Guest Post: Where The Cops Actually Treat You Like A Human Being…

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Submitted by John Cobin of Sovereign Man

Where the cops actually treat you like a human being…

When is the last time you shook a policeman’s hand, appreciative of the good work he had done for you? I live in Chile and I just did so.

In North America, I would never think of doing the same thing. Cops are to be feared there. They are not helpful allies in the fight against crime. A North American is more likely to be victimized by the police rather than helped by them. In Europe, citizens are more likely to be clubbed than supported.

YouTube is full of police abuse in the developed world; it is becoming a common reality of a politically correct society rather than a shocking exception.

These uniformed thugs break down doors and intimidate innocent people. They plant GPS tracking devices on the cars of private citizens. They arrest people for dancing, arrest them for having a “bad attitude,” harrass people for taking photographs, and otherwise go out of their way to threaten what they are charged with protected.

In Chile, things are different. Not only are the cops not corrupt like they are in every other Latin American country, they are actually helpful and efficient. Examples abound.

A couple of years ago I was driving my car in the south of Chile. At a routine stop a carabinero (Chilean cop) found that my car registration had not been paid (about US$40 on my used car). I had no idea. Normally, my car would have been impounded on the spot.

Instead, the policeman told me that he would act like he never saw me but that I had better get the tax paid right away. So he sent me on my way. I was very pleased, and I paid the tax the next day.

I have been lost, too, driving in some remote area of Chile. When all else failed, I proceeded without hesitation to the carabinero station to make my inquiry. Such events have almost always resulted in success.

In other cases I have been cited by the carabineros for traffic infractions. But to their credit, I was guilty as charged. And in some cases I got off with just a warning. The point is that in Chile the cops still treat you like a human being, and they understand that you can make a mistake at times.

They are not itching to leap at an opportunity to flex their muscles or put you in your place. There is not a latent urge in the Chilean cops to have chance to show their might or use force. Plus, as my wife says, if they did become that way, Chileans would likely rise up and lynch them on the spot!

Today, I had to visit the police station to report fraudulent use of my credit card overseas. The bank’s fraud department had spotted the problem and directed me to make a police report, known as a constancia in Chile.

I entered the building and walked into the room where the three carabineros worked to take such reports. I asked one of them to inquire if I was in the right place. He affirmed that I was. So I sat down and waited.

My wait was prolonged when the station’s server went down for 10 minutes. But other than that I was out of there in short order. The carabinero took the information from my credit card, my ID card, and the bank’s fraud department’s findings, and then he entered them into his system. I left with a printout showing a case number.

The cop did his job so well and efficiently that I shook his hand and wished him a good day. He responded in like manner, courteously saying goodbye.

One of the benefits of living in Chile is that society is civil. Cops are not marauding bands of thugs to be fear but rather people who are willing to do what they can to help. How does that reality compare with where you live?

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Police shoot Young (Child Like) Man in the back after he is handcuffed laying face down on the concrete.

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Archive of police agression videos and constitutional abuses comitted by the state

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The author of this post is either a Chilean police department PR agent, or a Rockefeller. Chilean police brutality is amply documented. Violent clashes are a routine in Chile. Police goon squads frequently beat up student protesters. Water cannons used against civilians are also a common sight.

Mr. John Cobin must not consider chilean students to be human:

To him, the native chilean indians like the Mapuche must not be human either:

Hell, the whole chilean population aren't human to him!
But to be fair, the Chilean police are nice to their wealthy foreigner overlords, like Mr. Cobin or Mr. Rockefeller.

The truth is that the Hollywood-staged miners rescue gave the chilean government a much needed oxygen tank. The televised hoax mesmerized the chilean sheeple, who for a few weeks forgot about the real issues facing Chile: a collapsing real estate, corruption on a rampage, the government's coverup and inaction in response to the massive 2010 quake.
Chile's government is on the verge of collapse.

