Guest Post: US State Department Says "Conspiracy Theories Exist In The Realm Of Myth"

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*****America's Broken Media And The Collapse Of World Trade Center 7*****

by Eric deCarbonnel

When reading the articles below, keep one question in mind: Do you find these allegations credible and serious enough to deserve media coverage?

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now if you want some real conspiracy  stuff then check out  what this guy has to say.


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History is a set of lies agreed upon.
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Yes, but an important axiom to keep in mind when considering books like "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" is:


"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story".


Disclaimer:  I loved the book.  But much has been written since about its implausibility and its clear abstractions of the truth.

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Much has been written ? Not much that I can find. . A few negative book reviews and a forum post or two, but nothing definitive. Some of the investigations critical of his story I found actually go into even more detail on other cases that are more sensational than the Perkins book. Putting your opinion on its implausibility aside, perhaps you can provide a link or point out a few glaring abstractions.

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....we're still awaiting.....

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then again...

Never attribute to conspiracy that which can be explained by stupidity. We are dealing with govt employees here. :)

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Never attribute to stupidity that which can be explained by careful planning.

We are not talking about the post office or DMV here, the defense industry is made up of rocket scientists.

It is a convenient throw away comment to just dismiss any rational inquiry with "government stupidity".  They are not really stupid, it is impressive that the US has military bases in most important countries in the world.  Clearly we are the world super power, but the USA is more than that - it is the most dominant country in the history of the world. Think tanks are much smarter than you and I, although it feeds the ego by trying to call someone else stupid.

In an investigation, stupid or conspiracy aren't a motivation.  I would look for motivation in order to answer why - open ended without making a judgment until assessing the available information.

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I appreciate your perspective. Robert Gibbs is a visually prominent example of their efforts; sharply keeping the nobelist-warmonger-teleprompter-reader away from prying questions.

O gives plenty of interviews. Let's put him in the ring with Helen Thomas. Interview of the Century.

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O couldn't handle Helen asking him questions.  He'd need an ear bug.

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"Never attribute to stupidity that which can be explained by careful planning"

Great line. I guess it's a real mess when you combine the two with the rest.

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Like in the Soviet Union, once the Gov folks quit believing the lies its almost over. Justice afterwards, with bankers and robber barons  behind bars. Free grand juries, start your engines of change!

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"Never attribute to conspiracy that which can be explained by stupidity"

Know Why Conspiracy Theories are Sooo Popular With the Amerikan Public?
Because the Idiot US Government CONSTANTLY engages in Conspiracy Theories:

1. Iran is a nuclear threat that could destroy the US.
Reality: Iran has oil we want to control and Wall Street wants to make huge leveraged derivative bets on...

2. The crotch bomber is a member of Al Queda...
Reality: Then how come US State department ushered his unpassported ass on to the plane in Amsterdam?

3.a. Sodomy Hussien has WMD...
3.b. Sodomy Hussein did 9-11.
Reality: What illiterate mutton headed child left behind though that shit up? Bush ass mofo...

4. Osama Bin Laden...
Reality: You mean the long time CIA employee?

5. The Nicaraguan Sandinistas are going to spread communism right to Amerika's door...
Reality: What senile Alzheimer's puppet thought that one up?

6. Gulf of Tonkin.
Reality: McNamara admitted it was a lie to to escalate Vietnam.

7. The Lusitania
Reality: Wilson Lie and the treasonous death of hundreds of Amerikans...

8. The Maine
Reality: Dip shit Teddy Roooosevelt Lie.

And it goes on and on. The public gets the conspiracy theories from their government. The incompetent political class legitimized conspiracy theories...

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Nice post. Can't seem to remember one I didn't like. Child left behind. Brilliant.

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Very nice post actually...

Unfortunately politically processed 'information' is what 9/10 Americans prefer.

Take the N. Korean attack on the S. Korean vessel a couple months ago... totally unexpected right?

