Guest Post: Winds Of War And Economic Crisis Behind The Attacks On The Pope

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Submitted by Maurizio D'Orlando of AsiaNews.It

Winds of war and economic crisis behind the attacks on the Pope

Milan (AsiaNews) –
Paedophilia is a great scandal. The fact that it involves Catholic
priests is an even greater scandal. Especially for a devout Catholic,
this pain is like few others. It is good thing that it is coming to
light. It would be worse if we allowed such a cancer to slowly consume
souls and let it pollute and destroy the structure of relations of the
Church from within. No one could find a better pretext to attack the
Catholic Church than this. We saw this recently in the wanton attacks
against the Pope that culminated in the obviously ones-sidedness of an
article by Laurie Goodstein published in the New York Times.1
Paradoxically, the Pope, who recently called for zero tolerance in
cases of paedophilia, was targeted more than ever and more than others.
Various Vatican media outlets have already described who did what,
refuting charges against the Pope. But even the Wall Street Journal in an editorial challenged the defamation of the Pope by the New York Times article.

Notwithstanding the lies, there are some disturbing
coincidences. Why so many accusations (some going back 40 years)
appeared all at once in various countries around the world? This is a
peculiar coincidence, but there are others, far more complex, that lead
to a somewhat more disquieting picture.

New York Times’ anti-Catholicism

Laurie Goodstein is the Times’ national
religion writer. She is known for her specifically anti-Catholic
acrimony, as Mgr Timothy M. Dolan, archbishop of New York, pointed out
in an article that appeared on the diocese’s website with a telling
title “Anti-Catholicism,”2 which the NYT refused to publish.

The Times (but also other US newspapers) likes
to focus on scandals in the Catholic world, whilst refusing to cover
other paedophilia scandals, like that involving Yehuda Kolko, a teacher
at the Yeshiva Torah Temimah in Brooklyn.3
Similarly, the paper refused to cover Dov Hikind, a rightwing Zionist,
who refused to testify about thousands of complaints collected
following the broadcast of a radio programme about paedophilia and
incest among Jewish communities in New York, especially Haredi
(Ultra-Orthodox Jews). There was a story there, and a lawyer, Dowd,
well known for class action suits that bankrupted many Catholic
religious communities and dioceses, had called for him to testify.

It is another coincidence that whilst some stories
involving Catholic priests go back 40 years, other, more recent and
more serious cases of paedophilia were not4
(one case that is particularly noteworthy goes back to 2003 and
involves a Scottish girl, Hollie Greig, former NATO Secretary General
Lord Robertson and Chancellor of the Exchequer and current British
Prime Minister Gordon Brown, a story that Tony Blair sealed away for
100 year as a state secret).

Preparing an attack on Iran

The fact that that the Times applies a double
standard is not a problem since few people view the paper as a good
authority anymore. British hypocrisy over its own dirty secrets is also
unimportant because it is expected. What is more worrisome is the fact
that on the day Laurie Goodstein’s article was published, Reuters  ran a story out of Jerusalem, reprinted on 26 March 2010 by the Washington Post,5  a
story that eventually disappeared from the “independent” Anglo-American
press and that of almost all of the rest of the world, namely the
possibility that Israel might use tactical nuclear weapons in a
preventive attack against Iran.

This is linked to other news that appeared two weeks
earlier, which also disappeared from the “independent” press, namely
that US President Obama had special “bunker-buster” bombs, originally
destined for Israel, diverted to the US base in Diego Garcia, in the
Indian Ocean, for possible use in an attack on Iran.6
Located about a thousand miles south of India, between Mauritius and
the Persian Gulf, the island is ideally placed to launch an air strike
against Iran. According to an expert, US bombers are already capable of
hitting 10,000 objectives in Iran in just a few hours, and totally
destroy the country.7  Once
the weapons are deployed (presumably in one or two months), the
disposition for attack will be in place and a military operation could
be ordered at any time. In other words, the United States wants to have
all options available, whilst Israel wants to press the accelerator and
threatens to use tactical nuclear weapons if the US decides not to do
what Israel wants.

