How to bring down the System

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There are a lot of angry people out there. I see it every day in my
writing. All you have to do is look at the comments at a site like Zero
Hedge to realize that fact. To some extent you saw this in the last
election. Those who vote (less than half the population) sent a message
and as a result there has been a significant change in the political

But what do the voters get for sending the message? A slap in the face.
A few weeks later we get a monster tax break for high end earners, a
roll over of the tax treatment for hedge fund mangers (just obscene),
another $120 billion “stimulus” that won’t do a damn thing but add to
the debt and an extension of unemployment payment for yet another year
(now three years!)

If you pay bills (who doesn’t) you know that all banks, credit card
companies, utilities, insurance companies and all the others are just
nickel and diming us to death. Every month I am nicked for some damn
thing or the other. I think the FinReg rules that were supposed to
protect the average Jane or Joe actually just codified what the bastards
could charge. As a result we get hit with new fees, charges and higher

The very frustrating part of all this is that there is not a thing you
can do about it. Go write you congressperson, you’re lucky to get a form
response. Get on the phone to your CC provider and bitch over a $25
late charge on a $15 balance? Good luck.

I have been doing something for the past few months that might send a
message. If I continued for the next hundred years it would not make a
dent. If a hundred thousand did as I am doing it would be noticed but
still wouldn’t mean a thing. But if the number got into the millions it
would start to make a difference.

I have been sending 1 cent more than what is due on every bill that I
get. Citi sends a CC balance of $134.82? I send them $134.83.

I have a small sample of about 30 bills that I have been doing this
with. Well more than half get it right. On the next month CC bill you
get the Prior Balance as (-0.01). What this means is that a real person
actually got the bill and the check (or electronic payment) and made the
correct entry and gives you the once cent credit you deserve. This
result should not be surprising as people make incorrect payment amounts
all the time. What I am trying to do is force more human intervention.
That is time and money.

I paid a six-month insurance bill and added a penny to what was owed. So
far I have two letters that show the credit. How much does two computer
generated letters cost? At least a dollar a pop. There is no better
measure of success of my approach than to get a letter like this.

More exciting are the bills that do not pick up the one-cent variance.
When this happens your penny is lost. It will show up in an Exception
Report. Some computer recognizes that there is a penny that is not
properly accounted for. I assume that this happens (accidentally)
thousands of times a day. But what would happen if the number of
Exceptions all of sudden exploded to 20-50 million a month? Once again,
this would force humans to get involved.

The cost of this social protest is very minimal. Say you get 4 bills a
month. 48 pennies a year is the maximum cost. Based on my experience the
net cost would only be 20 cents or so. But the rewards on the 20 cents
just keep on giving. Every month after you can see the results. Either
they do it right or wrong. Either way there is an incremental cost. Your
penny is gumming up the system.

What if 10mm people did this on a regular basis? That would be a half
billion one-penny exceptions a year. If just one in ten resulted in an
“exception” it would mean that there would be an incremental cost
someplace of at least $50 million. In my dream world 25mm people would
do this and get just two letters a year as a result. Cost of that? Who
knows? It would imply 1.2 billion exceptions a year. That would be
noticed. (It would blow their collective minds if this started to

So if you’re mad at the system and want some revenge send an extra penny
to your friends at the gas-company, electric company, insurer, bank, CC
company, etc. I highly recommend it. The cost is negligible. Yes, it is
true that this form of protest will accomplish very little unless it
catches on like a fad. But should you get (as have I) some evidence that
your lousy penny is in fact causing someone someplace to spend time and
money trying to figure it all out you will beam with happiness at your
success. I am.

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Let's say I own a business and I charge $300 for my services and the going rate is $30 for a single Silver Eagle, can I just charge the customer for 30 Silver Eagles and show it as only $30 (coin face value) on the books?

I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

In order to foil the efforts of any Dept of Home - outlandish Insecurity trolls who might be trolling this site, please allow me to make this important point for all of you who are US prisoners (I mean Citizens...ooops). 

To be absolutely clear:  It is illegal for any of you US citizens to engage in the destruction of any US coin, especially for the purposes of melting them down for value.  It is illegal for you US citizens to melt US coins for value, and it is also illegal for A US CITIZEN to export US coins for the intention of melting them for value.   A US Citizen is allowed to take a MAXIMUM of $5.00 in coins with them as they leave the country.  Conspiring to melt US coins for value is a serios offense that can carry a sentence of multiple years in prison for you US Citizens.  

