Here Comes The Weapons Of Mass Destruction "Get Out Of Peace" Card Again

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Reuters reports that authorities have
arrested a 20-year-old Saudi national on charges he tried to use a
weapon of mass destruction and potentially targeted former President
George W. Bush, the Justice Department said on Thursday. Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, who was
admitted into the United States in 2008 on a student visa, was arrested
in Texas on Wednesday by FBI agents. He was accused of purchasing
chemicals and equipment to make an improvised explosive device, the
Justice Department said. Last time we weapons of imaginary destruction surfaced, Iraq got bombed back to the stoneage. It is so difficult to see where Obama is going with this...

Clip from MSNBC for the reading challenged:



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Rodent Freikorps's picture

How come none of these douche bags can have a simple name, like

chumbawamba's picture

Yeah, because Menachem Begin just rolls off the tongue.

I am Chumbawamba.

Trundle's picture

Let's see:

Rothschild's Reuters channels Osama bin Laden with a Saudi National somehow attempting to assassinate George W. Bush (isn't he in Paraguay by now).

FBI, established in 1913, along with Federal Reserve, IRS and ADL, provides backdrop for same.  

I can't even listen to these assholes anymore.



A Man without Qualities's picture

Khalid actually means immortal, so I guess he won't mind if he gets 100 years.  

What I think is brilliant is he actually emailed to himself a list of targets - we're clearly dealing with a man of towering intellect and devious cunning....

pods's picture

And we have a winner!


Max Hunter's picture

Or a CIA plant.

That's pretty much a given.. If not, he'd be the exception to the rule..

HedgeFundLIVE's picture

lol, Bob.

anyway, interesting take here by the Prez of Israel, saying large tech companies should take up more responsibility for the situation in the Middle East!:

Azannoth's picture

It was a Sudi so lets bomb Saudi Ar... no wait Lets bomb Iran!

Rodent Freikorps's picture

We need to go old school. Kill the men, and take lots of war brides.


chumbawamba's picture

Maybe if you could get your ass off the carpet and stop playing Call of Duty long enough you might actually realize your wet dreams.

I am Chumbawamba.

narapoiddyslexia's picture

What's a wet dream? Oh wait! Right, bomb, bomb, bomb... bomb, bomb Iran. Bomb, bomb, bomb, ... bomb, bomb, Iran.

Logans_Run's picture

It's a good thing Rumsfeld and Chaney don't read this blog. They both would have had orgasmic releases over your post.

Hephasteus's picture

Am I the only one here that wants to chop your balls off and play hackey sack with them?

You do more to make people hate the fucking military than anybody I've ever met.

chumbawamba's picture

For a hackey sack you need something of at least minimal size with some good stuffing.

Maybe just make a small coin purse out of his sack, and use his marbles for snowman eyes.

I am Chumbawamba.

Hephasteus's picture

Normalcy bias strikes again. I hadn't thought about the teeny nuts factor. He's probably an ex member of blackwater and took steroids for 10 straight years. They are probably the size of english peas by now.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

You guys are probably right. When I do contingency planning, when I get to Conflict With US military, or even local LEOs, all I have down is Run Away.

ebworthen's picture

War bride that likes Call of Duty and carpet burns?

ZakuKommander's picture

SO Robert Howard . . .

Mongol General: Hao! Dai ye! We won again! This is good, but what is best in life?
Mongol: The open steppe, fleet horse, falcons at your wrist, and the wind in your hair.
Mongol General: Wrong! Conan! What is best in life?
Conan: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.
Mongol General: That is good! That is good.

Shameful's picture

Ok have to step in here, Howard is one of my favorite authors.  Howard did not write that.  Conan was a good flick, but was not based directly on any of Howard's yarns.

If you want an example of what Conan would do for hot tail I suggest The Frost Giant's Daughter.  Can be found in it's entirety at link.

ZakuKommander's picture

Ok, you caught me.  Directly from the film script.  

Personally, I prefer Burroughs for my pulp fiction, but Howard was superb as well.



Warrivar's picture

Steal the women and rape the cattle!

Warrivar's picture

haha some moron had thier delicate sensibilities offended by me. my work for the day is done.

Ragnarok's picture

Draft all the "patriots" leaving AmeriCorps to watch over the country while they're gone. Hope and Change!

tarsubil's picture

AmeriCorps looks like a great place to get laid by some hippie chicks.

Nootropic's picture

Honestly, yeah.  It is pretty good for that.

firstdivision's picture

If she is overly hippie, she's all yours.  Probably uses Cherokee hair tampons.

ColonelCooper's picture

There's nothing quite like watching gnats mate in a tangle of armpit hair while you're trying to throw a hump.

ColonelCooper's picture

I apologize to whoever junked me.  I'm sure your armpit hair is neatly braided and recently dusted for insects.

propellerhead's picture

WWWIII may have been incited over the weekend.. Are there really any coincidences?

Mr Obama was in the M.E. a few weeks ago and the dominos fall into place. 


Mad Max's picture

WWWIII may have been incited over the weekend

What's the third "W" for?  Wacky, as in "Wacky World War III"?

snowball777's picture

World Wide Web 3? We need more bandwidth!

Dr. Porkchop's picture

Wrestlemania III? No... wait, that already happened.

Common_Cents22's picture

I think its a vast 3 W conspiracy.


the same people refer to Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant as BW3!

Azannoth's picture

Last time he went to Mexico we had Swine Flu, he goes to the Middle East we get all those revolutions, he should just not get out of bed if would be better for everybody

EscapeKey's picture

Not that I particularly care about politicians, but Obama campaigned on the basis of him NOT being just another corrupt politician...

and then he goes to DC and becomes the biggest whore of them all. He's just about the most despicable I've ever had the misfortune of seeing elected.

Fazzie's picture

 Its the "two party shuffle" at its finest. Good cop bad cop. The only difference between Bush and Obama is a different PR approach.

 Now the GOP is getting all "tea party" and thats their version of "hope and change". People really think the tea party will really give a rats ass for the disenfranchised middle class. Nope, they will still spend like crazy, not do anything about illegal immigration, and the FED along with the wall street syndicate will conduct business as usual.

 The only purpose of these fake populist clowns is to keep votes from anyone else who might actually institute real hope and change. Hope is ok, but change is strictly verboten.


NOTW777's picture

stop with this garbage that all politicans are the same.  can you tell the difference between your wife and dog?  you know nothing about the tea party.  first, they are not a political "party."  they are pissed off citizens with no corrupt lobbyist or corporate angles.they care about themeselves, their family and their country.

johnQpublic's picture

thats right

just ask the koch brothers, they'll tell you the same thing


i junk thee

tickhound's picture

as will the teocon "patriots" fresh off the Freedom Express bus.

NOTW777's picture

r u like 5 years old - these george soros slogans and slurs. get a mind

NOTW777's picture

weak and lazy argument made by people after the guy they elected screws up.