Guest Post: What Made America Great Is Now Killing Her!

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5000 Year Leap--Bitchez!

- Ned

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Nice post TD,,but,,


This was America.... When a whale could place a two million $ bet with no ss number....

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Nice, but you all fail to realize that this is all going as planned!

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As planned??? I think I have a clue!!! Maybe you haven't observed my posts,,could be, as there are a tremendous amount of new arrivals here.. 14 weeks 1day..

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^ This. Too bad most here dont know who you are geopol. A lot of newcomers who really dont have the slightest fucking idea about, well, anything. You did a superb job in keeping us old-timers up-to-date with your posts over the last year. 

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CB,,,Forget about that....How are you doing? my comrade? I'm in the process of keeping tabs on Christopher Hitchens my good friend,,,He is amazing in fortitude.... as are you.. in the end we all go together...

When I see you,, it's my treat..Glenlivet,, tilt the glass and bring it back brother....


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Dumbass! I have been here for some time. I decided to stop lurkin' and star shurkin' because things are getting serious. TROLL!!!!


(Not directed at be old school ZH)

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Let us know when you figure out who that dumbass troll is. "star shurkin'" wtf.

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As I indicated, 14 weeks 1day..of exposure...There is promise for private contention...

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Make that 14 weeks 2 days! Long enough to recognize the elitist snots on a freakin' blog!

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If you don't know who geopol is, then you haven't been around long enough.  This is getting to be ridiculous.  If you see Howard, Miles, CogDis, Cheeky, Dead Head, B9K9, MinnesotaNice, MsCreant, Project Mayhem, Chumbawumba (RIP), Gordon, Assetman, (and even Leo), just to name a few, please pay your respects.  You might actually learn something. 

Heck, he just gave you a massive clue as to whom you are actually dealing with below.  You are making yourself look like a fool.  We'd like to keep the likes of geopol around ZH.  Please don't make him regret his decision to post here.  Thanks for all your hard work geopol.

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Marla And Me

My pleasure,

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I have wondered for a while why you keep using geopol instead of your initials at least... Most of us read at least one of your books before stumbling across ZH.

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Now you know... trekking to ZH through my books is the first step in the recovery..


geopol=geopolitical not WGT....Do you have any idea what it's like to fight the NWO??

Be in constant vigilance, like an owl... circling you head not to get must think that posting here is a mild joy to push info for the masses???.. I have a price to pay,,, not with your permission,,,but I put myself and my family in jeopardy in this process..



Now you know....Feel better???



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lol, I've known for a long time and read STC about 5 years ago. I appreciate your work, and respect you - but your cover here was blown long ago.
"you must think that posting here is a mild joy to push info for the masses???" ouch.

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Frank,, please don't think your not exposed here...ZH is no game,,this is now being regarded by the DC oligarchy in concert with Wikileakes,, we have a place to jump from..if the landing is not to your liking then proceed to the exits... My sense is that you might hang in there until we win....God be with you..

As I said ZH is no game..

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I don't know who you are but you're scaring me.

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Now you know....Feel better???


World Golf Tour, huh. Nice to meet you sir. Love the game.

You post some fascinating stuff, geopol. Truly.

Now, who the fuck is cheeky b?

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Hahahaha,stroll thru the archives....

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1 out of 300 people in America has a security clearance and works in a intelligence department.

If you look into this link, you see all the security departments in America. And to be honest... THAT'S A LOT! And companies like google who store all your private information, cell phone opperators... are not included in the list.

This is also a very interesting link. It shows where all these departments are locaded. What raises the most questions is Colorado

And when X marks the spot:,+Eagle+County,+Colorado,+Verenigde+Staten&ll=39.440402,-106.716642&spn=0.011965,0.02738&t=h&z=16


That shit just looks WEIRD! I make a joke. But the X means they took out that picture of the place. Someting they don't want us to see? :) So whoever lives over there I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS!



NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING happens without government officials having something to do with it.

It's like the intelligence networks in the US are becoming more and more like the KGB in old Russia!

Now the washington post was going to publish US spending reports on US intelligence offices, but weeks later, I haven't seen any. Coverup?


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It would seem you know little about he intelligence community. These guys are equally incompetent as our politicians. Yes, They do hire allot of consulting firms to build their networks, and extract massive amounts of information. Internally, though, only about 5% can put their pants on straight in the morning without assistance.

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Great.  Now we have to buy the student vote.

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Um, no, we're not being killed by creative destruction.  We're being killed by two things:

1. A credit expansion-driven boom that went bust-o.

2. A political class that is using the bust-o crisis as an excuse to stamp the government's boot firmly on the throat of capital.

Since the basis your analysis is bunk, so are your solutions.

1)  Even more federal money shoveled into higher ed is a horrible idea.  Graduating BAs already can't find jobs, showing that economic demand for your typical BA is about nil.  Paying for more BAs is the equivalent of China building cities that no one will live in--a huge waste of resources and an economic catastrophe waiting to happen.

