Hacker Collective Anonymous Issues Open Letter To Citizens Of The United States

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Dear US Citizens,

We, Anonymous, would like to offer you, America, the opportunity to join and support our movement. We are a group that formed on the internet - one that knows no constructs or absolutes, and one that has recently grown exponentially. We would like to introduce an Operation.  An Operation that involves Americans getting our National Rights and dreams back....To effectively reform the system that has enslaved us, we must consider the advice and example of those who have preceded us. Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and JFK are good places to start. All took fierce positions against central banking, government corruption and corporate power... The time has come for us to unite, the time has come for us to stand up and fight.

- Anonymous

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The only way up, is down . . .

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I was just thinking about submitting to the banking networks. Can you give me the phone number of your bankster, so I can begin my own cocksucking job too?


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Yeah, well it's that life part...........

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Exactly what I was going to point out. Also the bit about putting gender in the constitution is wrong, constitution already states all are created equal. No special rights for specific groups should be in the constitution, or anywhere else for that matter. 

It's hard to take this seriously when they can't be bothered to take a few minutes to proof read.

"Generations in the past spook of what we face as current issues" ????

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If no special rights for specific groups should not be in the Constitution, then the Constitution is a failure from the start on that point.

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+1  Buckaroo


I think the whole focus on political action is also another example of insanity: doing what people have always done (political or dictatorial or special powers given to a few) and expecting that to provide defense and justice services. 

Burckaroo and everyone:

I hope you realize that security/enforcement (defense)   as well as adjudication/arbitration (justice) are likewise just services, and until these are done by non-monopoly providers who must earn their pay every day like everyone else or loose their funding, you will continue to have the few - with guns - taking from the rest - ("taxation").  Every "government" system is a looser from the start.  The only "government" that exists is the respect of life, liberty, and property within each individual (a genuine "self government" - not the, always corrupted, "representative" or "constitutional" tool of the predators).   That state of a just individual is the whole "law". That is your system of justice.  And genuine voluntary exchange is the glue that can hold the planet together and take us to the stars. The few trouble makers are dealt with by free markets in defense, and free markets in justice.  Every time you have an attempt to grant exclusive power for "defense" and "justice", it always become the tool of those who wish to take by force or fraud.  It is the criminal, who does not wish to earn their daily bread except by predation, that will seek out such a system or invent it, or form it into their own tool of oppression. 


Any system that works through the first initiation of force or threat of force can never be trusted as a way to provide defense or justice services.  Only a genuinely free market where you as individuals are free to withhold your funding on the bad providers, only the free market keeps the key "power of the purse" -  which is needed for the ideas of life, liberty, and property to retain their potency in the face of determined assault by the predatory.   The anti - "thesis" of human social insanity - of all our history of trying to get a "GOVERNMENT" to solve our problems - the anti "thesis" is the only sane solution and it is called "voluntarism" or a true non- hierarchy of those with special power (one meaning of the word: "anarchy"). Voluntarism appears to have been the system of organization in the early Irish and Icelandic societies. Ireland was man for man more than a match for any "statist" invader and only fell to massive overwhelming force coupled with cultural genocide fomented by the English during 484 years of struggles and invasions. 


A voluntarist America would be invulnerable to conquest by its sheer size and, (up till now), economic prosperity and technological progress ( both happened in spite of "government" due to free markets that were - mostly - permitted for a time in our history).  America would be an example that could truly inspire those who wish to live free, and then others  in other lands  would have a suitable model for reform that might in turn permanently solve their "government" problem as well.


Some additional thoughts on voluntarism:  


In a free market of adjudication there is no such thing as "limited liability",  and corporations, while permitted as voluntary systems, can have no special power granted by the criminal state to evade full restitution from the damages they may do if they are not VERY careful.  And they will be VERY careful because it will be in their individual interests.  Imagine a world where all the responsible parties at BP oil must pony up their individual fortunes if they end up harming millions!  Same comment for TEPCO and the potential unlimited liabilities INDIVIDUALS face for their contributions to a nuclear disaster affecting millions.


In a free market of adjudication/arbitration  there would have been no power of a "state" to rule in industrial polluter's favor in the earliest tort cases where industry was damaging the farmers.  Industrial technology would have properly factored in all the costs and potential damages of their actions and would have found the technologies best suited to genuine productivity at a minimum of "trespass" on their neighbors.


It is always the takers, the cheats, the first users of force, who will be seeking the power of "government".