I suppose that non-US Citizens engaging in this practice would probably find themselves in the tropical paradise called Gitmo......


kensuneit's picture

The shoplifting/revenge dilema works like this: You hate the store so you steal from it.  This is your revenge.  However, the store is still in business no matter how much you take from them.  You just can't seem to burden them with pillage enough to subdue them.  Because at the end of every accounting period, the merchant totals the amounts lost to theft and then factors them back in as part of the cost of doing business and passes the cost on to the end consumer.

For the merchant/bank/etc., whatever you engage them in is a part of their business.  

The only real answer is to stop doing business with them, oh yeah, and to avoid doing business with those who do business with them.  In other words, don't contribute to their stream of business.


Guy Fawkes Mulder's picture

Dear Bruce Krasting:

I like all your posts.

I like this post.

I do have to point out a theoretical problem. No great foul, since your "way to bring down the system" is theoretical, anyway.

It's pretty obvious, and I realized it after thinking game-theory style about what it would be like to be one of the corps you sent an extra penny to by check.

I thought: if this clown keeps sending me an extra penny... after a while I'm going to get smart and just keep it. Let him go through the costs to win the penny back if he actually cares about me pocketing his penny.

Then I realized that that's exactly what the corps would be forced to do if your article took off like a viral wildfire into the psyche and spirit of the "Free World", and they started mailing in extra pennies en masse.

They would keep the damn penny and say nothing.

You would be hung trying to get it back, unless you could say with a straight face in court: "I habitually and mistakenly remitted my bills to XYZ Corp in the full amount plus 1¢, and they did in fact conspire to keep the extra 1¢ per bill for themselves, totally denying me what was rightfully my money, in an amount totalling well over 25¢" You'd have to be willing to spend the money and time to go to court to press that case. Of course, if you did, then they would have to spend the money and time to meet you. But I really think you would come out on the losing end with nothing to show for it, and your time and money would be lost.

But I like this idea, and it's going to be worth it to pay 1¢ extra every bill to make the machine stab itself for $2 of blood just to save itself 1¢ of bloodloss.

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***** "Those who vote (less than half the population) sent a message and as a result there has been a significant change in the political landscape." *****

What change? Bruce??????????


Tax Breaks for the wealthy?

The Lobby doesnt control the out come of thing?

The War is over?

The Sheepeoples rights are not MORE stomped on now than before?


What did Obama do different? Where is this change you speak of?


TARP ='s QE 1 thru 101?


0% FED window?


Where is the change Bruce? sell me, show me maybe even dumb it down for me cause I aint so bright?



Guy Fawkes Mulder's picture

You come across as a mouth-breathing retard, "JW n FL".

There are a lot of angry people out there. I see it every day in my writing. All you have to do is look at the comments at a site like Zero Hedge to realize that fact. To some extent you saw this in the last election. Those who vote (less than half the population) sent a message and as a result there has been a significant change in the political landscape.

But what do the voters get for sending the message? A slap in the face. A few weeks later we get a monster tax break for high end earners, a roll over of the tax treatment for hedge fund mangers (just obscene), another $120 billion “stimulus” that won’t do a damn thing but add to the debt and an extension of unemployment payment for yet another year (now three years!)

JW n FL's picture

Bruce is a fuck stain who censors people over at another site called all about alpha… fuck Bruce and for that matter fuck you too… I read on statement and didn’t suffer the bulk of Bruce’s daily drivel, yes… guilty as charged.


As for you eluding that I am somehow genetically challenged, if I where I could still crush you coming and going… so no matter.


torabora's picture

As soon as I saw that wise crack about a so called "tax break for the rich" this article left me. There was no "tax break for the rich"....there was a proposal, now abandoned, to RAISE taxes on the rich (and probably everyone else ...that actually pays income taxes).

I am fundamentally opposed to ANYONE, except those that pay little to nothing, paying ANY more to the corrupt feds. These pricks will only leverage any new money into even greate borrowing. So not just NO! to new taxes, but HELL NO!

AS far as taxing those who pay little or notning...I want them taxed so they can get pissed off too.

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What did Ireland and Grease fear?... w/drawl of funds from the banks. boom!

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I do like the staple idea.  I may use it against BOA.  Ok.  that is one little piece of the system I won't mind if you bring down.   I had a great business card and personal credit card until BOA bought it and then they started pulling all sorts of shenanigans such as lowering my credit limit.  Mother fuckers.  You can go ahead and bring down BOA, but I got to draw the line at the entire system/civilization thing.  Don't collapse the whole system or I'm going to tell your mommy and she'll be so mad she might just start charging you rent.