2)  Did we become leaders in IT via government programs?  No.  We became leaders in IT because the industry appeared and expanded before the government could get its shit in gear and strangle it.  The way to become leaders in energy is for the government to stop strangling the energy industry with regulations and subsidies.  Assuming that we ought to be. Obviously, it's not economical for us to be the leader in every industry.  Division of labor, bitches!

3)  Why the hell should the government be "helping" anyone?  Government help for one man means government hurt on another man.  The best way to help small businesses is de-fuck the tax code and end corporate subsidies and regulations that squelch start-ups.

4) No argument.  Fire the entire DOEnergy and DOEducation, just for a warm-up.

5) How about we end both?  The programs have always been Ponzi schemes built on lies.  Dishonest rubbish belongs on the ash-heap of history.

6)  No argument; I agree. Let Europe fund its own defense and stop gloating about their awesome social programs.

7)  Full-scale government-managed strategic growth is a one-way street to economic hell.  How'd the government-managed growth in the housing market pan out?  Green energy in Spain?  How's housing going in China?  Government-managed growth by definition means anti-market decisions, it means the government picks winners and losers.  It means the government robs Peter to boost Paul's profits.

8)  Yup, Washington runs on bribes.

9)  Yup.

10)  Free speech, bitches, but what does that have to do with the economy?

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Well said. I think this situation 'corrects' itself via a French revolution-like environment where Dennis Hastert characters get strung up.....tall trees and short ropes. Think of all the people that absolutely hate some of the previous presidents or even the current one (I'm agnostic re: politicians - they are whores at birth).

These problems don't get solved at a voting booth. If you think they do, then watch the HBO special Hacking Democracy. The entire economy is rigged. The middle class took the bait and swallowed it. We'll be lucky to follow the path of Japan. The Japanese had savings. All we have is debt and deficits. We are living in a situation more like the Mississippi Bubble / South Seas Bubble where paper money went kaput and central banks gained massive power. If peak oil, global warming, environmental destruction are as dire as I think they might be, we are so fucked.

Maybe Project Mayhem takes hold?

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"Since the basis your analysis is bunk, so are your solutions."

Pot calling the kettle black?

We're being "killed" because the system has one huge systemic flaw: that it only operates on growth and it's operating on a finite planet.  People who cannot get this fundamental right should not be allowed to comment on anything (other then the fact that they're cluless [or they are trolls for a failing system]).

Thanks for playing!

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that it only operates on growth and it's operating on a finite planet

are you familiar with the Crash Course by Chris Martenson?  this is his premise for some of his investments, including gold

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According to Malthusians like you, we should have all gone extinct long ago.  Nice try.

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Malthus did not write about going extinct.

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Thanks I thought I was nuts. All his cures are coming from an elitist stand point, not common sense.

One of the problems most have on this site is that everything is doom and gloom, not to say that it is not one of the best sites out there but still, not everyone has to grow to the moon and without an all powerful gov we would both grow at a natural rate, not on steroids up to a bust and all have a better life.

If you take out the force of the gov and just make force and fraud illegal and property rights supreme most of the rest of life will work itself out.

Everyone has different needs and wants, those that want to join the rat race and grow to the moon can, and the slackers could work for whatever it took to support themselves and still live a great life just because of general progress.

When you add the gov in constanatly raking off the top and growing faster is when we come up with the must grow scam just to keep the beast feed.


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"If you take out the force of the gov and just make force and fraud illegal and property rights supreme most of the rest of life will work itself out."

If property rights are supreme, then innovation will eventually stop (I think this is one of the arguments against communism where property rights are supreme ... the people own everything). Companies will sit on their existing property rights, it is much cheaper than innovation. Capitalists, not innovators, like strong property rights because it gives them the ability to buy technology that they are not themselves capable of producing and profit from it indefinitely. Property rights are limited so that people cannot rest on their laurels, it forces innovation that is good for society.

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In communism, there are *no* property rights. 

You know what happens to companies that sit on their existing property rights?  Disruptive competitors destroy them.  While not innovating is certainly cheaper than competing, it doesn't win new customers, or, in the long run, keep the existing ones.  People's needs and desires are constantly in flux, which is why the equilibrium that the old classical economists of the 18th century predicted never actually happened.

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I hope you live in my current FEMA region so when this whole thing Balkanizes I'll have some solid hope for the future.

Great posts.

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Sorry private proerty rights not the fake ones that are taxed away.


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+10 This piece is a piece of crap. 

The government is the PROBLEM, not the SOLUTION.

You don't spend money you don't have unless you can show a return on investment.

Ask all the tin horn dictators we supported and thrashed in the third world with "development" projects how that worked out.

Schumpeter? Please.

The Federal Reserve and fiat money are the cause of EVERY economic problem in America today. Eliminate the FED and create sound money and you will create a sound economy.

Minimize or eliminate government and you will create a sound economy.