On 9 April 2010, Russia and the United States signed
an agreement in which the two parties agree not to use atomic weapons
against countries that have signed the non-proliferation treaty
(leaving out Iran and North Korea as well as Israel, although this is
not said). Recently, Obama and Sarkozy have worked together to get an
international consensus on new sanctions against Iran. This might be
achieved in a few weeks, or even a few days. It is thus clear that
sanctions could be followed by a catastrophic attack against Iran.

Iran is not the only country that might have violated
non-proliferation agreements. Israel for example, in violation of all
treaties, has built 200 to 400 nuclear warheads. It has even threatened
to use them (albeit “tactical” nuclear weapons, as if that was less
disquieting). As it is well known, Iran might (perhaps) build some, a
few, nuclear bombs. We must stress “might” given the value of the
information some secret services have provided the world. Iraq under
Saddam Hussein was said to have weapons of mass destruction. After the
country was invaded and 1.3 million Iraqis died, no weapons of mass
destruction were ever found. Given such claims, doubts are
understandable, which does not mean that that either Saddam Hussein or
the Iranian regime are in the clear. Yet those who voice such doubts
are often dismissed as providing support for Islamist terrorism or even
of anti-Semitism (when it is used against those who criticises the
policies of the Government of Israel).

The reality is that sanctions are a prelude to an
attack against Iran. Some may not realise that the destruction of Iran,
perhaps using tactical nuclear weapons, could set off World War Three.
Some 10,000 Russians are working near Iran’s electricity-generating
nuclear power plants, and China has good relations with Iran.
Undoubtedly, the Iranian regime is a cause for concern, but it is hard
to believe that one would risk triggering a worldwide conflict with
unimaginable consequences only to stop the possible development of a
few nuclear bombs.

The great economic failure

Perhaps, there is more to this, namely the use of war
to hide a great economic failure. A new wave of insolvent loans and
“toxic” securities might be on the way. A fraud with at the centre
HSBC, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan-Chase is expected to come to light
soon, involving physical bullion markets and other raw materials, one
that is so big that the Madoff affair would appear as kids’ stuff. By
the way, when the scandal in Britain’s top echelons was hushed up,
Gordon Brown sold (sold off) gold from the UK’s reserves.8
More importantly, public debts in many countries have reached such
proportions that they have not only become unmanageable but they can no
longer be concealed or their repayment put off much longer, for the
future is upon us, now.

According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), not AsiaNews
or some extremist or daft blogger, the US debt/GDP ratio is expected to
reach 400 per cent. This means that the huge fraud involving selling
precious metals short in London and New York, that no one can now meet,
must be covered up. The power system that controls big media must
especially find ways to justify the inevitable and certain insolvency
of the Federal Reserve and US Treasury.

History teaches us that rulers use war to swamp
everything with hyperinflation. The Falklands War is one example (led
by Argentina’s bankrupt military junta); Yugoslavia’s civil war is
another. It is a simple and ingenious way, tested over the millennia.

What more can be said? The Catholic Church and the
Pope had to be targeted; their moral authority attacked at any cost.
But perhaps this is just a coincidence.


The campaign launched by the press and television has however left its
mark. Paedophilia has come to be seen as a problem that affects only or
mostly Catholic priests. Required to be celibate by the tradition and
law of the Church, they are easy to accuse. In the United States, 4 per
cent of Catholic priests have been charged, but only 1 per cent of them
have been found guilty. For some, covering up for paedophile priests is
seen as the main concern of Catholic bishops as if there were no rules
of faith and Canon Law or judges and courts in the United States quite
willing to take on Catholic religious leaders. If anything, the
opposite is true. Many media outlets and legal groups have shown that
they are moved by malevolent preconceptions about Catholicism and the
Catholic hierarchy.

2 See Timothy M. Dolan, “Anti-Catholicism,” in Archdiocese of New York, 29 October 2009.

3 See

Other notorious cases are the Marc Dutroux affair in Belgium, which
involved paedophile groups as well as a police chief and European
Commission President Jacques Delors, and the Boy Scouts in Australia
and even the United States, cases that were completely ignored by mass

5 Dan Williams, “Israel could use tactical nukes on Iran,” Reuters, Friday, 26 March 2010. See also

6 Rob Edwards, “Final destination Iran?” in The Herald Scotland, 14 March 2010, and “Obama blocks delivery of bunker-busters to Israel,” in The World Tribune, 18 March 2010.  

