Guest Post: Who Will Your Senator Stand With Now?

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By Dylan Ratigan

At this very instant, many of those in our Senate are in danger of
being led off the plank by outgoing Chairman of the Senate Banking
Committee Chris Dodd. With cloture passing, Senator Dodd now has one final chance to present a manager's amendment to make a weak bill stronger (or possibly even weaker.)

Once again, this financial "reform" process has thankfully brought into the light of day that we have politicians who are brazen in their willingness to aid the same fraudsters who have brought a great nation to its knees. But as this week's primaries have clearly shown, there is no hesitation by the voters in throwing out the Establishment that got us into this mess and apparently has no plans to help us get out.

Thankfully, once forced to vote, politicians can no longer merely pretend to working for the People as they do the bidding of the Banksters. So once you look beyond all of the well-documented behind-the-scenes work by Dodd to weaken financial reform, we also have his on-the-record votes on a few of the meaningful attempts at real reform:

And just so you don't think he can't say yes to anything...

  • Yes on the Carper Amendment to
    actively prevent state Attorney Generals from fighting for YOUR rights,
    because apparently the one lesson Senator Dodd learned from this mess
    is that our country will be much better off if he can just keep the
    next Eliot Spitzer from protecting citizens.

Now is the time to contact Senator Dodd and let him and his staff know that you demand real financial reform. Though Senator is leaving office voluntarily, chances are that your Senator would like to stay. So if you are so inclined, ask them to exert their influence on the Chairman as well.

Ask them if they stand with Chris Dodd, who vacates his office with our nation in tatters largely due to the same banking system run amok that has plied him with campaign dollars, in danger of leaving this as his legacy:

Chris Dodd can still do what is right and give our country real reform. But since he is leaving the Senate for what is sure to be greener pastures, there is very little incentive for him to work for the People other than in the hopes of saving his legacy. However, we have a right to be represented in our Government and this is the time for your representative to hear the will of the People.

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"If They're In They're Out"

Very very few exceptions.

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Glass Steagall NOW!

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I've gone ahead and flagged this post as junk myself, since it tends into the paranoid fringe, but there's some good stuff in there.  Alan Watt has been paying attention for decades.

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Gramm is definitely in my "Top 5 for the Guillotine", along with:

Bob Rubin

Larry Summers




ajax's picture


I may have to

change my

moniker to

Mme. Defarge and

take up knitting.

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Dodd could give a shit on his way out the door. He's working on a Phil Gramm-type no show executive suite job . If he's smart, he'll go offshore. Gramm and Dodd were the one-two punch of destruction to the middle class. They are twins representing both corrupted Parties' allegiance to their masters.

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The question should not be "Who will you senator stand with now?"

Much more pertinent to ask "Who HAS your senator been sleeping with lately?"

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We should cease counting the Will of the People in Votes, and instead measure its intent and extent in Nooses.

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Chris "countrywide" Dodd and "do the right thing" in the same sentence?  


He is just a freakin taxpayer leach blowbag who likes to hear himself talk.  Why would anyone let a POS quitter like Dodd head up anything of importance?

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If you think there are any solutions in DC, kill yourself immediately.

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No current solutions with the scumbags now in DC, the least we can do is "One and Done" - just how motivated do you think someone is after being in office for decades, then again how motivated would someone be knowing it's a "One and Done" deal, finally a Congress that doesn't do a damn thing would be much appreciated and a boon for the USA...

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Sen. Chris Dodd is retiring at the end of the 111th Congress


Career Fundraising 1989 - 2010

Total Receipts: $48,528,008


(or $2.3 million a year not including his pay check, which is only $100k(ish) a year... so we the people pay him $100k and his master(s) pay him 23 times that amount ($2.3 Million), annually... but Lobbying is Legal, but bribery isn’t? Why can’t I lobby my way out of a speeding ticket? O yeah! I can by supporting the Judge (for re-election), but not the Police Officer... so the further up the ladder you go the more the Bribery is ok, just not for the common folks... its to, too difficult for us to get our head around, we ain’t that smart to be able to understand such complex issues.)


