Here Comes The Next Leg To The Insane YoYo Formation

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Of course, since this is merely another lie, nobody cares, but the robots will likely go nuts with the EURUSD any second.

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Greece, Spain, PIIGS, US, Japan, We are all screwed.

Weekly News update on the whole mess inspired by the likes of Zero Hedge, let me know what you think.

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Two thumbs up.  Great work!

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Why bother about Greece when this country has enough problems ? Greece getting a tiny bailout is not going to solve the gynormous shitpile we are in.

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Nothing can solve that. It's too late.

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I think its time for a "YoYo formation" tag

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Someone should invent a word for not being able to solve something. Like insoluable or insolvent or something.

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batshitcrazyclusterfuck? Also WTFBBQFISHSTICKS!

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Adj. 1.

unsolvable - not easily solved; "an apparantly insolvable problem"; "public finance...had long presented problems unsolvable or at least unsolved"- C.L.Jones

insolvable, unresolvable, unsoluble

insoluble - admitting of no solution or explanation; "an insoluble doubt"

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Wow his comment section is like a cross between Little Green Footballs and the Fark politics tab.

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Nonsense! Only 10T more and we'll be home free.

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All hinges on Greece minute to minute and some tiny nonsense 'bailout', just ridiculous.

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Situation in Europe with Greece its like to be at gas station. Everone wants to relieve-default Greece with one cigaret but everything is soaked in petrol. Europe? who is next?


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I love it! Nice analogy...

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What a complete scam the Euro is,  half of their countries are in default.  Reality will catch up soon enough.

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Naw the Dollar is the scam.

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how about all FIAT IS A SCAM!!! GIVE ME GOLD BABY!

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waiting for Godot

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fuck it. Tequila it is.

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lol you and baby_blythe should talk.

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Right on. Here in Mexico you can buy it on the roadside in 5 litre jugs for a couple hundred pesos.

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Ahh, fuck it indeed.  A little Jameson while continuing to prepare always helps.

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I knew it was a bad idea putting the joystix option on the eToro forex platform.

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Im shorting euro with calm at these levels...with target 1.28-1.32

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As crazy as it may seem, Euro could go much higher. The economic weakness, plus structure of the ECB make deflation more likely, monetization far harder and therefore cash to service the mountain of debts is harder to obtain.

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positively for who exactly?

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I would have to be the most unlucky person on the planet.

On a morning like this the 3 stocks I am short are all up this morning.

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Heh...that's just funny.  Had to give you the +1.

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More debt will cure their debt problem

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Did anyone factor in the 200,000 Greeks about to storm Sygmata Square?

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None of these entities have any, nada....

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Isn't that like testing HIV+?  When are they going to inform Germany and France that they should have worn a condom?

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waiting for Godot, methinks

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Fifteen men (Eurozone) on the dead man's chest (Greece) — Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

As a result Greece goes Cuba Libre and proudly introduces a new long-term investment rating: GGG+

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They have to lie in order to protect the public.  Phew, I feel better.....wait?!

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It will be nice once they cave into Greece, then we can talk about Ireland!

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That is what the world gets in reaction to the USA dragging Greenspan out to shit on the Euro this AM.

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Amplifiers oscillate and oscillators amplify.

The Fed has added plenty of amplification, so the EUR/USD "rings" - but the dollar trend still looks downward..

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Non-man ISM 54.6!! Yea, those new McDonalds sure can make a difference!

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From a contrarian point of view i go now long greece 10Y bonds.

For about 1 week, or so...

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Socialism es muerte ;)

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Hasta la revolución! siempre..

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Volatility is a beautiful thing to a trader.