How Lehman, With The Fed's Complicity, Created Another Illegal Precedent In Abusing The Primary Dealer Credit Facility

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We need a timemachine to get some peasants with pitchforks from 18th century France!

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What's wrong with your arms?  Can you not hoist your own pitchfork? 

Need you really call on the ghosts of Frenchmen for strength? 

Stand up and fight in any way you can.

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From another time and place with different political strife, but same (timeless) instructions:

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Another time and place but shows what happens when people rise up in the US. You need to be ready to use that pitch fork because they won't be nice about your protest.

MarketTruth's picture

Why a time machine, the time is coming soon. grab your pitchforks and.....



April 15 to April 18TH
Tell Everyone You Know

+++ Also ++++

Join The Civil Revolution


Anonymous's picture

Why do such good ideas get framed up in Geocities style websites (I'm looking at you taxfree15)? Seriously are all web design professionals protesting the protest?

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not to mention a spell check on the first page of the second website.  gross misspellings always (to me) make efforts seem not serious.  audit the fed.

Anonymous's picture

The pussies are serious, they just cant spell. audit the fed. Fucking psych. Dont scratch that scab brother. Trust me you dont want that coloured pill. Your mother living like mad max, eating dog foo from a can. I like it with me on top...Please dont flip my world.


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Mongo---spot on---Think of the scene in Les Miserables---can you hear the people roar---we need to mobilize the college students,and explain how f**ked their future is,then we can get some action

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You tell them Lady Gaga is playing at the courthouse, that should do it!

Mr Creosote's picture

Better yet, announce at the last minute that Gaga canceled. That will get them fired up.

Madcow's picture

Where is NYPD???


Better yet - where is the US Army ????

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Still arguing if the government is in fact operating outside of the constitution as it relates to the concept of what exactly is a lawful order and lawful authority under the UCMJ.  Since you asked.

swamp's picture

The Federal Reserve is not the government.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Man, the government ain't the government.

doublethink's picture


It Sure Ain't Us


Corporate entity becomes ‘candidate’, kicks off bid for Congress

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True DT; a good friend of mine has published a story some years ago that predicted this corporate sponsored elect front.  He joked about a different corp electing a 'made man'.  It amazes me that artists can understand the future without understanding it.  The corporate rise has taken hold.  Pres Wallmart and VP Nike; the thought makes me jump!  They have come to the table, and blessed the meal; now they will sink their teeth in. 

we ask for a third party; we must be careful on our journey, as the snakes lie in waiting.

Anonymous's picture

Oddly enough that is a good thing. Better represented on the scene than behind the scene

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F**k that s**t. I will run for President, for the people.

I am not connected to anyboby so you know you can trust me.

I'll vote NO on every single issue. Another doctor "NO"

When every single law that is debated has only to do with corruptions, and nothing to do with the people, ITs time to burn the place down!

Patric the Painter

Anonymous's picture

They should change there name to "Bankers Reserve"

Inspector Asset

Anonymous's picture

Funny joke! What Constitution!?

The judicial branch folded this year, executive and legislative branches fell long ago (if they ever stood beyond 1776).

Where is justice? It's with the money and it sure isnt in the USA!

Anonymous's picture

For some comic relief go to

Inspector Asset

Anonymous's picture

where is the us army? they are fighting wars that never end chasing ghost that never existed. but soon, they will be here, to deal with angry gun owners.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

***Guarding opium fields/pipelines.***

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Yet another person pleading for help from others.  The person posting just above you cries for the ghosts of French revolutionaries, and you call for the cops and the army.

There is nobody coming to help you or us.  Nobody. 

Asking government minions for help, that's just pathetic.  I'm a cop, and I'm here to help.  I'm the US army, and I'm here to help.  Those are too of the scariest statements I've ever heard.

Stand up and fight in any way you can, together we are unstoppable. 

swamp's picture

It looks to me like the person to whom you are referring is not asking for help from the army, but instead states the army may be called to fight the patriots -- the gun owners who will take up arms against these bankers. The author insinuates the army is now on another hollow mission unrelated to our Constitutional agenda.

Anonymous's picture

Buddhist vegan militia members and evangelical anarchist squatters,28804,1971133_19711...

Anonymous's picture

Maybe we can copnvince some generals to defect and surround the White House with a group of tanks? Just thinking outloud.

