Here Comes The Push To Repeal Obamacare, As Goolsbee Starts The Mutual Asured Destruction Charade On Raising The Debt Ceiling

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Death panels reinstated?

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Goolsbee scares me. He could easily be a vampire. How apropos,

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I think that would be Ghoulsbe

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I thought it was Gooseme - that seemed more apropo

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In all my future correspondence I'm going with Autsan "chicken-shit" Goolsbee.

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Failure to raise the debt ceiling limits expenditures to tax revenue, which is 2 Trillion / yr.  

Interest on the national debt is "only" $440 billion.  How does this equate to default?  All interest could be paid.  No default occurs.

What doesn't get paid is salaries to a lot of unionized Federal civil servants.  THAT is not default.  That is just layoffs.  What doesn't get paid is some already approved contracts and spending.  That is not default.  That is just contract cancellation.  The cancellation fees could be paid and done.

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Where do you get $440 B for annual interest?  Here is the budget number for 2010 --- $187B.

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You link looks legit, but it's hard to see anything wrong with mine, too.

2010 was 413B.  2011 will be about 440B with the added trillion.

Regardless, if you are right somehow, it strengthens my point that refusing a debt ceiling increase does not generate default.

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Generally I don't trust numbers coming from the government - may or may not be correct but I take their numbers more seriously.

An interesting side note - what will be the cost of interest on the debt when the Fed has to raise interest rates to defend the USD in the money markets or attract buyers at bond sales? Or, by that time, will it be too late (hyperInflation where no one wants to hold USD)?

Either way, PM's are our safety net - Ag, Au, Pb.

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barring alchemical breakthroughs, pb is still lead.  pt (platinum) or pd (palladium)?

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Normally Goolsbee has a dry sense of humor, but during today's appearance on Meet the Press, he looked to be in a very dark mood. I wonder what is going on inside WH.

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from his c.v. he doesn't seem a dummy.  perhaps what has occupied this blog for two years is beginning to wear on a.g. as well.  he may also have additional concerns. 

ron paul isn't going to make the ben mcbank's life any easier (nor should he) and getting further stimulus through the house doesn't promise to be as easy as last time (which was hard given b.o.'s proclivity for negotiating with himself and general gutless wimping out).

then there are all those investigations the republican controlled house will launch against obama, as were launched against clinton.  this time however there will likely not be an economy expanding vigorously and one of history's great equity bull markets a'roaring.  on the other hand obama may actually be faithful to his wife.

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"Goolsbee scares me."

He should...

Article by Webster Tarpley


"Barack Obama's top economics adviser is a member of the super-secret Skull & Bones society of Yale University, of which George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and John Kerry are also members, reliable sources confirmed tonight. Goolsbee is widely reported to have told Obama not to back a compulsory freeze on home mortgage foreclosures to help the struggling middle class in the current depression crisis..."


"At Yale, Goolsbee was a member of the Yale Political Union, the improv comedy troupe Just Add Water, Skull and Bones, and the Yale Debate Association


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no, no, not the debate association!!!!!  

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Won't survive BHO veto, but probably worth trying to draw some lines in the sand on the limits of government take over.  Unfortunately, the regulatory morass that the left seems to embrace is sand in the economic gears and will prove very difficult to extract absent full repeal of the legislation.

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Somebody ought stick an ammendment on the Debt Ceiling bill to raise Congressional salaries by 5000%.  Watch that get voted on!  535 "Present".

Don'tcha just love it; "ought at least go on record being against" or some such rotten twiff stuff. 
And as soon as having gone on record with "T'is a bad day when we must do that which we might not otherwise in good conscience, laddie."....

"I'll take the envelope for $1,000,000, Alex."

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seems to me the economic gears (credit default swap, securitized mortgage obligation, derivatives thereon...) could have used a little more regulatory sand from say 1999 (gramm leach) through the utterly cynical takedowns of bear stearns and morgan stanley to at least the current iteration of trashing the fed's balance sheet, refusing to require accurate financial sector financial statements and paying off bondholders of insolvent banks with taxpayer funds.

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Cramer can stick his BOO-YAH up his arse.

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The NWO crowd are not going to like hearing this.

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What? grid lock, empty gestures, dissapation and fragmenting of citizen discontent while hidden amendments advance unseen and undebated while the real problems go unsolved and deteriorating.