1989 - 2010

Total Spent:  $48,570,877


Debts: $335,361

Last Report: Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Top 5 Contributors, 1989 – 2010 Contributor *Total* “Individuals” (PACs)

 Citigroup Inc *$427,694*  “$381,694”  ($46,000)

 United Technologies *$387,900*  “$352,700”  ($35,200)

 Bear Stearns *$347,350*  “$337,350”  ($10,000)

 ActBlue *$303,150*  “$303,150”  ($0)

 American International Group *$285,238*  “$242,618”  ($42,620)




Top 5 Industries, 1989 – 2010 Industry *Total* “Individuals” (PACs)

Securities & Investment *$6,221,307*  “$5,455,317”  ($765,990)

Lawyers/Law Firms *$3,218,475*  “$2,761,631”  ($456,844)

Insurance *$2,431,646*  “$1,395,775”  ($1,035,871)

Real Estate *$2,041,073*  “$1,719,067”  ($322,006)

Commercial Banks *$1,333,463*  “$918,044”  ($415,419)


The lobby pays more than his pay check... it is the money used to buy ad time in his home state so that he can smile pretty and dance for the dumbass locals who don't know any better... This picture is repeated, over and over again in our Federal Government. These people are bought and paid for whores; they are willing to do whatever is needed to have the ability to raise Cash so that they can stay in office. No matter who gets Voted in, the Lobby will get to them because at some point the other guy running against them will use Lobby monies for Air Time and that means the other guy wins. Everyone is doing it, how can someone not...


Best question? How can a real person, not a Lobby Money Whore... win against a Money Machine? A real person cannot. Money equals the Air Time needed, it equals the Bought and Paid for Dirt on the other guy and it equals pay offs or whatever is needed to keep the scumbag in the race.


Until the lobby monies are stopped… nothing will change.


Your Vote, for whomever does not fund the campaign needs of your elected official.


An income 23 times larger than your pay check will affect how you think and act and dare I say vote.  

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I just sent Dodd a quick note letting him know my distaste, i suggest you do the same.

I'll await his reply.

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Here's the letter I got.  I applaud his honesty.

"Dear poor and indebted twit,

Thank you for contacting me to share your ideas as to how best to improve our nation's financial regulations. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

I've been working hard and sucking alot of cock to virtually guarantee that your whole life's work is in vain as my lazy friends profit from your industrious labor at the same time as we erode your health, resolve, and confidence by further pandering to your stupidity, hopes, and fears while simultaneously guaranteeing that the corporation's rights are protect.  After all they are people.  The Supreme Court said so.

As Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee since 2007, I have worked to ensure that foreclosure prevention and the overall economic challenges facing hard-working Americans have been at the forefront of the Committee's destructive agenda. I have also worked with my Republican and Democratic colleagues on the Committee to develop legislation that will create a system where dishonest businesses, large and small, can thrive on an uneven playing field and where middle-class families can work hard to ensure their long term financial slavery.  You should be happy about it because while there is no hope left for you; by supporting me in my endeavors to destroy your wealth, you can help guarantee that at least I am able to live a lavish and comfortable "retirement".

On April 14, 2010, I introduced comprehensive financial reform legislation to meet these goals. Senate bill 3217, the Restoring American Financial Stability Act (RAFSA) provides for the most sweeping reform of our financial regulations since the 1930's. It seeks to plug the regulatory gaps that gave rise to the last crisis, establish an early warning system to detect and address emerging threats to our nation's financial stability before they mushroom into another crisis, and alert us gluttonous pigs to the impending crisis so we can get on the profit bandwagon and prepare for ways to further erode your purchasing and political power before it's too late.

I am pleased that on March 22, 2010, the Senate Banking Committee voted 13-10 to approve this legislation, paving the way for the bill to be considered by the full Senate. Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind and snicker to myself as the Senate works to enact effective reforms that will restore the faith and confidence lost by our worlds richest in our ability to swindle the financial system.


Christopher J. Dodd"

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I think it's already been proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that these parasites haven't any interest beyond their own powdered asses.

They'll all play the "me too" game and prance around with the usual political theatrics...and pass some more meaningless legislation that all the roosters will start crowing about.

The truth is....that any meaningful legislation means the end of their power drunk lifestyles.

Barring a miracle, the time for voting at the ballot box is drawing to a close.

