Hitler Proposes Ireland Rescue Plan

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A few weeks ago, Hitler realized he was in deep doodoo when the fraudclosure scandal was refusing to go away. Well it still hasn't, although for the time being it has been brushed under the carpet, courtesy of Europe which once again dominates the airwaves with its sad existence. Today, a far more industrious Hitler presents his plan to save Ireland. Oddly enough, it just may work.

Obviuosly this is not what one would call PG-13, and yes, in the grand scheme of things this is about as proper as two bears explaining QE2.

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l.o.l.   ..... & happy thanksgiving to all . .. . extend food & charity to those less fortunate.

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I think we need a Non Preforming Asset Squad for the Zombie banks we have here in the US.

New_Meat's picture

I think they have been pre-forming for quite a long time.  So the formation of your Squad (maybe a Division) is well overdue.  Killing Zombies?  DARPA needs to fast track the weapons suite; Sheila is fast running out of money.

- Ned

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In tough times, it's better to have all the real pricks on your side

johny2's picture

No fucking way !

bugs_'s picture

Well all the other bad guys have tried to rehabilitate their images.  Spitzer trying to be a goodie goodie on tv etc.

Why not Hitler too?  Holding a kitten, trying to help the Irish first, and later THE WORLD!!!

MeTarzanUjane's picture

Yea like totally. He was the most villainous villain of all times, right. I mean according to your deep studies(casual viewing) of Hollywood generated pop culture and historical rewrites brought to you by Mr. Spealburg.

Enough with the Hitler stuff already unless you think it's going to sell more gold for you..... Right Elliot?

Bad guys, good guys, nice linear thinking ass wipe.

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Putin read the Mein Kampf playbook...however he stopped short in terms of only decapitating the tip of the oligarch iceberg.  They either got jailed or ran off with their 2nd passports.  Reinhard obviously went much, much further.

But Putin was so heavyhanded with the oligarch set that I don't think that any of the 2nd tier and below in the clan really wanted to go fucking with him, and lacking Hitler's irrational fetish with this ethnic group, saw no need for a broader purge.

Tyrants come in varying flavors...those with the most to fear are the ones at the top of this foodchain.  However, as they have to the extent necessary been very studious, as they were in Russia, to suppress their own group identification, it's probable that nobody outside the circles will recognize the disproportionate ethnic outcome of such a coup.  Nobody did in Russia, that's for sure, and it helped that the group disproportionately impacted continued to actively suppress the predominant affiliation of those impacted.

MeTarzanUjane's picture

You have to wonder what is next for this group. China is fully aware and assimilates or executes. Too bad USofA does not study history.

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Looks like peak tyrant was passed long ago.  There are no good in-ground supplies to hold us for the long term.  But there are surely some undiscovered small reservoirs that can be tapped?

New_Meat's picture

RR: "peak tyrant"

I'm laughing so much I'm crying!

- Ned

RockyRacoon's picture

Yeah.  Just nooging ole Trav. 

Everything has "peaked" according to him.

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Travis, would you say that you've been more influenced by Lyndon LaRouche than by David Icke? Or does every idiotic thing you think you know come straight from Alex Jones (who combines all the disparate disinformation into his own unique blend)?


You don't have a clue about Russia and therefore the world. Here's why:








trav7777's picture

I would say that you are creating a false dilemma.

Let me ask you this, was it before or after you came out of the closet that you started beating your wife?

HL Shancken's picture

False dilemma, eh? Tell me, Travis, how is your worldview formed? It does, after all, very much resemble what comes from the mouths of the three dubious characters I mentioned. Of course, there are other possibilities. David Duke comes to mind...

Just to be fair, Travis, I'll disclose some of the sources I trust when it comes to understanding Russia (and therefore the world):

Anatoliy Golitsyn

Jan Sejna

Yuri Bezmenov

Jeff Nyquist

Jan Malina

Darius Rohnka

Stanislav Lunev

Alexander Litvinenko

Anna Politskavaya

Robert Buchar

Joseph Douglass

Herbert Romerstein

Mark Reibling

Edward Jay Epstein

Of course, this is just a partial list and it includes only those (living and dead) who present evidence that the collapse of the Soviet Union was staged.


I'm anxious to see who your go-to guys are, Travis. I want to know some names of those who have played a part in warping your mind.





jeff montanye's picture

is this the real dilemma: authoritarian (hl) vs. libertarian (trav)? or do you just doubt that george w. bush was, in fact, a reptile?

like mad's spy vs. spy sparked both laughs and insights, so too does zh's grand overarching world historical conspiracy vs. g.o.w.h.c. (more present in hl than t7, imo).

hardcleareye's picture

With lines like that you could write for Glen Beck.  As he would say, "You know I wouldn't be allowed to says this if it wasn't the truth!"

Byte Me's picture

Time to go long Biscuit Factories.

cosmictrainwreck's picture

OUCH....well "the truth hurts" eh?

Missing_Link's picture

So what movie is this from originally?  Looks interesting.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

Haven't seen this film yet, but plan to. Reviews on Amazon say that "Downfall," which I have seen, is much better.

