Here It Comes: Shi'ite Iran Sends "Solidarity" Flotilla To Sunni-Controlled Bahrain

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Those seeking the spark that will set off the next middle east conflagration can finally rest easy. Reuters reports that Shi'ite-ruled Iran sent a flotilla to Bahrain on Monday to show solidarity with mainly Shi'ite Muslim protesters, escalating tensions with the island kingdom that is home to the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet. As a reminder, Barhain is the nation that imposed a total and complete media blackout, going so far as to expel a Reuters correspondent, while most likely continuing its atrocities against protesting Shi'ites, which has raised the specter of a possible war erupting on the tiny island home, so critical to the US navy, and situated only 60 miles away from the world's largest Gwahar oil field. If Iran is serious about this latest escalation between Shi'ites and Sunnis, and it certainly appears to be, all hell may break loose as this could be the straw that not only breaks the proverbial camel's back but launches a full out Gulf States war (and woe to those short CL in a worst case scenario that sees the involvement of Israel, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, not to mention all of the the middle eastern countries).

From Reuters:

It was not clear when the convoy might reach Bahrain, which has a majority Shi'ite population but is ruled by a Sunni king.

Bahrain, which has cracked down on pro-democracy protesters in recent weeks, has criticised the decision to send the flotilla and accused non-Arab Iran of interfering its affairs.

Iran's English-language Press TV said 120 activists, including professors, students and clerics, were aboard the convoy, sent to condemn the killing of Bahraini protesters.

"The convoy will seek to get permission to get inside Bahraini waters. However, it is very unlikely that at this point in time the Bahraini government would allow this," it said.

In an interview with Al Arabiya television, the head of Bahrain's Information Affairs Authority, Sheikh Fawaz bin Mohammed al-Khalifa, said the move was unacceptable.

"This is a blatant interference in Bahrain's internal affairs, especially since Bahrain does not ask for humanitarian aid from ... Iran," he said.

In a sign that the flotilla could heighten sectarian tensions in the Gulf, one newspaper reported that Kuwait would protect its neighbour from any Iranian threat.

 Kuwait has sent navy units to Bahrain as part of a regional force deployed in Bahrain in March to help end weeks of unrest inspired by the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.

"Kuwait will not hesitate to defend the Kingdom of Bahrain against any danger that may threaten its security," the al-Watan daily quoted an unnamed senior Kuwaiti source as saying.

"Bahrain's waters are a red line, and Kuwait naval forces deployed there ... will not allow any Iranian ship to approach the kingdom's shores."

It may be time to go long crude all over again...

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Bob's picture

Okay, hold my OIL.  Arab $pring?

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Maybe a Margin Hike will save the prices of Oil and PM's again?








Bought the FUCKING! Dipps / Dripps!!!


Buy Low... Sell High!


Tangibles are worth more than paper futures!


any of this getting thru? a 3 fronted war? lol

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Major earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, droughts coming. Courtesy of Comrade Putin:

Comrade Zhirinovsky should stay away from hotel maids.

Green Leader's picture

Russia is quietly watching and taking note of what USA is doing, look at the counterclockwise hurricane spinning:

that's made from the US Caribbean, take note too.

In the end, Russia will win with its most advanced longitudinal interferometry guns.




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The state news agency announced last Tuesday that Saudi Arabia was printing 1.5 million copies of an edict by religious scholars outlawing protests in the kingdom as un-Islamic.  I got my copy yesterday. Eleven reasons were given on why protesting is "Haram" or forbidden in Islam. Here's a summary:
  1. The two Holy Mosque are in Saudi Arabia therefore we have to protect them from anything that would cause instability
  2. Demonstrations (whether peaceful or violent) are incitements to disobeying the ruler, which is forbidden according to Imam Nawawi
  3. Hardship and poverty require patience, they're easier than lack of security!
  4. The prophet (pbuh) said "listen & obey" even if the ruler is unjust because he knows better
  5. The deviant 'West' does not want Sharia in Muslim countries and their influence on our neighbors (meaning Tunisia & Egypt) is the reason why their protesters did not ask to implement Sharia
  6. Protests ignite sectarianism & tribalism
  7. Instability in Saudi Arabia is instability to ALL Muslims following the Sunnah
  8. Security personnel would be obligated to intervene if different factions in society clash, which would mean Muslims fighting each other
  9. Protesting is not a tool for change, advising the ruler is what brings change
  10. The 'West' is waiting for instability to "absorb" our (natural) resources
  11. If you have food on the table and a place to live, it's forbidden to cause chaos!

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To me this says that we better look out for protests. This is definitely a precursor. Having to explain to the population that their grievances, regardless of what they are and their righteousness, would be wrong to act on.

Once I saw that there was some protests in Saudi Arabia (what two months ago, even though they were small) I said that is the starting spark that is going to throw the whole middle east oil cartel under, and globalism as we know it. We'll see......

JR's picture

These details fall under the heading of an excuse to protect the “special” relationship with the superpower depending on the royal family and its oil deliveries.  They never want to get into the position where they're dealing with "protesters."

