Hacker Collective Anonymous To Release Documents Proving Bank Of America Committed Fraud This Monday

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After Julian Assange crashed and burned in his threat to release documents that expose fraud at Bank of America, many thought he had been only bluffing, and that BofA is actually clean. Not so fast. A member of the hacker collective Anonymous, which singlehandedly destroyed "hacker defense" firm HB Gary, who goes under the handle OperationLeakS "is claiming to be have emails and documents which prove "fraud" was
committed by Bank of America employees, and the group says it'll release
them on Monday" reports Gawker. As to the contents of the possible disclosure: ""He Just
told me he have GMAC emails showing BoA order to mix loan numbers to not
match it's Documents. to foreclose on Americans.. Shame
." If indeed this makes the case against BofA' foreclosure practices stronger, it certainly explains why the banking consortium is scrambling to arrange a settlement, and also why Bank of America recently split off its $2 trillion in mortgages into "good bank" and "bad bank" entities.

As a "teaser", the Anonymous member released a November 1, 2010 email between two Balboa Insurance (a BAC subsidiary) employees, which while not proving any fraud, indicates he/she does indeed have access. The timeline on the email makes sense as it is a few weeks prior to the original disclosure that Wikileaks would expose BofA. Perhaps the Assange team merely handed off its materials to Anonymous, which has previously demonstrated its solidarity with the Australian on various occasions.

The full letter is below.

Gawker with more on why Brian Moynihan may not sleep too soundly overnight:

OperationLeaks, which runs the anti-Bank of America site BankofAmericasuck.com,
says the employee contacted the group to blow the whistle on Bank of
America's shady business practices. "I seen some of the emails… I can
tell you Grade A Fraud in its purest form…" read one tweet. "He Just
told me he have GMAC emails showing BoA order to mix loan numbers to not
match it's Documents.. to foreclose on Americans.. Shame

An Anonymous insider told us he believes the leak is real. "From what
I know and have been told, it's legit," he said. "Should be a round of
emails, then some files, possible some more emails to follow that." The
documents should be released Monday on Anonleaks.ch, the same site where Anonymous posted thousands of internal emails from hacked security company HBGary last month. That leak exposed a legally-questionable plot to attack Wikileaks and ultimately led to the resignation of HBGary CEO Aaron Barr.

It is unclear whether this will be yet another climax-free build up, but Anonymous has certainly proven their mettle by putting HBGary effectively out of business with one masterful hack.

Those I've spoken to in Anonymous are convinced there's something to
this. Anonymous has a proven track record with leaks, and Bank of
America has been in their crosshairs since they cut off payments to Wikileaks in December. If it's real, it could be big. Keep your eye on anonleaks.ch: It should hit Monday.

We urge readers to check into http://hbgary.anonleaks.ch/ first thing Monday - after all this is the portal that released the original damning HBGary evidence, and brought down the firm within weeks. If it can do the same with Bank of America, Monday may just soon be a national holiday.

h/t MM

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Kaiser Sousa's picture

motto was "fuck all bankers"...

now, "kill a fucking banker"...








........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')


...........\.............. _.·´







FoodTiger's picture

your comment, it resembles an extended middle finger, was that intentional?

jeff montanye's picture

william banzai is not the only artist here, apparently.  p.s. thanks to all who make this site possible (and, really, to all like minded anti-establishment internet sites that scan voluminous raw data and show us the nuggets).

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Hackers are credible folks, just ask any anarchist.

flacon's picture

Do you know the first thing Jesus did - right before he started his ministry? He gave the middle finger to the bankers (money-changers). 


Matthew 21:12And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,

 13And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

jimijon's picture

Didn't Saint Andrew Jackson say something similar?

flacon's picture

I KILLED THE BANKS! (and then after Jackson died, they put his picture on a piece of paper that they call a twenty dollar bill - JACKSON must be rolling in his grave! - or perhaps he's up in heaven shaking his head...)

dark pools of soros's picture

it is the currency of lapdances - he might be smiling about that

MsCreant's picture

There's inflation for you, that used to be a $5!

A Nanny Moose's picture

Jackson on the $20 always makes me laugh. Has to be the biggest F.U. in history.

Michael's picture

Al Jazeera is not one of the 24/7 American infomercial news channels promoting Democrat globalist banksters or Republican globalist banksters.

Al Jazeera presents the true story of where the world wide revolution began.

The Death of Fear



Michael's picture

The American Federal Reserve Corporation in cooperation with the International Banking Cartel are the root cause of all the worlds pillaging, wars, police states, and poverty.