Sounds like the NWO planning is going perfect.

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Debt limit vote(s) is the litmus test for 2012 (& possibly 2014).


Those who vote to raise the debt ceiling will face primary and GE challenges, and many will lose. Which means the debt ceiling vote(s) is also an intelligence test... a vote to raise the debt ceiling is both morally corrupt and politically stupid. 

Debt ceiling vote = tea party fuel.





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Freaky. i was just reading this article via yahoo mail check and thinking, I've got to post this link somewhere on ZH.

The full court press is already on. Smart timing, in a couple of months, trillion will be common-phrase. After 760 Billion, 20 trillion does not sound so bad, if repeated enough.

It's just 20 of the latest illion.


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yep, end is near.. and i guess so called elite knows that..


it's  just matter when this year or next... it's quite clear as soon as

DEBT hits some kind of round figure 16,18 20 trln $ that's  it

they gonna lose it.. all those scanners, etc etc point to clear

path ..


only way to survive leave country NOW,, SELL HOUSE ,,

MOVE  MONEY  TO stable country north europe/ germany/ swiz

we are fucked...  sad :((((((((


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[...only way to survive leave country NOW,, SELL HOUSE ,,MOVE  MONEY  TO stable country north europe/ germany/ swiz...]---alexwest

Not sure I read your post clearly. Sounds like you are saying: to survive, a US citizen should relocate to a presumably "stable" country, e.g. Germany, Switzerland. (Or, perhaps you mean only move one's assets to said countries.)

I hear and read of many people who share your sentiment to leave the U.S.

You and I are cut from different cloth. I could no more flee my country than could I abandon my family.

I understand many folks do not feel nationalism. They are foreigners to patriotism. Indifferent to history and cultures bound by colored lines on a map.

You are surely cut from different cloth than I. Nevertheless, I respect your apathy as a human condition. It would seem to be in your God-given nature. You may return my respect please by staying the hell out of the way when those of us who love this country are called to restore it.


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"when those of us who love this country are called to restore it" ?????

This has got to be one of the most idiotic insane comments I've ever seen on ZH. 

What are you waiting for Mr. (alledged) Patriot?  What call?

Do taxes have to reach 100% of income for that call to go out?

Do the Constitution and Bill of Rights have to be completely shredded and thrown in the trash can for that call to go out?

Does America have to morph into total police-state tyranny for that call to go out ...when it will be way too late to do anything about it?

Does Wall Street have to steal ALL the weath from the middle class, reducing Americans to homeless peasants rummaging through trash cans for something to eat for that call to go out?

People like you are the MOST DELUSIONAL of all, waiting for some "call" to go out to get off your lazy asses and set about "restoring" America.   What complete utter bullshit.

America is not going to be "restored". No nation in human history beset with this much top-level criminality and depravity has EVER been "restored".

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Good post, but it would be a little more effective if you didn't beat around the bush.  Just come on out and tell us how you really feel.......

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Hahahaha--good post. Both.     Milestones

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[People like you are the MOST DELUSIONAL of all, waiting for some "call" to go out to get off your lazy asses and set about "restoring" America.   What complete utter bullshit.

America is not going to be "restored". No nation in human history beset with this much top-level criminality and depravity has EVER been "restored".]---cranky-old-geezer

Hat tip to you, cranky-old-geezer.

When I read your post, and hear passion like yours, I am moved to tears.

I can't describe the sadness I feel for our beloved country---where we stand today so very far from our founding.

I cannot presume to know when and in what capacity God will call me. I am not reluctant to be called, I am reluctant only for patience. Timing is important, your years will tell you so.

The economic storm, now quietly gathering, will soon come crashing on our shores. The storm will lay bare important lies. Sides will be taken.  

The "calling" is coming for many of us. Perhaps for you too, kind sir. For the young, the old, men, women, poor, rich, the sick, the strong, some armed to the hilt, some armed with only a full heart, Patriots All.


cranky-old-geezer's picture

Your response is quite confusing.  You hat-tip what I said about a "call" that will never come, then turn right around and fantasize about that "call" coming.  Sorry, I don't understand.

God will issue that call?  To do what?  Restore America?  God doesn't care about America.  He turned his back on Israel, his "chosen nation" at that time, due to rampant top-level criminality and depravity, allowing Israel to be conquered and occupied with many taken into foreign slavery, and he's going to prevent such a thing happening to America?  No way.


