sixpack" don't really know "what's wrong". You ask them, they'll say we need more jobs. Great. From where? Do they want to work for $10/hr. picking produce, working on the assembly line, etc.? No, they don't.

That's the real problem now. We've priced ourselves out of the competition. Until everyone realizes you can't pay $150,000.00 for someone to write press releases for a Fortune 500 company and pay the farm guys $20,000.00 it ain't gonna work.

Until then, kick it further down the road until sometime, somewhere, somebody will realize they can't spend all day watching reality tv bitching about not having a job when others are doing the jobs they don't want.