Homebuilder Confidence Unchanged In May, Misses Consensus

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Lots of bad news today....bullish!!!!

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At the moment, house prices are much much lower than you can build. Some are as low as the price of land. And...the overshooting downwards is continuing.

I see why the home builders have changed their model and are trying to make money trading land and buying/selling foreclosed houses. 

However, there are still house buyers who emotionally want a house and block-out the details.

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Homebuilders...why should they feel a lack of confidence? Bernank keeps bailing them out no matter what.

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and no one is stopping him.

The only people that seem to give a flying f*** are people my age. Even though I haven't presonally met any, myself.+

Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChange confronted the chairsatan, Ben S Bernanke, last week at an elistist cocktail party. This guy has balls!


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I saw that vid, but something just doesn't sit right about this. Seems set up to me. You try and stroll up to the bernanke to ask that kind a question, and see what happens... frankly, this looks the banker cartel moving the plan to the next stage. they let the fed collapse, and use it as a scapegoat to bring in the next stage- austerity ushered in by Ron Paul. They always think that they are 3 steps ahead of the masses, and frankly, for the most part its true.

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I don't agree with the video being a 'set-up' even though I believe WeAreChange to be a questionable organization (potential funraising fraud).

If you believe that video to be fraudulent, perhaps this one might change your mind. The Bernank confronted in Chicago. I have met Steve from WeAreChange Chicago. He is a decent dude.


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Damn Weather is killing this economy.

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And as usual total disconnect regards to reality.... the rich getting even richer in stocks v the poor peasants who are losing their homes, their jobs and now their pensions

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90 percent of builders surveyed said clients are concerned about being able to sell their existing home at a favorable price, while 73 percent said consumers think it will be difficult for them to get financing. Clearly, access to credit for both builders and buyers remains a considerable obstacle...

All this while the system has the largest accumulation of frns EVER in existence. Best I can tell, Nobody has yet started physically burning their bennybucks so tell me again why the piper's no longer playing

Time for the US to get off the frn / tribute paying drug and begin the transfusion / issuance of non interest bearing, legal tender US notes to purge the system of the cancerous foreign bodies in our circulatory system. Pump all fiat back in the cadaverous fed / imf / bis systems and let them evaporate into the ether world they were conjured up from to begin with.

The US notes the treasury dept. issues will be backed by the same gf&c the fed finds so attractive in the tribute paying timmybills with the added benefit of a constitutionally mandated and fulfilled role of being redeemable in intrinsically valuable coinage.

That is, if adults were actually in charge of our government anymore.

What am I thinking? Far be it anything remotely resembling sanity would ever show up in the US again. Dance On, Idols! (even if the music's no longer playing)

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a home builder from Reno, Nev. “In addition, many builders in this month’s survey cited high gas prices as a further contributor to consumer anxiety and reluctance to go forward with a home purchase.”

Damn, if only crude was under $100 then the housing industry would pick-up.

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gas prices are definitely a factor for sub and exurb expansion

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So is snow.  Surprised it wasn't mentioned.

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Housing shortage starting in 2012/13.  You're already starting to see it as rental rates creep up and vacancies creep down.

Too much underbuilding relative to US population growth since 2006. 

GDP contribution from residential construction under 3% vs 6% historically means we'll be off to the races soon bitchez.

Next leg of the recovery to be led by residential construction...  especially as oil falls back to $75 and people can afford to buy shit again.

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are you related to Texas Gunslinger?

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Bring the shadow inventory to market.  How about the many many condos being held off market so they can try to support pricing?  We have plenty of residences for people especially at the lower levels of household formation today.  The issue is that while traditional rental property is getting a bit more full - we have tons of potential rentals not being sold into the market or rented.  Any uptick in the national rental stats is an impact of the purposeful supply manipulation going on to control supply/demand equilibrium for home prices.  You bring this crap to market, the marginal rental pressure ends instantly.

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"Very, very bullish for the markets. Should push GDP higher," Wall Street Spin consensus.


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Makes sense since I stopped doing all construction lending in January and then lost my job in March. No one is there to lend to build. Very bullish indeed!