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+ a pocketful of "wagon wheels".  Nice synopsis.  Read and learn youngsters, in a free society you are responsible, for yourself, for your loved ones, for your community and to those with whom you enter contracts of all kinds.  In a free society there are no entitlements, only responsibilities.

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An excellent summary of the REALLY important issue of this, or any other, time.

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Handwaving and sophistry in the defense of laissez-faire which ne trouver pas, mon frere. Empty rhetoric at best.

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Fully agree.  A dreamer's description of a Godless utopia.  Thanks very much, but John Lennon's imaginings were even grander and more poetic...but like yourself, he had no answer for how to control the evil side of man's nature and how to deal with it's victims. It's hard to control for something that you don't believe exists!  Just ask Mr. Greenspan.....

T.E.I.N. everyone!

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A sheep can hardly be called an animal; an entire flock is required to make one foolish individual.

                -John Muir

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@ The Profit Prophet:


You don't seem to understand what free market justice and free market defense are.  It is not utopia. As was mentioned, take a look at Irish or Icelandic early history.  You have proof available, and evidence, if you will get off your duff and do your own research. Here's a start for you:




Then you could check out these:


"Sunset of the State" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLCEXtpTNYU

"On the Edge W M Keiser, Voluntarism" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKyutB3u2bM

"Statism is Dead - The Matrix" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P772Eb63qIY&feature=channel

"Statism is Dead - Free Range Humans" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02rvMwSlAu0&feature=channel

"Statism is Dead -Terrorism" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IRbwpc2XV4&feature=channel

"The Story of Your Enslavement" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A

"I'm Allowed to rob you!" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngpsJKQR_ZE


"Disproving the State" - http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig6/molyneux4.html

"A Virus of the Mind" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suNzxthcTJs

"Free Market Myths Debunked!" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOBD6v8g1F4


"The Story of Our Unenslavement" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzyogKiXhEA

"The Myth of the Rule of Law" - http://faculty.msb.edu/hasnasj/GTWebSite/MythWeb.htm


It took me 53 years of living and thinking and weighing the evidence to finally have the "lights" go on in my head.  I don't expect most folks to see through their own statist programing based on one short post.


Hope you check the links out.



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OK, I'm sure your utopia is wonderful.

The real question is how to get there from here.

So, really, how do you get there from here?

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@ I Ching:

Some ideas:


Choose to associate and do business that you can with those who place the non-initiation of force - (means no outright force or "hidden" force such as deception to defraud or theft, covert or otherwise) - as the central organizing principle and are willing to honor their contracts using agreed to non-monopoly arbitration services or groups of arbitration services in case of disagreements and non-monopoly enforcement of same: "monopoly" meaning specifically of the "government" type that demands "payment", (taxes), for their "services" through force or threat of force and views itself as final authority.


Teach your children the basics of respecting other's life, liberty, and property, and how be productive and survive in this world in a non-predatory manner.  Live the principles of  "non-initiation of force" in your family as that is what will teach your children in reality.  Share or teach others these basics when you get a chance.  If the "crash" comes,  try to be as vocal about an alternative from all the "statist" failures of the past if reason prevails enough that the views of people will be given some respect in deciding how to organize the next "system" and does not result in you being shot. 


Try to minimize paying support to the "mafia", ("government" - in all its jurisdictions), in as many ways as possible but without harming the life liberty or property of others. Do so in such a way as to not be destroyed or significantly harmed (unless you are willing to suffer in this way to make a public point).  Expediency at the point of a gun or threat of gun in not the same moral equivalent as active support, although if you pay anything there is some responsibility for what gets done with the wealth the state expropriates. 



AS long as this approach is followed such that a greater population of "voluntarists" grows over time it may be possible for a peaceful revolution to a new way of organizing society at some point in the future.  The faster the growth rate, the sooner that day will dawn.  If America ever can go voluntarist before she has exhausted what little good will she has left on this planet, this would be a tremendous catalyst for others to go "voluntarist" in other parts of the world as the opportunity arises.  Once there is an active example that works, all "states" start to look like a very rotten deal to those who choose non-predatory life styles and have no need for "taxation" at the point of a gun, preferring to secure their safety and resolve their disputes through voluntary free market means. 