Obama’s order also stopped shipment to Israel of other attack weapons
(helicopters and long-distance, in-flight supply planes) needed for an
offensive against Iran, which George Bush had previously held back. The
former president had refused to release them in late August 2008,
during the US election campaign, just a few weeks before Lehman
Brothers filed for bankruptcy. The effect was to move the US Jewish
lobby’s support and funding from McCain to Obama.

See Tyler Durden, “Did Gordon Brown Sell UK's Gold To Keep AIG And
Rothschild Solvent? More Disclosures on How the NY Fed Manipulates Gold
Prices,” Zero Hedge, 24 March 2010.

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buzzsaw99's picture

i think you are confused.

the sharks jumped the ponzi

the fonzie jumped the shark

don't be a fonzie

TomJoad's picture

My list of fuckers who need to jump just got longer.


Jump!  You Fuckers!


Mercury's picture

Give me a break - Obama isn't starting any third war in an Islamic nation.  He's more likely stockpiling weapons in Diego Garcia so he can give them away to some nearby country to bolster their self esteem.


Paladin en passant's picture

I believe this was written by a schizophrenic, probably a paranoid schizophrenic. It's a shame to see ZeroHedge waste our time with such insanity.  The world's crazy enough, let's not add to it here, please.  (And if Tyler thought this was some form of entertainment, shame on him.)

chet's picture

If you Catholics spent half as much energy on solving the problem of pervasive child rape in your institutions as you spend on defensive whimpering, you'd have this situation licked by now and beginning the process of moving on.

Claiming to be unimpeachable while a new raped child comes forward every day makes you look foolish and supremely out of touch.

binky's picture

A late acquaintance worked at Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell for several years during the 1990's. All he did was handle priest/pedophile cases for the Chicago Archdiocese. His favorite was a complaint where an eight year old male reported multiple thumb insertions in the anal region. The priest explained that this type of activity "was good for cancer". Have my doubts about the cancer claim, but it must be true. Why in hell would a man of the (loin)cloth lie. 


Ever ask yourself why priests rape nuns? The following article describes a couple of reasons that are as good as any.







Cheeky Bastard's picture

WTF, ZeroHedge, What.Tha.Fuck ?

I am all in favor of information diversity and interdisciplinary discourse and articles, but this just screams WTF ?

Burnbright's picture

Guys calm down. I was pissed too until I read who had posted it. Yes, its a crappy article, but that doesn't mean this place is going down hill, just look at the posters name first.

ZackAttack's picture

The Myth of the Persecuted Christian isn't going to fly here.

Ratzinger alleged to be knee-deep in the coverup. Vatican attacks the media as sponsoring "a concerted campaign to smear him and his aides for a problem that Rome insists is not unique to the Catholic Church."

Because, yeah, not a day goes by when we don't hear about authority figures of *every* faith fucking dozens of nonconsenting deaf children, and how God's emissary on earth for that faith intervenes to block the investigation.


ZackAttack's picture

First, any nonzero number is unacceptable in adult humans.

Second, the expectation of every human on the planet is that ordained members of a religious sect will exhibit a statistically significant difference in behavior than the populace at large.

three chord sloth's picture

Sure, any non-zero number is too much. And we should be able to expect better from religious leaders. That is all true, and besides the point.

There is an agenda. Some sector of the media is using lies of omission to create a narrative. The question is: Why?

If the problem is not unique to the Catholic church, nor is it more common there than in other similar orgs., then what is the reason for the spotlight?

I don't know if the original post is correct, or if there is another agenda in play, but something is hinky... and double standards always raise my hackles and suspicions.

JeffB's picture

ZackAttack: "Ratzinger alleged to be knee-deep in the coverup."

That's part of the problem right there.  The NY Times (like others) has made sweeping, misleading and at times false claims based on poor reporting from a faulty translation of a document they could have easily had translated themselves and everyone jumps all over the story as if it is the truth.

Digging into the material and learning the truth is more tedious and time consuming, however, and few will do so.  By then the misinformation is accepted by the masses as an accepted fact.

