Here Comes The 4th Front For America's Nobel Peace Prize Winner: UN Attack Helicopter Fires On Pro-Gbagbo Military Base In Ivory Coast

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Update: Nobel Peace Prize winner for 2011, Nicolas Sarkozy, has just authorized the use of force in Ivory Coast.

They don't make Nobel peace war prizes like they used to anymore. The 4th war front for the president of peace Barack Obama, who just started his reelection campaign, is almost here. Naturally, don't expect any actual declaration of war. From Reuters:


More as we get a list of casualties, whom we expect will be more than just chocolate lovers worldwide. In the meantime, the black market for Blood Chocolate is percolating.

More from Reuters:

United Nations helicopters fired four missiles at a pro-Gbagbo military camp in Ivory Coast's main city of Abidjan on Monday, witnesses said.

"We saw two UNOCI (U.N. mission in Ivory Coast) MI-24 helicopters fire missiles on the Akouedo military camp. There was a massive explosion and we can still see the smoke," one of the witnesses said.

The camp is home to three battalions of the Ivorian army.

Calls to the U.N. forces commander in Ivory Coast went unanswered.

This helicopter does not fire Nobel peace prizes:

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Josh Randall's picture

Chocolate City B!tchez

Haywood Jablowme's picture

Amerikaaaaa...FUCK YEAAAAAHHH!


101 years and counting's picture

can someone please inform the pres that retail coffee prices are up 25% in the last 3 months?  time to expand operation "destroy ben's inflation" to South America.


bankonzhongguo's picture

All your chocolate are belong to us!

patb's picture

Want to bet that someone is about to be awarded a patent to convert Chocolate to Oil?


Please, it's the only thing that makes sense there.

slaughterer's picture

Funny fronts for a half-black Prez to pick, ain't it?  

AnAnonymous's picture

Another evidence that Obama is really your typical US citizen president.

DonutBoy's picture

UN Attack Helicopter.  Hmmm...   No such thing.

nkktwotwozero's picture

>UN Attack Helicopter.

Black helicopters anyone?


Fuck the police.


AN0NYM0US's picture

who'd a guessed back then that Dre would end up at the top of the entertainment world today when he performed/wrote/produced this back in the day

nkktwotwozero's picture

Love the attitude.

A few years before the King riots too.

Lessons are to be learned from that vs. (ineffective) Seattle protests.


nkktwotwozero's picture

At least it wasnt the Toy Yoda War :

Wow! Thanks for the history lesson.

France seems all up in this Libyan shit. (I'm quite serious)

apartofthings's picture

Indeed. France is trying to get its hands on Libya and muscle out the Italians, whose national oil company ENI has concessions there. Sarko = Napoleon III. Imperial ambition but no real ability.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

White MI-24 helicopters, with guns, and United Nations painted in big black letters on the side.  The 23mm cannons must be purely for "defensive" purposes?

I always think of Red Dawn when I see these big ugly Russion birds.  Flying tanks, really.

More pics here:


Deepskyy's picture

Evil, evil birds!

The Mujhadeen were often cited as having said "we do not fear the Russians, however we do fear their helicopters" when speaking of the Mi 24 HIND.


RollOver's picture

Those are fixed 30mm cannons, apparently this saves on weight (no turret) enabling more goods/people to be hauled.

redpill's picture

I didn't know the UN flew Ruskie birds

Dave Thomas's picture

And the insignia on the side denotes the Hind hails from Poland.


jus_lite_reading's picture

Gee, I wonder what resouces they have to plunder? Or is this humanitarian work also? LMAO!

Gimp's picture

They got cocoa. We need our chocolate. Any disruption in supply will cause a dramatic increase in cranky women globally.

SilverIsKing's picture

And all along I thought Libya was all about oil.  Now I can see things clearly.  Libya IS all about the humanitarian side of things after all.  Our, ummm, the UN activity in the Ivory Coast cleared it up for me.

tmosley's picture

This is why I have 20 lbs of cocoa powder among my stored supplies.

Starting to think it might not be enough.  You can get a 75 kilo bag of cocoa nuts for about $600.  Might be worth it--it might save your life, EVERY day.

velobabe's picture

why is chocolate synonymous with woman? i don't like chocolate, makes me feel sick. i do enjoy dark chocolate covered coffee beans†

Global Hunter's picture

The guy who won the election is Ougadou or something like that, he is a former UN diplomat and was responsible for selling some Ivorian utilities to French firms for a song back in the 90s.  Ivory Coast has some really decent infrastructure so I'm sure the French and US would love to get their hands on it.  Sorry no links, if I can find I will send along.  A french film maker has done a documentary on it, and France's influence over Uranium production in Niger.  Great railways and ports in Ivory Coast, almost to developed world status I think...

SME MOFO's picture

I think he also invented the piano key necktie!

kdervin's picture

Isn't it time to revert "Department of Defense" back to "Department of War?"

redpill's picture

At least it was an honest characterization

dogismyth's picture

what freaking Dept. of Defense?  On 9-11 (as you well know) our country was attacked (yeah, I know...I smile when I say that) and not a single jet fighter or missile was used to intercept.  Imagine that kind of defense.  Trillions spent for what?  Its a fucking joke.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

This is bullish for Raytheon, right?

SilverRhino's picture

Wrong again, Mil Moscow Helicopter.  That's a Hind, not a MiG.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Buy the Czech variant.

Russians still produce nothing but shit.

Long-John-Silver's picture

Think about this little factoid. NASA is now dependant on Russia for it's Space travel requirements.

tallen's picture

So not only are they causing the price of oil to explode by invading Libya, but now all the fatties aren't going to be able to afford as much chocolate. Maybe American's will finally revolt as their mars bars go up 50%


nonclaim's picture

If there was any real chocolate in it...

NotAllowed's picture

What is wrong with our country?  Why dont we just invade every country and get it over with?

nkktwotwozero's picture

It's not "our" country.

Once you realize that, you're freer than 99.X% of 'tards.


Brought to you by Carl's Junior.

AN0NYM0US's picture


hearkens back to the early 2000's

UN troops accused of 'systematic' rape in Sierra Leone


U.N.Troops Used Serbs' Sex Slaves

trav7777's picture

for shits and giggles, which countries were the rapists from?

Sedaeng's picture

It states in the second link provided:

50 U.N. peacekeepers came to visit. The officers were from Canada, New Zealand, France, Ukraine, and an African country, he said.

AnAnonymous's picture

The negroes made all the raping. Learn your UScitizenism.

tickhound's picture

Awaiting the neo-con cheers, and the outrage from the left.

****crickets chirping****

What is it exactly that we've become?!?

cossack55's picture

The United States of Mercenaries.  Have fun.