The Heroin Addicts Are Out, And They Are MAD, Warn Of "Another Catastrophic Financial Crisis"

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Today's dose of Mutual Assured Destruction brought to you by Reuters:

  • Chairman of US Treasury borrowing advisory committee tells Geithner in letter there is an "urgent need" to raise debt limit
  • TBAC says any delay in Treasury on making interest, principal payments could trigger "another catastrophic financial crisis"

Apparently, we now have at most 3 weeks before America, if the TBAC is correct, launches a suicidal nuclear attack on itself. Because as you recall the world ended when the Fed released its uber top secret classified docs.

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The market is soaring so no need... go ahead default, the market will go up 1000 instantly

66Sexy's picture

yup, 200 buck a barrel oil is very, very bullish.

Long-John-Silver's picture

as well as Bicycles and Mopeds.

JW n FL's picture

Boehner says “Lazy Un-Employed Scumbags are to Blame for the Recession” I am paraphrasing a lil.

Boehner: "Can't pay your student loan? Face it your parents were lazy and you couldn't afford college. The world needs ditch diggers and you were born into a family of them. Can't pay your mortgage? Your house was too expensive and you couldn't afford it. Your taxes going up too much? That's what you get for electing a democrat president. Never had a job after you got a degree? You learned nothing in school and you're lazy. I didn't get to be a congressman by watching jersey shore or playing xbox. You think there's no jobs for you? There used to be. There was when I was your age. You don't have fee time because you have to work all days of the week for 16 hours a day and you don't get paid hourly? Thank the unions. They made decent jobs so out of price range of the average American company that they can't hire anymore people and the works' gotta get done. These unions... I tell you they won't be happy till no one in America has a job. And health care? Don't get me started on health care- doctors study their entire lives and they barely make enough to live and yet Obama, who had his entire life handed to him on a silver plate wants to cut their pay. You know that's gonna do? Increase costs- the average persons going to have to work even harder just to see a doctor. "


Taibbi: "With mounting unemployment what do you think is the possibility that we'll see an Egyptian style uprising of the youth? Should we be worried?"

Boehner: "It's not going to happen in the US. The kids here are too fat, too lazy, to addicted to TV, fast food, cheap credit, and facebook. I have news for you- there are plenty of jobs out there- the unemployed don't want them. Today's college student feels entitled to make at least $24 right after college. When they find out they can collect unemployment they would rather do that. You know the average college educated unemployed person is collecting $60k a year? The CATO institute did a study- and I mean, you and me we're hard workers we could just sit around and live, but these kids today- that's all they've been doing their entire lives. I'm not worried for this country- there are a few of them who actually want to work, take Mark Zucker(sic). You don't build a site like facebook out of thin air- it takes talent and hard work. I went to a community college and all I saw were people sitting in front of computers typing away, their eyes were fixed. Probably just facebooking away."



Boner says that the young ones are to, too busy facebooking to care to participate in a "Day of Rage" here in the U.S.! I say Popiecock!

here is some food for thought..

Michigan, Police have been downloading info from cell phones during stops since 2006!

Military Helicopter Exercise startles Miami residents (YouTube Video) BlackHawks flying downtown Miami at Night. (why do they only practice with the BlackHawk Evac's from the Bank of America Building?

Is something happening soon that would require a full on evac from the B or A Building? seems fishy..

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Here's my latest scenario. They pull out the loyal nwo soliders from the normals just by knowing who's a complete psycho and who's not. They start them up on gassing people in denver and fema camps. They pull all the US's friend or foe codes. Ramp china up to mow thourgh the us forces like they were nothing. They already got them in demoalization training in afghanistan. Use chinese high power transmitters to take over operations of all the predator drones. Use special chinese chips they smuggled into the defense industry to screw up our gear.

China comes rushing in finds all these death camps becomes the new heros. It goes from UK and israel secretly pulling the strings on USA but since we have lost our credibility they need a new hero state to work under. Snuggle in at china turn us into the new germany. Move bunch global assholes into the new ghost towns in china. China goes from not fighting many wars to constantly being at war just like US. Keep pushing till afghanistan fallls, pakistan falls, set up shop in Iran, and libya.

That's the game plan from what I figured out. There is no 2012 deadline that falsly leads people to conclude that it's an epoch over game changer. They will keep doing the same shit they always have been doing till it's finished and they got their slave planet.

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2012 was miscalculated- but it is an excuse to sabotage the system.

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Boehner is fucked...and apparently delusional as well--

... You know the average college educated unemployed person is collecting $60k a year?...


He's must be mentally unbalanced.  There's no other explanation for the above as well as some of the other comments he made.

I don't think his district is gonna tolerate him any longer when they read what Taibbi is going to print.