If interested, here's one article discussing one of the more inflammatory and misleading NY Times articles:

"Vatican attacks the media as sponsoring 'a concerted campaign to smear him and his aides for a problem that Rome insists is not unique to the Catholic Church.'"

It isn't only the Vatican that has made this allegation.  Phillip Jenkins, not a Catholic, studied the problem of pedophilia in depth and wrote a book on the subject.  He wrote a book entitled "Pedophiles and Priests" and maintains that Catholic priests are no more likely to be pedophiles than other people in religious life, nor even that people in other occupations, such as teachers, policemen etc.:

"Because, yeah, not a day goes by when we don't hear about authority figures of *every* faith fucking dozens of nonconsenting deaf children, and how God's emissary on earth for that faith intervenes to block the investigation."

Well, I think that's the problem that Catholics and some others are complaining about.  Child abuse is quite rampant and per Professor Jenkins' studies, one religion is being singled out for it.  The ones that are brought to the public forum and spotlighted are heavily skewed in such a manner that it would appear that it cannot just be random or a coincidence.

What is amazing is that there is a movement among psychologists to consider pedophilia as a normal variant of human behavior, much as was done in their shift on the issue of homosexuality.  The American Psychological Association has had members publish papers stating that adult child sexual relationships can even be *good* for the kids:

The Problem of Pedophilia

On the Pedophilia Issue:
What the APA Should Have Known

By Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D. and Dale O'Leary

The APAs: 'Academic Pedophile Advocates'
By Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.

and the mainstream media has absolutely ignored the heavily documented and systematic coverup of sexual predators by the abortion industry:

trichotil's picture

dont forget our lovely 'hate speech' laws that protect the kid raping scum:

apparently it only applies to the kikes.might it have something to do with the talmud's sanctioning of said behavior?



ZackAttack's picture

Abstinence makes the Church grow fondlers.

boooyaaaah's picture


Matt 8:14-15   14 When Jesus came into Peter's house, he saw Peter's mother-in-law lying in bed with a fever. 15 He touched her hand and the fever left her, and she got up and began to wait on him.  

1 Cor 9:4-6

5 Don't we have the right to take a believing wife along with us, as do the other apostles and the Lord's brothers and Cephas? 6 Or is it only I and Barnabas who must work for a living?

1 Tim 4:1-3

4 But the Spirit says expressly that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons,

2 through the hypocrisy of men who speak lies, branded in their own conscience as with a hot iron;

3 forbidding marriage and commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth

Baring's picture

Follow the money and the lawyers:


Sex, God, and Greed

Privatus's picture

It's not a conspiracy theory if the New York Times asserts it.

PenGun's picture

 We need "flag as junk" for whole articles too.

lucky 81's picture

lots of these priests and brothers and assosiates were given vatican passports and santuary. assets were sold off and the money sent to the vatican, out of reach of lawyers for the victims. if the vatican and it's management says sorry its because they are only trying to protect market share.

No soul needs a church to pray to our Father. 

tom's picture

priest pedophilia is no pretext for attacking the catholic church. it's a completely rational accusation. there's no scriptural reason to require priests to be celibate. it's just stupid medieval doctrine. which has predictable, horrible consequences. and the catholic hierarchy knows very well through long experience what the horrible consequences are. and prefers to cover them up rather than change the stupid medieval doctrine. an even bigger scandal is the stupid medieval doctrine against condoms. a lot of good people are out there doing their best to stem the aids epidemic, and these assholes are fighting those good people every inch of the way. if there were a hell, they would burn in it.

knukles's picture

Claiming celebacy whilst buggering little boys?
Gives new meaning to the condition Delusional Sociopathy.

Sorta like Investment Bankers claiming to be "doing God's Work."

The Merchant of Venice's picture

It's a church.  Are you expecting them to profess fealty to animal instincts?

The whole point is to direct human choice away from their animal instincts.

JeffB's picture

Tom: "priest pedophilia is no pretext for attacking the catholic church. it's a completely rational accusation."