Oh yeah and as an added bonus: Liberty!


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Minimize or eliminate government???  Hmm...going back to the 1890s, is that margarine really margarine?  Howz about present day: Lead paint on your kids toys???  What about fracking the marcellus shale with a solution of the most toxic carcinogens that seep into groundwater ruining wells for miles around.

No.  These examples demonstrate that the market needs the government because the market will seek to externalize costs, with the result that goods are overproduced because of the subsidy. Only governmental power has a chance at preventing cost externalization. The trick is to find the right balance.

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What we have now when we incorporate and walk away after the problem, The gov lets you expand to infinity if you have to protect your own shit and get big there is a natural point somewhere where growth stops and you spend more time protecting you stuff where as with the gov they do it for you and the poor ones pay for it.

Lead paint that the gov let in, toxic waste from all the nuclear testing, FDA drugs that cost 500M, I would rather take my chances with consumer reports.

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Open your mind and try a different thought process, take a class and see what you can learn or unlearn.

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So I went to your website and read: "The vision of a truly free society, in which no one can legally violate the property rights of anyone, is one of the most exciting topics in libertarian analysis."

Let me ask, if I say you can't frack for natural gas on your property b/c your fracking will ruin my groundwater, am I violating your property rights? IOW, whose property rights prevail, yours to frack for gas or my property rights to clean water?

Love the junk, btw.

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Did not say I had all the answers but the ones we have right now are not working, I frack and mess up your ground water I am violating your property rights which are possibly insured in a free society or I have enough energy to clean it up cheaply, or there is a covenant against it.

Sorry not the expert but the protection we have is not worth the waste and freedoms we lose.

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"We became leaders in IT because the industry appeared and expanded before the government could get its shit in gear and strangle it."

Didn't DARPA fund the research that led to the Internet? What company would have taken the huge risk required for it to be implemented? Just like capitalists take roads for granted, this infrastructure would not exists without government. Furthermore, if this was left to companies (e.g. AT&T) then there would be not internet as we know it today ... the reason we had to pick up a receiver and place it on a modem in the early days of computing was because AT&T would not allow integrated modems (or answering machines, etc.) on its network. If we let companies rest on their patents then they will not innovate and they will inhibit innovation in the competition.

It is easier to inhibit the competition than to innovate, and that is what companies will do without intervention.

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Defense technology doesn't turn into widespread consumer technology until the government gets out of the way and lets entrepreneurs do their thing.  So yes, the military-industrial complex invented both the digital computer and the Internet, but the technology wasn't going to go anywhere as long as the government exercised 100% control over it.  In other words, there's a reason Apple, Microsoft, Google, eBay, etc aren't government-sponsored enterprises.  But assuming neither the computer nor the Internet would have ever happened without the military is a huge assumption.  The science for a computer was already there, and analog computers were already in business use, so I doubt it would have been put off much longer.  Local networking developed rapidly in business contexts, and it was just a matter of time before national and international networking would have been tackled.  Japanese companies were already working on networked video game machines in the 1980s (Nintendo did some interesting things with the Famicom in Japan).  AT&T's monopoly was a government creation, but even if it hadn't been broken up, history already suggests Comcast would have been happy to jump on the opportunity to make more money from its infrastructure.

Lots of infrastructure is privately built, both in history and I'm not sure what you're getting at with that one.

Patents are government creation.  At least they have limited duration.

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If federal employees make twice what private sector employees do then why isn't the author a public sector worker since talent follows the money.  I can only surmise this is the reasoning behind the line of folks looking to depart Wall Street and give up their partnerships at GS or MS to work at the SEC or the CFTC.

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His corruption has bounds....//limitations..I feel bad for him..

Miles Kendig's picture

Or perhaps the author is an SEC or CFTC employee that got rejected by the street....

geopol's picture

Fuck the street,,,have ethics or cash in the chips....Who are we talking to?, fucking children?? STREET=SEC,,,,,CFTC=STREET


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Because getting a federal job is about connections, not talent.

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Where is RobotTrader with the posts of hot chicks that make America great? On a more serious note, what made America great was a government that allowed the private sector to function. Ever since the Fed's creation in 1913, we have been subject to central planning mandarins.

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I agree with the need for RobotTrader's presence, but...

What "made America 'great'" was the fact that it had vast amounts of untapped PHYSICAL resources to exploit, and that as time went along that which it didn't have it was able to coerce from others.

The reentry into the long dive occured in the early 70s when it went off the gold standard AND peaked in its production of oil (resulting in an inverted cash flow from an all-important energy standpoint).

Monkey Craig's picture

Seer - (two things completely unrelated) Let's not downplay the role that freedom played in America's rise. However, right now we are seeing fiscal and monetary recklessness. In fact, my belief is that we are headed full speed towards a currency crisis. This will undoubtedly change the new world order. 

I still think we have untapped resources in the US and Canada...of course these are destructive to the environment and expensive (use large amounts of energy) to extract.