Here Is Why The Tadawul May Soon Pull An "Egypt Stock Market", And Close Indefinitely

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The first from a major bond trading desk:

Reports are circulating that there has been massive buying of Treasuries out of the Middle East this morning following the NFP report. The buying has been across the curve, with large concentrations in the 2-5yr sectors. Now that's a safe haven trade from the countries causing the stress in the first place.

And for those wondering why the Tadawul may do a reverse EGPT, and not open for a while...

We have confirmed reports of massive amount of money moving out of the country, most likely to Abu Dhabi resulting in a huge sellout in the stock market which saw a major decline in the past few days.

As for the dollar: it is a sad, sad sight what the dollar has become. Thank you Chairsatan!

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It's on...bitchez!


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Equities tumble, PMs rumble, it's OONNNNNN BITCHEZ

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In the red corner, a paltry underweight tarnished and raped USD, stabbed mulitple times by POMO, TARP, TALF, GSE's and gov't incompetence stands the mighty DOLLAR.

In the blue corner, breaking high after high with gleaming antibiotic properties and high demand in industrial and precious applications stands SILVER.

Now touch gloves and fight!

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Head's up, this could lead to short term dollar strength & PM weakness.  Keep your eye on the big picture (unless you're a Jack be nimble trader with balls of steel).

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Without the support of the House of ibn Saud, the US Dollar is screwed....

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Ben Bernanke: "Nothing that another helicopter drop can't fix."

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The recovery will come in the form of helicopter manufacturing gigs.

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A zephyr can easily whip the linen into the tail rotor. Make sure the helicopter is in the upright position before you bail.. k Ben?

rosiescenario's picture

...that was back is now B-52 Ben....faster transit time to NYC from D.C. and 50X the payload....I can picture Slim Pickens riding a pallet load of $$$$ ....

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Ouch. I hope they had GEICO.

Now we know why Boeing got the "tanker" contract. The problem is that the first "tankers" won't be built in time to do much good even when they finally begin wholesale currency drops. Waiting until 2015 for the first one is too little too late.

I like the B-52 comment above. We have plenty of those in stock.

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Long term trend line is around 76.2 ish.. If I remember correctly.. Break that, and follow through could be bloody..

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I believe the 2008 low was around 72.  Once we penetrate that, all bets are off.

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Break 72 coupled with inc expectations of more and more debt monetization and yup : capitulation bitchez.

Things have a habit of collapsing when least expected (not saying anyone here doesnt expect it , but all systems are weakened to the point of a catastrophic failure and then BOOM)

Hedge accordingly.

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Does not having any money count as being fully hedged?  If so, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my wife...

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That was hilarious Agent P. Your hedge is clearly trimmed.


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could be worse, you could have said "my EX-wife"... but, then again?!

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actually...70.69 in March 2008. A break below 70 and we are in no mans land...without a net...


74.15 looks like a crucial multi year support. once that gets breached the decline could be quite sudden.

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At 69 plus QE-Indefinite ... yeah I'll agree that it's over.

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How long until we can close that disgrace in NY?

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Someone is going to take a big bite out of NY. Literally and figuratively.

The whole Apple, Big Apple, Biblical Apple trio and their obvious inter-relation tot he present time blows my mind.

So how about... when the UN/IMF show their true colours.

Lucis Publishing, FTW.



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in the competition stakes for the worlds worst investors only the japanese are probably worse than the arabs

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Are you tellling me that Hawaiian real estate hasnt apreciated 1000% since 1979 ? C'mon who you foolin'...

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Don't forget Nobel Laureate Economist Timothy Geithner's sage wisdom on China and currencies and inflation:

US Treasury's  Geithner says if China does not move on revaluing its currency, it faces much higher inflation
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This is why encouraging their people to buy PMs is so brilliant.  They were a little slow but it was the right move.

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let's not pad his resume; it is interesting enough: he may speak chinese, have employed obama's mama, has worked for kissinger, the council on foreign relations and the imf, and he doesn't pay his taxes.  

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btw what happens to options contracts once the NYSE closes down for a few months ?


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If you are Goldman or JPM, Bernanke covers your premiums 100% on the dollar, and throws in a 110% 'assumed profit.'

If you're not a FOB ('friend of Ben'), lights out.

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yes, in a nutshell, that's about it.  and, somehow, it doesn't seem fair.

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The Bernank is masturbating with glee Iran can't be too far off

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OK Chairsatan, you have got 15 minutes to do something about this!

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After seeing what happened to the rest of the ME I can imagine the Saudis are getting their boodle out ahead of the riots. I bet they took note which foreign banks froze accounts too.

Spalding_Smailes's picture

Dollar was at the same levels in ....

78-80 & 90 & 92 & 95 & 08 -09 ...... But this time it's different.

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Your point? Economy was in the shitter each time during those years.

Spalding_Smailes's picture

And things got better, just like they are today.