A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Greek Crisis, On This, The Day Of The Vote Of (No) Confidence

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Anyone have any idea what the ration of no to yes will likely be?

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Apparently 155 PASOK will be yes.

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I do apologise. I should have said:

What will the ratio of no to yes be, bitchez?

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the ratio won't matter.

It is scary as hell going long now, but I still think germany and greece will gloss over their differences for one more round of bailout roulette.

News should be positive today?

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ha ha...vote 2100 GMT which I think is when NO markets are open.

Long night for longs tonight, rottsaruk trol

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No vote has ever set back the EU agenda.

This will only end when only Germany is left to backstop everbody and it realizes it can't afford to.

There's years to go yet.

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If my calculations are right, then yes - it will be about one hour after market close.

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Newswires are saying it is much more likely that he'll remain in power than be thrown out.  Basically, all the political parties are in bed with the idea of austerity and the people who are rioting have no representation.

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I do think anyone has ever rioted because they agree with their representatives...

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"Anyone have any idea what the ratio of no to yes will likely be?"

How about 42?

[Don't panic; it's mostly harmless...]


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Like the Vogon construction crew overhead?

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This is bear, handle it the same way you guarantee a lehmann.


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"Chronic problems include rampant tax evasion -- the labour minister has estimated a quarter of the economy pays nothing."


Hey, where did I read something like that before?  Oh yeah, here!  Except it's closer to 50%.

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Perhaps that is the case here in the US?

However - I'll bet they can't beat us for huge multinational corporations that not only do not pay income taxes - but - also receive  truckloads of cash from the gubmint... We are the epicenter for big corporate malfeasance - just follow the money.

The situation here is especially galling since we also get involved in so many foreign adventures in the name of truth, profit and the American way....


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If they vote confidence stop them, people of Greece stop this crooks

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Greece Exit EURO

Vote No

-Say hello to neo drachmas

Massive devaluation in Eurozone

Two Euro´s Floating A and B

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In a poll last month, 80 percent of people said they refused to make any more sacrifices to get more EU/IMF aid.

What is there left to vote on? Oh wait..... 'mockracy.

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Rynak the greeks are silly.  They remind me of a king who commanded that the tide turn around.

It doesn't matter what they "refuse" to do.  They are going to make more sacrifices one way or another. 

It is interesting how they and most countries will "refuse" to make sacrifices, but by their actions make the sacrifices worse.

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Which will ultimately make a breakdown unavoidable, unless they totally sell out to the lenders.... who will then fuck them over even more. How the fuck do the banksters imagine this to work out anyways? Does anyone even have any working idea at all how this could work?

As i see it, the only question on the table is how much suffering everyone wants. FFS, the entire economic structure of the EMU is unworkable..... accept it and start working on something that does work, instead of wasting everyones time, blood and money on denial.

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I suppose a good answer to that would be to eliminate all bankers, all lawyers, and all politicians. The oceans are big and deep you know.

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How the fuck do the banksters imagine this to work out anyways?


As David Rockefeller announced semi-publically two decades ago, one of the primary agendas of the world banking cartel is the destruction of the sovereign nation state, so that the world could then be run by enlightened bankers, the equivalent of Plato's philospher kings.  Society would revert politically to a semi feudal state with some central control through the IMF as the central bank and NATO as the primary repressive force to counter revolution.  In this respect, the crushing of Greece into a failed state is even more important than the banksters not taking a loss on their debt.


As many have pointed out, the Euro cannot survive without political union.  This is the next step by the banksters.  They have failed in the past because it has been rejected repeatedly by national referendums.  So now they are on a Naomi Klein course of producing a disaster that would necessitate it.


So the end game is a world government composed of bankster feudal fiefdoms. Serfdom bitchez.

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Canute - a Danish King of England - had a coterie of flatterers who supposed that he was such a great king that even the tides would turn upon his command. He went through the exercise that is usually referred to in legend to demonstrate that the power of any man - even a king was limited... By the way - he was a believer in "sound money".

Some of the PTB could learn something from him...

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Greece's debt has continued to grow.  The austerity measures being discussed will result in tens of thousands of jobs in Greece being eliminated.  If Greece can not repay its debt now, how can the loss of tens of thousands of more jobs lead anyone to believe Greece will be able to pay an even larger debt.