Kim Jong Il is a sociopathic nut to be sure but everyone saw this coming... paybacks are a bitch you know...

Check out the naval action of November 9, 2009 that precipitated the N. Koprean torpedo attack...

South Korea's Troops are on high alert today for possible retaliation by North Korea after one of its Navy ships was nearly destroyed and an officer reportedly killed in a skirmish with the South, ahead of a visit by President Barack Obama. Yesterday's clash along the disputed western sea border was the first such engagement in seven years, sending tensions soaring about a week before Obama travels to Seoul as part of his Asian tour. The exchange occurred just hours before the State Department...

Hmmmm... wonder why they forgot to mention that one...

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Oh we get it.  The smiley face means sarcasm 'on'.

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"Those who stand for nothing fall for anything."
-- Alexander Hamilton

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except bankers when you tell them to jump

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No doubt Rusty.  If conspiracy theories are nothing more than myth then why would the State Department be concerned with them?  Gotta wonder, who is the greater fool?  The person who believes every conspiracy theory, or the folks who believe they have to decide which conspiracy theories to address and how.  If this has risen to the level of inclusion on the web site then there must be a program manager and staff.  I would love to read that managers position description and the qualification criteria for the position.  I see a FOIA request...

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well there the state department goes again telling whopper lies.....

of course obama is not a usa citizen. he was born in kenya, became an indonesian citizen c. 1965/6, returning to the usa c. 1970/1 to visit his intelligence agent grandmother. obama does not have a usa birth certificate. you need more birth evidence to get on a little league team than to become president.

usa intelligence destroyed the wtc to destroy an fbi agent linking the bush crime syndicate to enron, to destroy enron evidence, to pass the patriot act, and to invade the middle east. daddy bush had a grudge fuck against his former business partner saddam hussein.

i would never accept a birth certificate for obama at this date because i know it would have been forged in the basement of the cia or fbi.

americans are the most gullible assininely stoopid people in the universe. while the state department is at it maybe it would like to dispel the cia's murder of john kennedy....

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"americans are the most gullible assininely stoopid people in the universe"

Hey... I resembl... err... resent that remark!

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I can't even spell it.

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You're gonna get on another list if you keep carrying on like this tony bonn

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Here is a link to numerous photos of Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Does anybody check facts anymore before posting lies?  No, seriously, it took a 15 second google search.  Zerohedge couldn't do this before saying that no such document has been given or proven?

Do you really think Obama would be the president now if he didn't have a birth certificate?  Would McCain, Clinton, or Palin have let that go?  I doubt it.

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Agreed.  Is anyone else noticing the steady decline in quality from ZH?   Come on Tyler.   There are 1000 other blogs where I can scoop up cheap trollfeed like this.

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"There are 1000 other blogs where I can scoop up cheap trollfeed like this."

And yet that did not stop you from feasting on it here.

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for once, I agree partially with Johnny Bravo regarding that 1 item.  However, the incredible value of misinformation and a concerted propaganda campaign carried out by a powerful government is to mix in totally bogus 'conspiracy theories' with the rest of the 'conspiracy theories' to dilute the 'conspiracy theory' waters and crush the credibility of the valid theories.

Discernment of mind is hard work Johnny

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JB didn't address the questions in the article. And neither does the MSM or gov't. So JB is still full of shit, just like MSM and O.

Why all the lawyers, O? Why the $1.3 million to hide everything?

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I thought everybody knew Obama was a Canadian by Birth.  That way, being part of the British Commonwealth he was able to go to Pakistan.

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Look, I couldn't give a shit whether Obama was born in the US.  There is not going to be a smoking gun so everyone should just get over it.

BUT, Obama's original birth certificate has NEVER been produced.  That Fact Check link shows photos of a reproduction birth certificate printed in 2007 (you can see the date on it, and it's obviously produced with modern printers).  The Fact Check link also quotes Hawaii state officials saying "I swear that I have seen his original birth certificate and he was born in Hawaii."  Finally the Fact Check link shows a birth announcement in the newspaper.