Confuchius's picture

All Northern Hemisphere lows (incl 'urricanes) spin counterclockwise. You would benefit from a private pilot's course (available on the internet) which would include how to interpret weather maps and satellite loops.

Green Leader's picture

I took meteorology in college.

You should have seen the square edges and the 'ladder' in the water vapor loop. It's not hurricane season yet-and the thing is man made.

Mercury's picture

Yes, I think I can hear the music swelling...

And it's SPRINGTIME for Shi'ites and Su-ooo-nis!

High Plains Drifter's picture

its muslim against muslim and the arabs never can figure out why their lot never seems to improve, in their own lands,  which are rich in natural resources. Yet for many they live in a state of grinding poverty....fools they are , and like us all, fools they have always been. pawns in the game. useful idiots playing their parts.

blunderdog's picture

Black vs. white, citizen vs. immigrant, affluent vs. poor, urban vs. rural, young vs. old...

Seems to me the whole species is pretty fuckin' stupid.

High Plains Drifter's picture

remember what zardoz said. 

the gun is good and the penis is evil ............go forth and kill.......

ElvisDog's picture

Well, they're rich in oil and natural gas and that's about it. They are decidedly un-rich in things like arable land, agricultural production, fresh water, trees, good looking women, and so on.

lincolnsteffens's picture

How would anyone know if they have good looking woman? They keep them covered from head to toe.

Alienated Serf's picture

actually Iran has some pretty good chicks.

BigJim's picture

Indeed. They do tend to run to fat as they get older, though.

gall batter's picture

"A couple of neuroscientists looked through a billion publicly available Web searches from about a million people and told Salon, 'There are almost three times as many searches for fat women as there are for skinny women' and 'men search for penises almost as often as they search for vaginas.”'

Weisbrot's picture

so many disasters man made & others

so much turmoil all over the globe

conspiracy or happenstance it almost doesnt matter

I am convinced that the powers that be, believe something much worse will happen

various theories and reasons abound, based on strings or piles of truth

things will never be what they were

may what ever it is or the series of events that lead to it

be quick, be concise, and have the best possible outcome for the worse of all possible situations


until then enjoy all the side shows

and remember that everything is temporary

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This ought to be interesting...

Muir's picture

I'm sure I speak for robo when I say this is very bullish for stocks.

TheTmfreak's picture

Everything seems to become bullish for stocks nowadays...

Broomer's picture

And here we go.

Dammit, I needed more time to buy more PMs...

achmachat's picture

today is still a perfect day for that.

zeek's picture

Run up the market early to position for the frontrun drop...?

TradingJoe's picture

OIL Calls! Leaps preferably! At the money! Lots of them :))!

Cleanclog's picture

Are US troops/navy part of the Kuwait navy too?  I know we have a US naval base in Bahrain.

writingsonthewall's picture

Why do I find myself cheering for Iran?

This is so complicated - the goodies are the baddies and the baddies are the gooddies now?

It's not helped by these sorts of things...

This is worse than the plot of Total recall when I thought Arnie was a good guy...then a bad guy...then a good guy again!

TheTmfreak's picture

I'd rather stay on the side lines. Sure as hell not my fight, and I don't live in either one of their shoes.

legal eagle's picture

You should never, ever, cheer for Iran.  95% of the mess in the Middle East is caused by these Shiates working toward their goal of world domination.  Without their religious beliefs, that the Ayatolla is devine (Jesus was not) and that they are called per the Quaran to conquer the world for their deity, there would be little struggle in the middle east.

TheTmfreak's picture

I disagree with the statement about "little struggle in the middle east." While it is a very very large component of it, radical fundamental islam is almost primarily (if not completely) sunni. Would Saddam have been "so bad" without the Shias and Iran? Nonsense. What about the Kurds in Northern Iraq? How about the Palestinians who are/have been hated by pretty much every Sunni country in the area?

I think it is simple to point out the bad guy and say if they weren't there then it wouldn't be bad, but its just not the way it works. There are pissed off peoples with a hardon for power in every ethnicity and corner of the globe.

Jim in MN's picture

And let us not forget the determined effort to abort national self-determination for just about anybody in the Middle East by the oil-addicted elites over the past century.

Hell, in the 1890s Egypt was full of robust debate about the role of Islam in democratic republics.  And the rest of the Ottoman provinces were watching Egypt. 

Churchill and his ilk considered the Arabs (and Persians) to be subhuman.

Illiteracy and external interference have much to do with the rise of extremism anywhere. 

Little girls with books and pencils would do a lot to move the world forward.  No matter their color or faith. 

legal eagle's picture

Saddam was a nationalist who controlled the tribes.  Mubarrak was a nationalist that controlled the tribes.  Gaddafi was [is, for now] a nationalist who controlled the tribes.  These folks were all dictators looking out for themselves.  They were not trying to instigate anything on behalf of the sunni reglion.  Look it up, read about it, you will find that Sunni people chose their church leaders by democracy - because they, unlike Shiates, believe that their leaders are not devine.  And, as an aside, GW Bush is a greater war criminal than any of the above mentioned folks.  He caused more death and horror than any of them.

