The Handling of the Economic Crisis May Lead to Civil Unrest

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MSM is late to the game once again. Gerald Celente talked about civil unrest back in late 2008-early 2009. Marc Faber and Peter Schiff also spoke of it too.

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What I, Homo sapiens, need is the (r)evolution of the Universe; the one Camus alluded to in The Rebel.  A non-violent macroevolutionary saltation from discord, distrust, and fear to World Peace.  Not long now.  It's palpable.

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Prime directive of any oligarchy is to protect and perpetuate the status quo.
Primary consideration for sheeple/population is food, clothing and shelter.

Feed a hungry man for a day and he will work for you. Starve a man for a week and he will kill for you.

Hold a man's family hostage and you own him. Harm his family and another revolutionary is created for a lifetime.

Brand someone a terrorist and you can kill him in the age of homeland security - but only a few at a time. Numbers count

The banksters have known these facts forever and they control the oligarchy. The few controlling the ignorant many who control the mass.

Food, and a secure place to stash your loved ones, junk silver and lead delivery systems may be enough to counter-attack after TSHTF.

Prime directive for a good Scout is BE PREPARED for the shitstorm is coming soon.

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I think th eelites have known the potential violence in this for a long time. in fact it is rather planned instead of changing the system. if you follow closely they have been enacting measures to deal with it. I think that is what the patriot act is about.

George you get it, but you haven't put the pices together. they get it and they are making sure they have the means of control in place or when it happens. patriot act, internet kill switch.

I have been thinking this will be the likely method of my demise for about two years now. The only thing I kep wondering is why it hasn't happened. although it did help to cause the arab spring by raising food prices so people could not eat.

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of course they are hoarding. the globalist elite and their lil buddies are looting the treasuryand emptying the taxpayer coffers slipping away giggling while the amerikan sheepsit and watch the cable entertainment.

no need to riot

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all of the pompous pretentious talk about violence is precisely the point for the engineered economic melt is the crisis not to waste in the imposition of martial law, concentration camps, and mass murder of people to a size which the plutocrats deem appropriate. the plutocrats must be destroyed by any and all means....

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I've known plenty of crazy folks, but boy sometimes it still gets to me when I read these threads.

"Gummit" can exterminate us!  OH NOEZ!

Sure it can.  But the country is the people.  It's not worth much to our "leaders" after it's been devastated.  There's no heavenly paradise that the elites achieve after they've cut the population to a billion. 

The problems are, and have always been, SOCIAL.  The more abstract a system you put in place to "control" society, the less important it all becomes when something significant happens.  If, in some apocalyptic fantasy, the USA population density is reduced to that of 1700, the "elites" aren't going to have a prayer of doing anything to "run" the place. 

You'll be able to get together with your like-minded friends and your silver and your guns and your canned hams and start your own estate/house/society.  Or whatever you want to call it.

And BTW: I say this precisely because I too am one of the apocalyptics.  I just happen to be an optimist about it.  Global slavery can't work with the current population disparity.  If you had 40% of the people dominating 60%, sure.  But when you have .01% dominating 99.99%?

No fuckin' way.  That shit's over.

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All the protests I've heard of are non-violent, but of course eventually if non-violence didn't help and things keep going down the crappy path they're on, it would eventually get violent.  It's better than just being sheeple throughout oppression.

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If the perception is that "everyone's doing it" - especially the so-called "elites" (i.e. lying, cheating, stealing, insider trading, accepting bribes, not paying taxes, etc.) than it becomes acceptable for everyone else to do it...

This is the way nations collapse...and it will be a terrible result.

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Nice GW, your title actually explains the cause: "the handling of the crisis..."

The realization that the elites are really screwing the rest of us is what will eventually upset the masses into not paying their mortgage, taxes, car loans, etc.

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OMG!  You're frightening me GW.

The blue collar man has been loading shells, stockpiling food and preparing for this civil war since January 20th 2009 because he instinctively knew the social engineers had this planned

The original crop of ZH regulars dropped off of this blog by 2010 because they instinctively knew the financial engineers had this planned.Now GW is saying we can't get violent . With all due respect to one of the brightest people I've ever read GW, get a clue.

