Has Bloomberg Stopped Tracking Constant Upward BLS Initial Claims Revisions?

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Regular Zero Hedge readers are aware of our consistent noting how in the past several years, the BLS has relentlessly imposed an guaranteed upward bias to prior initial claims revisions, to the point where it has become a statistical farce (today's upward revision of last week's number from 422K to 426K being just the latest indication). It is thus to our surprise (and disappointment should this be confirmed) to find that even Bloomberg has ceased to keep track of prior revisions: one wonders if the BLS may have had some close conversations with the only media which back in 2009 dared to challenge the Bernanke Put.

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Caviar Emptor's picture

Shhhh! We don't want to excite the peasants...not before a weekend blowout in the Hamptons

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How about those Iranians, eh? They provide the fulcrum for other OPEC nations to rebel against the KKK/Banksters Empire (which seems to be coming apart at the seams ...tee hee hee) AND announce the tripling of HEU capacity at the same time! Yeehaaa! Bring it on bankster zombies!

Guess who's backing them up? Just half of humanity! There is hope after all!


Oh say can you see, the mushroom cloud over thee!!!

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Its big news that went un-noticed yesterday as Iran told Obama and Wall St elite world banksters to go fuck themselves, theyre going full bore nuke program.

Caviar Emptor's picture

Hey Dog, you'd like this:

“Such soft patches are not that uncommon,” and that's all we're in right now, Philly Fed's Charles Plosser says.

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....and Saudi increases their "social spending". Meanwhile in Bahrain, doctors and nurses went on trial for having treated wounded protestors....battle lines drawn

fuu's picture

Went on trial after being tortured.

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Divide and conquer... who is really pulling the strings?

Just falling into the trap, my emotions tear me in two directions. On the one hand I believe that the degenerate ruling banking elitists do not deserve the servants that they have purchased with fiat created from air. They are sociopathic and undeserving of the station they have falsely claimed. Good leaders do not destroy the people who have a co-dependence with them. It is self-destructive. So, either the assumptions are wrong or they are bad leaders. They clearly do not believe that they will be destroyed with their lessers.

On the other hand, it does not appear that the Chinese in power are any better at being human beings than the western elitists. All of them are filled with fear and arrogance.... believing that their power to abuse others makes them better (in which way I am not exactly sure).

... and while it is currently possible to pass through under the radar in either system (or are they one and the same?) that might not be true in the future.

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Iran to triple enriched uranium output Thu Jun 9, 2011 9:53AM
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It is not surprising, as we get ever closer to the end game, that the already captured media has to "toe the line".

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You got that right. Expect lots more: more nude bodies and silly fashions, giddy movies and looser rules on what 'uppers' can go into Coca Cola

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received a visit from a hotel maid.

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Thus the Big Lie slowly becomes accepted as the Truth.

This is how it has been done for thousands of years. Bloomberg got a pass for a while because it could hide behind the excuse of just reporting factual "business news". But even they have recognized that the Big Lie has a life of it's own.

This is precisely why Truth Speaking is of the utmost importance. Because without Truth Speaking the Big Lie is always eventually accepted as the truth.

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The Ministry of Truth today announced it will merge operations with the Directorate of Secret Police

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+∞ Couldn't have said it better.

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Just add 5-10% to the original number and you'll come pretty close to what the revision number for the week will be.......it's the same statistical "adjustment" the BLS uses.......

fuu's picture

Can't have any sort of pesky truth slipping through the cracks. Handy links let the informed elevate the clueless, can't have that either.

Pegasus Muse's picture

The truth must not be told!

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Here's a nice place to track the historical revisions in graphic form:


Yep. 48 of the last 52 weeks all revised higher.

That's a heck of a statistical anamoly...


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yeah, but really, birth death and seasonal adjustments to their data aren't biased at all

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Tyler...tell me how to call that data up on my Bloomberg terminal.  Shoot me an em-mail or something.  I have someone over there I can ask about this, but I will need the screen shot myself for the data.

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perhaps a few of the TBTF banks threatened to pull their advertising and subscriptions if they kept up that level of journalism?

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one wonders if the BLS may have had some close conversations with the only media which back in 2009 dared to challenge the Bernanke Put.


I definitely believe so.  I have noted a change in Bloomberg to where even CNBC tells more truth.  How sad is that?  I only use the website to keep up with dollar, treasury, and energy levels.

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Transitory soft patch becomes permanent impotence.

Something that everyone on Main Street is aware of but everyone on Wall Street seems shocked by.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

You mean Wall Street is just a bunch of limp dicks? Say it ain't so Lizzy, say it ain't so.

Consider their fragile egos for God's sake. Have mercy on their limp dicks.

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Gold up. Stocks up. Dollar up.

Someone call Sanity Clause.

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BLS revisions don't fit the script Baby, now - get back to the dressing room and get ready for your next scene

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Who listens to Tom "I never give my personal opinion on the air" Keene anyways? Yeah right! It wouldn't be so bad if his "experts" were a bit more accurate.

Just last week he said, "I never heard of QE3". Who's he talking to? Not the right people.

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Anyone see this yet?  This should be the official song of the new depression.  

Bernanke dancing in female underwear is the big payoff, though.



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You can still see the revisions if you choose Index description: on the top and in the last column of the data table.

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"WTF? What happened to the BLS revision data for claims?" <GO>

Let us know what they say.

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On the other hand Bloomberg could have decided to stop tracking bullshit.

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Bloomberg lost its individualilty and joined the ranks of the MSM crowd long before this moment unfortunately.  Greed as it seems got the better of them.