The sick fuck can cry all the way home.

weinerdog43's picture

Who cares.  This is the internet.  Let's go with 'Factish' like Mr. Colbert.

flattrader's picture

This story isn't a hoax.  It's dead on.

Boehner is revolting.  What a scum bag.

Taibbi is just merciless...Enjoy!

[Hard to believe the other story WAS a hoax given what an amoral jackass Boehner is.]

sgt_doom's picture

"Boehner says..???"  WTF!!??

Why would ANYONE even bother to quote someone who couldn't even make it through US Navy boot camp, then frigging lied and claimed military service during Viet Nam when he first ran for the House???

I mean, W-the-blood-F???

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DOW +.67% on the news. (12,563.36)

firstdivision's picture

Yep!  The SPX has reached it's highest level post-crisis.  Everyone gets a share of GM in their garage, and a share of Sara Lee in every pot.

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Physician heal thyself.

Sudden Debt's picture

I don't think they have anymore magic potions left. They forgot to collect those in the hidden dragon cave.


tekhneek's picture

It's just a transitory collapse anyway, everyone needs to calm down. The debt ceiling will be raised, the can will be kicked, and I will continue getting drunk.

the mad hatter's picture

Physical heal thyself.


I BTFD in silver, 10% correction is over.

Long-John-Silver's picture

Yep, saw it hit at $45 an ounce. I told them I only wanted product for immediate delivery. Picking were very slim and all of it is scratch and dent. I don't care as long as it's 999 bullion.

Sudden Debt's picture

I had these rediculous low bids on Ebay on 12 Chinese panda's 2011 at 40$.

It's like everybody stopped bidding because of the silver pauze and I actually won them below 40$ :)

Go figure :)


topcallingtroll's picture

There u r belgian waffle.

I thought the men in black finally got you.

Gene Parmesan's picture

I hear Timmy is surfing in Half Moon Bay with his secret service entourage. How bad could things be?

Sudden Debt's picture

well... the secret service was originally created "to protect the US currency"...

If they would do their jobs, they would put a cap into his head... and Ben's head...

Long-John-Silver's picture

* Submits Guillotine Blue Prints for cost versus profit analysis. 1789 Bitchez!

Sudden Debt's picture

I don't think we need to be cheap here :)

I'll even donate some of my silver to make bullets out of them to take them down. All free. Just add gunpowder :)


Chuck Walla's picture

I vote we make you an honorary American. You got more sense and balls than half the numb skulls running this joint!

pods's picture

Truthfully, it might take a silver bullet to bring some of them down.


oogs66's picture

We all know it will be raised, so why do they even bother with the propaganda?  Besides, its obvious to everyone that you solve a debt crisis by creating more debt.  Its all we've done for 2 years, and its 'working' - ugh

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I still hold out hope that the tea party will either accidentally or purposefully raise risk premiums so high that our government can no longer make our children debt slaves.

shushup's picture

They are all useless and should be fired.

MsCreant's picture

Yeah, get a better close up on that bulge, we like inflation at the Fed. Raise that debt ceiling, yeah! Come to Mama...

ReallySparky's picture

Uhmmm, the ladies around here like the avatar.  I junked you too.

DavidC's picture

Madness, absolute madness.


Dr. Porkchop's picture

Suicide Bankers don't fuck around. They're more dangerous than imaginary terrorists.

writingsonthewall's picture

Decide in haste - repent at lesuire.


Shall we call this 'TARP II' - the sequel - this time we really mean it.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Awww, you beat me to the punch.

Agreed - TARP 2.0

It's all in the marketing.

Scary details of consequences of non-passage of bullshit legislation so the government can go piss away more money on useless shit at 5 pm and at 11 pm.

TruthInSunshine's picture

It's TARP 2.0 (or 3.0?) all over again, and if the debt ceiling isn't raised, a fucking asteroid is poised to take out planet earth!

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Obama:  "Where is that memo Hank Paulson used to scare the bejesus out of the Senate? We need it now!"

Timmah: "But its on GWB letterhead!"

Obama: "while your adding the zero's, just change the initials!  Jeeze, I need to think of everything!?"


weinerdog43's picture

Ha!  He's the new Decider.  Well done.

hugovanderbubble's picture


topcallingtroll's picture

Tvix is easy to buy and ready to give it to you up the poop chute like it did me. It never uses lube either, or even take you out to dinner first

topcallingtroll's picture

Tea party republicans. You know what you should do.

Follow your conscience and allow default. No one will ever lend our baby boomer government money again. Our children can grow up without becoming debt slaves to china and the baby boomers.

SheepDog-One's picture

Too bad theyre also just puppets on banksters strings.