Anyone with a hair on their sac will do all they can to bring this criminal atrocity down, once and for we can begin to rebuild.

Starve the's the only real solution.

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ive called dodd about 20 times over the last year asking if his post retirement home will be anywhere Leavenworth, Kansas

we're working on menendez in NJ. recall is in state court, once they ok it, 1.3m signatures and he's out

since FNM/FRE hold 95% of outstanding mortgages, there needs to be a nationwide protest (or 10m people) to just not pay their mortgage one act of civil disobedience although not paying your mortgage is not illegal

Rick64's picture

Dodd is the epitomy of what is wrong with our politicians. The jig is up and its time we keep the politicians on the defensive. The ones that are patriots will not fear an uprising only those who betrayed their positions. 

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If the public had the first clue about Dodd's and Fwank's and Other Democrats' rolls in enabling Fannie and Freddie to do what they did to our financial markets, I don't think there would be a President Obama.  

Enough people in the electorate wrongly equated "Wall Street" with Republican, that the crisis definitely threw the race to party actually most responsible for it.  

That makes Rahm's "never let a good crisis go to waste" even more chilling, he who got paid millions during his time at Freddie. 

jeff montanye's picture

to tbt: horsepoop.  the republicans and the democrats are both in this past their eyes.  partisan politics is used to divide and conquer and then they get drunk and bang whores together (literally or figuratively).  it's like the planter caste in the old south using racism to keep the poor whites and the poor blacks from paying attention that they were both being screwed by the rich.

JW n FL's picture

Tom Coburn Ranking Member (R-OK)

Health Professionals




Oil & Gas








Pharmaceuticals/Health Products








Leadership PACs








Lawyers/Law Firms




Securities & Investment








Hospitals/Nursing Homes








Commercial Banks




Misc Finance








Business Services




Misc Manufacturing & Distributing




Finance/Credit Companies




Real Estate




Misc Defense





Susan M. Collins (R-ME)





Lawyers/Law Firms




Securities & Investment




Leadership PACs




Health Professionals




Real Estate












Misc Finance




Misc Manufacturing & Distributing
















Business Services




Health Services/HMOs




Pharmaceuticals/Health Products




Retail Sales




Commercial Banks




Printing & Publishing




Hospitals/Nursing Homes





John McCain (R-AZ)





Leadership PACs




Real Estate




Lawyers/Law Firms




Securities & Investment




Electric Utilities








Misc Business








Health Professionals




Misc Finance








Defense Aerospace




Business Services








Food & Beverage








Commercial Banks














John Ensign (R-NV)

Real Estate








Health Professionals




Leadership PACs




Securities & Investment




Lawyers/Law Firms
























Pharmaceuticals/Health Products




General Contractors




Misc Finance




Business Services








Hospitals/Nursing Homes




Telecom Services & Equipment




Oil & Gas




Commercial Banks




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"Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the Bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst yourselves, and when you lost, you charged it to the Bank... Beyond question this great and powerful institution has been actively engaged in attempting to influence the elections of the public officers by means of its money...


You tell me that if I take the deposits from the Bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin. Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin. You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the grace of the Eternal God, I will rout you out."



Andrew Jackson on The Second Bank of the United States which was the Central Bank of his day.

fallst's picture

Yeah, they make it look like Andrew Jackson was some lovable crank.


Woodrow Wilson was the 28th. Same Thing.

AUDIT THE FED. HR 1207 was passed. Don't try to dilute it. It is too late.

dir's picture

with all due respect, this entire bill is a grab-bag of diahorrea.

Solid, conservative insurers like USAA (disclosure: customer) that did nothing worng, much less unethical, will be forced to shed their banks for no reason other than the squids of the world (precisely 4 TBTF banks) and ONE insurer (AIG) f***ed over much of the population.


THe unintended consequences is that (let me guess) the conservative companies will have to shed banks, which  be promptly bought up into another TBTF through M&A organized by the likes of Dodd.


Simple prosecution was necessary before this 2,000+ page vomit.








Nikki's picture

My Senator Levin is Jewish. I'm pretty sure he won't be pyrsuaed to vote against the banks. The other senator will vote yes and there for the photo op. Writing is a waste of time ....