Horatio Beanblower's picture

Excellent.  There is nothing like a bit of name-dropping.


The winds of shit are whispering through the Emerald Isle - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQufxG1GcAk

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

That guy has some potential........

I busted my guts laughing and nodding with Adolf.

It must be that catholic Austrian / Bavarian - Irish  thingy

Its amazing what monetory collapse does to your politics.


PolishHammer's picture

Too long; didnt watch.

RockyRacoon's picture

Your comment too long; didn't read.

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Odd noises from the Irish negotiations just now. There are suggestions that the IMF is balking at the EU plan. An EU Commission spokesman declined to rule out senior-debt haircuts when the question was put to him. The cry of "O NO MOAR LEHMANS" [title] is going up already.

AnAnonymous's picture

Welcome to the new reality.

Ireland got to consume more than their share thanks to the bankers and now that is a bad thing.


When a TV show on people who consume a lot so they can share how painful it is?


Horatio Beanblower's picture

Just in case you missed this...


March from Wood Quay Dublin to the GPO at 11am Saturday 27th - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ing8xH3Qj-k

SRV - ES339's picture

Thanks for the link HB!

"we should be issuing our own DEBT FREE currency"... a very dangerous thing to say in public Mr. Corr... a very brave man!

SwingForce's picture

FAS directors, funny.

walküre's picture

The only man that matters now is Axel Weber.

He's got the facts and he's got the true picture.

There is no way the weakest Euro members are not able to find funding for at least 85% of their debts for the next 3 years.

Worst case scenario is a shortfall of 150 billion Euros to cover every aspect of this funding crisis.

Haircuts for debt holders, strict budget measures and so on will be implemented across the Euro zone and in the end, the new Europe will be stronger and leaner.

Look at the bigger picture and remember the value that European innovation and sophistication still holds to this day. The best scientists deflected from Europe to aid America in the military and technological run up after WW2. Combine top notch European innovation, propaganda, unchallenged intellectual theft and unlimited funding ability with a reserve currency and anyone can become a super power. America is NOT special that way.

Some of the best research, innovation and efficiency is coming out of Europe.

You have to ask yourselves, who stands to benefit the most from a weak or non-existent Euro at this point? The US is fighting for survival. The Dollar is on its death bed as the world's reserve currency. Without the Dollar and the ability to print, print, print worthless paper the entire American economy would cease to be what it is today. So much of the American wealth is based on a paper currency that has no backing unless you add military might into the equation.

If the world's commerce was based on EUR or RMB, the Fed would loose the ability to fund the excess spending of the American government. What is known as the American Dream would stop dead in its tracks. No chance to recover from it.

Again, who stands to loose the most when a stronger, leaner Euro and possibly backed by a gold standard emerges?

The Russians and the Chinese have figured this out, the Arabs have figured this out.

You should too. Quit wasting your time bagging tea. America was a nation of Pilgrims and Quakers until it was ransacked and corrupted by those that control the money supply.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Sean7k's picture

Yeah, the people who control the money supply in Europe are the good guys! Hate to let you in on a little secret- the elites have already divided up the world ( see the trilateral commission). The US gets north and south america, Europe gets Africa and Japan/China get Asia and perhaps Australia. 

There will be no reserve currency or currency for that matter- all electronic credits through the BIS. 

Europeans will all wear the same chains we will wear- all made in China of course.

walküre's picture

Sounds plausible but there's an error.

These electronic credits have to be backed by something other than a promise to pay.

Also, don't think for a second the US will be able and willing to drop the reserve currency STATUS.

To fund the US government machine it needs to peddle worthless paper junk to the world. Without this ability, the funding would dry up pretty quick. The other funding ability aka intimidation is loosing its effects in countries like China and Japan.

No fucking way the Russians and Chinese are agreeing to anything this American denominated trilateral commission should propose. Even America's influence in South America is waning. Brazil is a stronger aspirant to lead South and Central America than the US. Maybe the US can still intimidate Canada enough to accept the worthless US paper in exchange for Canadian resources. Maybe a while longer.


Sean7k's picture

You might want to read up a little. The chinese and russians have been on board from the beginning. As for worthless paper- it's all worthless: dollars, euros and yen. The european banks have more derivative exposure than the Americans.

Everyone is trying to peddle their junk, some countries just have better junk. 

You think this comes down to nation versus nation. With banker elites, there are no countries- just assets for them and debt for us. This is why they create straw men tyrants to start wars- WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, The Cold War, Terrorism, Global warming/ carbon credits. The real reason? Debt and especially interest on that debt. This is the transfer of existing wealth (real money) through the use of leveraged credit dollars of no value. 

Being a European, American, Chinese or Russian will not save you. It is revolution via default that can save us. It will require a massive reset- will the people accept a lesser standard of living now or go along until it is too late and have it thrust upon them? 

trav7777's picture

if world commerce was based on RMB, the chinese would use it to try to fuck every single other nation in the ass two ways from Sunday.

Nobody trusts the Chinese and nobody should.