GX Clarke Defines "Indirect Bidder"

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[G. X. Clarke & Co. issued the nicest takedown request that we've seen in a while- and from a partner, and they don't even mention the DMCA.  How could we not comply?



Sir / Madam,
I am writing on behalf of G. X. Clarke & Co. with reference to an entry posted by "Tyler Darden" on your site at 9AM today, July 28, entitled "GX Clarke Defines ‘Indirect Bidder’”. This entry can be found at http://www.zerohedge.com/article/gx-clarke-defines-indirect-bidder.  Please be advised that this entry was excerpted, without permission, from a daily market commentary that we provide to our clients, and which is protected by a strict confidentiality disclaimer similar to the one that follows this email.  We take infringements of this type very seriously, and as such, we object to this information being posted on your site.  As a result, I am writing to kindly request that you delete the aforementioned item without delay.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Bernard Spanger
Bernard S. Spanger
G.X.Clarke & Co.
10 Exchange Place, Suite 1005
Jersey City, N.J. 07302
Phone: 201-xxx-xxxx
Fax:    201-xxx-xxxx
E-Mail: xx@xx.com
URL: http://www.gxclarke.com


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lizzy36's picture

So, still no definition...

At this point might be easier to delineate what we don't have to take with a grain of salt.  Actually, can anyone name anything that we don't have to take with a grain of salt?

Hansel's picture

I'd say ATA truck tonnage and railfax reports.

DebtorShredder's picture

Even with a definition, would you trust it? Not me.

When we get past this illusion that the govt. operates to protect the citizens of this country and realize they are corrupt, we will be making huge strides.

Next time CNBC covers the Davos summit, think of the definition of "Davos Men", which is a reference to the global elite:

" they have little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing, and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the élite's global operations".

Anonymous's picture

Transparency is the enemy to the financial oligarchy. All else tucks into this. The whole point is so you can't figure it out, much like "what's in the bag". We can't handle the truth!

ghostfaceinvestah's picture

Exactly.  You know they are desperate when they start messing with the definitions used in bond auctions.

Why change the definition?  Why not create another category?

Obfuscation at its best.

Cheeky Bastard's picture

off topic and re-post, so please do not shoot me:


Tyler or Marla, who ever reads this first ... can you do something about tracking the responses to the comments we post ... it's a pain in the ass to keep going trough all the old posts to see if someone replied to our comments ... can you mix something up that would facilitate the tracking .... many times i engage in some sort of discussion with fellow posters and it's impossible for me to track all the responses i get on my comments ... so, if it wouldn't be a problem for you, please do something about that ... I'm not being ungrateful for all the things you have done, but this would really be an improvement ... something like copying a comment onto our profile and provide the number of responses we get for that comment ... something like Market Watch used to have ... if you do it, I'll send you  cookies and a free location for your server on the NYSE floor ... many thanks 

Cheeky Bastard's picture

Andy, do you have any idea how could i contact Marla or Tyler directly and send them this little request ... i can't find any e-mail addresses or nothing ... and i don't think they even noticed this ..

Anonymous's picture

+1, and i second it also ..

trader1's picture

this would be a great idea

Anonymous's picture

Another way to monetize the debt and keep interest rates low ?

Anonymous's picture

indirect = insider direct ... anyway whazza dificulty are you a bot?

Before answering please answer this insultingly simple problem intended to determine if you are a machine- or not sufficiently intelligent (or determined) to be Tyler Durden.

From the 1984 text 2 plus 2 = ____

CR. (no not that one!)

Anonymous's picture

Deck the harrs with bows of horry, Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra! 'Tis the season to be jarry, Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra!

Anonymous's picture

Kind of a play on words like for instance: Federal Reserve

A NON-Federal entity (parasite) that in fact has no 'reserves' to speak of, just an insurmountable IOU from the American taxpayer and a printing press running non-stop.

ptoemmes's picture

So now an indirect bid (which is really (counted as) a direct bid to the Fed) now includes "guaranteed bids received by primary dealers".


Tell me more about "guaranteed bids".  From whom? For what (USA bonds I guess), etc.


How are "USA dollars" being "routed" to in effect buy USA bonds?


Are we flying in ever decreasing circles until we fly up our own asshole?





Anonymous's picture


All primary dealers of treasury bonds have a contractual obligation to be the buyer of last resort in bond auctions.

They have to place a minimum bid and even that bid is pre-determined.

To include this in the foreign purchsing ledger is corrupt to an unthinkable degree.

This is easily one of the biggest scams in history, we are talking about the collapse of our country under Bernanke's bailout and they drop their pants and take a shit right on the data and act like nothing happened.

Anonymous's picture

Can the numbers be reconstructed backwards i.e. subtract out the primary dealer 'dealer of last resort' contractual debt obligations from the overall number?

Hasn't somebody tried to do this?

Anonymous's picture

There is no conspiracy afoot here. Please read this link to my blog.


Gabriel Gray's picture

We are almost to the point where making shit up, will be sold as fact and truth.

Anonymous's picture

+2 and I support the motion to track commentators.

Anonymous's picture

anon at 10:41 needs to see something else.

Try this link and look at the comments


The term moral obligations and treasury uttered in the same breath are really stretching it.

Anonymous's picture

Hours upon hours of playing World of Warcraft has finally paid off. This makes perfect sense to me.

Anonymous's picture

Well, you cannot monetize debt in the open, so you sell it with the right hand and buy it with your left hand, but your left hand needs a "glove".

With unlimited amount of printing or the new way now, just electronically crediting accounts, you can pay anything in the world that you want, the question is for how long.

And I don't think the Social Security fund or Medicare fund will ever be bankrupt. "We at the Treasury" cannot accept that, we will pay Social Security benefits also with COLA (of around 3-5% annual), but the problem will be that those Social Security payments will probably be enough to pay for a lottery ticket and maybe a 'red box movie' per month after the chinese, US and everyone else that holds greenbacks with some numbers and dead presidents start throwing them as fast as they can. Can anyone say what $1 with 62 zeros after is?

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