That's almost as lame GW as the Republican boomers who still have incomes & jobs declaring "we'll vote 'em out in 2012!!!" . The blue collar man that has been loading shells has known all along there will be no election in 2012.


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Difficult call. I expect HardRight Texas Gov. Rick Perry - who detests WallSt/DC crowd and has already used the S(ecession) word - to announce for the Republican Prez nomination fairly soon, and to clear the field pretty quickly. That sets up a viciously polarizing 2012 election, taking place in a context of actual or immanent economic collapse. Think: 1860. If Zero wins, Texas + 15-20 other states will secede in a matter of days. CW II, coming at 'ya.

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This is why I love Zero Hedge so much: a) such great news b) such great insights in the comments section and c) this.

You mean Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo?

You mean, Rick Perry, Bilderberger? 

Have fun fighting that Civil War 2, dude.  I'll be trading stocks on the internet in the meantime. 

Remember kiddies, it's not about the Price Tag.  It's just about having fun and betting against said comments above

Goodnight spacemonkeys!


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Perry is in Switzerland right now, hopefully, getting the nod from the owners.  He's just another Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama.  There won't be no difference.

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How bout you go soap up your tits and tuck yourself in. Nighty-night.  The men will do the heavy lifting.

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Regarding that last paragraph......I'm going with protecting my family - although I gotta say, a seat on the township board wields some serious clout in these parts.  "I'll tell ya one thing thats gonna change mister, dem damn ditches is gonna get mowed at least twice dis summer!"

Why the fuck would I waste precious time and energy trying to change a backwardass world instead of preparing my family for what I believe is coming at us hard?  Why would you?

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Or the rock solid council that has been reelected so many times that they all have crystilaized into a salicitate (Underground cavern growth) insitution that can wave a finger and manage or harm the lives of tens of thousands unaware if they never go to a council meeting.


Sorry for the butcher spelling of the big words. I have tried to apply them carefully.


That one drip can be good water for thousands or a poison.


(Trying out the butterfly thinking)

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It's really not like this stuff is unfixable, it's just that we're still dealing with the fact that most people don't want to fix anything--they want to keep whatever they've got going.

Change is disconcerting, and clearly we need change.

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Welcome to the new world.

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will never happend. stop dreaming

98% of the population are like sheeps soaked in Asparthame, MSG, ELF radiation, Fluoride, they even can;t find Australia on a map and you guys talk of unrest


maybe in Europe can happend but not here in this Frankenstein society

Consider that 50% of the amrican population is on medication and 20% of the GDP represents Medical Services

and 70% of Services

Sales peoples and sick peoples dont rebel against the system


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Junked you because you got it backwards. In Europe, gun  control: the people are disarmed. All you've got going there is public employee unionists struggling to keep their snouts in the trough. America: 80 million gun owners. Gunfighter Nation. You, and the TPTB, are in for a shock.

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You, and the TPTB, are in for a shock.


Yep. I think the number has risen to 100 million American gun owners. It will take less than half of them to bring on that coming shock. 

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We are already in unrest. It's just the early stages.

Been there done that in Baltimore around '68 when they rioted. The United States Government drew up Military plans that were rather good and well executed to restore law and order to that city. I was a baby at the time living beyond the urban areas affected.

It will not take much with the approach of winter to turn it into a hot unrest.


And this kind of unrest with technology, knowledge and other assets availible to our youth who have no boundaries will be rather.... baaad.

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People are pissed off ... many have been for some years ... now the MSM write something about it ... while the greed based stupidity and corrupt acts by the power/money elite continue on unabated ...  oy. 

"The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff warned the the financial crisis is the highest national security concern for the U.S., and warned that the fallout from the crisis could lead to of "greater instability".

The economy and financial condition of the country have been a national security concern for at least 10 years (probably since 1971 and the damage since then) always far more important than 3,000 people dying on a particular day 9.5 years ago (statistically insignificant relative to the economic suffering since 2008)... its just no one has lifted a damn finger to repair the damage to it ... now they pretend they are concerned about unrest ... the stupidity is amazing. 