This begs the question:  If Hawaii officials claim they have seen the original birth certificate, why won't they produce it?  Just scan the damn thing, it's not that hard.  Instead they show off reproductions, issue official statements that he was born in Hawaii, and show off birth announcement in the newspaper as incontrovertible proof.

Where is the ORIGINAL birth certificate???  I would be satisfied if Hawaii simply said "we don't know, we lost it."  But they didn't say that.  They say they have the original, but they just won't produce it because these conspiracy theories are insulting.  Makes sense.

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I was born in Hawaii and my birth certificate doesn't look anything like the one on Fact Check. btw, Fact Check is a government disinformation website.

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You do realise that that is a contemporaneous laser-printer printout of data that is ostensibly recorded to reflect the live birth.  Anyone with the right connexions or a few $$$ or both can have the data input into the state system so that it can then be printed out and certified.

Now, if you had shown us a photostat copy of the orignal type-written birth certificate, like those that tens of millions of people who were born in the USA in the 1960s received, then you might have debunked the theory.  And yes, you can still get copies of the origínal certificate ... assuming one actually exists.

Instead you simply show that you will swallow the official story hook, line and sinker rather than to ask a few more probing questions.


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+ 1

The junkers hate reality.They are "patriots".

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Oh, dear, the Bildeburgers are loose again, wreaking havoc across the world for fun and profit.  We're all doomed by their conspiratorial plots. Run for the hills with your guns and gold and grits.

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"History is written by the victors" - Another "conspiracy theory" soon to be debunked your trusted State Department as myth of a darker side to our perfect above board world.

Good on ya bringing up the Bilderberg Group - a misunderstood group of philanthropists. You don't read much about them in the news but they were in Afghanistan last week distributing artificial limbs to children, after their months of helping rebuild Haiti...

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Why don't we just pull the plug on ZeroHedge as an independent website and have it join its political brother in arms: Infowars / PrisonPlanet


Screw it, you nutjobs can go ahead and ruin a perfectly awesome place like ZH with all the crazies that emerge out of the lunatic fringe of the regulars that come here.


I feel like Kurt Russell in "Escape from New York" when he's sitting in the street, watching some psycho banging on the gutter gratings and street manholes one minue and the next he's running from a gaggle of criminally insane subterannean cannibals who'll devour ANYTHING to satisfy their ferocious hunger!

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You calling me a nutjob? You got no creds here 'cause everyone knows Yomamma's so dumb she thought fruit punch was a gay boxer.
BTW, I never use either of those sites you mentioned because that Alex guy just plain yells too much. Also, I guess you disapprove of all the market manipulation articles that are constantly covered on ZH.

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Yeah, a lot of the manipulation articles are quite unfounded as well.

It's like people here never read anything about technical analysis or something.  We had a 61.8 fib retracement off of the lows, and people act like it's manipulation.

Maybe it's normal market behavior?  Sure it's made by computers, but that doesn't stop it from being just regular ass technical analysis.

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Regular ass tech anal? Explain.

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WW: Please don't encourage the idiots.

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This was a counter intelligence article to out the agent provocateurs.

You have been outed, time to pick another avatar and try to build up credibility.

Troll: Confirmed X

I usually don't feed trolls, but I really don't want my tax dollars wasted on ineffective government.

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Grits.  I KNEW I'd forgotten something.

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Clearly you're not prepared without the grits. :>)

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Goats 'r cheaper 'n buying a pile 'o canned butter.

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Daddy doesn't like it when you tell mommy you saw him kissing another lady.

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We're all tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists, until we're not.

Special thanks to Matt Taibbi, and John Perkins (Note that you will find "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" in the reference section of your local library, not in fiction) for having the 'nads to swim up-river.

Alex Jones, please sit down; you're ruining it for the rest of us.