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I agree with Mr. Cobin.  I have had several encounters with the carabineros and they were always polite and professional.  I have seen several student demonstrations and in none of them did I see police brutality.  Student demonstrations are very common here in Santiago.

I have read about some demonstrations where the police used force against students, but do not know anything about them from personal observation.  It may be that the students engaged in illegal behavior.  I don't know much about the relations with the Mapuche. I do remember carabineros used force to evict some kind of "natives" on Easter Island (?) from houses they were supposedly illegally occupying.

I don't see any sign of the government being near collapse.  Here's a headline from for April 29, 2011 (see

Chile registra superávit fiscal de 1,1% del PIB en primer trimestre de 2011

Translation:  Chile registers a surplus of 1.1% of GDP in the first trimester of 2011.  A budget surplus is usually not a sign of a government near collapse.   Also, I recently read an article in a local newspaper noting that Chile had a growth rate exceeding China's.  Of course, the government could be near collapse, depending on the structure of bank assets, etc., but compare the 5 year stock performance of Banco de Chile with JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, or Deutschebank.  I assure you, you would much rather have spent the last five years with Banco de Chile. 

The most obvious dangers to Chile at present are its dependence on energy imports and the price of copper.

It is more likely the moon landing was faked than the rescue of the miners in Chile was faked.

I am not a PR agent for the carabineros, nor am I a Rockefeller or other "wealthy foreign overlord" but I am working hard to become one so I can live off the fat of the land and crush the Mapuche.




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Thanks Ahmeexnal for some saneness in an insane thread.

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as usual Fantastic info from you, Mr. Ahmeexnal.

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There are hundreds of thousands police man. Yes, a single few are bad.


The last 2 weeks I was in New York and Washington and the police over there was very friendly.

Whenever I couldn't find my way, I asked a police man, and shaked their hand after I got friendly directions.








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Fact is, if you are a decently dressed white foreigner, police will almost always be nice to you.  If you are a student on a protest march just about anywhere, then, they'll treat you like an anarchist scumbag who will benefit from a severe beating.  

Police in the US are just as guilty of prejudice as anywhere.  I remember being stopped by the police in Southern California, and the driver, my friend, is a Mexican citizen, studying at university.  It amazed me how aggressive the cops were, as I could compare it to a few weeks earlier when a similar thing happened with me and an couple of Irish guys (ironically, then we'd been speeding, but the cops were all charm and just gave us a gentle warning, with the Mexican guy, we'd done nothing wrong, he just didn't like the look of the guy.)  

The fact is Chile is one of the most color conscious societies in the world, where a few degrees of darkness on your skin moves you far down the social scale, and being white and foreign elevates you to upper middle class automatically.  If you were a darker skinned land worker and you wanted to report a crime against you, I don't think they police would give a shit.  

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1. Some of these cops where colored also.

2. If you constantly meet Mexicans who you can't trust and are in crime, and those are constantly protected by their community, you stop trusting them. And when you meet the good once, they become a victim of the other once. A community should realize that if you condemn crime yourself, your race will not be stigmatized as all being criminals.


I once had a assistant who was Moroccan and she was constantly saying that all white people are racists.

I called here one day in my office and said her:

"You are working here in a office where 99% of the people are white. Everybody is nice to you right? (She said yes). Are they racist against you? You can tell me. (No, never).

Then I said: You're fired for insulting every colleague you work with.


She didn't understand and called me a racist pig  and even wanted to hit me.

After that I went to my boss and said that I'll never want a colored assistant ever again.


Some fuck it up for everybody else. These people should start realizing that. The world is hard for everybody. And not ever bad thing is because of racism.

White people are THE most tolerable people on this planet!

Just go to any african country, South Africa, Azia... and you'll see that these people are WAY MORE racist against people different from them.

Colored people get upset because not everything is easy for them. They don't get everything handed out for them. AND THEY ARE VERY RACIST THEMSELVES!


