Housing Double Dip Accelerates As Existing Home Sales Plunge -2.2% In May Versus 6.0% Consensus, Down From 8% In April

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Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:17 | 426616 trav7777
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Down, bitchez

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:29 | 426640 Agent P
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Tax credit, bitchez.

Binding contracts needed to be in place by April 30...did you notice April was revised higher?  Demand was pulled forward.  I'm not at all surprised May dropped like a rock.  Look at auto sales around cash for clunkers, it was the same pattern...spike followed by drop...the only question is whether we'll see a steady incline in the coming months (as we did with auto sales).

That being said, I'll admit the surveyed economists must have been smoking crack given the consensus estimate.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:38 | 426665 unwashedmass
unwashedmass's picture



DRV is a triple bear housing ETF......it has gained just ten cents since the numbers....tens of thousands of shares of this are being SOLD....who is selling  THIS....NOW?

ah......i'm from the government, i'm here to help...

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:54 | 426706 dvsteenk
dvsteenk's picture

still up 10% since yesterday, and moving

thanks for the ticker - does it exist in double bear also?

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:18 | 426617 Dr. Richard Head
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So the equity markets should skyrocket on this news right?  Gold should get hammered and all financials to the moon?  This analyst stuff is easy.  Just waiting for the networks to give me a call. 

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:35 | 426653 JenkinsLane
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Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:18 | 426619 HarryWanger
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And SPX dropped a whole 2 points! With all the negative news over the past couple of weeks, it's pretty astonishing that we're not sitting below 1000 SPX today.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:23 | 426628 HelluvaEngineer
HelluvaEngineer's picture

Perhaps, if any humans were trading this market...

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:27 | 426631 subqtaneous
subqtaneous's picture


I believe someone recently said:


Stupid, Rapacious, Arbitrary, Capricious And Downright Ridiculous


Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:28 | 426635 Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson's picture

It's desperation time, Harry. We stand at the precipice. It is close to unraveling.

1) Stocks NOT allowed to go down.

2) Crimex faces delivery emergency for June.

3) BP heads toward zero in the face of unending spill and hurricanes.

4) The entire Middle East is playing brinksmanship.

5) European banks insolvent.

Too many holes to plug. Too many moles to whack. Whatever metaphor you want to use is fine, just know that the "system" is about to collapse.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:44 | 426682 Young
Young's picture

It's not just the bots (although mostly), the buy on dips/buy and hold folks of the 40s, 50s and 60s think this is a bargain (I should stop speaking to these people if they are not frequent ZH visitors)... This is starting to resemble the Steven Seagal movie Hard to kill. Steve plays the market. Close to death he gets help from his little jewish bearded friend Benny Boom and he manages to claw back from certain death... All the while I'm just thinking: Why won't you just die Steve, just fucking die. My apologies Steve, don't kill me just cause I used you as an example. Please don't kill me :(

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:49 | 426696 RobD
RobD's picture

Funniest Seagal youtube video.




Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:55 | 426710 Young
Young's picture

Jesus, Steve not only runs like a girl, he runs like a re-tard. "Excuse me Allen, it's called a reeeetard". Look at his hands...

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 11:04 | 426721 RockyRacoon
RockyRacoon's picture

Ease up!  The transition from Stephanie was tough.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 11:10 | 426734 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

First good laugh of the day. Thank you RR.

NOW I know why I haunt ZH. :>)

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 11:18 | 426751 Whizbang
Whizbang's picture

Jesus turd, I've heard the same crap now for three years. Still waiting for "the whole system" to collapse...

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:46 | 426688 ZackAttack
ZackAttack's picture

It's amazing to me that it's not up further on the end-of-quarter markup pre-game show.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:20 | 426624 Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson's picture

Well...the 28-day bill is showing 1 bp again today, same as yesterday.

Would seem to me that there is significant money wanting nothing to do with stocks.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:23 | 426629 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"Housing Double Dip Accelerates..."

This isn't what CNBC's Bob Piss-on-me said, though he did admit that we can't even have a leveling off in home sales but a continuous rise if we're to fully recover.

But he went on to declare that all the economic news is great except housing sales. What planet is Bob Piss-on-me from anyway? Sirus?


Opps, not that Sirius. This one. :>)


Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:32 | 426644 Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson's picture

Bob Pisani is not just your regular, run-of-the-mill douchebag. He's a gigantic, jizz-infused, yeast-infected, mildew-lined, sulfur-stenched douche balloon. 

The worst of the worst.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:35 | 426655 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Don't hold back TF, tell us what you really think. :>)

BTW who's doing the jizz infusing? Just askin'.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:43 | 426677 Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson's picture

Dennis Kneale and Steve Liesman after pulling a train on Maria.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:46 | 426686 Young
Young's picture


Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:40 | 426672 Flakmeister
Flakmeister's picture

 Pisani should just go off into a corner and fist himself....

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:43 | 426680 Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson's picture

What do you think he's doing when he's not on camera?