I think it is rational to take a good hard look at things when horrific abuses like this occur.  Unfortunately, I think all to many people, take things beyond the rational realm and into the irrational and even hysterical.  It's even worse when those in the media deliberately fan the flames, particularly if they do so in misleading fashion.

" there's no scriptural reason to require priests to be celibate. it's just stupid medieval doctrine."

Not really.  Celibacy began long before medieval times.  There is in fact, much historical evidence that the practice went far back, probably all of the way to the Apostles.  Tombstones and other evidence, for instance, shows that invariably priests who were married prior to being ordained, often had children before becoming priests, but had none after ordination.

There are several scholarly books on the subject, though I don't have the titles or links handy.  But here are a couple of radio programs where the topic is discussed including much of the background material along with the titles and authors of some of those books:

For a discussion of the biblical aspects of celibacy, try:

"which has predictable, horrible consequences. and the catholic hierarchy knows very well through long experience what the horrible consequences are."

That seems to be "common knowledge" but is completely unsupported by the facts.  See Phillip Jenkins' book "Pedophiles and Priests: Anatomy of a Contemporary Crisis" for the facts as outlined in rigourous research.  It does not support your conclusion.

" and prefers to cover them up rather than change the stupid medieval doctrine. an even bigger scandal is the stupid medieval doctrine against condoms."

The Judeo Christian moral prohibition of artificial birth control goes back all the way to the beginning of the Bible, Genesis, millenia before Christ.  See:

The Sin of Onan Revisited

" a lot of good people are out there doing their best to stem the aids epidemic, and these assholes are fighting those good people every inch of the way. if there were a hell, they would burn in it."

I think once again you are accepting "common wisdom" which is just flat out wrong.  Researchers are now beginning to admit that the African nations, such as Uganda, which took the Pope's message against condoms to heart have had a dramatic drop in AIDS cases, while their neighbors who embraced condoms and the "safe sex" ideology have had the number of AIDS cases explode.

"Senior Harvard Research Scientist for AIDS Prevention, Dr. Edward Green, who is the author of five books, including “Rethinking AIDS Prevention: Learning from Successes in Developing Countries” discussed his support for Pope Benedict XVI’s comments with CNA:

"According to Dr. Green, science is finding that the media is actually on the wrong side of the issue.  In fact, Green says that not only do condoms not work, but that they may be “exacerbating the problem” in Africa."

"After spending 25 years promoting condoms for family planning purposes in Africa, he insists that he’s quite familiar with condom promotion. Yet, ...The accepted wisdom in the scientific community, explained Green, is that condoms lower the HIV infection rate, but after numerous studies, researchers have found the opposite to be true. “We just cannot find an association between more condom use and lower HIV reduction rates” in Africa."

See also:

Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

I think the point was not that paedophilia should be ignored [it shouldn't], but the timing and the amount of airtime spent on this subject at this moment. The question is: what else is being swept under the rug while our attention is diverted?

Barney Frank could do all of the above crimes (and more) and it wouldn't register on anyone's radar.

Augustus's picture

Maybe the problem is that the accused men were Romans rather than being Roman Polanski.  If they had been movie makers or brothers of the French President these activeties would have only increased their stature and mystery.

Buck Johnson's picture

Nobody is talking about the fraud in the gold and silver markets that is starting to surface.  I'm starting to see more and more articles in MSM news websites about manipulation and also problems getting your gold delivered.  They are trying to whistle in the graveyard and pay no attention to the end of the scheme.  As the author of this post said, it's well past everyone trying to roll stuff over for another 5 or 10 years they want their money and/or gold know.  And I did talk about on a few post about the move of the Bunker Busters going to Diego Garcia (which is a forward staging ground for the bombers).  I do remember that they where supposed to have been sent to Israel last year, but the must have changed.  This means that we are going to launch an all out attack on Iran in order to cover up our financial mess.  I don't think that Israel would seriously use nukes, but we probably decided to not call their bluff and on top of the financial mess decide to kick this stuff off.

Just look at the melt up in the market and the horrible low volume.  It just looks like a manipulated market that is waiting for the hammer and the few suckers who will still by an under a dollar stock and think that its a good deal.

merehuman's picture

Buck, you paint a right good picture of the moment we are stuck in.