PermaLivin's picture

I was wondering that myself. I have a huge water bottle thingy full of pennies, no real desire to inspect every one of them, but was wondering if I had any in there of value. Hell, the copper content alone has got to be higher than the 1 cent price for each by now, right? Take it to the copper recycling place, instead of the penny counter machine at the bank.. That thing has got to weigh over 100Lbs easy. hmmm..

signalfire's picture

Congratulations, Sissies!  Your Founding Fathers risked their necks, quite literally, to fight the system and you send in pennies....

And no, 'demonstrating' won't do anything either.  You need ropes, torches, pitchforks, guns and guillotines.  Or the rule of law, and we've seen how well that works. 

I clicked on 'how to bring down the system' and I GET FUCKING 'SEND IN PENNIES????'  YOU ARE USELESS!!!

bonin006's picture

I have to agree. This is the lamest article I have ever seen here.


It does remind me of a short sci fi story I read many years ago, where the main character was in prison for a year or so on some minor offense, and tried to break the prison computer system by putting the recycle materials in the wrong slot. The result was a computer error that ended in his execution, with no one believing his protests, because everyone knew the computer was always right.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

I blame estrogen in the water supply.

Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.
H. L. Mencken

SaveTheBales's picture

I have a (mostly) unused credit card with these guys.  It only gets used once a quarter (for gas or something less than $100).  I do this so they don't cancel me, or give me a non-use fee.  My objective is to bleed the hell out of them without any effort on my part.  Its working like mad.

You cannot imagine the mountain of crap they've sent me over the years since they pissed me off.  I've saved every single piece (in case I need to keep warm in the winter), with the expectation that when it gets to 4 feet high, it'll all come back.

That should be roughly around Valentines Day :-)


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I used Washington Mutual until it failed. JPM Chase absorbed it, with the assistance of the Federal authorities.

I knew that once they passed the Financial Reg bill, fees would start going up. Wells Fargo sent my mother a letter that said that if she doesn't have minimum deposits of $100,000 they would charge her $360/year for a checking account.

Now JPM Chase sent me a similar one.

Last week, I checked with my local small credit union. They will let me have checking services free. I decided that on Jan 1, I was going to close my JPM account and move all my money to the credit union.

If my bank were still going to be JPM, I would join you. But as a member of the credit union, with free checking, their costs are my costs.

Happy and prosperous 2011 all!

Bankster Bug's picture

OR you could do this:

The American People Can Close the Fed, Demand United States Notes

When Congress borrows money on the credit of the United States, bonds are thus legislated into existence and deposited as credit entries in Federal Reserve banks. United States bonds, bills and notes constitute money as affirmed by the Supreme Court (Legal Tender Cases, 110 U.S. 421), and this money when deposited with the Fed becomes collateral from whence the Treasury may write checks against the credit thus created in its account (12 USC 391). For example, suppose Congress appropriates an expenditure of $1 billion.

To finance the appropriation Congress creates the $1 billion worth of bonds out of thin air and deposits it with the privately owned Federal Reserve System. Upon receiving the bonds, the Fed credits $1 billion to the Treasury's checking account, holding the deposited bonds as collateral. When the United States deposits its bonds with the Federal Reserve System, private credit is extended to the Treasury by the Fed. Under its power to borrow money, Congress is authorized by the Constitution to contract debt, and whenever something is borrowed it must be returned. When Congress spends the contracted private credit, each use of credit is debt which must be returned to the lender or Fed. Since Congress authorizes the expenditure of this private credit, the United States incurs the primary obligation to return the borrowed credit, creating a National Debt which results when credit is not returned.

However, if anyone else accepts this private credit and uses it to purchase goods and services, the user voluntarily incurs the obligation requiring him to make a return of income whereby a portion of the income is collected by the IRS and delivered to the Federal Reserve banksters.

Actually the federal income tax imparts two separate obligations: the obligation to file a return and the obligation to abide by the Internal Revenue Code. The obligation to make a return of income for using private credit is recognized in law as an irrecusable obligation, which according to 'Bouvier's Law Dictionary' (1914 ed.), is "a term used to indicate a certain class of contractual obligations recognized by the law which are imposed upon a person without his consent and without regard to any act of his own."

This is distinguished from a recusable obligation which, according to Bouvier, arises from a voluntary act by which one incurs the obligation imposed by the operation of law. The voluntary use of private credit is the condition precedent which imposes the irrecusable obligation to file a tax return. If private credit is not used or rejected, then the operation of law which imposes the irrecusable obligation lies dormant and cannot apply.