JW n FL's picture

You should be well informed... You should know who owns the Whores in Your State!


tony bonn's picture

Who Will Your Senator Stand With Now?

i know where saxby chambliss and johnny issakson are standing....they are standing in lloyd blankenfein's office with their butts up in the air swaying back and forth saying, "do me, lloyd."

those two pieces of shit should be flushed down the chattahoochee with two ton anchors hung around their necks.

jeff montanye's picture

saxby is particularly repellent.  his use of osama's image against the patriotism of his prior opponent a triple amputee combat wounded veteran sets the standard

Kat's picture more time, folks.




The stronger the SEC and regulation in general, the stronger are the firms that capture the regulator and the more screwed are you.

More regulation mean more barriers to entry for competition, ensuring that the large insiders with lots of dollars for bribing politicans and keeping the simpletons at the SEC ( who gosh darn it just want to watch a little good clean porn all day is that so wrong) of their backs so they can grow "too big to fail".

The overwhelming majority of the population doesn't know how to even begin thinking about what's in that bill, so don't look to them to oppose it.  Also, who cares if they throw out everyone who votes for this monstrosity?  It'll outlive the politicians and it'll screw up this country once it's passed.  Just think of it as Dodd's last "f*ck you".

You asked for more regulation.  You got it. 

Deal with it - in the customary manner of bending over and biting down on some rope.



justbuygold's picture

Dodd certainly is one of the most unpopular men in America right now, right up there with Giethner and Bernake.  You can add Shelby, Reid and Blarny Frank to that list as well. Hell, I could add another 50 names to this list of politicians who represent the banks and don't represent the people.  Why bother, the voters know who they are.

imaginalis's picture

Dodd is a traitor to his constituents, to the American people, to democracy and to free market capitalism. How can he sleep at nights?

John Self's picture

What about all the Connecticut hedge funds that are his constituents?

Buck Johnson's picture

It must be true, most of our congressmen and women must have dirt under their nails that they don't want out for others to see.

Debtless's picture

when will we take pitchforks to our banksters and officials?

why does the rest of the world get to have all of the fun?

ajax's picture

I once developed little democratic questions, which I will put to you. If you meet a powerful person, ask them five questions. What power have you got? Where did you get it from? In whose interest do you exercise it? To whom are you accountable? And how can I get rid of you? And if you can't get rid of the people who govern you, they may be brilliant but it isn't a democratic relationship, because if you can't get rid of them they don't have to listen to you.

Tony Benn

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Cut and Paste Letter to Dodd or substitute your senators name.

Senator Dodd - Please think of this message as the voice of hundreds of millions of middle class Americans.  The voice of the very people who have elected you to office and you've sworn an oath to represent and protect.   Please consider the power of this unified voice as you cast your upcoming vote on financial reform; as you are about to create a neon marquee for your legacy of your long career as a public servant.  Please think about the contribution you want most to be remembered for and then, do the right thing. 

The upcoming financial reform debate rages on as it approaches is final form.  For most of us American's we wonder, why on God's earth, would there even be such a lengthy debate?  For  what?  When to all of us, this issue is so cut and dry; so acutely black and white.  Either a politician is "for" the American people and upholds the American way of life and represents the will of the people without equivocation, or they're not.  In which case, they're representing the interests of an elite cadre of bankers and empowering them to continue their flagrant looting of the American middle class.  There an old adage that rings more true than ever.  "There is no way to serve two masters" and as things stand, it appears to all of us, that you are representing the interests, not of the people, but of the elite power bankers.  As I read the core elements of this bill I am taken aback by the complete disconnect from the description of the provisions to the underlying mechanism that is supposed to facilitate proper regulation.  The bill is pathetically weak, with virtually no material effect whatsoever in reigning in the unbridled power and financial abuses of the large banks.  Your version of the bill does absolutely nothing to protect the interests of the very people who have elected you into office.  Senator, Dodd, there's no in-between here.  It's really black and white.  If you're acting on behalf of the American, you need to quickly and decisively rework the bill in favor of strong and steadfast regulation.  That is the only interpretation of the "right thing to do".  Us Americans are much smarter than most politicians give them credit for.  Although this bill is dressed up with lots of "buzz " words, terminology and tough sounding rhetoric, it has no teeth whatsoever and eventually us American's will understand that our interests have been again forsaken for those of the power elite. 