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Every one reading ZH should be loaded up on weapons and ammunition. You got 300 million people brandishing an AK and you got trouble no military force can disperse. The real problem for the Obama fascists is that the military largely comes from rural conservative America and they are already pissed off. Most units would defect given a conflict. Think Libya on a grand scale with Obama doing his best Gaddafi impersonation.

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At the moment, those elements of American society most likely to become insurgents are paid off with government money (veteran's benefits, food stamps, welfare, unemployment).  Should a dollar crisis ensue... the U.S. government goes down.  Period.

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He left out James Carville as another voice that violence may be coming:

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There is civil and military unrest, and war around the World. How is it working out? These thing sometimes do not work well. The Russian Revolution, the French Revolution, and we had a dandy Civil War that was not a winner. Your children will die soon enough, dont rush it.

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I liked the Orwell quotation:

Ages in which the dominant weapon is expensive or difficult to make will tend to be ages of despotism, whereas when the dominant weapon is cheap and simple, the common people have a chance.

You didnt answer which age we have today.  My view is the economics of weaponry has shifted from the despot to the individual--not universally, but decisively just the same.  Consider the unbalanced economics of a $30 or $40 million fighter vs. a guerilla armed w/a heat-seeking shoulder fired rocket that costs perhaps a few hundred thousand (if that).  Does the guerilla win every time?  No, of course not.  He doesnt have to.  If he only scores a hit every 10th or 20th fire, he's still got an amazing economic kill ratio. 

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Barring some serious defections from the established military, I doubt the "insurgents" would have this sort of weaponry -- I don't know anyone with a heat-seeking shoulder fired rocket, and those I do know with the coin to get one (or 10 or 20...) don't plan to stick around for the show.  I think an F-18 or an A-10 (god help us) would hold air superiority pretty easily.

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National Guard units have heavy weapons, A-10s, etc. When Texas secedes, its NG units go with it. Multiply 15x. CW II.

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You must remember the bankers make money selling / loaning money to both sides in a war, it prolongs the confict and increases the debts/loans. We know Mexico has been stockpiling weapons for years and I'm certain China and a few other nations would welcome a chance to sell off some of their older vintage weapons and even slip a few new ones in just to combat test them.

Things could get really ugly in a hurry, especially on the Mexican border, so Texas, California and Arizona - LA especially. Lots of smoldering fires waiting for the wind to blaze up, and it certainly seems to be a lot of hot dry air blowing out of Washington D.C. lately.


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Republican pal just lost his job today. Was named "Salesman of the Year" just six months ago. It's going to be so much fun to watch his job search, to tell him he can conduct his job search from a Republican's office, and remind him that as a new hire, in his mid-fifties, he'll have a target painted on his back for the next set of layoffs.

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Oh violence is coming alright, and the sooner the better.  Let's just hope it is all directed at the predators-that-be and predator-class where it belongs.

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Look at me, as I noted, I am so fucking right, I am perfect, I was the only one on planet earth to predict...

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More wishful thinking and directed thought ("newsweek" and "cnn", for gawd sakes)by the self-anointed "elites" who desire any excuse to give Obama the green light for suspension of what remains of constitutional rights; internet "kill switch" ('bama already has the switch and censorship is gearing up now), restricted travel, in, out, within USA, (almost there now with "random" check points; and Tyrannical Sexual Agressors (TSA) feeling up children and wheelchair bound at airports, to be followed by bus stations and highschool proms), gun confiscation (taking away USA gun-rights will stop the Mexican drug-lord wars - yeah right), debtor prisons (we have Dept of Education (FFS!) idiots with guns doing pre-dawn raids over student loans ?!), martial law, and totalitarian control -all for the benefit of the global banksters and their politico administrators.

And the military strategists can pimp "elitist" clap trap all they want, but majority of military are ordinary Americans who aren't going to fall for the NWO b.s. and attack their fellow Americans.


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I remain somewhat surprised by the complete lack of Vietnam era type protests.  The delta between perception and reality is significant.  At some point the government has to begin dealing with this delta or risk popular response previously unseen in the US.

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CIA/FBI killed or co-opted most of the leaders since the 60's. A headless beast takes a while to orient itself and strike out, but it is more difficult to kill since it is immune to a headshot.

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Why is this surprising? It's happening everywhere.

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Most Americans are ensnared in a web of security/dependency and are thus unwilling to participate in the Revolution.

