Here Come "The Boots On The Ground": EU Approves "Possible" Military Operation For Libya

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While it has been made very clear that no US "boots" would be on the ground in Libya, except for those beloning to CIA operatives of course, no such stigma applies to Europe. Which is why we were not surprised to read the following from RIA Novosti: "The European Council on Friday approved the decision to mount an EU
military operation to support humanitarian efforts in Libya, if asked to
do so by the United Nations.
"The EU will, if requested by the UN Office for the Coordination of
Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), conduct a military operation in...order to
support humanitarian assistance in the region
," the council statement
read." Of course, humantiarian assistance only works best with silver tipped warheads and laser scopes. And honestly who didn' expect that the goal for Triopli's oil would mean a land invasion any minute? Oil most certainly did, with WTI just closing at a fresh 2.5 year high of $108.

EU approves possible military operation for LibyaLibya

From RIA:

The aim of the operation would be to contribute to the safe movement and evacuation of displaced persons and to support the humanitarian agencies in their activities with specific capabilities," it said.

EUFOR Libya can only be deployed if the council adopts another decision approving the force's terms of engagement, the statement added.

The Libyan political crisis, which evolved into military clashes between opponents and supporters of the country's longtime ruler Muammar Gaddafi, began in mid-February. The conflict has already left thousands of people dead and forced many more to flee the country.

UN Security Council Resolution 1973, adopted on March 17, imposed a no-fly zone over Libya and authorized measures to protect civilians from Gaddafi forces, but stopped short of authorizing ground operations in the North African country.

Net result:

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magpie's picture

Welcome to Club Med Cruises. Enjoy the authentic Somalian Riviera atmosphere with a hint of Bosnia and Suez.

On the other hand, from both the US and German perspective if things go horribly wrong( but who knows, maybe it was planned that way), the French and British always make good bagholders and heroic fall guys.

Ahmeexnal's picture

fuckin' on spot.

excuse my french.

Drag Racer's picture

'experience' - bingo!!!

Yep, the US goes in with missles, F15E, A10, and AC130 to hit the good stuff and then park it and sit back and watch. Now the rookies can have a good fairly safe training war to get ready for the real one. The US wants to make sure they Euro's are ready when the time comes for the shit to get real...

trav7777's picture

The French carrier battle group is there.

This is appearing to go exactly as I thought when I said a week or so before the shit started that the cynic in me said France was going to try to do this as an operational experience-building exercise.

This is a lower risk war for them than something remote.  They can support whatever happens here with their airforce if necessary, but they want to practice the naval air power projection and amphibious landing portions of this colonial military skillset, for whenever they need to extend their projection to a place like Ivory Coast, or anywhere else outside the combat radius from Corsica.

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

You never know, wouldn't you just love to see the unintended consequence of Libya's tanks rolling down the Champs de Elysees!

I know, but let me fantasize.

trav7777's picture

it wasn't so long ago that France was gungho for war.

Things change.  The japs are peaceniks now but were warmongers 70 years ago.

sun tzu's picture

It has been a long time since the French were gung ho for war. The last itme they were excited about war was WWI. Since then all of the military action has been to save their crumbling empire.  

Ahmeexnal's picture


The french airforce has just bombed and killed 13 libyan "rebels".


knukles's picture

Are they sure that the dead were "Libyan" and "rebels"? 
French skyborne bodycount.

falak pema's picture

Dork, go slow on the Guinness.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

I'm drinking Beamish as I am cheap but cheerful.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

I'm finding it difficult to follow your question ..... is there not 24 hours in one day ?

Rodent Freikorps's picture

The sun is always over the yardarm...somewhere.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

This is what happens on a dry ship..........




Rodent Freikorps's picture

In some ways, the RN is more sane than the USN. Can't argue with that one.

carbonmutant's picture

I wonder what new terrorists groups this war will fund...

AnAnonymous's picture

The Al Qaeda, Hezbollah groups that are among the so called rebells are already on the list if you follow US standards. US information collected 4 four years.

gall batter's picture

fund and inspire

Arch Duke Ferdinand's picture

OT: April 1st...2 min short film...Wrong Side Up...

taxpayer102's picture

Treasury just posted the national debt at $14.270 trillion, just $24 billion short of the "debt ceiling".

Andrewoldbullionjackson's picture

who need qe3 when we can just start another war.  War = money printing

DNB-sore's picture

ITC; "Which euro nations would send in troops? Sounds like an April fools joke"

the Jerry's and Tommy's did some quality desert-time a while back

Spalding_Smailes's picture

Alert ••• Mobile weapons laboratories spotted in Libya ....

Colin Powell er' Hillary " Carpet Muncher " Clinton just addressed the U.N., they produce anthrax and botulinum toxin ....

DNB-sore's picture


maybe we can use the new 500-billion funds in Euro's raised to save the banks/countries and put everyone on foodstamps to raise another 500 billion to put back in fund


There is no problem at all!


Dr. Engali's picture

No blood for oil....... oh I forgot this is totally different.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

You leave Barack alone!!!!

His motives are pure.

He is The One!!!11!!!


/I won, bitchez.

lolmaster's picture

Obama lied, Libyans died

Yen Cross's picture

Obumma isn't capable of making a decision. That person did not lie. That person was ignorant! YEN CROSS

LostWages's picture

The French soldiers have been equipped with white flags.

falak pema's picture

reed, white and blue flags...what's's the same for USA and, white, blue.

You like to sleep in white sheets?

Gimp's picture

Great picture - LOL

SunBlaster's picture

Italy must be hurting real bad for oil.

Yen Cross's picture

Berlusconi is schlepping olive oil off the Greeks. Whilst raping their underage daughters! Take that BITCHES

High Plains Drifter's picture

gaddafi's jewish roots. I have spoken from time to time about such things. Just becasue someone looks like a arab, talks like a arab, worships like a arab and dresses like a arab, does not automatically a arab make? Then you can look around the middle east and wonder just how many other of these arab countries are ruled by jews who at one time in their family histories converted to Islam. Does it matter? You better believe it........

magpie's picture

Right of Return for K-Daffy, bitchez !

High Plains Drifter's picture

Technically correct. He could request assylum in israhole and they would be duty bound to give it to him, him and all of his gold which they will gladly keep for him in the bank of israhole.

magpie's picture

and no extradition to boot...

falak pema's picture

somebody doesn't like jews in this place...the jews love jew haters gives them the pips...Not that i'm jehovah son. But just saying...

High Plains Drifter's picture

falek, i take it you don't understand jewish tribalism. perhaps you should listen to a former israeli tell you about it.

then , you can extrapolate this information out to the real world and it will help you understand how the real world works. how can someone control a argument? easy, by being on both sides of the argument. so we have good cop and we have bad cop, presenting a public face which we see and then we have the friends who behind the curtains, shake hands and laugh at the fools (us) in the audience that are buying the swill that they are serving up. a classic present day example of this, would be murdoch and soros, a right wing zionist and a left wing zionist , respectively, but the key word here is zionist. so we have the left and we have the right and it doesn't matter because they both kick up to the same world boss. kapiche?

Yen Cross's picture

He has a half cocked slug waiting for him. A nice boars tooth!

Yen Cross's picture

Quit running your mouth and step UP! I own guns Bitch.

Killing Time's picture

pretty much all of us have got some jewish roots somewhere down the line

Kickaha's picture

Sattelite photos of crowds in Benghazi pre-war reveal oriental men in yellow helmets and TEPCO windbreakers instigating the crowd, right about the time the TEPCO prez disappeared from view.