You can substitute Barack Obama in this documentary for Ben Ali and there is no difference from America. 20% unemployment, 45 million people on food stamps, families losing millions of homes to foreclosure.  Wall Street, multinational corporations, and the banks rule the country with Obama as a figurehead. 

Hollow hope and hollow promises from Obama is all the youth of our country have to look forward to.

Take note of this documentary at about 16 minutes in.

Michael's picture

While I'm at it, you guys should really see this too. It's about the surveillance police state.

The Last Word on Closed Circuit TV


css1971's picture

"The American Federal Reserve Corporation in cooperation with the International Banking Cartel are the root cause of all the worlds pillaging, wars, police states, and poverty."

Capitalism stops working if demand is satisfied. It only works if there is more demand than supply, so there must always be "have nots" - poverty.

If demand were ever satisfied... The homeless housed and the hungry fed. It would be interpreted as a global financial catastrophe of unimaginable size, and measures would be put in place to destroy the housing and food. That is how sick the system is.


DavidPierre's picture
Jeb BUSH 2012 .................................. Keep Hope and Change Alive... http://www.facebook.com/pages/JEB-BUSH-2012-Keep-Hope-Alive/83096916255
Michael's picture

The Bush crime family hope for the trifecta.

DavidPierre's picture



Samuel Prescott Bush

Prescott Bush

George H W Bush

George W Bush


Not to mention that the "W"s = Herbert Walker... another well documented Hitler Project notable and part of this incestous crime family... 

Michael's picture

The reactor in Japan blew 30 minutes ago.

Oil will be over $200/barrel come Monday morning if they don't stop the Federal Reserve Corporation margin funny money by then.

Yen Cross's picture

Hey Joker face. Do you know the fiscal year end in Japan!? Repatriation? I thought not.

Exporters and trading ranges?

Michael's picture

Do you know how much oil storage was lost in Japan? That town you saw burning was oil fueled.

Yen Cross's picture

Who cares. I'm long usd/jpy. don't you read?

Yen Cross's picture

Ok i have ahome link. You are an illeterate idiot. Japan repatreates Billions in MaRCH. tHE KAMPO AND BOJ EFFECT?

tallystick's picture

ZH needs a campaign to remove Jackson from the $20.  Jackson off of the $20 is winning.



NidStyles's picture

It's how the Central Bankers pay tribute to their conquered foes.

Cursive's picture

Free Andy Jackson's avatar from Benron's clutches!

GreenSideUp's picture

Although few of my Christian friends know this, the Bible has a lot to say about money, debt and usury.  I often wonder why they skip over that particular Word of God?

flacon's picture

Right on. I can't tithe in paper money. And my church wants to spend $37,000 ripping out the old carpet and rebuilding the stage. What a crock! Never forget Joseph who stored up food during the 7 fat years in order to feed people for the 7 lean years. The church is fat and happy on debt. Name me ONE church that is debt free!

Diogenes's picture

Who would contribute to a church that was debt free?

ClassicalLib17's picture

Don't most faiths have a laymen board of parishioners that make these choices? What is your point? It is you that has put your church in debt. That would make you part of the problem. Repent! Repent!

Problem Is's picture

"Don't most faiths have a laymen board of parishioners..."

Ye ole Verger or the Sexton will do...

jeff montanye's picture

apropos of the mention of joseph and the seven fat and lean above:  how little we have learned.  we stored nothing in the fat years (thanks u.s. republicans, greek socialists, british tories and labour....) and are now, in the eurozone, the u.s. and elsewhere, embarking on austerity in the lean years.  i don't think that's exactly what ole j.m. keynes prescribed (or, really, anyone.  it's just what beauty comes from constant mendacity and corruption).

Absinthe Minded's picture

The U.S.? Embarking on austerity? Are you serious? Where fucking rich! We don't need no fucking austerity! 

defender's picture

Countryside Christian Church in Kearney, NE.

As a side note, it became popular to pay off church debt about 5 years ago.  There are likely quite a few that no longer have debt.

SheHunter's picture

And they remain your church?  I don't think you know what you just said.  Your church and spend 38G with a stage and carpet all in the same sentence.  Disown the fuckers.  Churches are no more than tax free sheltered corporations starving the masses they claim to represent.  The day church figureheads sell all their stakes and congregate only on streets and in the homes of their worshippers is the day I will believe they walk their talk.  Until then, stay away from them.  they'll rob you blind and convince you you were were born a sinner. 

zapdude's picture

Here's another church that is debt-free: Calvary Baptist Church in Derby, KS. 