TheTmfreak's picture

Where do I start...

Your first 3 statements prove my point. You said roughly "If Iran and its religious views were removed you wouldn't have as much struggle in the Middle East." I said bullshit, and named numerous other agitating factors to the middle east. You just named two more than what I did. So you proved yourself wrong, right out of the gate.

I didn't say those three leaders were doing anything for "sunni reasons." Why are you arguing things I didn't say? You can't even assume I meant that from what I wrote. So read what I wrote.

I guess the president of Iran isn't a leader there because he isn't a religious one? If thats not what you meant, use more specific language, because what you wrote is self defeating and contradictory.


What the hell does GW Bush have to do with anything? Why you had to drag him into this debate is beyond my understanding, but it is pretty typical and also extremely lame.  (It also helps my argument. Remember you said if it wasn't for Iran the middle east would have no problems. What about America?) You're facts are so blantantly wrong its ridiculous. You clearly have no understanding about Saddam or anything he has done in the past. I recommend looking it up. From 1979 - 2003, without counting the Iraq-Iran war (which is about 500,000 to 1 mil deaths in the area), Saddam was attributed to about 300,000 deaths, mostly Kurds and executions. But you know I guess according to you, thats Iran's fault.

Use of Weapons's picture

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lincolnsteffens's picture

Whoa, Nellie Bell! What was all the skin-head chatter on ZH over the weekend about the Jooz taking over the world? Now its only one sect of Muslims that out number the world wide Jewish population 5 to 1 trying to dominate the world? Can't you guys decide? Oh, that's right there are Christian sects that want to convert every one and send their devious agents (missionaries) to poor countries!

Interesting that of the three main religious groups the only one not trying to spread their religion is the Jews. The Muslims would make you convert or off with your head. Christians did the torture trick centuries ago and sent out Crusaders to kill their religious foes. The Jews on the other hand do not have missionaries, do not send armies to convert or slaughter do not proselytize but everyone wants to annihilate them. Is there something wrong with this picture?

Try handing out bibles in an Arab country and see what happens if you dare. Try handing out Korans in Israel for comparison. Better yet, visit Gaza or the West bank and proclaim your Christian Faith out loud. Yup, those Jews are just blood thirsty and want to kill all that reject their faith.


TheTmfreak's picture

Muslims no questions asked believe the Jews have forsaken their religion. I wouldn't be surprised that the "lack of spreading it" would be one argument they would have. (In other words, jews don't believe in what "jews" used to)

Holodomor2012's picture

Twas hofjuden behind the crusades.  Twas hofjuden behind the Muslim invasion of Europe as well.  Both then and now.



BigJim's picture

Well, if we're going to condemn Christianity for the Crusades, which happened 7 centuries ago, why are we giving the Jews a free pass? The Torah is full of stories of bloodthirsty acts by the Jews, all sanctified (supposedly) by God.

And as for not wanting to spread their religion - no, they don't feel any great urge, because Jewishness gets spread via interbreeding. Anyone with a 'Jewish' mother is considered ethnically Jewish, even if that mother was descended from a long line of women who only bred with goyim. Which is why so many 'Jews' are clearly more ethnically European than Semitic.... and are entitled by zionist law to consider Israel 'home', unlike the genuinely Semitic Palestinians, who had their land stolen from under their feet.

Jews aren't interested in spreading their religion... but zionists are very keen to get all the 'Jews' into Israel to help support taking the land from the real Semites: the Palestinians.

BigJim's picture

Whoa, Nellie Bell! What was all the skin-head chatter on ZH over the weekend about the Jooz taking over the world? Now its only one sect of Muslims that out number the world wide Jewish population 5 to 1 trying to dominate the world? Can't you guys decide?


So if different people say different things, but on the same site, they must all be wrong? Nice try.

BigJim's picture

Try handing out bibles in an Arab country and see what happens if you dare.

Try getting your stolen land back from the zionists and see what happens if you dare. Frankly, I'd rather have my house back than the 'right' to distribute tomes of religious horeshit in some foreigner's country.

NotAllowed's picture

Age of Empires!!  I'll play the Goths

Urban Redneck's picture

"The convoy will seek to get permission to get inside Bahraini waters. However, UNLESS HELL FREEZES OVER the Bahraini government WILL NOT allow this,"


Muir's picture

Sooo.... buy silver right?

TheTmfreak's picture

In following this analogy, if one waited that long to get silver they'd be shit out of luck... just like if they waited to try and get soup a year later!

Oh regional Indian's picture

See? It's all man-I-pull-ated. They have every variable by the short hair.

need some socio-political tension? Easy, start a hindu-muslim riot in india. Need to crash the markets? Do a false-flag (too many to mention). Need to steer the herd? Slaughter a few without mercy. 

Program, every day, mindlessly, mind-numbingly....

Interesting to be facing backwards in a stampede, on a little hillock in the middle.


Green Leader's picture

How about this for a manipulation?

Strauss-Kahn, IMF Scam Fails, the Debt Crisis Crescendo