How Jane Wells Popped Steve Liesman's (And The Entire Power Lunch Pom Pom Brigade's) Propaganda Bubble

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Hilarious counterpropaganda move by CNBC's Jane Wells. After Steve Liesman patiently explains double negatives to Dennis Kneale, he is now certain to issue a restraining order against not only Rick Santelli but Jane Wells as well. The expression on everyone's face in the hexabox is worth price of admission alone (especially since it's free). This will surely lead to more hypothetical memos being issued by Jeff Immelt with messages of tender yet firm proddings as to the thematic content of CNBC programming. 

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Fewer Americans are less confident in the fact that Steve Liesman has not stopped refraining from avoidance of fucking dogs.  Isn't that not less correct, Steve?  A simple yes or no will suffice.

PS:  For some reason, dickhead, that pink shirt looks like a foreskin on you, and your double chin looks like a cock ring.

Now, leave Jane alone before I taunt you a second time.

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Perhaps if there were more Jane Wells on CNBS, I'd find a few seconds a day to watch.  They are to true business journalism what cartoons are to true serious drama TV.

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the truly shockingly stupid part about all this is that everyone focuses on the what and not the why

this moronic fascination with "upside surprise" to these numbers or even acutely more idiotic, celebrating the notion that some sort of retail spending record has been set

are people this dumb? does it make ANY sense that spending levels would be anywhere near a record? does it make ANY sense that the retail index is basically back to its all time high?


Foreclosures all time high, mortgage delinquencies all time high, U6 at 50 year high, wages declining, we just came off the first cycle in US history (2003 through 2008) in which more jobs were destroyed in the downturn than created in the upturn -- and with all those facts, what is the counterargument? that "oh well even though all that bad crap is happening I dunno people appear to be spending money so I suppose somehow its all been fixed"

people do not have this money to spend, and a giant chunk of the "increase" in spending is inflation (yes, i know, i know, theres no inflation) - the price of gas is up 100% from its lows and is up 50% from a year ago, so outside of one of the most important costs americans incur everyday, there probably isnt any inflation - people are blowing through savings and they are blowing through retirement spending and what happens what thats done?

scenario 1: people are really as wealthy and employed as they were in 2006 and 2007 and that is why the retail index back at its high makes sense

scenario 2: the market that completely missed the dot com bubble, the housing bubble and the credit bubble is maybe not totally thinking through the implications of people blowing through what little savings they have either for necessity or out of sheer stupidity

probably scenario 1

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As was pointed out elsewhere on this site, some spending money has been freed up by voluntary default on mortgage and credit card payments. If so this is not part of any blueprint for recovery. More like economic autophagy.

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I need to take a shower...

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With Jane Wells and her bad news?

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I seem to recall that this shower didn't end well

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That's just the victim mentality talking. If I remember correctly, for one person, it was very rewarding and extremely satisfying. He must have been watching CNBC.

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I guess I am a "glass half-empty" guy.  No work at CNBC for me.

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Liesman's facial expression at 2:35 in the clip above is the same as this dude's expression ( at 0:08.

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Uh, that video is a bit disturbing. Was that a "public service" message or just a bad joke?

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I think the video is real. I too was disturbed -- how dare she spill the coffee! You know how much those pants cost? Ah, crap, Robert Rubin's thought process rubbed off on me.

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BTW, the glass is neither half-empty nor half-full; it's twice as large as it needs to be. How's that for a weltanschauung?

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me buzzsaw, you jane.

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Yeah sure, pick 1000 people and ask them what they think.


Seriously, is this what news has become. Where is the drill down in this?


Somebody been drilling in their heads! Just mashed potatis inside there..

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Was thinking the exact same thing.


How does shit like this move markets? 


God Steve Liesman is such a douche. 

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When I was involved in market research 10 years ago a national, random sample had to be at least 3,400.  These market research results based on small, non-random samples are ALL suspect.

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The more pessimistic you are, the more likely to slam the phone down on an effing survey.

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I also wonder how much the "do not call" list has skewed phone surveys.

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Seriously, is this what news has become.

Yes, it has.

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Jane, you ignorant slut...

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Great line:  "It's like Jane just got to the party and announced the police are outside"!

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"...thematic content of CNBC programming"


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Jane, that is what you get for reporting and interviewing.

You get heckled by the CNBC Muppets.

Hope you enjoy spending time in the CNBC mail room....


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Michelle was "shocked" that an early Easter impacted March retail comps.  She is a fool, but I think that is a requirement to be an anchor on CNBC.  It is funny how retailers are quick to blame bad weather for weak monthly #s, but not one retailer credited the better #s due to the early Easter.  It took hours of homework by a few smart analysts to get the "bad news" to surface.


So when April's retail #s are punk, and you average Mar/April for 2009 and 2010 and see that there was no "historic pop" in 2010, what will the cheerleaders at CNBC do?  My guess is they will have even more women anchors. 

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if next month's numbers are bad, they'll simply ignore them, or say they were good.  just look at what they're saying about the last NFP number; missed the estimate by more than 40k jobs but they talk about it like it was a blowout.  no matter the facts, people simply want to be told everything is getting better.

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ugh, shes coming to Seattle and headlining some cnbc investor conference.  Pay money to hear her speak?  You got to be kidding me.  

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I'm guessing Jane Wells is going to now take a sabbattical to "spend more time with the family" or undergo some unspecific medical procedure that will require a lengthy rehabilitation?

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I remember Jane Wells when she was a reporter for Court TV.  She made her "name" covering the OJ trial.  


After today, she may be back to the Court TV beat...or Jane has to drink the CNBC anchor Kool-Aid.

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Hasn't Court TV changed their name to Tru TV...

I can't decide if that's irony or parody...

Crime of the Century's picture

Court Dat! just wasn't working out as a catch phrase...

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unspecific medical procedure that will require a lengthy rehabilitation


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Laughing at CNBS and their variety shows never gets old.

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what is your problem with CNBC? yes, they are making propaganda, but then so is everybody else. it's a battle,and whoever is the smartest wins. so far CNBC WON. Zerohedge LOST.

CNBC and the FED are simply stronger than all of their opponents. I think we should give this one to them.

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Someone should plot CNBC viewership growth vs. ZH traffic growth over the last year to show Zexe here who really "won"

I think you'd see a pretty solid divergence.


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 Troll, Epic.

 Thanks for the laugh!

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Let me direct this lost person folks.  Zexe, here ya go.

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Doesn't this happen right after the "austerity" measures.

Now what is exactly smart about this whole process?

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The Nancy Capitalists are pushing the tempo with utter disregard to the truth that history rhymes...


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Now that AM is back from "vacation with the wife" we can fire up the bilge pumps and get the Titanic back on course.

Welcome back AM. We missed you.

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Why are Bozo and his friends on TV?  Why do people watch?   Is there something I'm missing?  Every time I look at one of these posts, it merely reinforces that I was right to dump cable years ago.

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Sounds to me like Jane will be joining Rick and Diana in CNBS detention later today!!!