In 'Brushaber v. Union Pacific RR Co.' 240 U.S. 1 (1916) the Supreme Court affirmed that the federal income tax is in the class of indirect taxes, which include duties and excises. The personal income tax arises from a duty -- i.e., charge or fee -- which is voluntarily incurred and subject to the rule of uniformity. A charge is a duty or obligation, binding upon him who enters into it, which may be removed or taken away by a discharge (performance): 'Bouvier', p. 459.

Our federal personal income tax is not really a tax in the ordinary sense of the word but rather a burden or obligation which the taxpayer voluntarily assumes, and the burden of the tax falls upon those who voluntarily use private credit. Simply stated the tax imposed is a charge or fee upon the use of private credit where the amount of private credit used measures the pecuniary obligation.

The personal income tax provision of the Internal Revenue Code is private law rather than public law. "A private law is one which is confined to particular individuals, associations, or corporations": 50 Am.Jur. 12, p.28. In the instant case the revenue code pertains to taxpayers. A private law can be enforced by a court of competent jurisdiction when statutes for its enforcement are enacted: 20 Am.Jur. 33, pgs. 58, 59.

The distinction between public and private acts is not always sharply defined when published statutes are printed in their final form: Case v. Kelly, 133 U.S. 21 (1890). Statutes creating corporations are private acts: 20 Am.Jur. 35, p. 60. In this connection, the Federal Reserve Act is private law. Federal Reserve banks derive their existence and corporate power from the Federal Reserve Act: Armano v. Federal Reserve Bank, 468 F.Supp. 674 (1979).

A private act may be published as a public law when the general public is afforded the opportunity of participating in the operation of the private law. The Internal Revenue Code is an example of private law which does not exclude the voluntary participation of the general public. Had the Internal Revenue Code been written as substantive public law, the code would be repugnant to the Constitution, since no one could be compelled to file a return and thereby become a witness against himself.

Under the fifty titles listed on the preface page of the United States Code, the Internal Revenue Code (26 USC) is listed as having not been enacted as substantive public law, conceding that the Internal Revenue Code is private law. Bouvier declares that private law "relates to private matters which do not concern the public at large."

It is the VOLUNTARY use of private credit which imposes upon the user the quasi contractual or implied obligation to make a return of income. In 'Pollock v. Farmer's Loan & Trust Co.' 158 U.S. 601 (1895) the Supreme Court had declared the income tax of 1894 to be repugnant to the Constitution, holding that taxation of rents, wages and salaries must conform to the rule of apportionment.

However, when this decision was rendered, there was no privately owned central bank issuing private credit and currency but rather public money in the form of legal tender notes and coins of the United States circulated. Public money is the lawful money of the United States which the Constitution authorizes Congress to issue, conferring a property right, whereas the private credit issued by the Fed is neither money nor property, permitting the user an equitable interest but denying Allodial title.

Today, we have two competing monetary systems. The Federal Reserve System with its private credit and currency, and the public money system consisting of legal tender United States notes and coins.

One could use the public money system, paying all bills with coins and United States notes (if the notes can be obtained), or one could voluntarily use the private credit system and thereby incur the obligation to make a return of income. Under 26 USC 7609 the IRS has carte blanche authority to summon and investigate bank records for the purpose of determining tax liabilities or discovering unknown taxpayers: 'United States v. Berg' 636 F.2d 203 (1980).

If an investigation of bank records discloses an excess of $1000 in deposits in a single year, the IRS may accept this as prima facie evidence that the account holder uses private credit and is therefore a person obligated to make a return of income. Anyone who uses private credit -- e.g., bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, etc. -- voluntarily plugs himself into the system and obligates himself to file. A taxpayer is allowed to claim a $1000 personal deduction when filing his return. The average taxpayer in the course of a year uses United States coins in vending machines, parking meters, small change, etc., and this public money must be deducted when computing the charge for using private credit.

On June 5, 1933, the day of infamy arrived. Congress on that date enacted House Joint Resolution 192, which provided that the people convert or turn in their gold coins in exchange for Federal Reserve notes. Through the operation of law, H.J.R. 192 took us off the gold standard and placed us on the dollar standard where the dollar could be manipulated by private interests for their self-serving benefit. By this single act the people and their wealth were delivered to the banksters. When gold coinage was thus pulled out of circulation, large denomination Federal Reserve notes were issued to fill the void. As a consequence the public money supply in circulation was greatly diminished, and the debt-laden private credit of the Fed gained supremacy.