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 11:19 | 426752 aheady
aheady's picture

Coffee just came out of my nose.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 12:10 | 426859 Ned Zeppelin
Ned Zeppelin's picture

Pisani was recently told by a specialist that he suffered from an intestinal blockage that could be easily remedied if he would just remove his head from his ass.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 13:39 | 427099 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I would have paid $99.95 for that pay-per-view. Best $100 I would've blown for 10 seconds of fun.

Well, second best. :>)

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 13:57 | 427155 The Rock
The Rock's picture

i think he prefers a circle jerk with his buddies down on the floor

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:38 | 426652 LeBalance
LeBalance's picture

And through the Dog-Star reference, we find another Dog Star and his arch enemy up to no good.  Hey wait a minute, this plot seems to have "just" a few things to say about the present calamity.  Is someone resource grabbing?


Or outcome steering...

you can watch the whole thing or 4:50 to 5:10, for instance.

Same script writers?

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:37 | 426657 Double down
Double down's picture

He is not from the "Big Dog", I never saw him there

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:38 | 426663 Calculated_Risk
Calculated_Risk's picture

Can't stand bob.. it's like he gets a bonus for every ass he kisses.

< smooch, jobless recovery! > ding! $100k

< smooch, housing is great! > ding! $100k

< smooch, equities are undervalued! > ding! $100k

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:23 | 426630 yabs
yabs's picture

yeah easy to spin

although the spill is likely to affect property values adversly in the short term

as well as tourism ,fishing industries and future oil drilling the economy is fundamentally strong and investors should concentrate on the big picture

and the nascent recovery.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:27 | 426632 M. Barr
M. Barr's picture

Damn you BP!

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:29 | 426637 HarryWanger
HarryWanger's picture

Just think, if we didn't have that oil spill how great home sales would have been. Problem is we DO have that oil spill. Spin it any way you want, we DO have an oil spill and it ain't going away any time soon.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:39 | 426670 Al Huxley
Al Huxley's picture

Not to mention that its also not the root cause of the slump in housing.  Nevertheless, the news generally doesn't move the markets, although after that little relief rally over the past few weeks I expect the market's ready to recognize this as bad news, even if the CNBC/Bloomberg cheerleaders aren't.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:29 | 426641 Village Idiot
Village Idiot's picture

Don't worry, people, builders association says it "could" have been a jam in the pipeline - buyers couldn't close in time. Right.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:40 | 426671 HelluvaEngineer
HelluvaEngineer's picture

That happens when you haven't paid your other mortgage in 2 years

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 15:52 | 427504 Mentaliusanything
Mentaliusanything's picture

Oh there is a "jam in the pipeline" alright. When it finally shifts someone's going to need a lot of tissues to clean up after the porcelain gets sprayed - bigtime!

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:34 | 426647 yabs
yabs's picture

wow has even harry capitulated?

is this the time to short?


Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:34 | 426648 trillion_dollar...
trillion_dollar_deficit's picture

All part of the plan. Bring on QE 2.0. 

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 11:45 | 426803 Attitude_Check
Attitude_Check's picture

Yep,  I am beginning to seriously believe that is "the plan", then once Hyperinfltion kicks-in, intentionally spike the Gold-price (stop/reverse the price manipulation and let he COMEX detonate).

 With Gold at some insane price point, issue the "new-dollar" that is Gold-backed, and all the "old dollar" debt becomes nearly worthless.  The hope is they can hang-on long enough that China's inflation and malinvestment driven by thier foolish $-peg causes them to explode.

The new-dollar reset, will trigger huge deflation, because thier will be so few of them.  Having assets you OWN will help ease the transition in maintaining purchasing power.  Owning Gold will be best however.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:34 | 426650 jbc77
jbc77's picture

Second worst monthly decline in history and the S&P is down twon handles, looks like the insanity continues.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:39 | 426669 HarryWanger
HarryWanger's picture

That 200 dma is being held with all the might they have, just like yesterday. When she finally goes, it could be fast and really, really ugly.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:43 | 426678 jkruffin
jkruffin's picture

It's going to fall, and you are right, its going to be ugly when it does.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:45 | 426683 Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson's picture

Nic had it about right in the morning update. Add to your shorts under 1103. Lighten is up thru 1118.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 12:21 | 426884 firstdivision
firstdivision's picture

End of day stick save, my nuts tell me so.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:38 | 426664 anynonmous
anynonmous's picture

Make no mistake, if there were any signs of life in the Florida real estate market, the oil spill will send it into the abyss. 


this from June 11 (I think the estimate is way low)

Oil Spill May Cost $4.3 Billion in Property Values




(and WTF has bloomberg done to their website)

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 15:10 | 427398 digitalhermit
digitalhermit's picture

"(and WTF has bloomberg done to their website)"

Addicted to the old black background? Try: http://noir.bloomberg.com/

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:41 | 426673 jkruffin
jkruffin's picture

The consensus I saw yesterday was 7.5% so the numbers are worse than they are willing to admit, since they changed consensus to 6%.   This market is going DOWN!!!

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