How did your friend look to them? How did your friend respond to those cops?

I've seen these thing way to much myself, and always it's the colored who do it to themselves without realizing.


You make music about the "White man"... THAT'S RACIST!

How come we think bad about colored people? We constantly see racist and criminal stuff from your side!



Black people call themselves Niggers, but don't want white people to call them Niggers.

1. THAT IS RACIST AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE!! If you call yourself Niggers, we get to call you Niggers to. It's that easy. And if you don't like it: YOU ARE A RACIST.


SO: You should also be proud that you get the racist treatment.

And if you don't like it: Put in a racist complaint against those racist black music and movie producers who propagade that image. Put in a racist complaint against every colored person who calls a white person "whity" or whatever behind their backs and in their faces.

Start with that.



Mexicans don't like black people and black people don't like Mexicans. Black people don't like white people and white people don't like black people. Black people don't like yellow people and yellow people don't like white black and mexicans........



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Wow. Excellent rebuttal. I guess I stand corrected. LOL.

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All you posted where 2 youtube movies that only prove you're a racist who lacks the extra braincells to make any connection.

It's because of people like you that there will always be racism. And you just don't understand.


You can't even use the answer you've just given in a just way. You may give this after you answer my remarks and if I could not answer yours.

All you where able is look up 2 movies on youtube... pathetic.

I already made up out of the rest of your comments that you're a colored person who grew up in a poor environment and the rest of your comments clearly show that you blame every challenge in your life on white people.

Challenges in life is what determines and creates the character of people.

You've never been able to take on these challenges in life and used excuses and blaming others because you failed in life.



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I've read many of your responses in the past and have agreed with you in private and public many times. Your original post was not an exception.

I am assuming that this comes down to a misunderstanding. So I will give you the benefit of the doubt and answer your questions.

  1. The first video is supportive of your sentiments.
  2. I am white. I grew up in a colored neighborhood and got to see the 'hate whitey' side of the world in ways you will never know.
  3. Challenges in life are what I get off on. I have been able to overcome problems that many people would just chalk up to 'the man kept me down', and I have been fairly successful in business, love, and life as a result. 
I think you will find upon watching the original video and studying it closely, that the problem you described in your original post is amply documented in all its sad glory. I reccommend listening very carefully to the woman behind the camera.
Sudden Debt's picture

I didn't fully watch those youtube flicks because I thought they where to prove white rasicme.

I'm sorry I went against you for that.


malikai's picture

No worries mate. It happens to all of us.

QQQBall's picture

So you didnt read the response or watch the videos and then responded with "Your an Idiot? Follow the link, you will fit right in.

malikai's picture

Everybody makes mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them. I've probably made a fool out of myself a dozen times on this board. It's no big deal.

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some of the biggest douchebags i've met throughout latin america are either from chile or argentina, so forgive me if I call bluff on this article.  **full disclosure** i'm colombian and every country has its host of characters, but those countries in particular take the cake.  perhaps it may have something to do with the large influx of immigrants from Europe into those countries in the 40's, 50's and 60's, but they carry around this elitist, better than everyone else mentality that really irks me.


curious as to why this is even posted on zerohedge?  not sure i am seeing the connection.  Has Barrick Gold made great discoveries in their Pascua Lama project and are fearing a revolution by citizens, so in advance are trying to paint law enforcement as a bunch of dalai lama's with badges?   

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I'm sure you are have storng vales and care for community greatly, doubt you would be in this forum if you were not concerned for th greater if you can find it you, hear me out I my take on your post, give me an open mind fo

You decided to never again hire another person of color because the behavior of one person. Way is that? Also, is your practice to fire someone who apparently otherwise was an acceptable worker without warning

What if you had hired a white neo nazi and

Sudden Debt's picture

Her work was good but she did not contribute to overall moral.

I'm in Marketing and she was to. Her job is to make everybody proud about the company.