This action made private individuals who had been previously exempt from federal income taxes now liable for them, since the general public began consuming and using large amounts of private credit. Notice all the case law prior to 1933 which affirms that income is a profit or gain which arises from a government granted privilege. After 1933, however, the case law no longer emphatically declares that income is exclusively corporate profit or that it arises from a privilege. So, what changed? Two years after H.J.R. 192, Congress passed the Social Security Act, which the Supreme Court upheld as a valid act imposing a valid income tax: 'Charles C. Steward Mach. Co. v, Davis' 301 U.S. 548 (1937).

It is no accident that the United States is without a dollar unit coin. In recent years the Eisenhower dollar coin received widespread acceptance, but the Treasury minted them in limited number which encouraged hoarding. This same fate befell the Kennedy half dollars, which circulated as silver sandwiched clads between 1965-1969 and were hoarded for their intrinsic value and not spent. Next came the Susan B. Anthony dollar, an awkward coin which was instantly rejected as planned. The remaining unit is the privately issued Federal Reserve note unit dollar with no viable competitors. Back in 1935 the Fed had persuaded the Treasury to discontinue minting silver dollars because the public preferred them over dollar bills. That the public money system has become awkward, discouraging its use, is no accident. It was planned that way.

A major purpose behind the 16th Amendment was to give Congress authority to enforce private law collections of revenue. Congress had the plenary power to collect income taxes arising from government granted privileges long before the 16th Amendment was deemed ratified, and the amendment was unnecessary, except to give Congress the added power to enforce collections under private law: i.e., income from whatever source.

So, the Fed got its amendment and its private income tax, which is a bankster's dream but a nightmare for everyone else. Through the combined operation of the Fed and H.J.R. 192, the United States pays exorbitant interest whenever it uses its own money deposited with the Fed, and the people pay outrageous income taxes for the privilege of living and working in their own country, robbed of their wealth and separated from their rights, laboring under a tax system written by a cabal of loan shark banksters and rubber stamped by a spineless Congress.

Congress has the power to abolish the Federal Reserve System and thus destroy the private credit system. However, the people have it within their power to strip the Fed of its powers, rescind private credit and get the banksters to pay off the National Debt should Congress fail to act.

The key to all this is 12 USC 411, which declares that Federal Reserve notes shall be redeemed in lawful money at any Federal Reserve bank. Lawful money is defined as all the coins, notes, bills, bonds and securities of the United States: 'Julliard v. Greenman' 110 U.S. 421, 448 (1884); whereas public money is the lawful money declared by Congress as a legal tender for debts (31 USC 5103); 524 F.2d 629 (1974).

Anyone can present Federal Reserve notes to any Federal Reserve bank and demand redemption in public money -- i.e., legal tender United States notes and coins. A Federal Reserve note is a fixed obligation or evidence of indebtedness which pledges redemption (12 USC 411) in public money to the note holder.

The Fed maintains a ready supply of United States notes in hundred dollar denominations for redemption purposes should it be required, and coins are available to satisfy claims for smaller amounts. However, should the general public decide to redeem large amounts of private credit for public money, a financial melt-down within the Fed would quickly occur.

The process works like this. Suppose $1000 in Federal Reserve notes are presented for redemption in public money. To raise $1000 in public money the Fed must surrender U.S. Bonds in that amount to the Treasury in exchange for the public money demanded (assuming that the Fed had no public money on hand). In so doing $1000 of the National Debt would be paid off by the Fed and thus canceled.

Can you imagine the result if large amounts of Federal Reserve notes were redeemed on a regular, ongoing basis? Private credit would be withdrawn from circulation and replaced with public money, and with each turning of the screw the Fed would be obliged to pay off more of the National Debt. Should the Fed refuse to redeem its notes in public money, then the fiction that private credit is used voluntarily would become unsustainable.

If the use of private credit becomes compulsory, then the obligation to make a return of income is voided.

If the Fed is under no obligation to redeem its notes, then no one has an obligation to make a return of income.

It is that simple! Federal Reserve notes are not money and cannot be tendered when money is demanded: 105 So. 305 (1925). Moreover, the Ninth Circuit rejected the argument that a $50 Federal Reserve note be redeemed in gold or silver coin after specie coinage had been rescinded but upheld the right of the note holder to redeem his note in current public money (31 USC 392; rev., 5103): 524 F.2d 629 (1974); 12 USC 411.

It would be advantageous to close out all bank accounts, acquire a home safe, settle all debts in cash with public money and use U.S. postal money orders for remittances. Whenever a check is received, present it to the bank of issue and demand cash in public money. This will place banks in a vulnerable position, forcing them to draw off their assets. Through their insatiable greed, banksters have over extended, making banks quite illiquid.

Should the people suddenly demand public money for their deposits and for checks received, many banks will collapse and be foreclosed by those demanding public money. Banks by their very nature are citadels of usury and sin, and the most patriotic service one could perform is to obligate banksters to redeem private credit.