And interesting comment from someone who is not giving "legal" or "tax law" advice:


The "income tax" code was specifically designed by the powerful to keep their wealth and future earning immune from taxation by using an interlocking system of domestic and "foreign" trusts.  A domestic trust that pays 100% "earnings" to an offshore beneficiary trust has no income tax liability on this "pass through" transaction.   The offshore trust, if it has no other dealings with the US directly except this reception of trust beneficiary flow, is considered a "non US resident" with US source "income" and still must file a trust return. But if that second trust also passes all its "earnings" to a third offshore beneficiary trust that has no other dealings with the US then that 3rd trust is considered a "non US Resident" with non US source "income".  No return is required, and no tax is due.  That is what the Rockefellers, Kennedys, and others did when the quite deliberate system was started.  The attorneys who set up the code were charging hundreds and thousands of dollars an hour way back then to help the elite opt out of the system.   By the way   a "voluntary" payment, (one not based on a transaction or "compensation"), from an offshore entity that has no other dealings with the US is considered a "gift" and is not taxable. Isn't that interesting? Only slave, and the "lower class" people must pay the income tax.  The big boys pay what ever token amount they want to show with what ever cover "jobs" and salaries that they have for show in the US.   There are a lot of details and "gotchas" built into the system so you better be studying the code at the level of legal sophistication it was deliberately written in or do not try going down this road.  The above system works "properly" if you can trust the so called "independent" non - US trustees to do the "right" thing.  Powerful ruthless people have ways of enforcing foreign trust to do the "right thing" if they start to get out of line, if you know what I mean.  Your morality may not permit you doing what they do but that is how the game was rigged from the start. If you aren't part of the elite, good luck finding an attorney that will help you set all this up properly. The early "trust" scandals were not about this system of tax avoidance but about things like anti-trust and monopoly busting.  This area of the code is an area the courts do not want publicized at all for obvious reasons and prefer to attack the uninitiated though other technicalities that attempt to make all trusts seem like scams without actually overruling the system in place. For its  purposes the core still remains and too much power  relies on it for it to ever change.  This was my understanding back about 1995 and I am not aware that this system has been materially changed in ways that would invalidate it.  





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Oh....now I see.....your a Godless Libertarian......how wrong-headed can one be????

Here's a little clip of what happens to you and your kind in the utopian world you profess:


The real mind bender is that the Morlocks were once the Godless Libertarians.

For further research on the conundrum of evil, please re-read "Lord of the Flies"......

If your flashbacks continue, put on some Dead (I recommend "Friend of the Devil") and refrain from posting insanity!

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More Stuff on early Ireland:

"Brehon Law: a Pragmatic System Based on Property Rights"

"Irish History - Brehon Law - Part 1 of 11"

"Stateless Societies: Ancient Ireland"
http://mises.org/journals/lf/1971/1971_04.pdf (pg. 3)


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It took me 49 years to even realize there was a switch that would turn lights on.  Found it in 2008 and really appreciate your links.  I'll be going over those later.

Voluntary Exchange's picture



Instead of simple dismissal through use of pejorative words, how about some thoughtful argumentation based on sound logic, or ethics, (or even possibly philosophy or even morality)?  I don't expect you to try, because in every case where your "side" has attempted it, your side has lost decisively, thus, simplistic pejoratives and dismissal to appeal to those who are swayed by simple words and choose to evade the responsibility of THINKING.  Your opinions only have weight for yourself, and if you come at me with a gun to pay for your wars, taxes, and injustices, then you fit the definition of a thief.  (see "I'm Allowed to rob you!" -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngpsJKQR_ZE  )


So I challenge you, the side of lawlessness and injustice, where you presume to get the authority to steal from others so that your "government" can lie, steal, and kill all the better?



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Hey, pud wrangler, Huffington Post is that-a-way =======>

I am Chumbawamba.

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" I lost them at..."

Then you are on the wrong side of history. Say hi to the bankers for us on your way out.

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Create a right, create an obligation.

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And Lincolned ordered attacks in his own citizens, like Qadaffy.

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And dont speak about Andrew Jackson, the true friend of the Indians...

What a collection of references this collective has...

snowball777's picture

They're clearly not from the US and have the same twisted view of US history that is spoon-fed to many children here.

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EXACTLY!  And TR, WW, FDR, JFK, LBJ, RMN, GHWB, GWB, and BHO all have expanded that power exponentially.  Why?  The individual interest in power and wealth and fame.  Each was a narcissistic megalomaniac who, in the hip pocket of the moneyed interests, helped destroy liberty, private property, and free enterprise in America.  This nation is in the fix it is in precisely BECAUSE of these monsters.

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Constitutional Bimetallism, Bitchez!

