High Beta Liquidations Begin: Ambac CDS Goes Vertical, +19,827 bps On The Day

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Thu, 05/20/2010 - 08:27 | 362650 Hx3
Hx3's picture

Rocket Shot! Buy Buy Buy!

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 08:43 | 362702 Cursive
Cursive's picture

Amazing that it's taken this long.  I can't believe they suspended the circus act this long.  The unwind of this last bubble of bubbles will be incredible.

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 09:09 | 362772 AUD
AUD's picture

Not so fast, they wound it back up last time. No saying they won't do it again.


Thu, 05/20/2010 - 09:23 | 362796 SteveNYC
SteveNYC's picture

Hope you've been short AUD's, AUD.

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 09:32 | 362815 SWRichmond
SWRichmond's picture

How the hell is Ambac still in business?

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 11:32 | 363024 ghostfaceinvestah
ghostfaceinvestah's picture

An absolutely corrupt WI regulator.

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 08:47 | 362710 Bruce Krasting
Bruce Krasting's picture

This is the stock the Cramer said to buy 6 weeks ago. He hated the stock but said to buy it anyway. It had Mo. What a loser.

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 08:50 | 362718 old_turk
old_turk's picture

TO the MOON, Alice!!! - Ralph Cramden

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 09:09 | 362771 b_thunder
b_thunder's picture

rememebr days when someone took ABK from .50 to over 2 bucks in a day-and-a half?


Thu, 05/20/2010 - 09:28 | 362810 mephisto
mephisto's picture

Somebody knows something, to pay that much up. Even on Ambac.

Either that or a German Landesbank auditor just told senior management what exactly is in the books, where it should be marked at, and how many yards are at stake. This of course is unlikely. 

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 11:33 | 363029 Grand Supercycle
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