When the first Federal Reserve note is presented to the Fed for redemption, the process of ousting the private credit system will commence and will not end until the Fed and the bankstering system nurtured by it collapse. Coins comprise less than five percent of the currency, and current law limits the amount of United States notes in circulation to $300 million (31 USC 5115).

The private credit system is exceedingly over extended compared with the supply of public money, and a small minority working in concert can easily collapse the private credit system and oust the Fed by demanding redemption of private credit. If the Fed disappeared tomorrow, income taxes on wages and salaries would vanish with it. Moreover, the States are precluded from taxing United States notes: 4 Wheat. 316.

According to Bouvier, public money is the money which Congress can tax for public purposes mandated by the Constitution. Private credit when collected in revenue can fund programs and be spent for purposes not cognizable by the Constitution.

We have in effect two competing governments: the United States Government and the Federal Government (Corp. US). The first is the government of the people, whereas the Federal Government/Corp US is founded upon private law and funded by private credit.

What we really have is private government. Federal agencies and activities funded by the private credit system include Social Security, bail out loans to banksters via the IMF, bail out loans to Chrysler, loans to students, FDIC, FBI, supporting the U.N., foreign aid, funding undeclared wars, etc., all of which would be unsustainable if funded by taxes raised pursuant to the Constitution.

The personal income tax is not a true tax but rather an obligation or burden which is voluntarily assumed, since revenue is raised through voluntary contributions and can be spent for purposes unknown to the Constitution.

Notice how the IRS declares in its publications that everyone is expected to contribute his fair share. True taxes must be spent for public purposes which the Constitution recognizes. Taxation for the purpose of giving or loaning money to private business enterprises and individuals is illegal: 15 Am.Rep. 39; Cooley, 'Prin. Const. Law', ch. IV.

Revenue derived from the federal income tax goes into a private slush fund raised from voluntary contributions, and Congress is not restricted by the Constitution when spending or disbursing the proceeds from this private fund.

It is incorrect to say that the personal federal income tax is unconstitutional, since the tax code is private law and resides outside the Constitution.

The Internal Revenue Code is non-constitutional because it enforces an obligation which is voluntarily incurred through an act of the individual who binds himself. Fighting the Internal Revenue Code on constitutional grounds is wasted energy.

The way to bring it all down is to attack the Federal Reserve System and its banking cohorts by demanding that private credit be redeemed, or by convincing Congress to abolish the Fed.

Never forget that private credit is funding the destruction of our country.

signalfire's picture

Congratulations on your cut and paste skills.

lucyvp's picture

If you must have a credit card move it from chase/citi etc

to your local credit union.    The rules have been

relaxed for credit union membership.  Many unions will now

except anyone who lives in the same town as the branch.


Additionally use your automated bill pay to pay the minimum each

month.  That way you will never pay the pirates their late fee.

If you over-pay you will build a credit balance.

but if you don't charge much this is much better than getting

dinged with a $25 or more late fee.


I closed my chase account at the beginning of the year

the branch manager came running down to plead with

me about keeping the account open.  You should have

seen her face when I talked about JPM's silver short

And how it cost me hundreds of dollars when they

took silver down for a few days last spring. (I got

called out on CEF stops)  I have since removed

all stops on CEF.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Default. Borrow money from a gov backed program, and default again. Don't buy anything you can't live without. Earn just enough to cover food and shelter. Take every tax dodge - and/or refund - you can find. Sign up for all the assistance programs under the sun. Barter. Use the emergency room for your medical needs and don't pay the bill. That will break the system. And go ahead and vote for whoever promises the biggest handouts. Most places won't even ask for ID when you do. Absentee if you are shy and/or just too lazy. You can let your local community organizer fill it out for you.

Immigrants do it, and the MSM informs me they are more noble than I.

London Banker's picture

It is a rule of thumb in bank transaction processing that exceptions are less than ten percent of transactions but more than 90 percent of costs.  As a result, the approach you propose will have the desired effect of imposing costs on your creditors disproportionate to the one cent cost to you.  As a way of wreaking vengeance for the petty fees and gouging, it is admirable.  It may also increase employment by creating demand for more back office staff to cope with the exceptions management demands.

Sadly, none of this addresses the fundamental problem of a debt ridden society that can not produce enough surplus to repay the debt, and probably not enough income to repay the capital for very long either.  Pushing electronic account balances around doesn't create wealth or sustained economic expansion. 