So, which is it Senator Dodd?  Which master will you serve?  I think we, your public, have a right to know.  In your interviews, I have not heard one rational explanation of how this bill represents the interests of the American people.  All I can hope is that at the last minute you find it deep within your soul, to do the right thing.  To stand strong for the American people and stand up against the brazen, manipulative and destructive forces brought upon us by some of these financial institutions who have egregiously abused and pilfered our nation and the rightful owners of our dwindling wealth. 

Please think about your legacy.  Think about your family honor.  Think about this once great nation and please stand as a true leader for the people.  I can promise you, that if you do, all 300 million of us  will see you as a hero and your legacy will one day be etched in monuments.  Thank you for listening.  

Apostate's picture

They have no honor, and it does a disservice to your pride to petition these slugs. 

Debtless's picture

the letter i sent wasn't as pleasant in tone.

justbuygold's picture

Financial Reform Bill passes  59-39.  A very very very sad day for all Americans.  Protesters should have blocked Dodd and his crooked cronies from getting anywhere near the Senate Chamber today.

I at leaset have to admire the Greeks, French, and Thai people for getting out there and fighting for their rights.  Americans on the other hand just sit in their armchairs watching American Idol and eating a Big Mac. 


mark mchugh's picture

Possible ZH poll question:

"Would you support replacing congress with 535 Americans selected completely at random?"

Kat's picture

YES.  Preferably from trailor parks.

I'm not kidding.

jeff montanye's picture

not that he was correct more often than not, but that recollects the william f. buckley line about how he'd rather be governed by the first couple thousand names in the boston telephone book than the harvard faculty.  how long before they would be corrupted?

Debtless's picture

Random couldn't, er, wouldn't exist for long. not here.

doublethink's picture


Financial "reform" bill passes.


In a statement released after the vote, Feingold explained that the legislation does not address the root causes of the financial crisis:

"The bill does not eliminate the risk to our economy posed by 'too big to fail' financial firms, nor does it restore the proven safeguards established after the Great Depression, which separated Main Street banks from big Wall Street firms and are essential to preventing another economic meltdown. The recent financial crisis triggered the nation's worst recession since the Great Depression. The bill should have included reforms to prevent another such crisis. Regrettably, it did not."

Cantwell echoed Feingold's concerns in a separate statement after the vote:

"While this bill takes much needed steps to help prevent a crisis of this magnitude from ever happening again, it fails to close the very same loopholes in derivatives trading that led to the biggest economic implosion since the Great Depression," Senator Cantwell said. "Throughout this debate I have fought hard against efforts to weaken this legislation as well as to pass language to strengthen it further. But the fact of the matter is, without key reforms in derivatives trading, this bill does not safeguard America's economy from a repeat of this crisis.


Apostate's picture

Derivatives are a fucking red herring.

They exist because it's too complicated to run a halfway decent company that innovates in the United States. And it's too politically risky to start businesses that shake things up overseas.

See: Biotech, fucked over by "bioethicists" (read: an anti-science government inquisition), the FDA, various bizarre regulations, etc.

Some other weak government will be able to trivially attract vast amounts of capital (human and otherwise) if it's in the LEAST bit rational and decouples from the banking system.

It doesn't have to be the USA. It may not be. 

Apostate's picture

The problem is the Federal Reserve and the consequent fractional reserve banking system.

Get rid of that, and the culture will be forced to change.

Trying to make it work will just result in more unrest.

The barbarians are already mobilizing. It's also easy to forget that your typical terrorist tribe has many auxiliaries, loose allegiances, and family alliances.

If you read James Bamford's books, you even know that the intelligence agencies formally tasked with keeping these various tribes from going apeshit are themselves at war with one another - despite their nominal unification under the DHS.

If you really want to know what you're up against, I suggest his books and essays.

Grand Supercycle's picture


For several days I warned of EURUSD buying support as detected by my indicators - and this has been confirmed by the recent Euro break out.

The proprietary indicators I use can identify trend changes before they occur.

A_MacLaren's picture

Time for Torches and Pitchforks by the millions, 10s of millions to march on DC and NY.

TPTB, their henchmen and the criminals need to know the People will tolerate no more.

Rick64's picture

This is what is needed.