In Harbinger Of Things To Come, Indonesian Parliament Begins Criminal Investigation Into Bank Bailouts

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Is that "million"? With an M?

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Take nothing from this; Indonesia is one of the very few countries more corrupt than here in Thailand, there will be many hidden agendas

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Indonesia, indeed. Sir, the United States may have appeared to be a bit of a late starter, but I maintain that we hold a candle to no one, in this hemisphere or any other, when it comes to corruption and hidden agendas.

The chant "We're number one," still means something in America.

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And besides, we have our own Indonesian now

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.....of course the USA has moved into the top 10 too of late

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There's virtually no difference between the "cops" and "criminals" here. I'll be very (pleasantly) surprised if we ever see an indictment.

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Of course there's a difference: The "cops" have the blessing of the state, which makes their behavior legally acceptable. The non-blessed (individual, business, mob) doing the same thing is illegal, however.

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Nothing illegal here in the US.  Our lawmakers blessed our bailout.

Then again:

"Lawless laws are an invitation to lawlessness"

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On the other hand, one of the key findings of this crisis is that the American people are some of the laziest, most apathetic individuals known in history.

Well, when the Constitutional duties of the President (i.e., State of the Union) are not allowed to interfere with American Idol... Priorities, man. Priorities.

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You don't have to read American Idol.

Constitutional duties of the President ? Might have to read and think there. We know the American public hate to read... just too much work.

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Financial and political forces have always been linked and in no nation has that ever been more true than the US.  That's why economics used to be called the study of the political economy.  Has that made the US some kind of hell on earth? Not at all.

It's funny that all the wailing and knashing of teeth about political and social issues on the left and the right start from the implication that America is an awful terrible place to live. Mostly for somebody else. Get a grip.

Indonesia?  You have to be kidding.  The government of Indonesia means a thing? Governments noplace stand a chance, except in China. For now. The New World order is making government the junior partner. It will have some good points and some bad points. For all the good people here with some assets the good will be very good.

Stop bitching. So the new boss is just an evolution from the old boss. Somebody is always going to be boss. Live your life and don't worry about it.

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Live your life and don't worry about it.

Ah, but there's the rub: The governments of the world won't let us live in peace. All I ask is to be left alone, and all the bosses want is everything I have.

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Indonesia has a long history of lashing out at the small minority of wealthy ethnic Chinese whenever there is an economic crisis. This is not surprising.

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Oh yea, a lot of built up resentment which doesn't take much to ignite.

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"On the other hand, one of the key findings of this crisis is that the American people are some of the laziest, most apathetic individuals known in history. There is the distinct possibility that even a market crash to 0 will not result in any pro/retroactive changes, so long as the prime time TV line up remains unchanged."

The Musings of "Astute" Tyler

Although "Sarcastic" Tyler is clearly my favorite, "Analytical" Tyler has my enduring respect, sometimes "Astute" Tyler is the most insightful Tyler of them all. It is as if Tyler actually knows these Amerikan rabble...

$2 Big Macs and Budweiser

The oligarchy has learned is a cheap price to pay to keep the rabble pacified.

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Outrage is what will spur people into action. Of course, that does beg the question, can we get outraged about anything anymore?

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