Patriots I read about went into action when British taxation was less than 5%.  You self-styled "patriots" today haven't lifted a finger when taxes are 50%+ ...except to fill out your tax returns and write the checks.

Patrots I read about wouldn't have tolerated their wives and children being sexually groped at airports by power-crazed moronic minimum-wage government thugs.  I quite believe they would have refused to fly, boycotting the airlines as a minimum, when you self-styled "patriots" today stand there letting them have their way with you ...and your wives and children.

Patriots?  I don't think so.

Delusional?  Very much so.

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i think it was more the taxation without representation (still a valid complaint in today's crony corporatist state) than the absolute level of taxes.  the ease with which the elites support and the masses tolerate the police state aborning is deeply sad.

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[Your response is quite confusing.  You hat-tip what I said about a "call" that will never come, then turn right around and fantasize about that "call" coming.  Sorry, I don't understand.]---cranky-old-geezer

Where I come from, a hat tip is a gesture of respect to women and elders.  (Even cranky ones.)


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there will have to be some sort of compromise on bamacare; the tidal wave in 2010 was too large to ignore and there's another election in just a couple of years.

if the main street economy continues to be this bad, there will be some hell to pay even though the electorate hasn't yet figured out that they are just the jane in a gangbang.

That said, all this kvetching over the debt ceiling is laughable and only illustrates how pathetic the average cognitive ability is now that we're talking about chunks of trillions in raises.  It's a simple geometric growth pattern with actually a relatively linear log plot, mathematically unexceptional.  Yet we hear all this braying when the doubling is "4" instead of "2."  The ceiling needs to be doubled on the growth interval, whether that be 1, 2, 4, or 128T

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actually, i think the entire exercise is going to be chalked up as mission accomplished for Wellpoint. They rammed thru truly massive premium increases due to what they said would be increased costs to them under the  new health laws. Now, they get a repeal before they actually have to provide any services, so its all good.

The medical structure in my state in now collapsing with doctors being laid off and hospitals closing....which is the norm in banana republics. Thing is, our politicians are just too damn dumb to see how they got skinned alive.

So nothing is changing here.

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politicians have their own health insurance, so their families will not be inconvenienced.

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Corporations do not pay taxes, they are tax collectors for the State.

jeff montanye's picture

some of the politicians are dumb, more are smart.  too many are corrupt.  it is the latter that is the problem.  they must be corrupt to survive.  the supreme court says so (political contributions from corporations cannot be restricted -- it's their constitutional right).

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"Just the Jane in a gangbang"...classic. We should compile a list of classic ZH sayings. Lists, bitchez!

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That said, all this kvetching over the debt ceiling is laughable and only illustrates how pathetic the average cognitive ability is now that we're talking about chunks of trillions in raises.  It's a simple geometric growth pattern with actually a relatively linear log plot, mathematically unexceptional.

With due respect, it's not linear; it's begun to reflect near exponential qualities, especially when taking into account the magic of compound interest.

America's debt, like some other 'advanced nations,' is now parabolic.

Look at a debt chart of the U.S. in the last decade, and compare it with any decade prior.

Better yet, compare the last decade of U.S. debt, on a chart, with the prior 5 decades.


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With due respect he said "linear log plot". Of course you'd expect a linear log plot for exponential growth.

cosmictrainwreck's picture

I've forgot my logarithms.... does it stay linear if exponent is a 3 instead of a measley 2? I'm guess yes. Ergo...if we use that metric YEE-HAW, let's make it the 4th power, or the 5th, eh?

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Worse is better from where I stand.  I want this jewish and brown america to collapse.

The last 50 years has been fucking hell here.

Let's see it come to it's logical conclusion for once.


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I see the Aryan Nation contingent is in the house.


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The silent majority is not going to be silent now that we have reached critical mass.

Mr. Majestic's picture

If you mean  listening to rich white assholes complain

about how bad they've got it, you can save it. Go on being silent


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You're in for a world of hurt.

The facts are in and no one believes the Fifth Columnists on the electric synagogue or the jewspapers anymore.


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Dude, you need to switch to decaf.


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And what's with your obsession with anal anyway?


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I've been inundated with scatological "humor" via jews like adam sandler for 30 years.

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I'm going to fire a Christian at work tomorrow, just for you.