I realize now that it is hopeless. they have the vertical and the horizontal. Twilight zone for real. Elections , ha lol. too late. they sure have a plan and are steps ahead of us with the power to get us indebted or killed.

I pity city dwellers who have no clue.

The Merchant of Venice's picture

Which Treasuries are holding surplus dollars?

Far too many people perceive US actions in the Middle East as directed by Israel.  That's complete nonsense.  The Jews just take it since they're used to taking it like this for practically all of their history.

US actions in the Middle East are actually parallel to the interests of the energy exporting nations.  They're the ones that hold surplus dollars that the US wants to flow back to the West.

Diego Garcia is British territory.  They're just as deep into the US dollar as the energy exporters.

Iran will be attacked.  Israel will get the blame.  But the actual bids on the conflict are coming from the UAE, the Saudis, and Qatar.

Catullus's picture

I don't think it's anymore complicated than the NYTimes is generally shocked that anyone would worship anyone or anything besides the state. 


trav7777's picture

Mohammed was a pedophile

knukles's picture

OK  That's It.  Enuf Already.


BTW, another article from the same edition of the;

Augustus's picture

Is doing it with one's 9 yr old bride considered to be a pedophile?

aka_ces's picture

ZH bidding on this offer ?  I'd say ZH is shorting it.

dumpster's picture

I'd say ZH is shorting it.


eratta   snorting

MarketWizard's picture

Its about time we got some objective reporting!  Great Article!

rich_maverick's picture

I don't see this as being objective.  Sorry, being a "former Catholic", having grown up in Canada (which has it's own set of Church pedophile scandals, that were systematically covered up), it's hard to listen to a complaint that well... the media is focusing on this scandal and not talking about all these other scandals...  boo, hoo, hoo...  The point is that men in powerful positions have abused their positions in society throughout history.  Unfortunately, as time goes on, power does shift from one group of people to another.  So, when the veil of power erodes, so do the secrets.  And with the loss of power, the old allies change allegiances and often are the very same ones who send you to the wolves.  I'm certain that 30 years ago, any media outlet, including the NY Times, even mentioning of such a scandal from any priest, would have been silenced.  The Catholic church is not as powerful as it once was (I mean, it's not Goldman Sacks!), and as such, all it's secrets are eventually going to come out.

Ironically, the Catholic Church itself likely knows more about the sins and secrets of many other powerful people and nations.  I wonder if they are going to follow through on revealing the secrets themselves, or keep it with them to the grave.  Those who believe in the "Malachy prophecy" know that Pope Benedict will be the last Pope.  Yes, the Church modified the prophecy to add "Peter the Pope" as the last Pope...  But, I wonder if changing a prophecy actually changes the outcome.  Throw in "Fatima prophecy", and well... you can see how the 3rd prophecy is manifesting itself.  Not that I am a huge believer of prophecy, just find it rather fascinating that somehow, someway, someone was able to be so specific in knowing the future...  and their prediction was that this was to be the "end of the Church".  In the end, it was not some outside force that would be their downfall, but rather it was all from within.


Mitchman's picture

This article is beyond bizarre and a disappointment for its being posted on the web's best financial site.  I guess the global warming theory must be true because this crap must have come out of some overheated fever swamp somewhere in the jungles surrounding Singapore.  The only thing left to say is that John Birch would have attributed all this, and especially the article, to the vast International Zionist Conspiracy.  What a bunch of malarky.  I can hear Bugs Bunny saying of the author "What a Maroon".  This guy is so F***ing stupid he should be appointed as the next Fed Chairman. 

strannick's picture

Bravau Zerohedge.

 Seems dissenting opinion really is taboo here. I kinda thought qcritically evaluating the status quo and their media-bots was what exactly what Zerohedge was supposed to be all about. Reminds me of being in university, that ideological boot camp in tolerance clothing.

Looks like Zerohedge reallys is too radical for the headnodding zombi-ite posters on this thread.

Stay Golden Ponyboy Durden. Dont bother handing him a pitchfork when you gather your next rumor-instigated lynching.  


mudduck's picture

"...other, more recent,and more serious cases of paedophilia were not." Is like saying "my cousin the kiddie diddler is being treated worse than my POS neighbor the paedophile, and its not fair." In that case after you finish spitting out your teeth, you can invite them both over and I promise that they will both leak out brains through their bashed in skulls at an equal rate. Whatever the point, anyone who could say one type of child molestor is better than another is an asshole.

slavador's picture


Zero hedge has great big brave BALLS.

