Reappearance of Huge Plumes of Oil is Making It Hard to Pretend that the Problem Has Disappeared

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There is a flood of information coming out on the Gulf oil spill.


The reappearance of huge plumes of oil is making it hard to pretend that it has all gone away.

Here's a roundup of some of the Gulf oil headlines from just the last 4 days:

And Frontline and ProPublica released a new documentary called The Spill which says:

  • BP has a terrible track record of safety
  • Workers had "an exception degree of fear" and worried about dying at BP's texas oil refinery, and BP's own plant manager pleaded for safety measures to be implemented. Headquarters said no.
  • BP's giant Alaska facility was only designed to last until 1987, and then was supposed to be torn down. But instead, according to one of BP's Alaska workers: "They're going to run everything to failure".
  • BP's philosophy is: "How many lives can we afford to lose before we have to deal with this?"
  • BP stopped doing a basic oil pipeline safety measure, which caused a huge spill in Alaska
  • BP used too few inspectors, and used unqualified inspectors
  • The giant Thunderhorse platform fell over because a key part was installed backwards
  • Internal documents show BP engineers trying to find ways to cut costs and cut corners, so BP bypassed numerous normal safety measures.
  • When Tony Hayward took over as CEO, he said he was going to increase safety ... at the same time he insisted on substantial new cost cutting measures.
  • Because BP is not being reined in or restricted, and still has a cost-cutting culture, giant, future accidents will occur.

But as Greg Palast notes, The Spill is a whitewash sponsored by Chevron, rehashing information which Palast and others reported on years ago, and falsely implying that other oil companies have stellar safety records.


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Hey, times are tough for BP.  I hear it's so bad they had to lay off 35 congressmen.

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I was in Ft. Walton a couple weeks back and there was not even a hint of oil anywhere & the sea food was fine.  Unfortunately, down the coast I think it's a different story and it looks like people are actually dying from who've come into contact with this stuff.  Truly a mess.

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Was wondering where the went.  Thanks for the update.


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I just heard on the news yesterday, the 27th on left wing NPR known for never telling the truth, that the 'government has secured the area' so no body is allowed in but Dept of Justice folks.  "don't want the evidence tampered with' was the main focus.

Everyone can go back to sleep now, justice is going to protect America's interests.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

There should be investigations why the MSM is keeping quite.  Who bought their silence?


blindfaith's picture


"There should be investigations why the MSM is keeping quite.  Who bought their silence?"


Politions, about Rubert Murdock for starters

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

The MSM has played ball with the PTB for centuries. Don't mistake an exposed scandle of some company killing it's clients with faulty products or stealing from the government for an inquisitive aggressive 4th estate that is riding herd over government.

The "free" press is only as free as the PTB needs it to be to convince the majority of people that someone's watching the cookie jar. Mission accomplished. The problem is that as long as the majority expect "someone else" to "do something" about our problems, nothing will be done.

This is our responsibility. When are "we" going to do something about this outrage?

Ruth's picture

Thank You, George...this will continue, the government has continuously failed us. 

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Unless you live down there nobody gives a crap.  They are too busy watching to see of "the Situation" gets kicked off dancing with the stars.  The apathy of the people in this country is absolutely amazing.

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BP supplies gasoline/oil product to the US military in the Middle East and is also at the request of the US government refusing to refuel Iran's commercial jet aircraft in various European countries. As such, you can see this is a multi-fold treason against the American people so the USA can keep in line their International military interests and political power.

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We have a Bingo



Treason Season's picture

Mr. Washington,

Have you seen this?

That is some scary sick stuff, out-of-control mutant BP created synthetic DNA molecules about to take over the world.

Arkadaba's picture

Thanks again GW. I think the ramifications of this may even out weigh the Wall street meltdown.

goldfish1's picture

Can't we just move on? /s

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george, for god's sake,

please stay away from hot tubs.

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Great and timely workr, GW. I was wondering why I hadn't heard anything about the Gulf Oil disaster lately. The MSM sure is keeping it quiet.

And people should keep in mind that 40% of all seafood in the US comes from the Gulf.

As I mentioned before, I'd suspect a large part of this crap to end up in pet food.

apberusdisvet's picture

If it does wind up in pet food, buy a pet crematorium; business will be great.

Buttcathead's picture

I dont care.  Bernacke is going to save the world.

sodbuster's picture

I'm confused- first Bennie and the inkjets said he saved the world- now Harry "I can't read" Reid said HE saved the world!?

Seer's picture

"Mission accomplished" - George W. Bush

AssFire's picture

Pathetic lawyer sites referenced= pretty weak bullshit...same ol' GW.

Seer's picture

Why is it that your postings NEVER contain anything meaningful?  You NEVER have any viable alternative presentation.

Same ol' dumb ass...

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I'd find the assertion more credible if it came from more websites (90%+ came from and

George Washington's picture

Incorrect. and link to the original source articles, such as USA Today.  Please click through ... that's how the Internet works!