I decided never to hire one again because I've seen to many play the race card before. And I have enough work and things to do besides waisting my time with those issues.

She was not and is not the only colored person at work. But 1 thing is the most important and is in a way the moral of my story: NOBODY LIKES VICTIMS.




I'm not a racist, but the more and more colored (and in my country that are the muslims) play the race cards as a excuse for everything, the more I start to hate those people. Not because of who they are but because they stand synonymous for nagging and complaining without doing any work at all.


My first mentor said it best: You can be down on your luck so bad, but whatever you do: Show success and let nobody ever see your bad luck. Losers only attract losers.


It's easy for people to play the race card because it's a excuse for them not to take that extra step to be successful and be accepted.


Your last sentence : "what if you had hired a white neo nazi"

It's a pitty you added that last sentence. It shows your a idiot to.



Adopt and act like the people expect you to. Do good. Act like you want to be threaded.

Be nice, be friendly and show respect.

And people will respect you.

If you don't get the respect, look for a mirror and ask yourself why. And no answer may be: It's because of "them"... Because that's the answer of stupid people who will not en never be successful.

And if you are surrounded by people in your community who do think that it's always "them". Drop those people and look for new friends who do want to integrate. Never expect everybody to change to meet your demands. You must change to meet their demands. That is what a society is. It's not something that needs to adopt to every individuals need but to what the overall group needs.


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Adopt and act like the people expect you to. Do good. Act like you want to be threaded.

Be nice, be friendly and show respect.

And people will respect you.


Message for coloured people who suffer from racism:

Dont fall in the trap of the "emulate us so you show us your loyalty" It is a dead end propagated by the US pravda. People do not want you to emulate them but want you to adopt a behaviour that would flatter their ego.

Eg:Racists do not want you to become like them, that would mean becoming racists. No, they want you to behave as their racist thoughts want you to behave. It is different.

Do not think in terms "in Rome, do as the Romans do" Think in terms " in Rome, do as the Romans want you to do"

Adopting a violent behaviour that have been profitable for the locals is especially considered a threat. They have grown rich thanks to this behaviour and will fight you anytime you display the same behaviour.

On the contrary, they expect you to know your position, you are the one to be fleeced, the one to be extorted. Do not shake what they call the natural order.

And last bit, if you live in Europe, be extremelly cautious. European people are losing steam, are losing power. One way to relieve oneself when losing power is to hit harder weaker people in order to prove oneself that the loss of power is not real, that there's still something left in that old horse.

US world order.


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I have family who made money in Congo and indeed many did in the past.

But that's a thing of the past. What my Uncles did is not what I will do. It was another time and place.

But you should also realize that many Zaire people would really want the Belgiums to come back and redevelop the country. But that's another thing.

I make my money from working hard en trying to be the best at what I do.

I don't expect people to change 100% but I do expect them to learn the customs and language.

In Europe we don't really care about colour. We all had colonies and every colour is represented here.

The only problems you'll hear from us is that the muslims are more and more adopting sharia laws expect us to do the same. It's not a race thing, it's a religion thing.

I am not a color racist, but I am a religion racist. Any religion that thinks of itself being better than others is evil.


AnAnonymous's picture

Robbing does not exclude hard work.
This is the past and the present is the continuation of the past.
Typical US mind to be selective of what inheritance should include.
Laws say that if you want to inherit of something, you have to take the debt coming up with it.
Well, when it comes to the past, it must be debt free. Money made from crimes is taken but certainly not the crime itself.

Racism is an inherent part of the US system.

Léonard's picture


I don't know in which world you're living in but you're far away from reality. Racism is an inherent part in ALL systems and all races, not only in the US. People in Africa are as just racists, Arabs hate Blacks and Asiatic people, etc. This is the human nature. You will always see one ethnic group trying to bust the other ones.

