Here Is "Why The World Is Better Than You Think"

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A few days we notified readers about Goldman's conference call with the Koolaidy title of "Why the world is better than you think" that sought to soothe the frayed nerves of investors. Now that we are a few hundred DJIA points lower, Goldman's permabullish Jim O'Neill has shared the presentation that goes with the call. So in case you need a little pick-me-up in these days when China is rolling over, Europe is bailing itself out, carry traders are carted out head first, the US is generating record delinquencies, and the HFT marauders may soon be out of a job, here is Goldman with "Why the world i better than you think."


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Anyone wanna bet futures are up huge tomorrow and the melt up resumes?  It is guaranteed.  You can read Benny and Timmy like clock work.  They got their T-Notes back down to the levels they wanted today, now they resume the melt up again, until the 10yr gets close to 4% again, then panic everyone again, then.... you get the picture.

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Though you never know by eod

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now i am confused. dylan ratigan just diss ed glen beck and goldline. said they over charge customers on coin prices. anthony weiner - NY, has opened an investigation?

and dylan said to buy GLD. is that right?

sorry o/t but it has the word gold in it.

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"Why the world "i" is better than you think."

If yer tha Squid first personnally.

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Further OT response to your OT comment...

A friend made a small purchase through the goldline website a couple years ago.  Buying it from their online store should be discouraged... it's waaaay overpriced (just check their website pricing).  This must be what Ratigan is referring to in the overcharge charge...  

I've bought from goldline & found them to be almost on par price-wise with APMEX.  However, to get reasonable pricing you have to submit to an almost unbearable customer sign up process prior to making the purchase.  First you contact goldline & set up an account agreement.  You must be willing to go through the requisite initial hazing in which you are educated on the virtues of numismatic coins  (think lesson in philosophy with the Borg, and not the hot one...).  To make it worth your while, you should be planning to buy more than just a couple of silver eagles at a time...  If you're willing to put up with all this crap, you are able to get much better pricing than what's posted on the goldline website.  You can probably get free shipping also.  However, I've concluded that they still end up costing more than some other prevalent PM dealers.  

The requisite 30 min lecture I received from Fat Tony (or was it Joey Bag o'donuts?) at goldline was quite entertaining, but to be honest I don't care to sit through that again.

After using both APMEX & goldline, I recommend APMEX.  APMEX frequently has items on sale which is a plus (& does not seem to be practiced at goldline, except on numismatics-which amounts to a modest discount from the premium on the overpriced price).  Last but not least, the best part about APMEX is you don't have to deal with a sleazy "account executive" calling to remind you about the price of gold, the insanity of the Fed. continuing bailouts, etc...  to foment order activity.  to try & goose that sales commission.  

I've heard that Tulving has the best deals of all, but you they only sell in large quantities (cha-ching).  

In defense of goldline (playing devil's advocate), it seems Ratigan hasn't done his homework & is just playing the part of publicity whore.  Collaborating with the big banks on this one to help diffuse interest in gold.  Ratigan ain't really one of the good guys...  He just plays one on TV.  

My two cents.


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another worthless piece of research from Goldman.  the guy doesn't even discuss any potential unintended consequences of the ECB's actions and what sectors should benefit most, which I think will continue to be gold.  this is an interesting argument on why the recent sell-off in gold may just be a correction, given the number of people trying to call a top in gold and the muted bullish sentiment data:

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Dude! Everyone knows that Goldman's "conviction buys" come from its favored client's distribution lists!

Now that all its favored clients are selling, is it any surprise that Goldman puts out economic analysis which says the future's so bright I gotta wear shades?

Classic squid, dude, classic squid.

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I'm so glad the economy is in recovery now.

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Hi, my name is Economy and I haven't crashed since May 6th.

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Hi Economy.  

Go on.  Share your pain with the group...

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I'm new here so I think I'll just sit in the back of the room and listen. And if you piss me off, the world ends tomorrow. Don't mess with Mr. Economy.

Sorry, is this the anger management meeting? Um........I think I'm in the wrong room.