Maos Dog's picture

Let's see for forty years now....

"Oil will run out on 2000"

"We are all going to die from global cooling"

"We are all going to die from nuclear winter"

"We are all going to die from acid rain"

"We are all going to die from the ozone hole"

"We are all going to die from global warming"

"The ice sheets are gone!"


So forgive me for calling bullshit on:

"We are all going to die from corexit"


And if I am wrong, sorry but it's not my fault I have to reject this shit because of forty years of "the sky is falling bullshit."


There is an important parable here: called "The boy who cried wolf"

Seer's picture

Those who died of cancer never were diagnosed as having cancer, until they were.  Based on your (faulty) logic cancer would NOT occur because it had never previously occurred.

Thanks for playing!

dhengineer's picture

Sure, and then, when the wolves really did show up and killed off the whole flock, nobody believed the kid.  But it still happened.  Those other things you mentioned (global warming/cooling, peak oil, acid rain, ozone hole, etc) are academic, slow-moving problems.  Corexit is an honest-to-goodness poison that actually kills people.  The effects on humans and wildlife are real and, most importantly, unlike Gore's fake science, verifiable from many different areas of the Gulf.  It is true that we have been numbed and dumbed down by years of Chicken Little predictions, but that doesn't mean that we should ignore a real problem when it does crop up.  Just because something hasn't happened yet doesn't mean that it never will. 

Keep your eyes open.

Stun Gun's picture

True that Dhengineer. It's hard to sell lies without salting them with truth. I've lived through all of what Maos Dog listed. This time it's not going to happen though, it is happening!

Self defense for troubled times

jeff montanye's picture

you aren't sorry.  or forgiven.

woolly mammoth's picture

thanks for the update gw.

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I think this is all Bush's fault.

Really, we have a fucking President who didn't want Kanye on a fundraiser saying he didn't like black people.  So he had BP put a toxic chemical rug over the Gulf hoping that the oil could be swept under it, and a national media run by cousins of those who built the racial engineering pyramid of which he is the capstone.

Do not expect any mainstream source to EVER admit this guy is a failure.  70 years of social engineering by generations of cousins will NOT be allowed to be fucked with by something as mundane as the truth or reality.

williambanzai7's picture

I know this sounds simplistic, but it is true, you can't cover shit with shinola! There is shit in the gulf, there is shit on Wall Street and there is shit in Washington DC, and no amount of shinola is going to change that.

Anyone who thinks otherwise....well:

Don't know shit from shinola ;-)

George Washington's picture

But its NOT shit ... its just algae!

Burnbright's picture

It's sad we have to joke about this shinola.

williambanzai7's picture

I think you mean this shit  ;-)

palmereldritch's picture

Cue Augie... in 3, 2, 1...

tony bonn's picture

"BP has a terrible track record of safety "

bp has a terrible track record of truth....alas these thugs are the instruments of the bush / rockefeller crime syndicate in the destruction of all that is good to continue the fake war on terror, the war on democracy, and the war on freedom.

oil in which to wash their bloody hands. bush twin obama is the stool pigeon to spread the mayhem and terrorism. how many gallons of co-rexit will spill until these murderers are sated?

capital punishment for bp!

hardcleareye's picture

Here Here Capital Punishment for BP!!!  But you have to have the laws to do it, the enforcement to round them up and the Judiciary to successfully put them to trial!!! 

Currently all bought and paid for by corporate America.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

The government can't paper over all the problems!

Short Squeeze's picture

That's genius!  Ben can drop FRNs over the gulf to soak up all the oil and corexit.

CPL's picture

At least Aljazeera, in the typical fashion of petty human pissing contests is reporting on the subject matter.  Saddly the US and British media is no longer useful or trusted.  It's a bad sign when to learn what's happening in North America you have to read the Middle Eastern and Russian yellow sheets.

MeTarzanUjane's picture

The real problem is that Social Security cannot support the demands from retirees. The gulf has the highest concentration of SS recipients in the country. Thin the herd with some Corexit ingestion and problem solved.

CPL's picture

True enough, but it's still a very weak effort at thining the herd. 

CPL's picture

Sure they will, why deal with it when it's easier to pass the buck to the next administration.  Nothing can be gained politically from attempting to solve a problem, just by ignoring it.


And these are the people that the US population voted for.  I believe congratulations are in order for getting exactly what was needed...for a bloody, instense revolution between the haves and have nots.


More than likely though it'll be one blue blood POS versus another blue blood POS.  Last time a working man got involved ...what was the german guy's name?

Stun Gun's picture

Dream on CPL, if the revolution is not televised most of the population won't even see it. If any were todo something about it, it would have already happened by now. We are a pathetic nation who for some bread and a side show will remain passively quiet while we are anally penetrated by laughing, morbid elites who can now, it seems, do anything they like to us, no holes barred.

Protect yourself!