The real US system is : let's mix the little people together to have a multicultural and uprooted sheep consummers society. That day somewhere in 60's the US got busted. Since then, the country went down hill with huge debt and crime rates. The same can be seen in all multicultural societies like in South Africa, Brazil and now Europe, GB, France and Belgium particulary.

malikai's picture

Sad but true. There does seem to be one exception, however. The intermixing of East Asian and European/Whites. For some reason we seem to be less incompatible than the rest. And I cannot qualify why, other than to say it is.

Léonard's picture



Yes, it is and I cannot myself say why. It has maybe something to do with the genes. They say East Asians and Europeans both share Neanderthal genes and Africans have only Homo Sapien genes.

AnAnonymous's picture

This is the human nature.


Racism is a social construction, popularized by the US world order.

In the US,  its progress as a social construction can be tracked down through the Indians who had to learn racism to relieve their pain.

Africans are not racist. Asians are not racist.

Africans did not percieve themselves as Black before it was taught to them and still have to learn a lot. Neither Asians. Chinese have a long way to go.

Not human nature. You might argue that ethnocentrism and xenophobia (it is rather popular from US citizens to confuse ethnocentrism, xenophobia with racism) are part of the human nature. Not racism.

US citizens love to tell that their behaviour is natural, that it is human nature. But racism is not human nature.

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Heh. That is some funny shit, right there.


IQ 101's picture

Where did you lurn to tork, Haavad?

You just ain't white in the head,mr wabbit.

AnAnonymous's picture

What if you had hired a white neo nazi and


Nothing. It is management in this US driven world.

Managers are here to crop the fruits of management positions, not to manage issues internal to their groups. It is kicking the can.

Managers follow the path of least resistance and are used to hitting on the head the same profiles because it is the easier and the less disturbing to the internal stability to a group.

A guy blaming all day long minorities will not get sacked as it will unlikely disturb the group. In this US driven world, the group is all, individuality is just membership to a group.

Justice is a difficult path, it can call for disturbance as anyone within a group can be exposed.

Sacking the Morrocan woman was the easiest task to do. It has nothing to do with factuality, quality of work or anything like that.

Management in the US world order does not think in terms of rules, it thinks in terms of preservation of the group.

Anyone who did a boot camp know this is well spread in the US army.  A whipping boy is elected by the sarge, the rest of the group can abuse him, sarge mostly punish him, he is a stress outlet.

Urban Redneck's picture

"A guy blaming all day long minorities will not get sacked as it will unlikely disturb the group."

I beg to differ- anyone complaining about anything all day long, much less something as as irrelevant as race, is going to get sacked - because they do distract from the task at hand and reduce productivity, even if no one is listening to them.

Of course there could be some executives who will tolerate that sort of shit absent regulation forcing them to do so, but then it means that they are willing to sacrifice institutional profitability for sake of presumably shared ideology.  While blood and sex have, and will always, be able to trump reason in management, in a TBTF world- the dominant dogma is profit, not individual ideology.

Ironically, the most prevelant institutionized racism I have come across in corporations is in developing economies where increasing development and GDP growth can be sacrificed for sake of regulatory regimes promoting employment and authority for the locals.  The Middle East is a prime example of this.

This "racism is a white person thing" phenomenon is a fictitious creation of troglodyte Europhile liberals in America who, if they have even actually been to Europe, never left the quartier latin or montparnasse, and certainly never toured the banlieues, or went a la campagne, unless in a disneyfied tour bus.  Racism is both a color-blind and global phenomenon.

AnAnonymous's picture

I beg to differ- anyone complaining about anything all day long, much less something as as irrelevant as race, is going to get sacked - because they do distract from the task at hand and reduce productivity, even if no one is listening to them.


All day long? That is quite a stretch. Productivity is what it is and stating anytime possible this or that does not include doing it all day long.

A work force take breaks and this is at this moment that this kind of relaxation happens.

This woman was part of a minority and repeated a message that the majority did not taste, creating disturbance. She got sacrificed for the welfare of the group.

