How To Get a 50 Year, 100% LTV, Euribor + 0.35%, Two Year Grace Period Mortgage

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Well, given the fact that banks make their money on credit, and that they never suffer losses - as they are paid by taxpayers - it's actually an intelligent and profitable offer.

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how long does it take to get residency in espana? or is that not a requirement either?

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This is really a landlord's move-in-special joke, right ??

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 It translates as; "just buy something for christ's sake; anything". Need to get the property signed up as a "purchase"; worry about the rest later. Tremendous built overhang in residencial units.

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Perpetual servitude?  Good, 2nd door the left, one set of leg-irons each!

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makes perfect sense to me lol so why would a bank ever suggest such a thing unless the government is backing it so that all the people in these houses will be beholding to the big G its a crazy world out there hope the sheep wakeup before its to late !You are getting married to something that will not be so pretty when the wedding gown comes off lol 

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I think the 2-year grace period is for paying the principal.  Looks like interest still has to be paid.  In the fine print:

      "La carencia es de capital por lo que durante dicho periodo el cliente sólo deberá abonar los intereses correspondientes"

Even though I've taken high school Spanish and three semesters in undergrad, I still need to go to Google Translate.  Google Translate says that this means:

"Lack of capital is so during this period the client will only be charged interest."


Whether that means this is an IO loan or that interest will merely accrue with no payments being made at all is unclear.  I'm leaning towards this being a "Pick-A-Pay" loan with interest only being an option for the first two years.

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BTW, I was referring to the second advertisement:

The first one is unbelievable.  I guess the people of Spain/EU/USA/World don't give a shit that this bank, assuming it makes any of these mortgage loans in size, will eventually go bust and the tab will be picked-up by the taxpayer in the end.   So goes the moral hazard of having gubbmint backing of the banks.

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 It's not actually unclear; it says the client must pay the interest, (during the period etc.).

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Heh, leave it up to the "Wall Street Innovators" to concoct all kinds of "new and improved" products to keep the Credit Bubble alive.

Nothing is going to change.

Poor Doug Noland must be aghast at this development.

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Isn't this just a twist on what Nippon did years ago?

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only if you can be enslaved early on: the mortgage is only open for people 18-35

Ahhaaa... such a clincher.

Harvesting prime-livestock.

Takes me back to my Ninja attempting days, I came so close, thank you guardian angel.

2003, Kali-fornia was a flipper's heaven and Ninja's were everywhere. 

Stealthy puckers...imagine, from flipping burgers to flipping houses, all in a single day's work for the go go crowd in those days.

I'm sure spain will continue to party hearty till actual contact is made with ground 300 feet below.

Look out!


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No suspense, we already know how option ARMs end

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What's the big deal? They've been doing this with commercial RE loans here in Amerika for over two years. All sing along now:

This land was your land
And now it's their land...

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WOW! Impressing. I have to move to Spain right now. That´s almost for free ! I think that´s just the right "accomodation" for me :


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Ya gotta laugh!  But it works on the books--and what else matters anymore?

Besides, with so many houses empty, why not put people in them?  If it takes silly contracts to escape charges of "socialism,"  why not go through those motions?

It's the new normal.  Adaption will be key. 

I'm moving to a warm climate first chance I get. 

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Friend of the GF moved to Spain and "bought" a house no money down over two years ago...he made two payments and then wised up, as nobody he knew there was paying...he is still there and the bank has made no attempt to foreclose...nothing.

At the rate they were buying, earlier this year, I think the main Spanish public pension fund will be 100% in Government Bonds by Christmas.

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Rent with a call option on appreciation.  The last iteration of the credit bubble, though this does seem to give the plebes something for nothing.  Principal doesn't matter, just like with sovereign debt.  What matters is, can the debt be serviced so we can maintain the illusion that all is well?

Let there be rollover!

And the Lloyd saw that it was good.

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Can you buy property in spain without being an EU resident?

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Why take a vacation and stay in an expensive hotel?

Buy a luxury property in Spain, never make a payment, and enjoy a wonderful, relaxing 2, 3 or 5 year vacation courtesy these criminals.


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According to the first link I found with the goog, EURIBOR 1Y spot is currently 1.526, so 35bips on top of that is 1.876, not too shabby. Interest only is probably less than rent.


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How can anyone that's upsidedown like most american get refinancing. It won't happen, and that why no one is refing their mortgages. The banks won't even talk to you if your house is worth less that you mortgage.