Since the 2010 worldwide Church story began I have been extremely surprised that so little speculation on what mechanism enabled it to break  everywhere at the same time. My own personal opinion is that some very slimy and sinister people are presently trying to neuter all opposition in a run up to the war with Iran that they crave.

Congrats To Zero Hedge for publishing unpopular ideas that are much closer to the truth than those that are socially acceptable

rich_maverick's picture

Sorry, but you are mistaken.  Investigations into priests molesting boys have occurred over the past 30 years at least.  Cases, and documentaries from shows like W5 and the Fifth Estate about native (i.e. Indian) Canadian children being rounded up in Reservations to be "thought" by priests and nuns (for their own good) have been well televised.  Moreover, many of the children were then raped and tortured.  In fact, the Canadian government ended up paying families restitution for taking the children away in the first place.  Little happened to the priests...  This stuff is all on the internet.

That said, I will not question the possibility that someone is trying to make a story out of this in order to divert attention from something else.  I mean, this pedophilia has been going on for a very long time within the Catholic Church.  Why the sudden attention?  Maybe it has to do with the way stories like these blow up.  Take the gold and silver manipulation, which the article mentions.  For years, organizations and people have been talking about manipulation.  Small pieces of information were captured in Fed minutes describing how both Volcker and Greenspan admitted to manipulating gold prices by leasing or selling into the open market.  Now, we get news that Bears, and now JPM, have been in the big commodity manipulation game for a long time.  Again, few people listen.  But, at some point, this scandal becomes "the story".  It becomes the next "Madoff" because of the crimes that took place.  That said, the signs were there for years, but few paid any attention, until the story became too hot not to make a stink about it.  Just look at President Clinton and his affinity for the ladies... it was only when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke that America made a big stink that our President was a lying, cheating perv!

The Merchant of Venice's picture

There is a simpler explanation.

In preparation for war the State needs to weaken independent institutions while strengthing its own.

As a refresher, the Vatican opposed the invasion of Iraq.  It presented its position to the members of the coalition.  They listened, yet disregarded their view.

Baring's picture


<<As the controversy surrounding the Catholic Church deepens, many people are asking: How could this have happened? In a new book, Goodbye, Good Men, author Michael Rose presents shocking evidence that the root of the problem extends down to the very place where vocations to the priesthood germinate: the seminary. Rose, who over the course of two years interviewed some 125 seminarians representing fifty dioceses and twenty-two major seminaries, has uncovered a profound spiritual problem inside the seminaries and a sickness of untold proportions.

Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church exposes the deliberate infiltration by those who wish to change the doctrines, disciplines and mission of the Catholic Church. This radical subculture and its liberal mindset-one that accepts homosexuality and sexual promiscuity in many seminaries-threatens the future of the Catholic Church.

The gay subculture is so prominent at certain seminaries that they have earned nicknames such as: "Pink Palace" (St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore), "Notre Flame" (Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans), and "Theological Closet" (Theological College at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC). At these and several other seminaries, Rose found shocking examples of how, time and time again, chaste heterosexual seminarians are dismissed as unfit for the priesthood, while promiscuous homosexuals, and even those who have harassed, molested, or even raped other seminarians, are protected or promoted.

For anyone who has asked how pedophiles or predatory homosexual priests could possibly have been tolerated-here is the answer, in the most explosive book on the Catholic Church in a generation.>>


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The pope should be trialed for crimes against humanity and be locked up.

Clean up the church! FAST! Christians are leaving the church because all this crap!

This pope has a nazi history and helps out paedophiles!!! HOLY CR...!


People are beginning to spit on the cross, and are forgetting all what is good about Jezus and the Chruch for what it stood for!

People should not make excuses for criminals who use the church to cover up their sick twisted habits!

I am a firm believer in God, but I hate the Vatican. THEY INVEST IN WARS ALL OVER THE WORLD! THE VATICAN!