Racism is both a color-blind and global phenomenon.


No. Racism is still a white thing. Some other people are trying to acquire that behaviour but they have failed. It is nothing like an invention of a white mind (but possibly of liberalism if liberalism means US citizenism) to say that racism was invented, developed and spread by white people. This is only the acknowledgement of facts. Something hard to come with in this US driven world, I admit.

Urban Redneck's picture

Perhaps you should explain just why racism is a "white" or "American" thing.

As racists have been around since before the Persians were thumbing their noses at their neighbors after their first 1000 years of civilization, and that was several thousandyears ago. Then there are those racist white philosophers in Ancient Greece (although in fairness the paint has worn off most the marbles now, leaving and appearance of whiteness, unless one looks at an image of the same person on an amphorae - and the person same is black).  The Persian racism towards Arabs hasn't fundamentally changed over the last couple thousand years either, despite the Prophet Mohammed's influence on both groups.  Then there was the the eastern global phenomenon of the Arab slave trade and the millions of black and white slaves taken to create the trade's profits, and this was long before the Portuguese ever set foot in Zanzibar.  Moving a bit further east- neither the East India Company nor the Royal Census brought the racist caste system to India, the Brahminins came up with that one before Christ, Alexander the Great, and even the drafting of the book of Genesis in the Old Testament.  Moving forward a few years there was there were those evil white "Americans" in Babylon assembling the Talmud and blaming "darky".  Moving further east, and back in time (but not quite as far back as on the Indian subcontenent) there is the growth of the race based slave trade in China during the Tang dynasty, and that was centuries before Kublai Khan showed up in implemented his explicitely racist caste system in plenty of time to welcome Marco Polo.  In addition to that white American racist Kublai Khan's actions on the Asian and European continents, there were his attempted invasions of those other white American racists secretly occupying Japan since before 1274 and donning yellow-face several hundred later during the Sengoku period to impress the wayward Portuguese.  I could go into the centuries of examples of ethnic conflict in the "Americas" by red or brown "Americans" which didn't exactly commence like clockwork beginning in the fall of 1492, but perhaps you should start off with responding to the easy questions.


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The real question is : why are Morroco allowed to work in Europe in the first place when so many Europeans are unemployed ?

Dr. Porkchop's picture

Where I work, a majority of the employees are from Jamaica, Trinidad / Tobago, or India / Pakistan. There are a certain element who waste  no opportunity to shout racism when it suits them, mostly the Jamaicans or Trinis. It doesn't matter how much you try to earn their respect or be fair, they will turn around and try to screw you when things don't go their way.

It's not ethical behaviour. In the end, I blame HR and the Sr. Management, who have failed, over the course of many years to grab a pair and fire the underperformers and troublemakers. They are too afraid of lawsuits and the like. The employees do not respect the rules or management because of the lack of enforcement. They act like children and test the limits. Why? Because, that is how they are treated, like spoiled little children.



AnAnonymous's picture

Where I work, a majority of the employees are from Jamaica, Trinidad / Tobago, or India / Pakistan.


It's not ethical behaviour.


It is ethical behaviour and perfectly fits the US world order management.

There is a majority of these guys and the management wont disturb the group by sacking people whose speech do not harm the internal stability of the group.

The group is all in the US. Individuality exists only as  membership to a group.

Similarly, white people being racist in the majority white group wont get anything done to them by the management.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

That is what is known as a lie.

Whites run scared every single day, and have for decades.

AnAnonymous's picture

That is what is known as a lie.

Whites run scared every single day, and have for decades.


What is deemed lies by US citizens is probably by default truth.

AnAnonymous's picture

Reads like Belgium has still not overcome the loss of Congo...


Another good example of US citizenism. Failure at self perception.

A minority calling this the majority gets fired but a majority calling this a minority doesnt get fired.


