IAEA Says "There Might Be Re-Criticality At Fukushima"

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Remember Fukushima?


If indeed the reactor has gone critical again, the whole concrete dome idea may have to be promptly scrapped.

More soon

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More great news for the Sh!t & P[ss

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Report form yesterday -


Of course, without an engineering degree those numbers and the units they're in are just going to look like more Japanese script to the average layman ...

Extract of the above document showing just the 'pressures':


Summarizing : The only reactor showing any positive 'pressure' (and not presumably leaking) are #1 Reactor vessel and #1 Containment vessel ...

#2 and #3 both show close to atmospheric pressure for their Reactor and Containment vessels ...

Reactor pressure excerpt, bigger image:




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Like the Negative (-) water levels. Bone dry core pools.

Is that a negative pressure on #2?

Negative pressure on part of #3 also ...

Ya, like those eggs aren't busted ...

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They report, we decide - could be bad reading, could be within the tolerance of whatever back-up instrument they are using ... also note they are showing both 'Guage' (relative to atmoshphere at .101 MPaAbs) and 'Absolute' readings ...

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The water levels should be positive numbers, at least 1000+.

Look at the pressure for #1.

#2 & #3 pressure should be comparable.

Some people still think the #2 &#3 pressures are normal ...  absolute BS !


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#2 and 3 have been screwed for weeks now, judging by the numbers in the reports that these guys have been posting:


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This flyover video got yanked from most websites right after posting(Yomiori Daily copyright), check out especially at 3:00 and on of #3, these things are toast. Very high quality stabilized video.





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Excellent footage. There still exists a considerably steady flow of steam emanating from these reactors.

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At 3:05 what appears to be the RPV cockedup against the wall(bottom half maybe) at least from the building schematics that are online.

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Unit 4 reactor head.  Unit 4 was defueled for maintenance at the time of the earthquake/tsunami.  The reactor head sits on a stand on the refueling floor when removed.  Not a significant aspect.

What is significant is that it appears that the containment dome blew out of the Unit 3 reactor and little appears to be left of the refueling floor, its equipment and the spent fuel pool.

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Look closer,that blown out dome and head are in the same building-#3,also notice a lapse of 1 minute in the footage that was cut out.Other that that you are right CC

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Good find -- this is one of the clearest videos I have seen.

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Minor & not unexpected detail, in the grand scheme of things -- but unusual for IAEA to admit to problems:


IAEA worried about radiation in Japan village

VIENNA — Radiation levels recorded at a village outside the evacuation zone around the quake-striken Fukushima nuclear plant are above safe levels, the UN atomic watchdog said Wednesday.

The International Atomic Energy Agency said safe limits had been exceeded at Iitate village, 40 kilometres (25 miles) northwest of Fukushima, well outside the government-imposed 20 kilometre exclusion zone and the 30-kilometre "stay indoors" zone.



According to Elena Buglova, head of the IAEA's Incident and Emergency Centre, the reading in Iitate village was 2 megabecquerels per square metre. 

That was a "ratio about two times higher than levels" at which the agency recommends evacuations, she explained.



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Thanks for the link! Yomiuri apparently asserted copyright, but that video was taken directly from the Self Defense Force's Youtube channel.

My guess: Yomiuri did it for TEPCO. Why? TEPCO is their big advert customer.

Check out my post on Japan's Advertising Council and how many utility companies sit on the board.


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Dunno for sure what re-criticality is, but sounds bullish for Netflix to me

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absolutely bullish,  all those new people signing up with netflix to rent the china syndrome and silkwood.


i believe we knew of re-criticality last thursday when neutron beams were reported on site.

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.  friggin captcha,  ask what 64 plus 65 is, and then says it cannot be 3 digits? wtf

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Stocks Gain as Radiation rises Less Than Feared- AB

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For anyone able to make sense of complicated calculations, there is an interesting perspective from researcher whom I gather to be a physicist - supporting the criticality thesis. Based on comments in article about obsessing with the Fukushima crisis, possibly a fellow ZH-er.