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Here are 12 of my reasons the world isn't as bad as it could be:

  1. Religious tolerance at a historical high
  2. The Bill of Rights
  3. Can advance by who you are, not who's son or daughter you are
  4. Antibiotics and immunization
  5. Modern agricultural science
  6. There ain't no draft, son
  7. The world's alcohols at my corner store
  8. No speed limit if riding on a horse
  9. The Internet
  10. Digital photography
  12. Ties are out
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number ten should read digital pornography

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

From my position inside the insane asylum, everything looks hunky dory to me. Call me when you're ready to upload the fix and re-boot so I can save my work (I make a mean pot holder) and take a nap.


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I've got a little something for you here.  You'll feel better in no time.

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#6. Modern dentistry.

#12. Concealed carry.

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The world is much better than you think... way better.   The global financial credit system is only in the early stage of collapse and liquidation has not started.

Until then, party on Garth.  You are still living in the good time folks, so yes it's currently a paradise to where you are going to find yourself in the future.

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I need to take a shower after reading that. It's a two bag shower, with one bag over my head and one over the shower head.


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After a cursory review, I am thinking James Bond, "The World is Not Enough."  Yes, no match for the financial weapons of asset destruction. In the movie, Swiss bankers get knocked off and recovered money explodes (HFT). Then's there the plot to increase the price of petroleum by triggering a meltdown in the waters of Instabul (BP rig ?) . Art, a precursor to reality - except we have no Bond(s).

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Why The World Would Be Better Than You Think! - A true story about the complete demise and collapse of Goldman Sucks and the indictment, prosecution and verdict sending all present and past Goldmanites to the guillotine.

Only in a perfect world...

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Why Life Doesn't Suck (By Goldman Sachs)

1) My bonus.

2) My yacht

3) My country club

4) My villa

5) My trophy wife

6) My phat bank account...

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The world is better than I thought, because I kept thinking today is Tuesday and it's already Wednesday!!!!  ...and they didn't even have that in that there report. 

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I would not believe a word out of these f*ck sticks mouth if their tongues came certified.

Hopefully the next list they put out for "why their world is better" sounds more like this:

1. Didn't drop the soap in the shower last week.

2. My new cell mate seems real nice.

3. Finally was able to get soap on a rope from the commissary.

4. My cell mate Bubba mentioned me tossing his salad. Man I love a good salad.

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The world gets much better than you thought when you start worrying about enjoying your life and stop worrying about your money.

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I recommend that you don't read anything from Goldman. Not only will it wreck your finances, reading even the first paragraph past the title will also cause you to loose a few IQ points.

Ignatius J Reilly's picture

1) Cheese burgers

2) alcohol

4) ZH


But that's just right off the top of my head.

PS. do not listen to Muse while reading ZH.  Can result in broken stuff.

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While the squid was racking up trading profits for itself every day last quarter Seven of the investment bank’s Nine “recommended top trades for 2010” have been money losers for investors who drank the koolaid.


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Hey, thanks, just ran out of toilet paper, I'll just print me out a few copies of this!

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Near as I can tell sex, drugs, & rock 'n roll haven't completely evaporated.

Y'got your health you have the most important 'asset' you can own.

Specter lost his bid for a another 6 years living like he is a king.

Hillary Rodman Clinton will NEVER be POTUS.

'W' is now out of my sight and hearing forever.

We can all still be profoundly superficial, cut and paste, and iterate without limit.

I can still keep my options open to a variety of prejudices the sources of which have not yet become evident.

And best of all, we can always hit the remote to switch channels, see what mischief Kim and Kendra are up to.


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This is classic sell side strategist bull- ish piece. It is Goldman doing its good for society thang..

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EURUSD buying support is still evident.

Daily chart is now extremely oversold, will post a chart soon.

Grand Supercycle's picture


EURUSD buying support is still evident.

Daily chart is now extremely oversold, will post a chart soon.

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Thanks, Doctor Pangloss.

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After a cursory look at this report (I don't have the time to waste to read it in detail), aren't most of the stats (with the possible exception of ISM) little more than governmental sales tools to fool the people into believing things are better than they really are? Have we not yet learned how useless analyst forecasts are yet?  

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