Budd Fox's picture

just think from who they draw paychecks...sad day man..sad day..

tip e. canoe's picture

"First of all, I've never been a regulator...I'm not a regulator."

tiny timmy G, 3/09, under oath before Congress

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It makes no sense at all anymore. My gal and i got into a rare disagreement on account i told her i am marching on washington. By the end of next week, sunday the 21st of march i should have my truck ready, last job done.Tahts my date with rebellion. I may be the only one, but i dont care about that. My principles bid me stand and so i shall, knowing if i do not, i submit to falsehood and poverty. Poverty is not unfamiliar to me but lies i WILL NOT live with or condone.

as i explained to my gal , its not for the country so much as for myself. Who the hell am i if i wont stand for myself or whats right?!

If we all waited for the other guy to stand , we may sit a long time. Meanwhile the banksters and minions will get us into another war (x3) and more of us will die for their profit.

Am on the west coast, gonna take a while to get there , and its gonna cost all my savings to do this. I will probably end up in jail. I dont care.

I have a son and grandson whos future is more important to me than my own.

I feel truly i have no choice but to protest!

Believe me , my head is telling me to stay, watch tv. Hey i got it good right now and am giving it all up. I must be nuts! And  leaving the shotgun at home. eewh

 I had to explain to my gal why i was going and she found 20 reasons not to go.

I only had one good retort. I said "what if we all just stay in our chairs and take no action?

Anonymous's picture

He's done that before.I think he's telling a story from the 40's. "My gal", I fuckin love it.

Orly's picture

Best of luck to you, human.

Fear not, we are all right behind you.  We may, in fact, rebel one at a time but there will come a point of critical mass and there will be a flood of us from seemingly out of the woodwork.  Before they know it, they will be overwhelmed.

Consider yourself of the first trickle through the dyke, my friend.  Pack a lot of beef jerky and bottled water.  Keep us updated on your progress, please.


Anonymous's picture

"Fear not, we are all right behind you" imho this statement certainly rivals the funniest things ever said, many thanx. Yes, please keep us updated on your progress..from the klink..or the krypt?

merehuman's picture

Or we can do what the jews did in germany.


 Look how many died cause no one stood up!

If i am outa line, if you think i am full of it, fine educate me. I 'll be back

nope-1004's picture

Just take all your cash out of these failed institutions and put it in the Bahamas, Caymans, or Canada.  You'll do more damage to the banksters by simply removing their fuel than any demonstration ever will.


Timmy needs to go to jail.

I will not stop posting that on every blog I can find until he does.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

In your rush to sever the head of the beast, don't forget that it is Hydra you are dealing with. Cut the throat on both heads! Head #1,  Close bank accounts completely  (as they are vehicles that give them the capital base to create more loans). Head #2, Withhold taxes. It is non-violent (until they make it so) and at the same time you get to support the true meaning of the constitution. ie, you can't tax a citizen's labor. It doesn't have to be a "Stark" option where you pay the ultimate price. Put it on them. I take action tomorrow, Monday. Time to screw them. I'll escalate if necessary.

Anonymous's picture

Ok take it easy man. You dont need to "escalate" anything. Do you really want to start shit with someone who spends 450 BILLION every Year on weapons. You go boom and the world gives two squirts and packs another bowl.The jig is up.Extend and pretend. Keep yer head down dummy.

I voted for Gore

Cuz i liked the name

Al Gorerhythm's picture

I don't mean urban warfare. There are other forms of protest.

swamp's picture

Timmy needs to go to prison, not jail.

defender's picture

wait....was that meant to be a video of hell or prison?

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Hell for Tim Geithner....until the singing.  He LOVES Lady Gaga.

Careless Whisper's picture

This is what Ozzy sez about Gaga (@3:00)

Christopher Walken does a cover of Poker Face;


Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Talented?  Yes.  Corrupted by the monies of the music industry, which is TOTALLY controlled by the Master Masons?  Yes.   If we could wrangle music away from the industry, there would be NO NEED for us to say gold bitches.  Sorry fellow bugz, but this is the truth.  Music is the soul of humanity, and as Tupac said, "You got to find a way to survive, cuz they win when your soul dies."  Lady Gaga sold out.  Her new music is as worthless as a dolla bill.

Lady Gaga "D'yer Maker" Led Zeppelin Cover live:

Anonymous's picture

Don't be naive.

Every large economic crash is due to massive fraud, abuse of controls, secretive accounting techniques and the behaviour of the usual suspects.

This time we had Madoffs, Dick Fulds, Lloyd Blankfeins while the Genslers and Schapiros and the Emanuels (with cohort Holder) look the other way.

History repeating.,9171,772819,00.html

Anonymous's picture

Thanks for those great reminders. :-)

This was also most valueable observation to read from the far off history.

"The Stavisky Affair left France internally weakened. France remained deeply divided for the rest of the decade, but the political weaknesses it exposed and exacerbated were not confined to France. The Stavisky Affair was emblematic of a broader erosion of democratic values and institutions in post–World War I Europe."