Although many are royally pissed off about what’s happening now, they are afraid to do anything effective about it.

As long as they fill out their paperwork, they continue to receive unemployment, disability payments, socialist security, or whatever.  They don’t want to loose that.

If they are not presently paying their mortgage but they still live in their home, then they enjoy a sugar deal and they don’t want to loose that.

If they have a few dollars left in their bank accounts or credit limits, they sure as hell do not want to loose any of that.

Heaven forbid they have any real estate equity or other assets.  They will not make any waves lest those be lost.

But these conditions of security are transitory.  When these things are consumed, then the former beneficiary is set free to pursue his freedom.

What’s needed is to speak to the people who are past these hostage points.  The people who no longer have bank accounts or credit cards because the IRS has finally gotten to them.  The people who have finally been pushed out of their homes.  The people no longer collecting unemployment.  They are the growing liberation army.  They are the ones with nothing else to loose and plenty to gain.

Organize these people into a movement to disconnect from the old system, take and hold land and natural resources, and build a rational and humane new system that works.  It is our right as people to “alter or abolish” this system.  Our rights are “inalienable.”  Non-violent civil disobedience is the American way.  It’s why a black man is the President of the US today.  The military will be neutralized in that manner because there’s nothing to shoot at.  Violent insurrection is something cheer in the movies, would totally play into the hands of the Enemy, and would be efficiently and ruthlessly crushed.

Our leader John Connor addresses these issues in further depth.


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When de electricity stops, when da lights go out, da fires start burning.

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"Most Americans..." are not needed to make change. A relatively small amount with balls and brains (better if they have more brains).

The sheeple - will as always - follow along and not get in the way.

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Sad to say, this is what I, and probably many others predicted:

a similar outcome as to what took place in Hong Kong back in the late '90s and early '00s, when China offshored all their jobs to the mainland, and relocated their capital asset as well (i.e., they relocated both their production assets, and capital assets, offshore -- to the mainland from Hong Kong!).

Wage and housing deflation, concurrent with commodities inflation.


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I know a LOT of people in the military at all levels. Anyone in Washington who thinks that they are going to shoot their own people are dreaming. A military coup is far more likely believe me. There is a HUGE amount of anger and distrust among US servicemen towards the current criminal administration. Osama bin laden and Obama bin laden - one down, one to go!

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I agree. TPTB have had just too many hits of the crack pipe if they think that the US Military will leave Iraq and Afghanistan in defeat and immediately "turn to" on protecting the uber-wealthy scum that has brought this country to the brink of ruin.

If the collapse comes before the troops can be repatriated, they'll just be abandoned to their fate amid the kindly inhabitants of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Pentagon has already contingency plans for just that eventuality.

That's what Rome did in the 5th Century AD...and those abandoned troops promptly became the military muscle behind the Visigoths that eventually sacked Rome and brought justice to its elites. And that's also why one of the last acts of the collapsing Soviet Union was to bring its troops home from the Warsaw Pact countries, in the vain hope that the "repatriated" Red Army would willingly prop up a dying regime.

However, our PTB's are out of luck. Disgust with Obama, the banksters, and the CEO's who took away the jobs of our troops' families is running at fever pitch among both the rank and file and the officer corps.

I predict that at the very first sign of trouble, the military will step in, arrest the civilian government and its bankster/CEO cronies, put them on public trial, and submit them to very bloody public justice.

Of course, certain exceptions would be made. Military contractors, government arsenals, and weapons production would be kept going, as would the logistics train necessary to secure the borders and keep internal order. The new military government could use this as a basis to restart civilian production of consumer necessities,beginning with military control of food and fuel production and distribution. World War II-type rationing would probably be necessary.

And I think that most Americans would go along with this, provided there is a provision for eventual return to civilian rule, as the military is one of the few government institutions left that most citizens have some respect for. 

And I also believe that TPTB will flee rather than fight - they will always have safe haven in Israel, remember.

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More than a few active duty military and plenty of retired know something is very wrong in Washington. Talk to them, you'll be surprised to hear "... somebody's trying to bring this country down." Under martial law don't assume politicians, bureaucrats and Wall Street types will be telling the military what to do.