Hugh Hendry: "I Would Recommend You Panic"

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BBC Newsnight held another great financial round table discussion (why do these occur only in Canada and across the Atlantic? Is it so difficult to have 20 minutes of commercial free debate here in the US where people can actually tell the truth?) which brought together Hugh Hendry, Gillian Tett and Jeffrey Sachs. As usual, Hendry takes it odd with a bang: "I would recommend you panic. The European banking system is in a crisis." He continues: "Let's purge this system of its rottenness. Let's take on a recession. It's going to be tough, people are gonna lose their jobs. They are going to lose their jobs anyway. We can spread this over 20 years, or we can get rid of it over 3 years." Of course, the Columbia professor, is completely against purging the system: how else can US higher "educators" continue to indoctrinate generation after generation with the flawed principles of a bankrupt ideology, and continue getting getting paid handsomely if there is an global reset? Even funnier, Jeffrey Sachs loses it when Hendry calls him out on his BS at 5 minutes into the clip. The ensuing smackdown is worth the price of admission alone.

h/t Kevin

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"I Would Recommend You Panic"

Quote of the year to date.

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BP's incompetence is at least criminally negligent. This may appear unrelated -but this will really piss you off. Don't be put off by the foul language - imagine you're listening in on a oil worker convo. Maybe GW can chew it and give us a circumcised take:

This needs to be NEWS. NOW.

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Starts slow but ends strong... the fu$&ing chick is right about everything you know... and yes I also concur Thad Allen should be put into fu$&ing  jail for fu$&ing negligence on this one (he's a goddamm BP apologist) ... and Obama has been largely fu$&ing AWOL.

Why the fu$% won't Obama allow Jindal to the bypass the EPA delays to just seal the wetlands to save them. If I were that deregulation pimping idiot Jindal I would just dredge and berm without asking and have the Louisianna National Guard on the scene with weapons. If Obama trys to stop him (he won't... think about the implications)... Jindal will become a freaking legend!

Action Now!! you mother fu$%ers!!!

Palin/Jindal 2012... the Tard Ticket!

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Dude, someone messed with the K and C keys on your keyboard.

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It is OK to use the word FUCKING in conversation if you want.  ZH is pretty lenient as far as what they allow people to post. 

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I agree, Jindal has appealed WAY to many time, and far too long.

It's just like the friggin border, and AZ.

It's your state, you have to live there, you have to care for your interests....

Because F**ks**%^ doesn't give one shit.

It's like he's just a visitor here................friggin maniac.( Oh, they did fire the woman in charge of offshore drilling.....LOL).

Command and Control...............Roger Ramjet.

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Very well put. Nanny state. Maryland cops learned their lesson (after allowing that merciless beating footage after the basketball game to go viral online) and is now gifting felonies to anyone taping an arrest. Same thing for angry letters to your senator:

Here's the direct link to HuffPorn if you find the above uninteresting:

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Excuse ME!!

I'm perfectly capable of multitasking, thank you very much. :>)

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Didn't O say that too? I guess he can take vacations and save the planet at the same time too.

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There you go...35 burglaries which he did time for where the sum total is probably less than one mid-range house sold under a BS appraisal to a person whose income was jacked up to get it by the computer so the bank sell it at a hefty profit to Goldman Sachs who then put it in a CDO and sold it as triple AAA rate security without the loan tapes so 20 people could safely take out ultra cheap CDSs knowing the security buyer is going to be out 500m or more so the 20 CDS traders are in some serious money and the bank forecloses and socks some of the taxpayer money they got for throwing it on the Fed's balance sheet in everyone's bonus checks and lies about the house on the balance sheet so the stock will go up.

Nothing wrong there for the cops to investigate? But this guy gets the full Monty treatment of a grand jury indictment for writing a Senator because he's an asshole which means almost definite jail time for him because of a past criminal record that pales to insignificance when one considers the sheer quantity of people blowing up the Rule of Law on that one house for more bathrooms than they could possibly use.


Hey one more off the unemployment rolls. Hmm, I wonder if they put prisoners down as employed. There's 2 Million of them.


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Great post.

It's official I've hijacked the upper portion of the thread (sorry Tyler) but I missed the video when it came on the radar around here a few days ago. I'm so freaking mad. Anyway. Here's some more:

10 Things You Need (But Don't Want) To Know About the BP Oil Spill:

Double-sized insurance payout ($270 million) for wrecked platform. Sound familiar?


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As consumers of fuel, and as taxpayers, we've not only been severely cornholed, but skullfscked.

Don't even get me started on the damage to our life support system.

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Folks, that first paragraph, that is one sentence!!  Give the man hand, that is some serious frustration.