Racism is a big part in US citizenism. People with directness and observation skills are suppressed.

This said, this woman was certainly not well fitted for marketing as marketing is all about propaganda and people with a taste for reality and facts are not well fitted for a propaganda job.

She somehow did herself a favour by speaking her mind as she was not able to dissimulate facts.

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We have many black people from Congo here. We don't have problems with them, I've never heard of any either.

Almost all of them speak the language and are nice hard working people.

They are very colorful people and are what immigrants should be. They keep their identity and adopted to us.


Our problem is the Muslim problem.


AnAnonymous's picture

Sure. Congolese are certainly not a problem to Belgian people. The reverse has not been true though.

Hard to understand by the same failed logics written above why Congolese should show any kind of respect to Belgian people.

Sudden Debt's picture

Many do. But you should dig into that to know why. Not everybody got their hands cut off and not everybody was forced into slavery. That was maybe 10%.

These people want to become us. They want to be like us. And that's why we never had real problems with them.

Sure there are and have been some but you'll have the same things with white people.


AnAnonymous's picture

These people want to become us. They want to be like us. And that's why we never had real problems with them.


It is not possible. Becoming like somebody demands to act like somebody and this is exactly what they are prevented from.

The situation is simple:

Players from team A play rough. Players from team B does not. If players from team stick to their tricks, A players blame them for not integrating, for not assimilating.

When B players start to play rough to act like A players, A players are totally upset and see in them playing rough a validation about B players' suppossed qualities.

If Muslims in Europe are poorly perceived, that is because they have understood how vain the story of assimilation, of becoming us is.

They perfectly understood the illusion of it. And are in a position to stick together. Probably not the case for the negroes in Congo.

Same for Chinese. They are spared at the moment because China is not to be treated likely. Western powers wont invade China on a whim as they do for a middle east country.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Well SD1, looks like your human side is dim.
You do make some good comments on finance and Silver, but boy, you sound like a racist douche here.

Léonard's picture

If Congolese hate the Belgian people that much, why are they coming in waves to live in Belgium ? They won their independancy decades ago.

AnAnonymous's picture

If Congolese hate the Belgian people that much, why are they coming in waves to live in Belgium ? They won their independancy decades ago.


It is nothing about hate or love. It is all about the resources. Human beings have been following the resources for millenia. The migration fluxes match the resources flows.

That is the way it is. And it is something the US world order has not managed to quash, if it has been trying very hard.

Oh regional Indian's picture

What are you smoking or drinking SD?

You sound like a confused chump on his third scotch on the rocks today.

Racism and how it impacts is a very personal experience. You cannot make broad brush generalizations.

But, since I'm a minority brown guy on this majority white thread, I'll say you guys can only get it intellectually.

In the US, I had the friendliest expeiences in supposedly racist states like Texas and OK and generally deep south places. IF I felt any racism, overt or otherwise it was in the Northeast in General and the libertarian town in th edeep pacific northwest etc.. 

On the other hand, I think we are going to see a wave of reverse racism once white culture/wealth falls into the dung heap. Soon.

Unbelievable hwo much acism and anger is an inch below surface on this board though.

Sad that intelligence and generosity of spirit don't go hand in had much anymore.



AnAnonymous's picture

On the other hand, I think we are going to see a wave of reverse racism once white culture/wealth falls into the dung heap. Soon.


This is non  sense.

Racism is part of US citizenism, the white culture that is conquering the world at the moment.

When non white people convert and adopt racism, they adopt US citizenism. There will be no fall of the 'white' culture as the new dominant people adopt it. And a 'reverse' wave will be the sign of the victory of US citizenism. If there is no such wave, there US citizenism will have been defeated, and superceded by another culture. Unlikely to happen.

English spoken by white, black, woman, man, kid is still english. Same will go with US citizenism.

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Please, respect the fact that European people are tired of bailing the brown man out and don't want to become a political correct US like melting-pot.