Still, as you say, getting one over on TPTB in a modest way would be satisfying . . .

woolly mammoth's picture

Thanks for taking the time to post relevant information. Looking forward to current posting on your blog.

weyes1's picture

This is just too much fun to resist. I don't knows about the IRS, but if you want to bring a little chaos to the bureaucracy that is the CRA, complete your annual tax return in red ink. You can't imagine the manpower that this subtle little act of defiance will cause.  Happy new year!

tallystick's picture

Fax over a nice ascii middle finger at 400 baud so it takes an hour to print out.

weyes1's picture

I've always enjoyed faxing a stack of toner-intensive black paper

amanfromMars's picture

Bruce, Paying an extra dollar on bills will have the system thinking it is wrong and owing you more serious money and meaningful and/or menacing credit.

BigDuke6's picture

Bruce , you had dinner with some wankers the other night (see prev post by BK) and you're upset.

they talked down about the plebs and now you wanna kick ass.

its ok - chill....

enjoy the holiday and soon we get back to..... things.

happy hogmanay.

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Actually if your off by a multiple of 9 (like 9,18,27,36,45, etc.) then the accountant and sometimes computer will flag it as suspect the last two numbers are transposed.  that will really slow them down. if you do the transposing your self when it goes over. then you'll have plausible deny-ability.

SheHunter's picture

You all have way too much time on your hands.  Stop cutting down extra trees.  And you won't piss off any CEO's. They'll jut pass the buck back to their consumers.  Pay your bills, suck it up and try putting some positive energy back into our already suffering USA.  Happy New Year fellow ZH-ers.  And to those who junk me- here's to making it through another year appreciating the everyday small wonders.


SheHunter's picture

Explanation:  The Airedale ran offshore the lake after a rabbit this afternoon and went thrugh the ice. It was 2 below zero.  I had to go drag him out and got soaked up to my croth.  20 minute hike from the truck.  Clothes froze below the waist.  Dog iced up and shaking.  Made it back to the truck and then back to the cabin.  We both are thawed out and have full bellies.  I take little for granted and enjoy every step f life.


honestann's picture

Another idea:  Somebody with a high-class computer driven printing system should write software to drive that system to create an endless stream of bogus checks with bogus names and addresses and random account numbers and mail them to random large companies with random return addresses.

With computerization, you'd think an operation like this could send millions per year... perhaps operating from a luxury live-aboard bus so the envelopes are mailed from a new mail drop-boxes in new towns and cities every day.

Freddie's picture

We need to kill TV - ALL of it.  They all fawn over Mugabe 2 including Fox.  They all love our chicago Mugabe.  I yanked cable TV after his coup in 2008.  They all lie and it is 24x7 propganda esecially GE CNBC.  Fu*k all of TV.

Terminus C's picture

Agreed, haven't had TV in over three years.  Don't miss it a bit.

Tsukato's picture

I've got a story for you bitches. Years ago my little brother had just been married for a couple years to his high school sweetheart. He went out of town for a couple days, and found out his bride had been fucking another guy. He cried and cried for days. Everyone in my family told him to forgive her, and give it another chance. I told him she was a worthless fucking whore, and if he had any respect for himself, he would toss her like the rubbish she is. Of course, I became the villan, and we have not spoken in years. Everyone in the family thinks I am a heartless beast. Well anyway, he is now just as insecure as ever, has been on anti-depressants for 12 years, and drinks like a fish. She is still out fucking other guys, but now knows there will be no penalty to her actions, while he turns a blind eye to everything.

This is the case with all of you who do nothing, and bitches like Bruce Krasting, who write this garbage to waste our time. You are all too emotionally wrapped up with a whore. You have lost yourselves, and created your own prisons. Our system is just like a whore, and like my brother, through weakness, or limits placed on yourselves, you have emasculated yourselves, and become impotent. Remember the truth of all existence- there is no permanency and, you really own nothing but your character and experiences. All else is just illusion.

honestann's picture

Exactly.  In other words, humans need to get real.

deadparrot's picture

BK, I can go one better. After you pay your CC or utility bill or whatever, you will get a statement the following month showing the credit. Now you can have some real fun. Call the company and ask for a refund. Unless they have some sort of rule regarding the minimum amount for which they will cut a check, you can demand your penny back. Once they send you check (cutting a check costs them a couple bucks), just rip it up. They will probably call you in a couple months and ask that you deposit the check as it is an annoying open item on their ledger. That's when you tell them you lost it. They will have to stop payment on the check (more costs for them) and cut you a new one. It will drive them nuts if lots of people do this.

Remember this strategy doesn't work with CC's you actually use. The overpayment will just get applied to the next purchase.

