A Harshly Divided Planet

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 I love the indicator on your dollar chart. It looks like it might actually be tradable. Indifferent to the sociology class; what am I supposed to do about it ?

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I can tell you that something is going on in Asia for sure. I had 2 acquaintances, one from Malaysia and one from Australia, BOTH call me in the last 24 hours telling me to BUY SILVER! I have never experienced anything like this since the Hunt brothers.

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Just wait until the debt deflates.  It will happen one way or the other.  Technicals, market fundamentals and the laws of physics seem to always have a way of ruling the day.  It has been so for several billion years.  Gas at $7 maybe, maybe it will be $10, who knows.  The current economic system only runs on cheap energy and cheap labor, neither of which will continue to be so moving forward.  Food is also very much attached to energy costs and unfortunately people need to eat, but hey, robots don't.

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I know from reading various blogs and message boards that the middle class can still find areas to cut from.  There are a lot of people buying luxury goods such as expensive organic foods, and pre-made meals for example.  Nope, there are still plenty of places to stick those knives.  We will know that that the house of cards is falling when the entertainment complex undergoes a severe compression/collapse--when people completely stop going to mindless ballgames all throughout the year, when movies are no longer relevant to Joe Blow.  Maybe at $7 gas,  I don't know.

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And, amid the MSM 'recovery' hype, Americans are again be deluged with Chase and ilk credit card apps almost every day in the mail.  Happy, happy times are here again!