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I went back and read it again.  I am so used to reading my nephews terrible writing that I missed it the first time.

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i saw "35 burglaries...<eye glaze> the stock will go up."

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Maybe Bruce was unaware that it was Vicky's benign "angry letters" that got the Feds interested in setting up Randy Weaver to buy a sawed-off shotgun - supposedly.

He's getting off easy.

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no bailouts for the gulf states !!!!!!!!!!!! no palin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Going for the new record in low IQ presidential administrations, with Palin/Jinda? 

These two morons of the "get rid of the government, and drill baby drill" ilk, suddenly think the dread guvment isn't doing enough to fix capitalism's greatest debacle so far this decade? 

At least the oil slick couldn't hit a better spot.  Coating the dumbass red states with black death for years.  Drill, baby, drill.  Indeed.

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...and how will "black death" help contribute to your standard of living today? tomorrow?

be careful where you throw rocks roadlust...

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You read her latest book, Mein Kunt?

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Morals, ethics, honesty, and now proper fucking booming - it's for pussies.


Got it.

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Hello friend.  Just a minor correction: "fucking proper fucking booming," is for pussies.

I quite love your avatar.  I walked down the aisle with my bride to "Jackson."

Can you blame the voice of youth for asking, what is truth?

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best thing i've seen all day . . . other than velobabe's new avi

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Jump! you junkers! (I'm the 5th junk)

When you have "O" cheerleader Chris Matthews saying he is "scared" by the community organizer's detached approach to the gusher all I can say is that it's the transition faze between pleasing people and then turning on them.

We are so fucked.

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WoW..... not sure why some flagged this as junk, off topic maybe (for this particular story) but not junk.

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I think I got swarmed by BP trolls. They're off doing PR somewhere else on the web for the moment.

BP: "Don't ask, don't tell."

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Thank you thank you thank you thank thank you thank you thank you for posting that.  I've sent it along and posted it where I think it will be seen.

No idea why you got junked, unless someone(s) doesn't like the nasty language.  Personally, it's nice to see cursing used where it's entirely appropriate and adds to the message.

Again, thank you.

WaterWings's picture

My absolute pleasure. Somehow we need to get that content in a more public friendly format.

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for what it's worth WaterWings, I forwarded that video to more than a handful of people, including one that blogs, when it was posted on ZH a couple days ago - it's a great, if maddening, piece of information that everyone, irregardless of "belief system" needs to be made aware of. . .thanks for keeping it alive.

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I couldn't give less of a shit about the faceless "public." If the very necessary language in this video turns people off then fuck them in their stupid fucking earholes. I weep for America. This catastrophe is "just" a symptom.

cossack55's picture

Actually, I found the language in the video far less offensive than anything viewed on C-SPAN or CNBC.

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by WaterWings
on Thu, 05/27/2010 - 11:27

BP's incompetence is at least criminally negligent. This may appear unrelated -but this will really piss you off. Don't be put off by the foul language - imagine you're listening in on a oil worker convo. Maybe GW can chew it and give us a circumcised take:

This needs to be NEWS. NOW.



            &... ... Both where shared here by someone... Both are worth your time.

                    The Legislation that was blocked, by a member of Congress? maybe the House? either way the Whore in question... took in $1.2 million dollars in Bribbes, Oops! I mean Lobby Monies... and crushed the $75 Billion Dollar Clean Up Bill, before it could be put to a Vote!

                    Who expects to come to Florida to find clean beaches? What percentage of Florida's income is Tourism? No worries, its all good!

Be well WaterWings and yes this should all be news, JW

WaterWings's picture

I'm liking your posts today. (I'm never biased for any reason)

Good links!

Just checked the live cam and all I see is MORE GUSHING OIL!!!

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saw the video. 

fu$k%ng awesome. 

oops .... i think someone messed with my keyboard too. 

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WaterWings, the lady cussing is doing her best to express her personal feelings without ripping some heads off. This will be incredibly worse in the days to come.

Carry your junks as a badge of honor. WW you will always be welcome in my house.

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ROFLMAO! Fscking video of the piece-of-s#!t-c*nt year!!

Bolweevil's picture

Deserves Oscar nomination best documentary. 

cossack55's picture

That is one RIGHT ON video. 


Long Live Iceland

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I want to sincerely thank all for attending our Montly Junk Fundraiser. We got 14 as of the time stamp - woo hoo! And without any help from resident trolls. See you next month!

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What was really great about it was the typical English (was it English or Irish or Scottish?) delivery, like he was discussing taking tea with crumpets rather than biscuits.

"Yes, I think I'll have a tea with milk and a little panic on the side."

Brilliant. I listened to it three times, almost soiling myself because I was laughing at the understatement of it all.