HI YO SIL-----VER....

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Yes, that is him ;-)










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Boy it's amazing how racist these old American tv shows are.  Tonto??  the Bad Indian,  come on>!?!?

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Actually, he was a good Indian. Like Mingo on the Daniel Boone show. And don't forget Billy Jack.

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Dont forget silver jewellery as presents for your partners everybody

It may be more expensive but its only currentsea.

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Thanks for the suggestion of APMEX- I made purchases of silver for Christmas presents- and it is nice to not have a sick feeling about making a "consumer" type purchase for my sons

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I bought 4 on Thursday, so thats three more of you lameos covered...

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My parents were surprised and happy to hear from me that silver is 28 dollars. They have a deposit box of silver. They are thinking of selling so I might buy it.

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Talk your folks out of selling. They may need it to buy food in the future.

Currency crisis is inevitable.

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Therefore 7 is the number of
the young light, and it arises when six, the number of the great darkness, is
increased by one. In this way the state of rest gives place to movement.

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For more on the Corruption on Wall Street, watch the YouTube video Bankrupt Motors IPO, Hedge Fund Fraud at (http://youtu.be/JmrZikbC0zE).

The American public gets robbed, and we are supposed to be thankful??!!


47 seconds ago

Great upload cgreen34, the best fictional writer in the world couldn't even make this nonsense? up. Makes me sick.

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Tyler/WB7/Bob - WB7 - remember you were going to put this on your lab bench?  It's a must...



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Tyler posted one on traders and liquidity providers yesterday. Very funny.

I don't like the fact that they charge money for extra characters and scenery :-(

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How much silver is there? What is the cost to get silver out of the ground and pour?

$26 measly paper dollars, barely more than a family's dinner at MCD.

Costco toilet paper 24 rolls 3-play $18

common charge for oil change $35

10 gallons of gas $30

... list could go on.

my point is.. $26 .. is a drop in the bucket.

once people realize this, and Cramer keeps touting precious metals.. the run is starting.


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Okay, William started it, remember that:


In A.D. 2010

War was Beginning.

Captain: What happen ?

Mechanic: Somebody set up us the margin call.

Operator: We get flash crash.

Captain: What !

Operator: Bloomberg screen turn on.

Captain: It's you !!

JPM: How are you gentlemen !!

JPM: All your silver are belong to us.

JPM: You are on the way to destruction.

Captain: What you say !!

JPM: You have no chance to profit make your time.

JPM: Ha ha ha ha ...

Operator: Captain !!

Captain: Take off every '10oz BAR'!!

Captain: You know what you doing.

Captain: For great justice.

Captain: Move 'PHYSICAL'.

Boot note: anybody doesn't get the AYB reference, Google is your friend.


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Hey banzai how about a take on Steve McQueen's Bullitt?

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I'm not used to listening to Alex Jones so my impression could be wrong but I thought he seemed a bit freaked out by this idea . . .which would be interesting.  I mean it might say something about Alex Jones but leaving that aside, it is the effect you expect from a big dangerous idea whose time has come.   It's been an interesting week for stirrings of uprisings -- the London riots, the uproar gone viral over TSA sexual assualts ("searches" -- see Drudge) -- German protestors standing down 17,000 cops -- after farmers blocked their supply lines with tractors and cut them off!!!  A big yellow one right in the eye for Stasi-Mutter Merkel.   So I hope TPTB TBTF enjoy their little smush party on the PMs this week -- unless they've got a lot to deliver, their game is in deep trouble and so are they.  Cheers folks and give 'em hell for Uncle Scrooge! http://www.fowlblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/Scrooge_McDuck_Coin_Swimming-300x237.jpg

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I thought that when I heard him pausing and making excuses.

Now I think he knew it would take off immediatly and not be based around his site, so he was trying to delay the process to give himself time to get involved.

too late :)


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I know some 'Grey Panthers' (senior citizens) who are really pissed about getting negative real rates on their CDs, for the past 10 years. The Government can bullshit all they want about zero inflation, those living on fixed incomes know better.

If word got out to them that you could cornhole a Banker by purchasing physical Silver, it would go viral!

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I like your picture there...you looked pretty suave back in the day:



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Just bought 8 coins, at a 15:1 ratio to gold it has no where to go but up.

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Just received my order of (200) 1 Oz Silver eagles, ordered last week from APMEX.