ZackAttack's picture

I like to put MasterCard's card offer in Visa's return envelope and vice versa.

Tsukato's picture

Yur a real rebel rouser! Fucking idiot!

Croesus's picture

Perhaps you could tell us what YOU DO to "fight against the system"?

Never mind, seeing your next post now.

Tsukato's picture

I've definately done more than any of you. I saw this coming years ago.  I decided I couldn't sit around bitching. I moved to China, spent time learning the language, made a life, met and married a wonderful girl, had a kid, opened 5 english schools, a southeast asian restaurant, and a tour company. I've done everything right, and am making a heap of whumpum to boot. So yeah, I've actually been proactive. I ,in no terms, resemble the buttery brained, fat boys that frequent this site, bitch, and do nothing. Having been away since 1998, I never go back, but I must admit its sad to see what is becoming of you idiots, and my homeland. I keep hoping someone will inject some testosterone into that place, but it will never happen. You all may be heavily invested in PMs, but you're fools to think you will get rich off them, or even retain them once things get bad. You're living in a fools paradise, and unless you beat the bully to the punch, you're fucked. This is 100% certain. Won't affect me though.

Tsukato's picture

These sort of weak assed comentaries make make skin cold! What a passive-agressive thing to do, and what a waste of fucking life, thinking about them. Americans are just at the early stages of where Europeans have been for years; getting pissed off at TPTB. Will we have to wait years before anyone grows any balls!? Sure seems like it. Why not bypass all the weak assed shit, and do something that has some bite? I know that nobody would ever resort to blowing shit up (I've had people on this site tell me that violence is for cowards!-HAHAHAHA!), but why not at least a tax revolt? Is even that tooooo SCAREY!? Why is this site even referencing Fight Club?! What an absolute joke! You people are the problem! No fucking nuts to let go of everything that is impermanent anyway, and reclaim what is God given. Keep reading tripe like this you Bad Revolutionaries.

Terminus C's picture

Perhaps, instead of coming on to a web site and bitching that no one does anything... you should do something.

I had this discussion with another poster about this same issue.  Hypocracy.  "All you losers will just keep taking it in the ass!  You need to go out and blow up some banks you fucking cowards."  Yet, the poster in question, as well as you, would do no such thing him/herself.

So, my response to you is the same as to him/her, lead on... do the something that you think needs to be done and quit waiting for someone else to do it.

I don't think bombing banks will do us any good, so I don't bomb banks... I also don't think targeted assasinations will do us any good, so I don't shoot anyone.  I do buy PM's, minimize my consumption, have no debt and educate myself and people around me about the issues.  You might see that as "weak ass" but it is what I can do that I feel is effective in bringing change.

Bottom line, stop asking for others to do what you think needs to be done and do it yourself.

Tsukato's picture

You're absolutely right! People like I should put up, or shut up, right? Okay then. But  remember this: people such as yourself who sit in the middle grey lands, who will be neither hot, nor cold, black, nor white, are going to be the ones that get the least compassion from either corner. People like you and the author, are the ones that future generations will see in pictures, laying face down in a muddy ditch sans pants. Especially weak assed, big mouthed bitches like you who try to drown out the call to reason and action. Have fun getting fist fucked in the future, you sad fucking excuse for a man.


chumbawamba's picture

I don't know.  I tried riling up the masses a year ago but nothing came of it, and ultimately I got shunned and dejected from ZH for it.  I'm sure the guys before me were even more disappointed.

But at any rate, I'm entirely jaded by now.  I wait, day by day, hoping that this will be the week that it all just falls apart.  But so far, that day hasn't come.


I am Chumbawamba.

honestann's picture

Damn tootin' straight!  Modern humans are revolting, total losers.  Humans accept any abuse the predator class choose to deliver.  Believe me, the predators are just warming up, but the vast, vast, vast, vast, vast majority of humans will accept and justify whatever atrocities are delivered to them.  Humans are utterly worthless.  Humans are the lowest lifeform - they have brains that make them capable of understanding and intelligent action, but instead they just bend over and say "bring it on".

Human beings:  RIP.  Good riddens, you herd of loser sheople.

Only one in a million refuse, or take action.  I am.

Mark Medinnus's picture

And I work for the IRA: you're targetted, honestann.


honestann's picture

The Irish Republican Army?  What's your beef?  :-o

Mark Medinnus's picture

A tedious, trifling post.


liberal sodomy's picture

Truckbombs and asymmetrically targetting spouses and children would work better.

It shouldn't be hard to recruit the terminally ill to target the people and buildings who have wrecked the West the past 100 years.  Promise to pay their family 20k.