IAEA On Fukushima Plutonium

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Ill take mine with Fries and a coke.

Im still trying to figure out how this was on par with three mile island in terms of severity.

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We can super size that for you.  Just order a #3 special.

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Yeah, I will take the supersievert size please.

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OK.  Special orders don't upset us.

You will have to sign this release form though.

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'Traces of plutonium are not uncommon in soil because they were deposited worldwide during the atmospheric nuclear testing era.'

Oh. well that's all right then...

Must be safe...


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Maybe it's just too early for predictions.  I wonder how things will look after this melodrama has played out over several months.  There'll be some shifts in wind patterns.  "Stuff" will accumulate in inconvenient and suprising places.  Rain will help distribute the stuff as well.  As we all learn the minutae of radioactivity and its dangers, we may find we end up concluding what we strongly suspected in the first place.  This is the greatest man-made disaster in the history of the planet, Japan is toast and everybody gets to share.

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meanwhile Walmart is busy reopening the stores that were affected by the quake and Tsunami


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Did anybody read this Goldman story ? Bankers asked to stay put in Tokyo !

Apparently, GS, JPM & BAC bankers staying put - pity the banker's families and children (on the human side) but call it poetic justice on what they have done to the world in general.


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Sounds like Lloyd has decided those folks are expendable one way or the other. Stay and risk serious illness or leave and be fired.  Sweet!

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Do not sell your soul to the eyeball triangle, do not listen to his lies.   The world can be a better place if we can reject Lucifer.

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The price suppression mechanism as I understand it consists of the US, UK, France and Japan and others to a lesser degree. It is Japan that enable the US to manipulate derivatives positions before the market opens in New York.

You will remember Hank Paulson's nasty little habit of announcing market moving news before Japan opened on a Sunday night so as to manufacture a short squeeze in various markets before the US and Europe opened. It is very important that Tokyo does not shut down.

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I would like mine with a side of iPad.

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it tastes of chicken...

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thi sis going to be months tyler, and it's only going to be more of the same. these articles are getting boring. overposting updates of the same thing. 

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Yeah Tyler when do we get the good stuff... like blood spewing from every orifice?

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Try the new Sparticus series.

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this is todays' flyover video, called

FUKU 28th March latest video - smoke from every gaping orifice

if slewie gets radiation poisoning it will be from his computer monitor...

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You should be OK if you don't drink tap water from Iceland...

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C'mon, Tyler, "Everybody gets lung cancer 20 years from now" won't cut it.  If it doesn't bleed, it doesn't lead.

Mae Kadoodie, Is that good enough for you?



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Then don't read the articles, troll.

Some of us appreciate having a resource, out of thousands of useless ones, that provides outstanding information with a critical eye to peel away the bullshit and get to the truth that other media outlets are too ignorant/incompetent/corrupt to do.

I suppose that's why many ZeroHedge articles get in excess of 300, 500 and even 1000 comments in response to their content - something that The New York Slimes rarely achieves.

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"Then don't read the articles..."


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To break up the boredom:

Plutonium, Iodine, Tellurium, Xenon, Cesium, etc.   Throwing around the names of these elements reminded me of an amazing song by legendary satirist Tom Lehrer, from the 60's, called The Element Song.

If you've never heard this, prepare to have your jaw drop (at least a little).  Definitely worth 1:25 or so of your time, and might generate a few chuckles:


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Thanks... +1.  You were right.  Very worth the 1:25.  Not much light breaking the intensity these days.

YouBetYourLife's picture

Very good, and it illustrates Lehrer's brilliance - he actually included every damn one of 'em!

From his greatest hits, here's Lehrer's song about nuclear one-upmanship ("Who's Next?"):




Nobody special's picture

He has a few really good ones.  Here are two worth watching...


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TytGOeiW0aE  <-- strictly entertainment

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frAEmhqdLFs   <-- a fitting farewell


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Had to junk just for being too jewie.

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Thanks Jackie Puppet *haw haw haw!!*


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that dude was en fuego...total geek appeal, love it

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thi sis going to be months tyler, and it's only going to be more of the same. these articles are getting boring. overposting updates of the same thing.

I disagree.

Besides, in certain circles it is hoped that there will be more people who will become bored of the story, and go back to a life of gleefull ignorance watching worthless daytime television (CNBC).

"The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded" -Obi wan kenobi.

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Mandy and Erin on Squawk on the street 'till thursday. Erin is not comfortable 'cause Mandy is the new girl in town, but she should not be. She is equally cute in her own way.

Also, if you are asked for interviews during this week and don't hold the Keynesian position, try to schedule thursday and after. Santelli and Leisman have promised to provide enough "in house" conflict to keep us happy.

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Stick to raping the poor then, douchebag.

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C'mon, how dangerous can it be? Just think of its namesake Pluto. What a cute little doggie!

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You know, Rachel Ray was just on the Food Network saying a little Plutonium 238 is a great way to wake up your burgers. It also keeps them warm in your picnic basket!

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Little cancer induced weight loss and she actually be cute again.

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Don't panic, a towel will solve this!

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You would have to ask Mr. Soros


mediamatters  lol

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Did the bag come off and I didn't see?

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It's fine, but the Meshugganeh reactor is acting a little kooky.

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Oh Marcy, Media Matters? Really? Do you honestly think that many at ZH give a flying fuck as to Fox take on any subject?

Now go slither back to the collectivist circle jerk from whence you came.

Bye bye.

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I know this might be slightly off topic, but let's talk about your mother:

Your mother is so fat, she has smaller fat people orbiting her. 




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Oh and it's been a couple of days.

Eat shit and die socialist pig.