Hewlett Packard Pre-releases Following Memo Leak, Outlook Worse Than Expected, Japan Earthquake Blamed

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Not Eastern?

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I hear HP are blaming "tight consumers" - I mean really, how outrageous - consumers being savvy in a time of austerity?


What do they think they're playing at? - they shoudl stand up, borrow from wherever they can and buy the shit that HP produces right now....whether they need it or not.

What is the consumer playing at?

Soon we'll have to do it for them - take their taxes and buy some HP equipment. It is patriotic after all.

That's right folks - corp-america demands you spend every last penny on shit you don't need. Food, housing, essentials - forget them - just buy electronic crap because it's cheap.

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About time. Wholet Packard is another strange beast. Un-innovative, un-exciting....
Carly's run for California Gov. was sign enough for what really drives the company.
Fail! Thud thud...
No mis-prints. Job losses in the Valley coming. All commodity manufacturers are going to face a similar future, sooner or later as JIT collapse hit's globally.



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hi ORI.  your daily website ad, here, has fiorina running for gov.  she ran for the senate seat, won (bought) the repub.  nonination, and lost to babs boxer.  meg whitman threw her ebay money @ the state house and lost to jerry brown.

both republican women had to apologiZe for their voting records.  going to the polls or filling out that absentee ballot---didn't make it into the multi-tasking/networking daisy-chain of dedication to personal/corporate power and wealth.  i'm pretty sure they both voted last year, tho, ORI.  trust me. 

here we have fuk_u offered as part of the earnings headwind for HP.  now, i think HP will focus, in a business-like manner, on what it does best:  watch poeple buy stuff in the apple stores.

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It must be because of the snow

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Japan's earthquake is the new unusual weather. And Easter is the new daylight savings time.

Fuck these frauds!!! AND I MEAN THAT SINCERELY. Privatized profits, socialized losses. Soon HP will be asking for a bailout.

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I say FUCK GOLDMAN too - I don't know how...but they're behind this somewhere. They always are the pig fucking blankenfien wrinkly faced turd bags.

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The financial guy on the radio said earnings season was over

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i figured it was because of the snow on the east coast of the US again

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Anyone who has purchased an HP product in the last two or three years will tell you why revenues are not looking good.  Their quality has gone to hell.  Their printers fail, they dhhave defraued everyone on their cartridges, and their software is the worst in the world.  They are facing several class action lawsuits over product quality.  Once the shining beacon of quality they are now the standard of crap.

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Most of their enterprise customers are complaining about their shitty offshore support they provide for outsourcing IT helpdesk.  They are requesting to bring it back onshore to provide better quality support and response times.  There spending the house on trying to take out Cisco products.  The routing and switching market was thought to be "heating up" between these two when Cisco and HP divorced each other last year.   Well, some of HPs sales has increased, but in the same token, so has Cisco's on their server market.  Everyone is having a hard time selling HP switches unless the customer likes to shop at TJ Max and is ok with the a pocket sewn to the crotch every now and then.

HP has completely tore up the EDS side of the house with mismanagement from head to toe.  They are trying to shove legacy long time Cisco customers with HP gear that does not make sense to them.

I may hump Cisco's leg, (alot), and the guy who wears the pants may need to be replaced, but the people and product are top notch.  

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Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) revenue grew 5% year over year with a 17.0% operating margin.

Too frigging right with the usurious prices they charge for ink cartridges. Frigging license to print money (for them)

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Finding and shorting Chinese frauds is turning into a nice little cottage industry. Soon everybody is going to be looking for their own.
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