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I am going to close my account at CHASE tomorrow. Should I wait until ZHers decide to do it together. All of us go to chase together, same day?

Larry Darrell's picture

I finally convinced my brother to get his mortgage away from Chase.  We will start the process Friday.

And in my hometown, I did see a few people outside of a Chase branch which said "Chase is morally bankrupt"

I stopped and yelled out the window that they were financially bankrupt too

chumbawamba's picture

No, just do it.  Just fucking do it already.  So many fucking people talk about doing shit but then don't do it.  Yes, I've been guilty of the same thing in the past, so I know how it is, but I did my part, and I expect everyone else to do the same.

Stop fucking talking about it already and DO.

I am Chumbawamba.

Golden monkey's picture

OK I will do it fuckingasso.

4 minutes before that comment, that's what you were posting right here :

"These guys just need to hack the shit out of the banking networks and FUBAR the whole thing until transactions can no longer go through and the system collapses.  That will actually accomplish something tangible.  And they should save their flowery V for Vendetta language for obscure internet forums."

I guess "they" doesn't mean "I", isn't it?

How come you're such an overweight bullshitter?


chumbawamba's picture

Did you write the manifesto?  Your grammar is just about as bad and you make about as much sense.

In your case, I recommend you open up your ass as a sperm bank and let people make deposits as a way to move business away from TBTF.

I am Chumbawamba.

Golden monkey's picture

As you know, you need to wait before you "get" my ass. But better late than never, as they said.

Since you're already twice my age, I guess you're ass will become an hotel for all kind of funny "worms" quite soon. But you don't even listen to Tyler : on a long enough timeline...

But I respect you : you're not (REAL) a faggot, and not addicted to gambling. So many kinds of bullshitters caught on tape out there.

You should tell the other user that I'm French. Not Muslim, dumbo, and admit you're not a real faggot.




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I took some $ out of a chase atm last week to buy a roll of silver eagles... it felt good. 

Golden monkey's picture

Smart move. I kindly suggest you do the same with your JPM credit card (go for 2 rolls, it's even better).

Watauga's picture

Stay liquid.  PMs will pullback.  Time to buy is at $1225 gold and $23 silver.

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Just close it now. I closed my 401(k) at Wells Fargo (formerly Wachovia) and purchased physical with the proceeds. It feels fucking great! Get it done with

snowball777's picture

If you were still banking with Chase, then you've been part of the problem all along. Kudos for waking up, but WTF took you so long?

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Shit's getting inneresting!

jimijon's picture


Got to plug my new thesis!  :-)


Goodnight from Chitown.

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I'm loving this.

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And..... GO!

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Oh yeah, that's what we need Anonymous.  Positive rights.

Take out the positive rights, and I'm with you.  Until then, I'm ambivalent.

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I don't think this organisation will offer any help. It has never touched the core of the current evil system like JP Morgue, Goldman Sucks and Barkshare Hathaway. 

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I don't think you understand the power of anonymous.... Go research Operation Titstorm. Australia's governmental website was shut down by a fairly weak DDoS attack. 

tmosley's picture

Anonymous is not a "group" per se, but more of a loose association, if that.  They are not a "hacker collective", for sure.  It's just that hackers like the idea, so they call themselves "Anonymous".

You, me, da joos, da Muslims, Shania Twain, or your mother can be anonymous.  Anyone and everyone can.  There is no central ideology, except what most members want, while other members want other things and will work against them.  Many just want chaos.  

Certainly a nice way to get a movement started.  Pretend like you are some giant, secretive, and powerful organization and recruit.  In reality, this is just "some guy".  But that is how all movements start--"some guy" does something smart, like write a Declaration of Independence, and people find that they like it, and join together to take action against an oppressive power.

Thus, just because "Anonymous" has never taken on those entities doesn't mean you can't, as a "member".  Just remember this one rule--DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB.

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yeah basically a bunch of relatively talented, interested people looking to stir shit up. Which is where how a great deal of good (and evil for that matter) has sprung from.

snowball777's picture

  Until then, I'm ambivalent.


Well, as long as your excuse to sit on your ass goes untarnished, all is well.

thedrickster's picture

Seriously, how tragic.

Hell while they're at it why not throw in Jesse Jackson junior's right to own a house, a decent job and an iPod.


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I am 100% In. What if we really could start a grassroots movement with all of these tenets as the cornerstone? It might save this country. I have one question. Why RICO statutes? Is the idea to use them against corporations and banks? RICO can be a very dangerous weapon when wielded by the wrong hands.