Kicking the can down the road... and the can is getting bigger.

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Actually, no. The EU is not necessarily fubar (though, i strongly dislike it's increasingly centralized politics - i don't want an EU gov.... i just want an efficient way for european countries to cooperate with mutual consent, while fully and with no compromises everyone keeping full sovereignty).

The EMU/Eurozone/Euro on the other hand is a stupidity that never ever should even have been introduced.

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What does this have to do with the EU? You know that there is a difference between EU and EMU, right? (To oversimplify it: EU = mainly political union, EMU = the economic union)

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That article, as the title implies, was written by socgen, not tyler.

John Law Lives's picture

That article was published on this site which is moderated by Tyler.

Spare this thread your petty semantics.

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My "petty semantics" are:

- differentiating between a political alliance, and an economic alliance. Comparison: The NATO is not a currency. I.e. the end of the dollar does not necessarily mean the end of NATO, doh.

- differentiating between the author of an article, and the one who publishes it (i.e., if one finds a good article, which however in one sentence uses a wrong term, then one may publish it anyways)

So, you know.... spare this site with your dumbness.

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- Save the lecture, professor.  The EU is formally defined as a political and economic union.  The EU is FUBAR.  That is exactly what I said and it is exactly what I meant.


  - I never said Tyler wrote that article, brainiac.  You falsely asserted that I did.  I said "ask Tyler".  I referenced an article he saw fit to publish on this site.

Spare this site from your equivocation.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... (this is the sound of snoring as a direct result of your putting the thread to sleep with your drivel)...

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What are you... 12? This is so lol..... all this wiggling and crap, just to defend yourself from using ONE wrong WORD? You go into defensive "need to be right to save my ego"-mode just for being corrected on the use of a word?!?

If wrong use of a term already shakes your selfconfidence, then what do more significant flaws do? Oh well..... poor being.

John Law Lives's picture

I did not use a wrong word.  I said the EU is FUBAR.  That is exactly what I said, and it is exactly what I meant.  I also never said Tyler wrote the article.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...  You are putting me back to sleep.


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*leaves john 8 natos for sweets and then goes to do something more productive*

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You simply can't admit that you were wrong on both counts, simpleton.



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"A Greek default would be a catastrophe" Here we go agian with the threats. Like the current situation is really going well.

they will get this through, look at the markets its a done deal. The only unknown is how the people of greece, and waddel and reed, respond.

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"The world will end if you do not do what i say!"

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It's true of course....the world WILL end...for the bankstas and their pet politicians.

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What about a mention that the Greek government(s), in collaboration with some (all) major banks, hid the fact that they borrowed some of the money. This fact was hidden from the Greek people and from the other Euro member states.
These borrowing were revealed like a rabbit from a hat two years ago and the Greek people are quite rightly asking well we didn't know about it, and did we really get the benefit from it. The loans were purposefully hid, so why should we repay. This is especially so given the corruption rampant in Greece.
Remove these dodgy loans from the books, with repayment of $0 in the dollar, and I am sure that an agreement with the Greek people could be reached.

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These banks that hid their loans to Greece...you can bet are going to get paid first if they haven´t already been...the crooks get paid first..before the legit loans.....more bonus money for GS..

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I wonder how the market will react to either outcome.






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were you asleep yesterday?

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something happened!? Gold a little up, Dax a little down. Certainly not doomsday like ... (I'm fucking ignorant, that's why I'm asking in the first place ...)

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How can they service this debt when the Power companies are going to keep striking. Maybe its just me, but I thought electricity is required to fulfill economic growth ambitions?

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Since when did reality matter?

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Who gives a shit anymore?  It's all a foregone conclusion.

Can? meet shoe...

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There will be no market reaction to either outcome.

How could it, when the market is 100% rigged ?


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This is the beginning. Events at the present time are still going linear. Wait for more sovereign defaults to join the Greeks, and the mathematics of chaos will get in charge.

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I guarantee that, even if all the PIIGS defaulted, it would not stop the game TPTB are playing.

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The PIIGS default, a coup takes place in one or two, maybe civil war for the most dynamic, banks fail again, stop lending, Dow down 2K pts in a week, social unrest, eg UK leaves the EU, etc, etc.

Use your imagination. TPTB better have a strong knowledge of mathematics of chaos.