I agree that churches should not ever have debt, especially for non-essential materialistic building projects.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost, not build palaces and entertainment centers. 

"For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil..." (not money, but the LOVE of money)

tarsubil's picture

I was just thinking about this! Why didn't the Bible give us a ten commandments of money since we obviously need it. Then I began to remember some of the stuff, suddenly makes a lot of sense. Almost like it is divine or something.

cosmictrainwreck's picture

ORI - somebody over on the Nuke thread was waiting for you to weigh in on the Lunar Perigree, etc. BTW, what is the date? (link says only "22nd is days after...")

spank-of-america's picture

Maybe because most Christians in America are much more American than they are Christian. The American Dream is their God and Jesus is just a means to get it.

Nevermind the Rich Young Ruler, or all the woes to the rich, or taking up your cross and following, those verses just aren't mean for today's gospel of health wealth and prosperity...

I would also like to point out that the person who betrayed Jesus was the TREASURER!!!

onarga74's picture

Change the word Christian to Christlike and you'll lose about 98% of em.  Read George Barna's polling sometime.  It's tough to tell anyone your a believer cause they'll think you sleep with Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and vote the ticket while holding a picture of Ralph Reed.  No wonder Jesus said "few will enter".  I'm writing a book to launch before 2012 called The Recrucifixion. It's sad to say but almost all of em want to "get back" to an earlier time when things were better.  What they're missing is what made this country great was family, community, and neighborhood. Everything that matters is local. 

Consider the Japanese these days.  They're great people and strive to be educated.  News flash just now that one of the reactors just exploded.

MolotovCockhead's picture

  Maybe because most Christians in America are much more American than they are Christian. The American Dream is their God and Jesus is just a means to get it.

True American dream is how you can make obscene amount of money using the name of Jesus or at least using Jesus name as cover. Like the Bush family with their pretention of being decent and pious Christians!!

brodix's picture

In my little old Episcopalian sunday school in the sixties, it was made clear that taking a big stick to the moneychangers led directly to his arrest, trial and Crucifixion. That this doesn't get emphasized anymore doesn't surprise me much. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if it doesn't come back in fashion.

surfsup's picture

Close but the real issue was that the changers were selling clean white lambs and goats and birds to be blood sacriced as an allegedly neccessary component for the priest to make a prayer to Creator on your behalf.  Example: a person wants to enter the temple to have a prayer made for his diseased brother.  He could not enter unless he brought with him a so called "clean" animal to complete the prayer.  Of course, who would travel around with a baby white goat or lamb?  So upon a request to enter the temple to have the priest pray for him (Heaven forbid one would go direct with Creator), if he/she did not have a "clean animal" they were directed to the money changers where they were provided, with a fee of course, one of the many young and innocent creatures which were milling about the court yard for the very purpose of the blood offering.   

So the Jew who often healed non jews who became the Christos walks into this scene -- and having already become adept at contacting and directing the Power within which he termed "the father which doeth the works" became understandably enrgaged at the degree of "gamesmanship" going on on many levels within and without the temple.  He preceived the entire little game: of bilking people -- killing innocent animals as if that was really any neccessary part of prayer -- not showing people they could go direct with Creator and get as good of results as He did -- etc -- and he lost it.

Indeed, he must have pissed off the ring leaders of this enterprise for doing said healings without the need of "blood offereings," and calling to light the point that it was just a racket.   That temple where he called them out, soon after his transition, was completely leveled and not a stone was left unturned as he had prophecized.  

onarga74's picture

The subject he spoke of most? Money  He should have had a few paragraphs about old men in a godless church who ruin the lives of little boys in a place called hell.  Human garbage and eternally roasted amen

Optimusprime's picture

"He should have had a few paragraphs about old men in a godless church who ruin the lives of little boys in a place called hell.  Human garbage and eternally roasted amen"

He did: "Whosever receives one such child in my name receives me; whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the dpth of the sea" (Matthew 18:5-6)


-Michelle-'s picture

He did that right before he was arrested.  He changed water to wine right before he started his ministry.

Not sure that what says.

Jasper M's picture

Actually, that is one of the Last things he did – he didn't do that until he showed up in Jerusalem, which was not long before the end. By then, his ministry had been going in the rural areas for some time.

Some might argue that little bit on the temple steps was the proximate cause for his appointment with that infamous bit of lumber.