Handelsblatt Reports Second Greek Bailout Package To Be Delayed

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Is there any integrity in the EU?

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Sometimes it is necessary to lie to achieve important objectives apparently.

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How many Slovakians does it take to screw up a Greek bailout?

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Greece to ECB: honey, my period is delayed.

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premature capitulation

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English is about as garbled as possible thanks to Google translate, but oddly enough far more understandable than the periodic soundbites of outright lies from the pathological troica of Rehn-Junker-Trichet

Very nice. Do the bond indentures/legal roadblocks matter when the kleptocrats can change anything anytime to anyone?

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I remember the time when the Euro was introduced - people were complaining about price increases.

The Euro masters tut tutted the peasants claiming that we have very tight fiscal rules blah blah blah.

But this fiscal tightness was a mere cover for their credit hyperinflation games.

Euro base money has to expand to re stabilise the system and that means buying gold to flood the system with M0 and M1.

The credit of the EMU ,Euro era of 10 maybe 15 to 20 years is going to turn into cash - if they do not the Euro is doomed.

Consumer inflation through wage deflation is here..............

PS - Irish consumption of crude oil was 200+ thousand barrels a day in 2005/6s credit explosion , now it is 160 thousand barrels a day and still falling I guess - thats austerity bitches , at least on a relative scale.


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That is the increase in M3 over time from the Bundesbank, numbers are seasonally adjusted.

Prices in Germany are up too, like a ticket for 10 km public transportation from 2,60 DM (=1,30 Euro) to 4,50 Euro today. Average wages are not up since then.



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Yes Gunther - the sign of a "responsible" Central bank with irresponsible clients.

Same  monetarist shit everywhere , just burn that oil as quick as possible baby.

Central Banks should hold the entire M1 or their books at all times but they just pretend , shhhhhh and hold M0 and a bit........until reality creeps in.


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handelsblatt is garbage - i can tell you based on daily experience. its more like CNBC....with some appearance of reason, only to be used as a cover for the usual brainwash.....they have to apologize for not doin any journalism whatsoever.....

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I make a love the sentence there last:

The looming considerable resistance in the Union tends to suggest that many are apparently no longer prepared to support the need of European solidarity.'

I hope this sentiment it is includes politicians yes and the people not only them too.

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everyone wants their own handout to go along with it

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the version i got reads like it's from yoda via taiwan...

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The Government of the Euro zone is likely to decide later than planned on the second aid package for Greece.There were so many unresolved problems, that the finance ministers will not be able to decide the new loan package on 20  June, said a senior EU official to the Handelsblatt.

The planned financing of the new loan package from the euro rescue fund EFSF is experiencing unexpectedly big difficulties in the Euro-state, Slovakia. The country is not involved in the ongoing bilateral loans to the euro zone for Greece in the amount of 110 billion euros.

If the new loan program will be transferred to EFSF, Slovakia would (need to)  participate. Therefore the government in Bratislava refuses to run loans for Greece over the EFSF. Germany is in turn seek to use the EFSF for them, because then the federal government would be saved a delicate vote in parliament over the next aid package to save Greece.

Resistance is also coming from the UK, (because) the new loan package is not intended to be financed solely from the euro rescue fund EFSF. The remaining amount of eleven billion Euro in EFSM-fund of the EU Commission are to be mobilized. Money for EFSM will have to come from all 27 EU countries now, including countries outside the euro zone as Great Britain.

The government in London does not want to use the whole EFSM-pot for Greece alone. The end of June pending credit tranche for Greece will be paid even if the new aid package for Hellas is not aggreed on by then, it said in Brussels.

The IMF is now willing to pay its share in the amount of 3.3 billion € in any case. Only prerequisite is that the government and Parliament in Athens passes the promised additional austerity measures and privatizations as agreed.

In the German Bundestag, the opposition is growing: SPD parliamentary leader Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has been invited to make a government declaration on the further support of Greece and the euro in the Bundestag this Friday.

He hoped that the coalition knows that they need a majority for this package, Steinmeier said on Monday in front of a SPD party meeting in Berlin. The looming considerable resistance in the Union tends to suggest that many are apparently no longer prepared to support the need of European solidarity.

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How on gods earth do they keep up with all this. They need to hire ACORN.... oh forgot they are busy working Obamarama's reelection campaign

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I continue to believe that restructuring is in the works, but the EU, IMF and ECB only realized it too late, so they passed Greece for their next installment so they have a couple of months to sort out the details and strong arm banks into restructuring along with the ECB, EU, and IMF.

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One issue is a pending decision from German supreme court.

It is possible, that all this help and guaranties are constitutionally illegal.

Decision should be made within this year, but exact date is unknown.


http://www.bundesverfassungsgericht.de/organisation/erledigungen_2011.html , second position nr. 18


Just to make the situation more dramatic: the same court decided in year 1998 that Euro may be legal currency for Germany.




From today's point of view, this ruling is one big joke. We find there sentences like

  • except from Greece ( ..Mit Ausnahme Griechenlands...)
  • NO BAIL-OUT CLAUSEL ( ...schließe der Vertrag (Art. 104b) eine Schuldenübernahme zwischen Mitgliedstaaten oder durch die Gemeinschaft aus... ) 
  • creative accounting may be used to manipulate BIP [Goldman Sachs clause?]  (..."kreative Buchführungsmethoden" oder sonstige stabilitätswidrige Manipulationen zur Berechnung des Bruttoinlandsprodukts vorgenommen werden)

History has shown, that all fears were confirmed and judge's decision has been totally invalid.


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Second Greek Bailout Package To Be Delayed

Good, default, tell those damn bankers and bondholders fuck off.

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Sounds like someone is holding out for a bigger piece of the privatization pie.

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Even if Greece defaults screwing the bondholders, some bankster will make a killing off the CDS. F*ck banksters, they rob us coming and going.

Greece save what little you have and default ASAP!

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It's funny that the Greek Communist Party has always supported a default, nationalization of the banks, exit from the EU and only ever gets like 10% in the elections or polls. 

They do extend their plan to providing free housing, jobs, education, healthcare and LCD TVs for everyone, with the money printed by the Central (and only) bank.

If PM Papandreou or Samaras (the opposition leader), or maybe both together ( a scenario which is possible), would proclaim such a position (okay maybe without the LCD TVs) they would get more than 80% in an election. 

They won't however, which only goes to show that they obviously get their orders from elsewhere.