I fucking HATE JPM.

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Where the hell is the margin jump on Gold?

Dammit, want AUY around 11.

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said it on the other thread and will repeat here for people who didn't see it there.

dont buy silver to crash JP Morgan, get it free

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Tried that just now and it seems thay are donating 2 grams of gold to your account.


-EDIT_  1 gram.

  1. Get registered on BullionVault [and receive a free gram of gold]. (2 minutes)
  2. Fund your account. (2-4 minutes here - then a delay while your bank sends money to us)
  3. Buy and store gold bullion. (1-2 minutes)
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lol, really? it used to be silver if you sign up through the silver.bullionvault domain maybe they've had a run on their free silver? you could always sell the gold and buy silver to crash JP Morgan

btw it wasnt me that junked you either.

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Where can I buy the ZH/WB7 bumper sticker that reads "One Silver Coin = One Silver Bullet"?? I'm ready to buy!

Will the vendor take Zim$$s or USD equivalents or will real money (Ag or Au) be required?

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That is some serious bad ass Tofu woman!

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I would make sure to wear a Silver antibiotic condom with those to ladies.

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Does anyone follow the gold:silver ratio?  The relatively low ratio as well as the low RSI may imply gold will outperform silver going forward at least for a while.  Also interesting to note the last time we saw the ratio and RSI in this range was months before the 2008 meltdown.

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I think the tagline should be, in my best Mike Tyson voice, "I'll take possession until you love me"

Slewburger's picture

I laughed my ass of at that...

How about " JP Morgan, I'm comin fa you "


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banzai -

when will u settle on a graphic for the Silver Bomb site so i can be spreading the word and logo "pronto Tonto"...

man this is the first time i felt like smiling n a long time...

fuck JP & HSBC, and all the fucking bankers...


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this is HIGHLY entertaining.

williambanzai7's picture

Entertainment with a message is what we aim for ;-)

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I made it simple and bought SLV. Emailing them now so they can send me my physical.



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The Max Keiser takedown of JP Morgan by simply buying 1 Silver Coin http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=191915.0

Man On The Silver Mountain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOyFE-1LAI0

SILVER - DAVID MORGAN: TRANSCRIPT - Listen from 20:00 Min on: Keiser Report ?93: Markets! Finance! Scandal! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpkQiGvWChY

Max Keiser: The big holders of silver in the business for example Eric Sprott back up in Canada or his chief analyst John Embry.

John Embry came out and said he guarantees hyperinflation.

Now the only way he could guarantee hyperinflation is if these gold and silver vigilantes, as I call them, get these huge orders and force physical delivery and to bust the Comex.

There's a lot of discussion about wether you can bust the Comex? Because they now settle up in cash etc.

Now are these precious metals vigilantes, can they bust the markets and bust the price suppression scemes by taking physical delivery and forcing the issue? Do you see it happening? Is this a trend that we can take some stock in?

David Morgan: "I believe you can I also agree we couldn't do off the Comex. When you go back to 1999 and Warren Buffett, arguably one of the richest man in the world, bought 129.7 million ounces of fine silver.

The Comex had 280 million ounces at that time. He only got 90 million of the exchange initially. So he said: "I give you more time" to the dealers. Very vaque. The lease rates went about to 70%.

I believe he leased back the 40 million ounces until he got it over time.

So, since that time they now have a rule that says you only can take 1500 contracts or 7.5 million ounces of silver physically of the exchange. You can't get 90 million.

There's only 100 million ounces on the exchange right now. About 50% of it or more is long term investors.

So the real dealer inventory is only about 50 million ounces of silver.

So seven months, at max you're going to take off all the silver out the exchange. Well they're gonna do what you just said. They're gonna say: "Oh, well read the rules. We'll make you settle in cash" but that doesn't mean you can't force the issue.

Because the amount of silver that's being invested in and the amount used for in industry, in my study, which I am going to be presenting here later today, says that in three years we're going to go back into a defecit.

Who knows what the inflation markets are gonna look like three years from now.

So I see, what I would call, a natural corner There's no way out. That's how I see it.

So it doesn't have to come from the Comex to cause a real problem in, I say, probably the next two or three years.

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Hello, Mr. Diamond, HiHo Silver is on the phone and he wants to know if "Delivery" means anything to you?

williambanzai7's picture

Hi who?   Diamond's last words

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As soon as my check clears tonight