Linked from TIME blog:


Original article:





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From the blog posting:

On March 23 ... report by Kyodo news agency .... observed a neutron beam about 1.5 km away from the plant. Bursts of neutrons in large quantities can only come from fission

To nuclear workers, there are few events more fearful than a criticality accident.

In such a scenario, the fissile material in a reactor core--be it enriched uranium or plutonium--undergoes a spontaneous chain reaction, releasing a flash of aurora-blue light and a surge of neutron radiation; the gamma rays, neutrons and radioactive fission products emitted during criticality are highly dangerous to humans.

Criticality occurs so rapidly--within a few fractions of a second--and so unpredictably that it can suddenly kill workers without warning. There have been 60 criticality incidents worldwide since 1945. The most recent occurred in Japan in 1999, at an experimental reactor in Tokai, when a beam of neutrons killed two workers, hospitalized dozens of emergency workers and nearby residents, and forced hundreds of thousands to remain indoors for 24 hours.

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was unaware of any Cl38 in the seawater...but the point remains.

Neutrons only come from fission and there isn't enough Pu240 to do this.  Pellets + water = critical.

they are going to need a lot more borax.

random fission inside the reactor would be like normal operation of it; that portion of the article is erroneous.  If the reactor vessel is breached and pellets are outside of containment (SFPs hint), then you will see neutrons.

I have to wonder if they were borating the water being sprayed onto the fuel ponds.  These would seem to be the most likely source of stray neutrons.

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Numbers coming out of Fukushima are more massaged than a prize (slightly radioactive) Kobe steer. More bullish too, since this means the power shortages are solved as well, either via re-criticality or depopulation.


Jump! You Bankster Fuckers!

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Oh man...and I've been doing my due diligence on companies that make blown up nuclear reactor hats.  Tyler, you really messed me up on this one...right when I found one company that used tin foil instead of wool.

Shit!  I simply cannot get a break!

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"If indeed the reactor has gone critical again, the whole concrete dome idea may have to be promptly scrapped."


And do WHAT ?? Just haul ass out of there ?

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Damn.  I missed when it got uncritical. 

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And do WHAT ?? Just haul ass out of there ?

Pull out and nuke it from orbit.  It's the only way to be sure.

No, I never heard of collateral damage.  Is that when your lien isn't filed properly?

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Tyler, what's the source for that?

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IAEA hasn't updated their own news since yesterday.

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Protip, bullet point list in all caps = Bloomberg.

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I know. I was trying to find the 'source', not the repeater. But it doesn't matter. When it's substantiated, I'll know.

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This goes from 'reactor melted out of the containment' to 'all is well, we got this' hour to hour.

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They told us of radiation levels "10 million times normal.." and indicated massive amounts of Iodine 134 were the cause just a couple days ago.

That was very quickly "corrected" to a mere "100,000" times normal and "must have been some other isotope..." (without bothering to name it).

Something has been fissioning at least intermittently for days.  Since so much of the extreme radiation seems to emanate from reactor 2, and reactor 2 is now rumoured to have dumped it's load into the drywell...I reckon we're forced to consider the possibility that there is a molten pile of core contents sitting there spitting out fission by products.


TEPCO NEWS RELEASE - For Widest Dissemination


"We regret to inform you that an unanticipated transient event in our Public Relations Unit control room has resulted in an uncontrolled release of the truth.  Please ignore this one time event and remain confident that nothing that has happened since March 11th represents any kind of threat to human health.  Thank You.

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They run out to 'correct' the data, all the while saying 'So sorry, mistake, theres no problem here, please keep buying our food exports'. NAH theyre not lying or anything!

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This goes from 'reactor melted out of the containment' to 'all is well, we got this' hour to hour.

rock-a-bye-baby, on the treetop...

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Good grief. So much song and dance when reality is staring us in the face.

I think lies and radioactivity are spewing at the same rate from in and around Fukushima. And both have loooong half lifes and tiney amounts can and will kill you.



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Screw the haters ORI, I totaly agree! I laugh at those who run to the lying spinners in govt and media for solace. 

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Fuk-u-shima seems most appropriate.

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I shouldn't have, but I did lol.

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....I now have 3 balls and have opened a pawn shop....all is well with me...

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THAT would be a great t-shirt, wb7!

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